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Can't believe he actually staked all the Hex in the origin address. Hex is at 98% staked now, and the BPD payout went down because all the Hex stored in Richard's origin address, from eth recycling, staked riiight before BPD ended.

Went from 18% staked a few days ago to 98% staked, everyones BPD payouts went fromx 2.5 to x3 principal to about x0.3

Thanks Richard. Was having a billion dollars of Etherium and half of the Hex supply not enough money for you?

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were you expecting anything else

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I don't understand what happened

so who got scammed?

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shocking, i thought richard heart was a man of charity

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hahaha did this actually happen

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Never trust a faggot in a hat like that who wears rings

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Nobody because there weren't any false promises made.

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is "BIG PAY DAY" not misleading at all

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so glad i didnt buy anything and just got my freeclaim. Now the risk is whether the gas costs are even worth it when i can finally cash out.

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Holy shit. What a slime ball. So he staked and diluted stakers and will surely dump on everyone's heads?

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No-one, but I'll explain:

1) Hex had an event called big pay day. All the hex available to BTC holders as the snapshot day was being given out, since most BTC people didn't claim their Hex.
2) To get into to the BPD, you needed to stake (lock up) your hex for at least until the day of the BPD, max stake is 15 years. Longer you stake, the higher your share of the BPD.
3) A few days ago, the BPD payout to most people was about 3x their principal because only 18% of hex was staked. Most people assumed they would be getting at least a 2x on their principal as the amount staked was so low so their share was high.
3) BPD just ended recently, the amount of Hex staked is now 98%.
4) Richard has a huge stash of Hex owned by himself, although its not publicly admitted for legal reasons to do with securities and getting BTFO by the SEC. During the launch, you could exchange Etherium for access to a daily pool of minted Hex, the amount you get based on how many other people are in the pool. Richard was recycling Hex into the AA over and over, so for example say I put 10 eth in- that goes to an address that RH can access. He takes my 10 eth, moves it to his own wallet, then puts it through the AA the same way I did. 10 eth goes back to his address, but this time he also gets a share of the daily Hex pool as well. He can do this as many times as he wants each day, nobody knows exactly how much he was doing it.
5) RH probably owns between 50 and 70% of all Hex in existence because of this. He left it unstaked right up until the BPD so people thought they would get a bigger payout.
6) He staked it at the last moment to get an enormous share of the BPD, so it went from a 3x return to a x0.3 return, from 18% hex staked to 98% hex staked.

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kek thanks anon. i was just thinking Richard was based

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He completely discredited this project with this move. Invest into something that is 100% controlled and manipulated by a single whale? Fuck that.

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He wants it to succeed.

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but he looked so trustworthy..

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My BPD was reduced to 1/3 of what it was before.
Not only that, only half o the BPD which remained was turned into interest. The other half is still marked as BPD. That is, I only received 1/6 of what it was a week ago.

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Thats why I don't get why he staked. Why rob poorfags of their precious gains just to line his own pockets even further, its not like he can even dump all that Hex.

UNLESS that was the masterplan all along, to accumulate as much hex as possible then effectively burn it to induce mass scarcity. But that sounds like coping to me.

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if you didnt see this coming from the beginning then you really have to go back

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He should be going live soon.

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I don't get it, can you explain?

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For how much time he staked?
If it was only two days then he is goint o burn it.

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haha told you fuckers not to fall for this fat fucks tricks and scams hex is gay as fuck

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Half of my BDP still appears as BPD in the site, and the other half was turned into interest.

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Check if your dashboard is like that too.
The value was halved, half appears in BPD column, the other half in interest column.

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why does he looks like a lead singer from a 2000's pop punk band.

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Refresh the site, the UI seems to have changed now. Im seeing all new stuff.

My BPD has just been added to my interest now.

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Still the same here. Half still BPD, the other half in interest tab. In the circle is the interest tab.

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I want to know this as well

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I think I have found the problem, you are ever so slightly retarded lol. The interest is your interest from staking plus BPD interest.

Youll get it when your stake ends.

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If he burns then He will be the savior of us all. But I doubt it.

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Could be the case.
But my BPD was 62k three hours ago.
And it was 145k some days ago.

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Oh, well, that was really the case. I had 300 hex in interest before.
So RH fucked us all with the OA staking...

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Yeah mine was about 2.2 million a few days ago, its 600k now. Its gone down because the amount of staked hex preBPD went up from 18% to 98%.

It should be fixed now since BPD is technically over. Unless today is the last day? Anyway it can't go down more now because only 2% more could be staked.

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This was the plan all along and anyone who was paying attention knew this would happen.

The OA staking is great for the project long term, because now we know how much it owns.
The OA coins are not going to be sold and are practically always burned.
Now we have a clearer view of how many actual people have staked.
It's not 18% staked it's more like 70-80% holders outside OA that are staking.
After 2 days the APY and marketcap will skyrocket and HEX will start phase two.

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Sounds like hopium anon, I hope you are right. I did posit this in one of my replies, it theoretically is better for the price IF the OA just sits on all the Hex.

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Absolutely this shit is unacceptable. He keeps rambling about decentralisation and now he pulls this? Fuck this hypocrite

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And the price? The price have fallen much more than what I got from BPD.

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And if he decides to sell the OA?

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he'll rug pull the OA slowly

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Agree. He's not going to ever dump it all at once. He's just going to slowly leak it out over the rest of his life whenever he needs to pay bills or buy some new hookers.

Honestly I'd rather that supply go to Richard than anyone else. Rich has stronger hands than anyone and he's going to hold it for the ego it gives him, more than the money.

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He doesn't need to fucking sell it, he has 100 million to a billion dollars of etherium.

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Yeah, Im actually filing a law class suit against this queer tomorrow since most firms are closed. Im gathering information right now so he can pay people or serve prison time for awhile.

He thought he could fuck with my money and now Im going to fuck him. Ill keep you anons updated.

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i'm not getting off my stakes for anything. we've already learned these lessons in bitcoin. literally just hold and you'll be fine. difference in hex is you actually make interest while holding.

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Probably this >>24042901
I completely lost confidence in this project

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You won't do jackshit, nigger

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Still the interest pay much higher than a bank. It shows here 7% APY for yesterday, and between 12-15% for all (I have many stakes).

The problem is the price. The dip was too heavy. I thought the extra coins would cover it, but they didnt. I hope the price recovers.

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I am blown away how many of you fucking streetshitters bought into this. LOOK at the man.

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The good thing about HEX is that we got an Identity RH behind it that we can sue. Other shitcoins don't even got that.

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Ill make a thread tomorrow. Im actually writing a report right now on the FBI unironically so they can hoopeefulllyy freeze his assets, or not let him leave the country.

Ive never been so determined to fuck somebody over.

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Mark my words: He will never do this. If you think he will, you don't know the man.

Richard cares more about keeping the price high to dunk on his haters. Having a top ten market cap coin is what the man really cares about, not how much coin he milk from his followers. I'm not saying he's virtuous, I'm saying his ego is bigger than his wallet, which is already huge.

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I reported this awhile ago to SEC
but seems nothing was done... yet ..

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True. The fact he added all the liquidity in the last few minutes could definitely some legal grounds.

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better be fast anon, or he'll do a mcaffee

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Make sure you get his real name, fag.

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to everyone who panic unstaked and sold:

What happens to all that Hex richard has staked if he emergency end stakes before tomorrow night?

Think about it :)

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>Weres the money antonio? Its in your metamask eh?

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you meant what would to him?

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The coins are distributed to the stakers, for the next BPD, I suppose.
But then, I suppose he is buying hex to pump the price, no? So he can just buy enough hex to do the same move again, in the next BPD.

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lol you just assume he lives in usa ya retard?

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Why do you think he would nuke millions of eth just for you mouthbreathers?

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Yea he could do maybe part of it. But the fact this hog owns 70% of the supply should be worrisome

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There is no next BPD, there's only one.
If all that OA Hex emergency unstakes before tomorrow, then ALL of that Hex goes to the stakers who are left over, AND they go back to getting a 2x from the BPD.

This is Richards way of rewarding the people who believe in the project. He tested this proceedure a few weeks ago when a large stake completely nuked it's account. That was the hint to people to absolutely stay staked...

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The OA won't sell anything until HEX goes mainstream enough, and even then it's unlikely, since the usecase of the OA coins is to control monetary policy in HEX not as something to be sold and RH has like 300-500k ETH he's gotten through the AA, so he has no need to ever sell a single HEX token.
For BPD the correct play was to have some ETH sitting on the sides, go 50:50 or 40:60 on a stake and reserve some ETH to buy the dip. For stakes the correct play was to go long, ladder out smaller size stakes for years 5-15 and maybe some bigger for years 1-5.
I bet hopium feels pretty bitter rn if you're 100% staked, but to those who are not just blind haters, everything that is happening should make perfect sense. This was the best possible outcome and the only way to lessen the drop that greedy bastards wanted to enact with their BPD gains.
RH is the only guy who is sufficiently rich to have hands strong enough to actually hold billions of dollars of value for decades without selling, unlike the fags that are seething about getting less free bpd money and fuding themselves out of the project.

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He would get nuked and loose everything.

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I see this crashing to 0.003 tonight

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Why the fuck he stake for BPD to reduce everyones payout, only to burn his entire supply to give to everyone as EES bonuses? of which he gets half?

Makes no sense.

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He's not nuking any of the Eth, it's all the Hex which is got for FREE which he would be nuking, and in the process giving to other holders

When he nukes his stakes, all of that hex goes to the other stakers, IE, the community

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I thought it was one BPD per year.

>> No.24043206

>entire projects success hinges on some guy not dumping on you

lmfao. nice project you got there

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He's doing it to give BPD an even bigger boost that it's already getting. He's going to reward the people who have strong hands and stay staked

it's going to be glorious

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No, there's only one

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are you aware HEX may not exist in a couple of years ??

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I see..so the short stakers don't benefit from the BPD. Its plausible I suppose, but I'm not sure I believe it.

What date are you expecting it to happen?

>> No.24043281

>immutable smart contract

Hex will never die.

>> No.24043282

You're probably thinking of Axion
one a year for 5 years
and without the OA monkey business

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This all schizo hodl posting just sounds like an extreme cope. Why not just let the nature of the market handle the everything? People would get paid they wouldve dumped and others wouldve bought the bottom and ride it back up. Nobody wants some asshole in the backround fucking with the numbers.

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I think I'm going to buy some more. I dont believe it will fall below this point. Those who wanted to unstake and sell, already did it.

>> No.24043321

>entire projects success hinges on some guy not dumping on you
It's the other way round. The guy's success and legacy hinges on the hand strength of HEX holders.
RH is not the worry in HEX. It's the greedy little guys who can't handle all the gains and sell the price down.

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oh my god, he fucking did it
the absolute madman actually did it
good luck being an idiot and not investigating who has the vast majority of supply. If a single entity has more than half its gg.

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holy fucking cope. you truly have a cultists brain

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Holy shit, check this out.


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Imagine not selling when it hit a penny

>> No.24043415

>not making any promises though

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This is playing out very interestingly. I'm actually glad I still have Hex staked.

The man has 1.138B USD in ETH. As we can all probably agree, ETH is going up so he should be a multi-billionaire relatively soon.

Would he really burn all of the people holding Hex and his baby just to have more Hex that he can dump off? This seems so unlikely, I just don't see enough motive.

I see two scenarios:

1. He really does just fuck everyone over, which seems incredibly odd considering he'd be destroying his project and credibility.

2. He's going to burn the coins by emergency unstaking. In this scenario, the tokens are burned forever and the OA has nothing, which seems fair.

Can anyone expound? And does anyone know how long the OA just staked for?

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Damn a lot of people itt have bipolar depression

>> No.24043422

looks like a get rich quick scheme ad that you see at like 3am

>> No.24043432

Oh no im only up x amount on my money

>> No.24043450

The deeper I get in to this the more like I feel I’m being scammed, I hope normies take the bait so I can dump what little I have left

>> No.24043456

>Would he really burn all of the people holding Hex and his baby
yes , you really think 1B is enough for his longevity experiments ??

>> No.24043468

We don't know how much Eth he actually has, there was a lot of confirmed recycling so who knows how much actually happened. Its theoretically a 1 billion dollars, but it could be ten times less than that. Or a hundred. Ive no idea how much recycling went on.

I agree it seems stupid he would dump OA, its just so uncharacteristic from what I've seen. He LOVES the price being up. He LOVES getting to gloat on people who called him scammers.

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Why don't you stop seething and make money, as I have.
bullish af

>> No.24043490

He doesn't have that much. Most of the ETH got recylced in the AA. No way to tell how much he really got, but I guess ~70% of all the AA ETH was coming from Richard.

>> No.24043526

When is RH going live ??
I need entertainment

>> No.24043536

can anyone confirm richard is not in a wheelchair? he looks like a fucking cosplay evil villain

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I actually don't believe this. We all saw the same reddit post, and a professional audit it is not. EOS was accused of the same thing because it had the same style of release and every token sale of the same style will be accused of the same thing ad nauseum. There was never confirmed recycling even though this gets thrown around constantly.

>> No.24043552

I've seen him standing before in an interview

>> No.24043561

Aright so lets say this was only a clown show to "shake out the weak hands" and the ones left will get 10x big pay day. You know what happens after? DUMP! MASSIVE MASSIVE FUCKING DUMP! And hex goes to 0 because the liquidity pool will get wiped clean. Eighter way this thing is FUCKED. Anyone who is still in is going to get equally fucked.

>> No.24043572

he makes the crowd wait before coming out to build anticipation, like Hitler

>> No.24043609

No because it's just an arbitrage event. It's like inflation. If I have one apple that's worth one dollar and the next day I have two apples both worth one dollar, then the next day the market corrects. The price gets cut in half and I still have $1 (Or whatever this adjustment will be) There is no dump beyond that because why would there be. The only people that are fucked are those that didn't stake.

>> No.24043613

The suspense is killing me !!
come on man

>> No.24043625

>The only people that are fucked are those that didn't stake.
...didn't stake for 15 years lol

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File: 1.93 MB, 622x1280, Richard Heart.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


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I followed some of the 1337 eth trails and they were pretty obviously going from the OA, to about 5 wallets, back to the AA.

>> No.24043655

is this guy not worried about people coming after him? i don't even own hex and i hate him

>> No.24043673

Yeah well I just meant staked over BPD. 15 years is a long time but we'll see in the end, I think crypto is in its infancy. Bitcoin should become the new store of value, barring some sort of disaster.

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>> No.24043697

i literally laughed out loud at this

>> No.24043718

I dont think you understood. If he emergency endstakes all that and people get insanely high interest bonus they will unstake and take their profits which will wipe the liquidity pool because why the fuck wouldnt they? Everyone is in for the money.

>> No.24043722

most will be selling in the days coming after BPD.

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>> No.24043767

Snap city holy shit you are supposed to life heavy and only single rep.

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I could have had $1000 in hex from my BTC addresses but didn't bother because hex is a shitcoin and I don't want to contribute to its popularity. Fuck you hex faggots.

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Of course you hate him. Why wouldn't you? He's got more money, more success, more girls, more everything and meanwhile you're just seething about it on an anonymous forum.

>> No.24043789

If people unstake before their time, they will also burn their coins.

>> No.24043804

yes, even those little whales like hexologist, cryptocoffee will be dumping, hell trevon james got a +30M HEX stack and we all know who he is.

>> No.24043817

Thats not how it works. They unstake and swap for ETH which dumps the price end of story

>> No.24043870

But for this, everyone would need to have it staked to right after the BPD, and I dont think this is the case with the majority of stakers.

>> No.24043892

Majority of unstakes happening in the next few days hex coper

>> No.24043907

go to hex.live/feed and see for yourself
the entire page is filled with 1-2 day stakes

>> No.24043913

>everyone calls you retarded so you start frogposting


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You have a great mind, sir. Cheers.

>> No.24044051

Jesus Christ, he has gotten fat and bloated in 3 years.

>> No.24044053

his live doing damage control on youtube lmfao
hes laughing uncontrollably every other minute.

buy axion and stake. this way we dont have to get fucked by richy rich

>> No.24044064

Damn, RH is dropping some real wisdom on this stream.
There's so many levels to this shit. It's insane how complex HEX really is.

>> No.24044070

stfu pajeet

>> No.24044075

Damn u love Rich's dick

>> No.24044088

Very disrespectful gynecomastia.

>> No.24044095

imagine still falling for this shit

>> No.24044097

Woaah, that’s a lot of damage. Buy legit coins like RVX. You won’t regret it.

>> No.24044100

>look at all this free money i could have
>nah id rather be #7 on coinmarketcap, that's much better
Anon, i...

>> No.24044101

he is asking you to STAKE your HEX while he will slowly but steadily stealing the value of your HEX. RH the new HEX FED Reserve.

>> No.24044122

RVX will have a pumpy Q1 2021. They have a very killer roadmap.

>> No.24044143

He's insane

>> No.24044157

How long did he stake for?

>> No.24044174

Was Vitalik a more ethical guy for selling Mike Novogratz 250,000 eth for $1 each?

>> No.24044177

4D chess /he/ could never let the little pleb win

>> No.24044183

>own at least 30 million in eth
>nah, I need to dump my own project to be rich

Anon, i...

>> No.24044201

lmfao have fun staying poor.
even sir trevon james knows axion will out preform hex. its already done more then hex in its first few days. just wait till nov20 before u fomo in for the cheap share rates

>> No.24044231

no I won't feed your village

>> No.24044241

what in the literal fuck is he talking about

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>trusting a guy shilling ponzi scheme level profit margins in his twitter name

>> No.24044325

When eth was a few nerds in a basement, yes. Richard is a piece of shit I’ve met him before at a btc conference, nobody likes him he isn’t in the states now he’s likely back in South America, he’s a total fraud and he doesn’t have a billion in eth, he has tens or millions tops in eth, likely 10-15 and a ton of hex that he’s hoping to turn into a billion $ in eth by dumping on idiots, but the jig is up cause people like the bitconnect shill and bitboy have tens of millions of hex to dump and no way they make money

>> No.24044350

Fun fact about richard, before hex he wasn’t even a millionaire

>> No.24044364
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Imagine making 70x on your money by buying in January. Imagine cashing out huge profits already and having both a staking ladder and ETH profits ready to buy after all the noobs sell the bottom.

Imagine that, sir, because I don't have to, I'm living it, and so are all the other gentlemen who "fell" for this "shit" from the beginning.

>> No.24044378

It was 500,000 eth for 99c each

>> No.24044388

Interesting that this doesn't quantify as "scam" these days.

This was popular scam with PoS privacy coins:

>devs keep most of genesis supply for themselves, which is only a few % of total supply but almost 100% at start
>devs stake entire genesis to monopolize the staking rewards for themselves
>dump the rewards until the end of time

Works best with privacy coins because it's not immediately recognizable that devs are running the show.

>> No.24044392

how can we track him ?

>> No.24044401

just unstaked 3million and im going to sell it for link ,this faggot is on my hitlist now wasted all that time for fucking nothing.

>> No.24044452

sec reports, document his videos talking about hex price and what a good investment it is etc. they’ll find him like they did with McAfee even if it takes a few years, he’ll get cuckd in the end he’s burnt a ton of people

>> No.24044461

It's a bait and switch AND a ponzi scheme AND people are still happy about it! You could shit in their mouth and they'd think "well at least the floor is clean"!

>> No.24044490

said it for the past 6 months

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Accruing about 4k hex in interest every day.

>> No.24044579

This was the IRS not the SEC. He's got nothing to worry about with the SEC

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This chart is a thing of majestic beauty

>> No.24044630

Lol who is this fat garbage man. Just tuned into his live and he's struggling for, he admits, buzzwords

>> No.24044639

>eth will appreciate in value
>hex is a ponzi
Anon, i...

>> No.24044642

Yeh illegal fundraising To the tune to millions. I’m sure he’ll have no future issues with the sec as thousands of scorched investors report him

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Imagine haters still not making any any money and seething about RH and the OA for another year, while we go to 50 cents per HEX. Imagine that sirs.

>> No.24044664

Honest question to the deluded, why would it keep pumping? BPD is over, rewards are heavily slashed. There's no reason to keep staking. If you made out good, congrats take that profit and run.

>> No.24044677

Listen to Richard talk, he has these retards on a string and he knows it

>> No.24044681
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Let's not forget he also had ads on 4chan, right here on biz.

>> No.24044691

I sold most and left a little bit in for kicks. I truly have no idea what's going on now though. I'm going to wait for a few days I guess. So confused as to why the OA staked, he could just be greedy but it makes no sense.

>> No.24044741

The only game theory reason I can think is, to limit the power of other whales

>> No.24044752

Rich fags can easily get the surgery to fix this. He must like having tits.

>> No.24044799

Yeah but that's assuming the whale's are bad. Shouldn't whales be rewarded? The people that put in the most?

I'm going to see if he burns the coins by emergency unstaking them or something as some last act to prove he's a good guy. Otherwise I'm gonna sell probably.

>> No.24044801

no kidding lol if THAT isn't a scam I don't know what is any more

>> No.24044888

hey guys, swapdex has been stable and is bound to moon any time. get in before it's too late. SDX might be your lucky break

>> No.24044947

>Honest question to the deluded
Very "honest" indeed sir.

HEX was always about the long game. HEX is about replacing BTC and fiat and becoming the world reserve currency. It monetizes the most important aspect of actually accomplishing such a task - TIME.

But if you don't get it, I won't spoonfeed you info in a 4chan post. There's countless live streams where you can get all you need 2 know. RH is streaming live right now and so far this might be the best one, so watch it, or miss out. To be honest I don't give a fuck.

>> No.24044980

>reserve currency

I don't think you know how that works

>> No.24044992

cause he’s a closet biz tranny

>> No.24045010

he just admitted to tax fraud on his live stream lol im loving it

>> No.24045018

Reserve currency held by one person who just fucked stakers heh. The cult he created is impressive though.

>> No.24045020

You mean the known scammer made a scam coin and people fell for his ponzi?

I'm shocked, SHOCKED.

>> No.24045037

Is his YouTube video
>How to apologise and retain good relationships
Still up?
Maybe you dumb cunts should go watch it, might make you feel better.

>> No.24045117

get some SDX, it's the next Axion and HEX

>> No.24045128

>fucked stakers
Dude, this is the best thing possible for stakers. I was getting worried a few days back when staking % was so low.
For stakers Big payday is a little blip on their payout, compared to what they earn off interest on long stakes.
The OA fucked traders, as they should be fucked, taking away their possibility to dump 3X more coins on the market after BPD.

>> No.24045171
File: 186 KB, 1411x1239, hex-logo-no-txt-transparent-1400px.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Shouldn't whales be rewarded? The people that put in the most?

HEX is a whale trap.
As the whales bleed, stakers take stock of those burning shares... mmm

the sweet aphrodesic

>> No.24045175

the real winner here is RH not the stakers

>> No.24045291

Did he even comment on staking all the hex? Or are people really just believing he did it for their best interests lol. How did anyone fall for this, remember no one gives a shit about your financial well being.

>> No.24045380

Are you people fucking autistic? If you can't read Richard like the open book he is then well... youre autistic.

I guarantee he will not destroy HEX trying to get rich. He's already a millionaire. Anyone complaining about him being a scam or ponzi is the same kind of person that has been rugpulled so many times he ended up the lead in a fucking Aladdin film.

You don't understand the mans motivations.

>> No.24045511

all you have to do is hold link and not deal with scams like hex...how fucking hard is this?

>> No.24045587

didn’t we tell you fucking idiots, after bpd it’ll be big dump day and big scam day? getting fucked over by some ring wearing faggot. lmao you all deserve it

>> No.24045588

But we are at his mercy. We are under his control. He decides if we get rekt or not.

>> No.24045605
File: 44 KB, 655x643, 1602712290058.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Are there seriously people on this board who bought this retard's shitcoin?

>> No.24045668

go back to twitter

>> No.24045721
File: 5 KB, 250x118, 1605472618862s.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>muh big pee day

>> No.24045732

He's too emotional like a woman, no judgement. He thinks he discovered some secret formula and allowing the plebs any access to it at all is doing you a huge favor.

>> No.24046009

He pulled out millions in ETH. imagine believing a word this scammer says.

Even Safex mining is a better play.

>> No.24046030

im down $45k now
do I just sell?

>> No.24046056
File: 208 KB, 480x360, 1605309211362.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>t. turbo retard

>> No.24046103

get in axion, stake for like 5 days. sell after this weeks auction for free gains.

>> No.24046116

Can anyone name a useful staking system?

Studied DMX token pn Probit, find out morecheck this platform: dymmax.com
What is your opinion/point of view about it? There is a staking model and extra liquidity for tokens with the new smart-contract system.

>> No.24046146

You idiots actually bought this coin?

>> No.24046149

Take half out and put in Bitcoin, and then don't look at it for a few years. You're still at the point in time where you can afford a Bitcoin. I think most people take this for granted. Don't think it'll be the case forever.

>> No.24046171

I actually always really liked Richard Heart and was kind of bummed when he started Hex. I knew it was something I could never get into but I kind of hoped it would work out for him.

He paradoxically seems delusional but also down to earth. I wouldn't be surprised at all if he's reading this thread right now. He's clearly very smart, but I still wouldn't touch Hex with a 10 foot pole.

>> No.24046182

I hope your rich af and 45k isnt much to you because you're an absolute moron who's ngmi if it is and you lost it on such an obvious scam.

>> No.24046207

So tomorrow I'm guessing the price begins its slow inexorable climb to $1

>> No.24046213

In fairness Hex is an insanely clever project. He's always been his greatest enemy. Hex admittedly had great success but I think if he tweaked a few things it would have been much stronger.

>> No.24046288

When was this ?

>> No.24046311

I like his rants too but locking my liquidity can never serve me. By locking I already gave away part of my ability to make money and that's worth a lot of money to me. So far hundreds of chumps gave the project free money for nothing in the form of locking liquidity.

>> No.24046318
File: 88 KB, 1280x748, EnJscpWW4AIGvI-.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

There was recently a HEX ad on TV, Is Richard going to keep using the funds hes gotten to pump this thing? I really hope so

>> No.24046339

wtf is that

>> No.24046362
File: 72 KB, 621x915, HEX.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I love the resonance for HEX in this thread, doesn't matter if positive or negative. Great things are ahead.

>> No.24046542

HEX will be a great definitive example of what to avoid in the future. That's a huge contribution.

>> No.24046600

You'll seethe for another ten years.

>> No.24046634

At least I'll have access to my money.

>> No.24046998

>he bought the most obvioius ponzi scheme this year
you aint getting shit back retard

>> No.24047307

Devils advocate: Richard anticipated, that most free-claimers are going to dump their HEX bags.

So he snatched as much as possible from them in the last second.

Of course, disappointing, but 30% interest on a coin that didn't cost you anything to begin with and that increased in price 10'000% or so, is still a very good deal.

How long did he stake the BPD hex?

>> No.24047351
File: 176 KB, 723x845, 7F1250D9-05B1-47B6-8C5D-D2DA14601B55.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Wtf ..

>> No.24047406

Imagine buying hex instead of rsr lmao

>> No.24047536

Few months ago

>> No.24047682

he staked for the BPD.

>> No.24047700

And he didn't restake again? So however many Hex Richard has, can be market dumped at any moment?

>> No.24047708

proof ?

>> No.24047897

He's a known scammer. He had a spam farm in Panama then changed his name... what the fuck did you think he was going to do.

JFC people, DYOR

>> No.24048008

It was in 2015 you fucking moron idiot retard

>> No.24048114

How couldnt you notice that it was mainly third world retards shilling this coin?

>> No.24048166
File: 186 KB, 1000x543, 234288732.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Big pay day? More like big kek day.

>> No.24048194

Is payday already done or not?
Can I stake now to get payday?

>> No.24048312

Quick tip I'm guessing you are now learning too late. Rich heart doesn't mean a single fucking thing he says.

>> No.24048400

Kleros will solve the problem this potential scammer is causing

>> No.24048408

... hahahahahahahaha

>> No.24048449
File: 10 KB, 251x242, 1567787853870043.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

What, you're gonna take him to kleros court?

>> No.24048471

>The deeper I get in to this the more like I feel I’m being scammed
I'm sharing a board with literal toddlers..

>> No.24048549


>> No.24048583

i can't believe i wasted time explaining to people why hex is a scam
i should have shilled this to make people lose their money
and don't tell me "i made gains and sold the top" because how much is that.. 3x 4x? pathetic

>> No.24048671

you guys are making a fuss about nothing lmao
the contract is working as it's supposed to
you guys don't understand Richard at all

>> No.24048947

he hasn't scammed anyone lmao
this dude just made sure the coin didn't die on BPD

>> No.24048959

Anon look at that face kek, I wouldn't shake his greasy hand if I saw him irl.

>> No.24049020

After reading through the thread I'm surprised to see people still in this shit. He did a really good job targeting the biggest fuckwits in crypto.

>> No.24049105

Jesus. Fucking. Christ.

I just looked at all the comments on that tweet. Also the ones here.

I have never.

Seen such mind-blowing levels of internalized, pure Stockholm syndrome, COPE in my entire time of being in crypto. And I started in 2013.

Blue ID anon is right. This is the textbook definition of a cult.

Please don’t kill yourself when this is over. There needs to be someone to teach the people that come after you what happens with these types of things. They can still be saved.

>> No.24049119

bro, you're like the guy who wrote multi thousand word essay posts on bitcointalk in 2014-15 about why eth is a scam and should not be invested in.
hex actually outperformed everything this year except a few fly by night farming scams.
it did 10x your precious link in a quarter of the time

>> No.24049659

RH simps are fucking disgusting but also funny in some strange, retarded way.

>> No.24049678

Oh man this thread makes me smile. All these feelings, all this hate. Never had it been easier to spot a bunch of gamma males who father failed them. Stay poor /biz don't ever change.

>> No.24049802

>I have never.
>Seen such mind-blowing levels of internalized, pure Stockholm syndrome
those people are up 8000% against the dollar this year
how much are you up?

>> No.24049817

you don't understand what just happened lmao
just so you know, most 1Y stakers are with a 15 to 20APY on their stake now

>> No.24049829

Bitconnect was once outperforming eth

>> No.24049886


>> No.24049894

I watched a eth genesis wallet accumulate and stake hex for months now. Where are you at faggot? Show yourself lmao

>> No.24050258

based on fake loans
hex has no guarantees to anything
it's a calculated risk cassino

>> No.24050815

i don't understand any of this. i did claim my hex one year ago, today i just dumped it, the screenshot i took 1y ago said that i would have 100k hex today, and that's what i got today, so what's the fuss about?

>> No.24051894

>He's already a millionaire.
keep believing that, hex is HIS only chance to make it. no one believes him that he mined btc at 50ct. he only appeared in 2017

>> No.24051923
File: 21 KB, 420x591, 15956435236280039.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Are you ready guys? A few more hours until noobs get their coins and start fomodumping all at once.
I just hope they dump the price low enough so that I can buy back in again, because so far it's holding too well.

>> No.24051935

Well, it was a Big Pay Day, for him.

>> No.24052092

Several stakes have appeared in the last days, starting right before the BPD and ending soon after. They would get their rewards and dump it all, and price would crash even more.
Thats why he used the OA to stake, to decrease their rewards and the consequent dump.
After the traders are gone, he can emergency unstake the OA and burn the coins, redistributing them as interest to the real stakers.
BPD was just a marketing campaign, to get more people to stake. But the stakes which matter are the long ones.

>> No.24052176
File: 39 KB, 415x470, wojak_log.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Imagine being stupid enough to buy crypto that's based solely around one person & his ego

>> No.24052606

Hes a convincing scammer, hes highly intelligent, hes thought this all through and isnt telling you whats really in his head, only most of it. That said, it would be easy to get swindled in, to agree with his "yea I held the longest, people who just bought can get fucked(aka scammed)" rhetoric, because morally its actually reasonable. If I bought a year ago and you bought today, why should you profit as much as I do. You shouldnt, but Hex doesnt solve this. Its a scam.

>> No.24052662

Youre probably reading this thread Rich because I can tell youre that kind of person, to want to know absolutely everything being said about you anywhere and to want to combat it. I would probably do the same. That said, Id like to say I respect your intelligence, youre easy to listen to and agree with, you say a lot of things I like that other people dont say... and you have balls, you have drive and dont let people get in your way. Youre an alpha and alphas respect other alphas, so it was nice to see someone with that much brains being focused on for once. I still wont buy Hex, but congrats on being filthy rich (and powerful!).

>> No.24052707

...and if I tickled your ego bone a bit there maybe you wouldnt mind sending 10k to some starving appalachian children, or south african families. When people run out of things to spend their money on, they give. At least give to people who deserve it.

>> No.24052972

exactly, typical narcissists who will rob every penny. Only trust betas, not Chads or wannabe Chads (Richard)

>> No.24053002

lol whatever else did you expect

even in his streams he said he is pissed off others are making billions of shittokens like EOS and he isn't.

>> No.24053037

He did what he did because if the rewards were given out to shitters they would have just dumped it on the market. He made fun of pajeets with broken english "WHY PRICE GO DOWN" etc. and laughed at them. He said that pajeet is why the price goes down, because hes dumb and doesnt understand things so he sells. He argues that people SHOULD stake so they take more from the reward pool that would otherwise go to these shitters. I dont hold Hex, I probably never will, but if you do you should stake it for that reason if you want the price to go up. Everyone who bought before that day is up like 400x or whatever. The people who bought yesterday got fucked and he doesnt care. All covered in the video he posted last night.

>> No.24053098

he had like 50$ mil before Hex. He was even crying on stream when Bitcoin collapsed like he didn't expect in 2017. If he didn't have huge net worth in BTC he wouldn't react like that.

>> No.24053361

Giving your money to m'lady degenerate lmaaaaaoooooo you fuckers deserve to be scammed

>> No.24053660

he also said he mined eth at some cents, yet kept shitting on it and cried when eth went parabolic. he is a brilliant conman. keep believing his lies.

>> No.24053664

When it comes to male sociosexual hierarchy I would say Richard is a sigma.

>> No.24053741

this, coupled with yet another bait and switch of showing a gigantic bigpayday $ amount displayed in huge font on the front page of the website for a year, just to essentially rugpull it from tens of thousands of people

>> No.24053773

He's will always be a fat faggot with man tits that will never go away

>> No.24053794

i was close to selling my rsr for hex. glad i didnt lmao.

>> No.24053817

Imagine wageslaving just to put all your money in a ponzi scheme run by a guy who looks like an out of work magician.

>> No.24053833

anything of him acknowledging or addressing this? just curious to see what his rebuttal would be

>> No.24053877

Nah he never talks about the OA or what happened.
What a surprise.

>> No.24053948

This. Who the looked at that cross between Mystery and a gothic Flavor-Flav and thought "that's where I want to invest"

>> No.24053981

he is low on totem pole definitely, because he has that pink fat low T phenotype along with short height (under 6 feet), so he desperately compensates it by trying to look like an eccentric dandy seducer casanova, but in reality looks like sleazy car salesman due to him being fat and old.

>> No.24054237

he did talk about it. he basically said 'did you think people would not stake their coins at the end?'.. even thought it was just the origin address. pretty much the definition of SEC market manipulation. he better hope Hex will never be a security and he found some disgusting non-extradition South American shithole to live in for the rest of his life

>> No.24054972
File: 474 KB, 3840x2830, 1601525110059.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Richard replaced his blood with SciVive™ coagulant sometime in the summer. Bloating is a known but manageable side effect.