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uhhh bros i think were fucked

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Do you have all your funds in fiat or something

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lmao no, I live in Romania, I don't care about the dollah

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Yeah trump fucked the country by lying about corona and not doing enough about it. We wouldnt have needed to print all this money if we didnt have to subsidize all the people that lost their jobs because of his incompetence.

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i lost my job because of his incompetence and will draw unemployment until at least next summer, feels good man

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Feels good till it don’t

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Going to get worse under biden. The next stimulus package will add trillions more to the budget deficit.

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what more should he have done ?
if you want to preserve the economy you shouldn't lock anyone inside to begin with

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Are you retarded? Bigger number means more richer.

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Not lie to the public but tell the truth to his corporate pedo buddies.

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I just bought a container of Miraclewhip and when I brought it home and put it next to another one in the pantry, I discovered it was 40 cals per serving instead of 50. Looked closer and water had been moved up from second to first ingredient. Bread was also 10% more expensive today. It's happening.

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who gives a shit ?
boomers die big deal.
if anything nothing should be locked down and let the weaklings die

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the price of your sister's pussy will also decline because it's indexed to the dollar by the creeps who pay her.

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I only own enough fiat to get through the month, my entire networth is in crypto. Wtf are you doing fagget? Imagine actually still holding fiat.

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He should have magically been the only politician in the world to prevent the spread of the nothing-burger virus that demonrats hyped up (after they downplayed it) and committed to even more extreme fascistic lockdown measures than democratic governors did. Biden would have known how to crash the economy in the correct way to maximally help out his corporate donors.

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That M2 money has a debt side $3T in debt needs to get paid with more than $3.5T or so (plus interest).

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Seriously bro, you’ll never be a woman.

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Holy shit you fucking normies are retarded

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Printing money makes my assets worth more so bring it on.

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kek. I am 23 and make $21 an hour. But the anons in the picture are correct. Luckily crypto is our saving grace.

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>reads the heading
oh...That's really fucking bad...

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source on OP pic?

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either go full ham on shutdowns like China and kill the virus early or try to keep things as open as reasonably possible and let herd immunity build

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>like China and kill the virus early

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Dude i have like $40 to my name in liquid cash im 100% in crypto and pms
Please hyperinflate the dollar, I beg of you. My car loan will be so easy to pay off

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China had less infections than the current number of deaths in many countries, even if the CCP are fudging the numbers a bit, they did quite well

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It's amazing that people on biz, after years of china hustle shitcoins, still take anything coming out of china at face value

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>a bit

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okay chang

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pretty based

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kek /biz/ is finally figuring it out

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>weld you citizens inside like us.

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Look I think Trump is an idiot as much as the next guy but he is not the sole reason this country is fucked up. Far from it. Just look at the 2008 financial crisis, nobody needs trump for the country to be fucked. There's hardly any accountability and the guys at the top get away with murder.

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Most countries that did this saw outstanding results. Minus india, because they are dirty as fuuuuuck.

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Japan and Korea didn't even lock down and they have the lowest fatalities.

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If hyperinflation is going to happen in the west in our life time, then why are banks in Australia still giving million dollar 30 year mortgages to every normie ?

Makes no sense for them to do that if they had any suspicion that hyperinflation is going to occur in our life time.

Why give a 1m loan out at 30 years at record low interest rates when the /biz/ experts are saying we’re going to hyperinflate?

According to /biz/ predictions if you’re taking out a mortgage in Australia you’re basically getting a house for free now, because of the impending hyperinflation.

I doubt this.

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>What is a bail out?
t. post

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Fucking stop with the Trump did this, Trump did that. But you all are glad to receive your stimulus checks. The pandemic killed small businesses. Newsome issued a curfew again. Everyone is to blame including most of all, China.

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you boomers need to get a heart attack and shut the fuck up

Trump does suck dick, and I didn't get a stimulus check because I'm not a little faggy bitch making no money

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I’m 19 and I make an average of $30 doing call center sales. Hope you didn’t get a degree.

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