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It takes a certain type of man to hold RSR. The type of man that cheers for the hare, but bets on the tortoise. The type of man that expects the sunshine, but prepares for the rain. The type of man that Reserves his seat, well in advance.

What type of man are you, /biz/?

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comfiest stack ive ever had in months, waiting for the dip to buy more

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Been holding since the idex days. Unfortunately I panic sold the majority of my stack when the market crashed in mark. Hoping to at least get to where I was before mainnet. Regardless, I'm still comfy af.

>t. 150k RSRlet

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450k stack checking in. Never been comfier
Watch this shit break 130 sats today, gonna make me so much money

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Cultured gentlemen, confirmed.

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0.025c by EOD gentlemen

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Just bought another 40k
I’m all in now lads

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>tfw 25k stacklet
Ima wait for the dip and swing. Dip imminent in this scenario

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agreed. gonna DCA weekly till EOY

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yea it takes a certain type of fucking retard to hold an asset while others preform way better for months on end

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>It takes a certain type of man to hold RSR. The type of man that cheers for the hare, but bets on the tortoise. The type of man that expects the sunshine, but prepares for the rain. The type of man that Reserves his seat, well in advance.
I can at least apprecaite the effort put into writing this marketing material

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word lol

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Fudding nigger

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This is the most bullish graph I’ve seen in months. Breakout within the next 12 hours is going to be massive. At least to 135sat

80% chance of new ATH this week. 150sat+

>Screenshot this

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I’m going to put in 50 a week until I’m priced out, then I’ll buy dips, then I’ll be stinky rich

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DCAing weekly into this.

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UPDATE: about to test top edge WAY sooner than expected! could be big

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fellow Kings

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100 BILLION supply shitcoin. Wew, lad. Surely this will hit $1 from here.

This is probably the top, forever.

Tomochain solves this.

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Thank you pajeet, very informative.

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>Dalmore on the rocks and a Romeo y Julieta Reserva Real Toro
Gentlemen; the tortoise always wins. We will all be arriving at our destination shortly, stick around and enjoy this next round on me.

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Before I was mad about not having a million.
Now I’m mad about not having two.
Does it ever end?

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do you have any more RSR memes? Does anyone have any RSR memes? I need some. Please sirs, do the needful.

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Poorfag that just started investing in crypto like 2 weeks ago. Studied a lot of ycombinator start-ups. Did some heavy research, even went into Spanish Twitter. Decided to all-in on RSR. This is really likely to be the crypto unicorn startup that breaks into normies life.
I got 40k and I know the feeling, gonna grab another 50k. It's the most I can do before the 30th, oh well, guess I'll just DCA it for the next 3 months.

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lol bettter sell now rsr fagskachara

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This is the best FUD I’ve ever seen. Absolute gottem

Also RSR made me $4k in the last three days

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Unbelievably based.

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It is difficult to find a good platform with crypto solutions to invest in.

Learned DuckDAO, read twi posts of crypto skilled users. Seems like it is an open platform with an investment system. Have you read/found anything about it?

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>400 twatter poster
lol thats the best you got?

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You already know.

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3.4mm RSR waiting for $.50 so I can retire and fuck this girl 10 years my junior, boys, feeling good.

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Either your the #281 largest RSR holder or you’re full of shit
>Post proof

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Got 1.5m and never selling

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What house do you plan on buying, anon?

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It doesn’t anon. I have over 2mm and am mad I don’t have 5mm

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pajeet scam

read up how Nevin is scamming all the RSR holders

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> FUD so old and fake it belongs in a museum next to the (((dinosaur bones)))

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Not sure, I'd like to move to someplace with some nice ski resorts nearby though.

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>tfw only specialist
I fucked up

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Remember to post the pictures here when you get it

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Daily reminder that this is the kind of people claiming RSR is a scam

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Checked. Sgt 1st Class reporting in.

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He’s not buying a house he’s never SELLING! How hard is it to understand it’s about holding big bags. We’re not here to make money! We’re here to compare and contrast BAG sizes. I’m literally homeless and have 2.5 million in crypto. I WILL NEVER SELL

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by the gods anon promise me that at 5million you'll at least buy some form of real estate. You do realize real estate is an invest too, right anon?

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if this chart doesn't make you cry as a rsr holder you are mentally challenged

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>>24076077 Checked
Specialist here too.

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calm down, if you don't absolutely make it with one million of RSR, then this is not the coin

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omg look at that MC

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Guys, no FUD, just a question, what's up with the circulating supply being this low, can you not get dumped on all the time like what happened a couple months ago?

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Can you PLEASE get better FUD
Seriously this shit is posted daily and has been debunked so many times

Please get better FUD anon, I need to buy more

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Yes, it’s tough to find a pearl in a sea. But I've found a great project on the PosBit news channel. It calls Dymmax (dymmax.com), and I you to go through it and make sure that I’m right

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Just shaking out the weak hands. We moon soon.

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please tell me gentleman, what is considered a suicide stack?

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A less reputable team would 100% dump on investors.

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I don't care if they do dump so long as they deliver the product. A lower RSR mcap means higher burn rates, if it gets low enough it'll shed a significant chunk before it corrects based on demand.

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Comfy 250k stack and sitting in the $3 waiting room.

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Poorfag with the effortless rehashed fud. Rope yourself faggot

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Gentlemen, we have increased the throttle

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Oh this coin will crash right I tell ya. Crash into the fucking ISS boys, strap in!

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That would be nice, I'd finally be back at the price I fucking bought at

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100k - suicide stack
1 milli - make it stack

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Sell at your buy in price, so I can scoop it up faggot

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Suicide stack has always been 1M.
t. 1.01M hodler

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What's a suicide stack get you in RSV when all this is over.

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You must be new. Suicide stack has always been 100k

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Newfag. Get your shit straight before typing faggot.

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Obviously you are the newfag. When RSR was way cheaper in the past, the suicide stack was 1M. Same way with Link. Or do you think Link SS is still 100k?

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What if they start dumping coins again?

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fuck this shit buy Freedom Reserve

mass adoption coming in the UK

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3¢ end of week?

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Please brother,im begging you for my sanity,, please I was seriously fucking robbed anything will help im begging you
I literally had 5mil in rsr. Anything ill send email and go over the story. I dont want to suicide


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Reserve Rangers take a look. When we become the kings of /biz/, they will look up at us and grovel. Grovel like this Pajeet.

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>It takes a certain type of man to hold RSR
a moron?

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>1 post by this ID

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if you send a timestamped photo of a sharpie in your asshole I will send you 50,000 RSR.

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Fuckn based

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Get the fuck out of here newfaggot