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By this hidden gem immediately now, or you will Regret it for the rest of your life

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this post reeks of pajeet but yes you should buy RLC

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got a few barrels myself

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best call thx ;)

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RLChads are mostly sleeping, as we are american chads

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toy project that will have no real world adoption

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here come the paid fudders

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Lol iExec is crap, OMG will make it obsolete with it's high TPS.

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BadgerDAO dont like fomo, BadgerDAO only likes the connection it has to btc

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>By this hidden gem immediately now, or you will Regret it for the rest of your life

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If you buy this you deserve to lose your money. This is why people say do your research before you buy. There is no way in hell this tech will be adopted.

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okay lol

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>toutes itself as a decentralized cloud computing platform
>literally uses centralized cloud computing companies to run workloads
you're a fucking retard bro. enjoy your loss.

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RLCuck is Digital Theft. Don't buy.

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Yes sirs bad coin very bad coin no buy

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Yes it is theft sirs digital theft sirs no buy please and thank you Microsoft help

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"Select your WORKERPOOL"
>how does a BTC mining pool work
Iexec have created an open, decentralised marketplace, for buying and selling computational power.
There are public workerpools setup that anyone can join to complete jobs and earn RLC. It's essentially a form of mining. The fact that both Microsoft and Amazon have bothered to dedicate some of their hardware to create workerpools suggests that they expect a form of revenue to come from these workerpools in the future.

you're a fucking retard bro. enjoy missing out on dirt cheap access to always up to date hardware, which allows you to process massive amounts of data in a decent amount of time, in comparison to a conventional computer which could take 5 days to render your shitty blender scene of you getting cucked

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but SIRS it is a SCAM and world compunter? there is no possibility of workings sir

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I wish I wasn't a brainlet and actually had a reason to use it, I don't really need to computer big files or anything :(

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This is starting to sound like a google play giftcard paneer scam sir

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RLC is doing 1000x minimum from current price
you're retarded if you don't have a bag

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Are raspis compatible workers yet?

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somebody bought the top .....hahahaha....
check tradingview

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sirs he bought the top of the bottom, it is over for him hehahahah

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if this shit closes below.....0.82 ...its game over

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nothing can stop what is coming retard
SEC approval already in progress

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Sirs this is literally bigger than crypto itself

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its happeniong q1 2021 sirs be patientce

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AMF approved already, SEC in progress

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sirs delet this i am not allowing you to post this to biz it is fake and not real

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sorry, you've been predebunked sweetie

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checked and kek'd
they will never be a woman

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Digital dog excrement

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The Day of the Barrel is approaching faster each and every day. World domination is at hand. Those who are laughing now, won't be laughing anymore soon. Noilers your day of judgement has arrived, it's time for superme RLC Chads to dominate the game. We shall EXEC-ute judgement for all the Noilers that have been ridiculing us. We have been trampled under foot for several years now, we stood alone, and only within the NSMDO movement we can find the strength to go out an conquer. March onwards fellow digital oil sheikhs, TO VICTORY!

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The barrels are actually filled with the COVID vaccine that will incapacitate is all.

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you will never rebuy without a loss

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Dear party members of the NSMDO movement. Today I would like to discuss an issue that is plagueing the advancement of our quest for world domination; the filthy stinky Nooilers defiling our threads and the Holy Empire of the Digital Oil. We must figure out a final solution, we cannot have another few more years like the last years, we shall not capitulate to their intentions to disturb our holy alliance. Victory!

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Based poster

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All eyes are on king BTC right now go fuck yourselves with this shitty scam

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no, I don’t think I will

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>spam biz with rlc garbage shill threads
>get told to fuck off consistently by pissed off anons sick of spam
>"i-it must be PAID FUD GUIS, if I just pretend, RLC will actually have adoption!"
fuck off
s and h

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I sold all my RLC and moved it into dogecoin after the dump. Tired of biz leading me astray, going forward I’m aiming to be a serious investor

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Shitskin detected

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>>24052186 Digital Doge Shit.

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ooh the king! who 2x your money once a year then dumps before you sell anyway

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Next level.

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same ratard used to spam trannies pics

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PS its same type of posters with BLM flag and posting blacked.com pics. They get some sick kicks for triggering people. It is true 4chan attracts bottom feeders of sociality.

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Fuck off

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Scammer. RLC is known biz scam

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