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I'm 29 and never really transitioned to adulthood. I graduated college and just kept trying to find the "move" for the weekend and get pussy. I treated college like a 6 year vacation. I never once thought about my future or what i wanted to do. I job hopped around shitty retail jobs and ive never made more than 16/hr. Never paid rent, basically still live the life of a 15 year old kid. I have 1btc, zero debt, 30k, 6oz of gold, and a 738 credit score, which should probably go up to high 700s in time.

I see people on here that "made it" with like multiple millions and then i look at the potential path that I'm supposed to follow and I just can't do it. I'd rather sit at my parents house and not work or be homeless than go to a shitty job everyday. Every second I have to spend not doing something I like, even if its washing the dishes feels existentially painful. working is slavery. I feel like if I had made the transition when i was still in my early 20s and was young and naive, I might have acclimated to it, but I haven't worked since Oct 2019, and honestly, I quit the job after a month. Before that, I worked this shit job for exactly 1 year and then ghosted them so i could go fuck hookers in thailand for 6 months.

My dad commutes and works for 12 hours a day. He's been doing it for 30 fucking years. I don't understand how someone could keep going. I would rather live in a tent

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99% of people don't have millions here, you have like 50k shut the fuck up you stupid faggot

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you dont even know how good you have it

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I'm basically the same but 27 and I have a job because my parents kicked me out. But im also a dead beat life long loser. I have no skills and no aspirations. I smoke weed and fap and watch youtube all day, and have for years. Tried coding this year but couldn't find the motivation. I think im just going to wing it and see how far in life I can get doing fuckall, and then kill myself when the house of cards falls.

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Same, although i have about 400k

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>so i could go fuck hookers in thailand for 6 months.
What was that like? Do tell more anon.

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Bruh, you taking those hormones?

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>have 1btc, zero debt, 30k, 6oz of gold
Just focus more on stacking sats and make it work for you. If you have shelter you have enough to make it. Things change fast, industrial society is over, it was a fad that only lasted as long as it takes to make decent factories.

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pretty based ngl
its pretty awesome. Im gonna do it again. i highly endorse/encourage you to make the trip at some point. Pattaya is the spot. check out thailandredcat if you want a good orientation.
pretty based
yea Covid is the precursor to a techno-hellscape. I will keep stacking

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I'm almost 36 and pretty much lived the same life as you, I can work 3 days a week at amazon and pay rent and bills and shit life is pretty easy if you don't want kids or anything like that and don't desire much except

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you are fine as long you don't sell that coin

keep accumulating, you have zero debt thats already better than most.

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glad to hear it bub. keep on keepin on
yea im not selling it. only buying dips

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Did you successful get to sex with woman?
Please to be telling me about this. Of what feeling was it?

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yea i fucked 45 girls and 66 hookers

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did their pussy stink?

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You leech off your parents for 30 years and then smugly pity your Dad for working to provide you with this lifestyle.

I really hope this is just the dumb larp that it sounds like. If not then I truly hope you die soon in some painful and humiliating way, you human carbuncle.

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Is it ok to kiss the hookers?

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Cry more

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he sounds like me
i hate my life so much and it's only getting worse hhahahahahaha
I don't look down on my dad for working though that part is slightly retarded


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literally me dude

I think about getting out, getting my own place, etc, but what would I do differently that I don't do at my parents house?

I sit at home and browse the net or watch movies and blaze all day, a few times a week I will go for a hike or hit the town or whatever. I have time to cook, exercise, reflect, have tinder sluts over before 5pm, it's pretty great

If I moved out I would want to do the same shit but not have any time to because I'm working some SHITTY FUCKING JOB and on top of that have to worry about paying a minimum of $1000/month for rent and bills, owning a car without access to a garage, living in a shitty neighborhood and apartment maybe even with roommates, etc. my quality of life would be objectively worse

I moved back in with my folks due to the corona shit like 8 months ago but before that I lived alone from 18-21 and I was just broke and depressed all the time.

My only hope is unironically working on starting my own business, if you haven't developed a niche skill to do that I don't know what to tell ya

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>if you haven't developed a niche skill to do that I don't know what to tell ya
you do
you tell me to kill myself as 32 years a loser means even if I live another 100 it will just be also as a miserable loser

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1.) Sell your gold for high risk assets that could 20x (literally shitcoins)
2.) Put your cash into the same but seek new bubbles that will be self fulfilling prophecies.

I think there will be an insurance bubble in 2021 for De-Fi and Union (UNN) is poised to capture a majority of the market share, IMO. Read the whitepaper. Public sale is this Sunday. https://medium.com/union-finance-updates-ideas/union-unn-sale-geyser-roadmap-best-practices-e0af1339f429

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sounds similar to me, although i left home at 18, finished my degree, didnt get a job with it although its very employable (autist that fucks up interviews or some shit) and now work a dead end job, and since ive fucked up every so often they have never considered me for a promotion. my parents actually want me to move back in with them since mum is worried sick about me (im always having thoughts of suicide) but i cant do it. its painfully boring and dad would eventually get sick of me because hes become a very grumpy old man. im forever stuck in sharehouses where i can hear my housemates having sex every night (lesbians so theres two of them making a shit tonne of noise). just fucking kill me now. i cant go back to being neet and playing video games either, the second i load up any sort of game whatsoever i close it because ive somehow managed to condition myself into thinking that all games are a waste of time (which is true desu) but i just wanna enjoy something

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I would cut off a finger to have it that good

But I can relate.

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Go all in on crypto if this doesn't work out in 10 years kill yourself that's my plan I am 25

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>My dad commutes and works for 12 hours a day. He's been doing it for 30 fucking years. I don't understand how someone could keep going.

He kept going so he could raise an ungrateful shit of a son. Go help your mom with some chores you leech.

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I've been wondering for a long time now. Because this can't be a phenomenon that only happens in the 21 century. I feel like there aren't any great opportunities anymore aside from gambling shitcoins and working in tech.

I've been living with my mother for x amount of years and I still work the same menial job everyday to pay bills in the house. But honestly, there isn't much mobility at all unless I'm willing to save and invest what's leftover by the end of the week. Sometimes, I just wish I could meet someone in my life and start a family. But I'm becoming more and more apathetic as the years go by. It feels like years of my life was just shaved off and I just realized it after being stuck in my home for 6+ months.

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a stinky pussy is the most revolting thing in this world

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Basically same, and I'm 30's

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>making it
Is relative. I’m a fucking garbage man.

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is the pay any good? benefits?

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>since ive fucked up every so often they have never considered me for a promotion

that hits home big dog

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I'm out in VB bro whats up with it

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yea i did
only one gogo girl had a stinky puss but she was a serious looker at a popular gogo bar so she was getting stuffed alot
based i live in md. ill kill you
>blaze all day
i occassionally smoke and just listen to gee money and jadayoungin and hype myself up for a few hours then i listen to early 2000s dub like benga its nisu
>tinder sluts before 5pm
I haven't had sex for 2 years
>if you haven't developed a niche skill
yea its ropin time
yea im gonna sell the gold its just bags unless apocalypse comes
i hope you find something that excites and energizes you and starts firing your dopamine receptors
based and principled
mom unironically died of dementia \
fuck that board
that honestly sounds kind of comfy. predictable, purposeful, and i assume the pay is OK at least yea?

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I would recommend Jack Kerouac's 1957 novel On the Road if you haven't read it, for me it really put into perspective how things have always been the same

though things are uniquely shitty now no doubt

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$37 an hour. Full medical for my family. $10 hourly in my pension. Overtime if I want it. Not glamorous by any means. I average 85kish because I avoid overtime like the plague.

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bruh. that's fucking solid

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There's nothing wrong living with your parents but if you're not saving for a house, making career moves, or planning your exit strategy you honestly should fucking kill yourself. You may have lazy disposition and not like work - but you are not happy being a retarded deadbeat, and deep down you know it too.

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>my family
you coul be one of the most successful people on the board...

I'm here on a roadtrip without a destination or much of a home to return to

No idea what I should be doing but I need to do something because when I stop to think about how hopeless and sad it is, I realize uhhhhh how hopeless and sad my life is.

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>I would rather live in a tent
Yet you live at home. Interesting.

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your brain just needs to be conditioned you will accept and be happy with any living situation once u get used to it for the most part. any tenable living situation for the average person that is. u have the capability to work just like your dad and u will be surprised by how easy it is and how fucking lazy and retarded people actually are

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Alright. I'll give this book a shot since I've got plenty of time at home. I hope I can find some answers at least.

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It’s easy to masturbate over living a natural life when you’re shielded from how god awful it is. The lazypill is the way to go, as long as you have some kind of direction and not in pure hedonism

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>I see people on here that "made it" with like multiple millions

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Just leaving this here. It could change your life

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You are the brainless consoomer all elites dream of. You are a disappointment to your father and exist only to consume products and deteriorate the environment.

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this is true
im a voracious reader and i haven't had anything to read in awhile so ill check this out

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So what. There are people 10 times lazier and unaccomplished than you in other parts of the world and in their societies, it’s considered acceptable. You don’t have to be productive and you might not be genetically inclined too. Were you lazy while you were in college too?

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Non-retarded people can make it with multiple milions if they move to a poor country.

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> be me
>29 years old
>self employed for 4 years, make profit since the first year
>drive a sports car
>have uncomplicated sex

biz is rly a board of incels or what

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lol @ tough guy neets boasting about leeching off their parents whilst laughing at them and blaming others for their misery.
I've met plenty of sorry losers like you, not a crumb of thoughness remains in the real world.

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i'm 31 and living the good life at my mom's house. i have 100k and an 827 credit score. i haven't lifted a finger in labor since 2014. enjoy this covid vacation while you can, normies, you'll be working double time to make me and my mom happy pretty soon.
the trick is just to have a good relationship with your parents. they want to love you, just let them.

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I'm 23, reading these posts in this thread is terrifying. I was a neet from 18-21, I managed to move out and go back to school in the last year so I'm on a decent track but the thought of how I'm going to support myself financially keeps me up at night. I don't want to end up back at my moms.
And there are a few things I want to focus on and build a skill in but I know I can only choose one. Cannot bring myself to make a decision. The timeframe that'll allow me to start developing a high level skill is closing fast and I can't bring myself to put away the multiple ambitions I have and accept I can't do everything in life

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nah but I've always been a voracious reader so i anything reading and writing related i just blasted through it and got straight A's (its not hard i know). I dropped any elective classes that had math and struggled to pass probability. I'm also pretty good with language i took 2 years of russian, and i study thai on my own time so i can outsmart them when i go into their country to fuck their daughters mothers and sisters. I graduated with a 3.25 GPA
good for you.
im not boasting, it is what it is.
OP here. anon, you have to choose your sacrifice SOON or it will be made for you down the road. Your youthful energy and vitality imperceptibly declines as you approach 30. Don't squander that. All jobs suck, fuck what you want, do something that society and the world demands. Everything sucks. Every high paying job is at least one (difficult, stressful, tedious). All you should focus on is
>how much money am i exchanging for my time.
make it a lot

you can plan your escape on the side.

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