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Welcome to XMR General, dedicated to the discussion of the world's leading privacy-coin!
Because Monero is secure, low-fee, and borderless, people can easily send money despite corrupt and broken governments or banks. This provides economic empowerment of individuals in oppressive countries or depressed economies.
Private financial history protects consumers and companies from price manipulation, supply chain exploitation, economic discrimination, or the like. Monero is the only cryptocurrency that has the features to serve as completely fungible, decentralized, electronic cash.
If you're new, feel free to ask any questions you like and a Monero Chad will be with you shortly.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8quGD9W7B2I&vl=en [Embed] [Embed] [Embed]

https://cakewallet.com/ < A simple, phone friendly wallet

https://www.getmonero.org/downloads/ < Full GUI wallet

https://localmonero.co/?language=en <(Always look for vendors with lots of good reviews)
https://coinatmradar.com/bitcoin-atm-near-me/ <Crypto ATM locations
https://kycnot.me/ <Exchanges and services with no KYC requirements
https://web.getmonero.org/get-started/mining/ <A brief introduction to PoW Mining.
https://moneroblocks.info/stats/transaction-stats < Monero Daily Transactions

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VNfhIY5-63I [Embed] [Embed] - Monero: Freedom is our Right

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just ordered an unknown amount of wine, feeling comfy

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here's a barlolololol in the devs honor

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Here is a good vid about tor

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I'm so tempted to get one but that would be separating from my monero.

Great news today as Dr. Sarang Noether is raising funds to develop Bulletproofs+. Conspiracy schizos btfo

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What's the difference between Monero and Zcash in terms of privacy?

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monero gf bros

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Zcash has optional privacy which renders it useless. 99% of Zcash's transactions are non shielded, so their anon sets (i.e. the set of transactions that you can't tell apart from one another) are shit. Zcash also has a developer tax, which is ass. And lastly, Zcash has trusted setups. Trusted setups are bad because if the develop of the coin is an adversary, then you can't trust the code. (Zcash was created in Isreal...).
Monero has privacy built in the base layer, so every single transaction is private. Monero has far more transactions than zcash. Monero has no dev tax, as it is a grass roots project (like Bitcoin). Monero is private be default so there is no harm in holding any Monero with the fear of weak anon sets like with Zcash. Monero's code is all open source.
In short, there is a reason that the dark net marketplaces are moving to Monero rather than Zcash.

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interesting, thanks mate. What language is Monero written in? I'm guessing probably C++?

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we will have atomic swaps anyway. i wish we had atomic gender swaps too.

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90% c++

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Chad Riccardo "fluffypony" Spagni
Virgin zooko

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tell me why i shouldn't buy xmr right now

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yeah that is correct
Yes. For the lurkers out there reading this thread: atomic swaps are a big deal because individuals who hold a transparent crypto chain can, in the future, p2p transact their cryptocurrency for Monero. Because Monero is fungible, the individual who is transitioning their cryptocurrency with a transparent history can "wash" their holdings.

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Additionally, it could feasibly replace centralized exchanges as a medium to swap btc and xmr

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XMR is unironically the only good privacy coin. Black markets are and have adopted it. More and more money will flow in. This is as good as secret transactions get. But I’m fine if it stays under the radar for awhile.

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The darknet is a bellweather. Normies don't realize this.
yeah we will need atomic swap exchanges to form after the protocol is developed but because the demand is there it shouldn't take long.

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why would we tell you that? Now's a great entry price

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i think samoruai wallet expresses their interest in developing an exchange in parallel while the atomic swaps are being implemented

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Is it dumb to want to spend my money on CPUs to mine instead of just buying and holding? Monero is the only crypto project I’ve genuinely wanted to contribute to and have faith in. I have free electricity with my current rent.

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the makers of samorai wallet are bullish on xmr.
Not really. If you know what you are doing and you have free electricity then mining is a good option.

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Do it for the ideological fulfillment and not with an expectation of any substantial profit

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>XMR is unironically the only good privacy coin.
This. It has inherited the original Bitcoin spirit even though it didn't grew up in the same family. Picture related.

Do it. What CPU do you have? If it's meh, maybe buy-in in addition to mining because mining might be too slow in converting electricity. At least it also heats your house.

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This is a huge fucking deal. I don't hold XMR atm, but when push comes to shove, I know enough about how ledgers work to know that Monero will be the ultimate safe haven in the future. It's my favorite coin because it's the only real "cryptocurrency" currently in existence.

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maybe add a little hashrate but abusing your landlords electricity bills is going to burn a hole through his pocketbook and that free electricity is going to end right quick. (unless he himself is raping the power companies, then go nuts).

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>It has inherited the original Bitcoin spirit
Agreed, but newbies wouldnt understand. I can always tell how new someone is to the space by what their opinion of xmr is.

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Tomochain is a better privacy play, and a better blockchain, at 5% of the marketcap.

XMR fags getting de-listed left and right. Enjoy those bags when there's noone to buy them at -90%.

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You must be new

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damn son

this >>24046305 nigga published his thesis then busted yo ass in 2min02sec kek

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Imagine buying this shitcoin instead of The Standard XRP? I don't get it.

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Yes, buy the coin that the federal reserve shills and is a centralized token that can be expanded and contracted on a whim, zero privacy, and requires suckers to pay just to have an open account.

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1What do you think about DYMMAX (dymmax.com)? Does anyone try it?

Digged up their staking system, looks promising, up-to-date solutions and instruments without collateral. They collaborate with China, USA and provide new instruments for investors and crypto enthusiasts

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posting the exact number of your holdings goes against the spirit of monero tard

I'm also comfy with my somewhat small stack of [unkown amount] though, we'll see the moon soon brother

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>what is atomic swap

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Anon im sorry but the goal has always been mars, are you not aware of the mars project? See you there.
Pic is Xmr VS s&p

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>xmr thread

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XMR is an obvious honeypot and you guys have a collective IQ under 100.

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You're retarded

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