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I want to buy and ape into some alt coin after this BTC run made a few bucks from BTC long position

Shill me your bags anons

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Read up on chainlink.

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CNTR has bottomed out well try your luck catching the knife

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Quant for a 50x

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Comp, Chainlink...

Use Coinbase earn to get $50 by just watching some videos and answering questions
If you use these codes you wont have to be on waiting list


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I am going to buy a ton load of CNTR in this dip will pump for sure

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Unilayer is a easy 20x.

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PEPE should ape into SYLO the OYA launch is coming soon

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Centaur is going to dump further more bye bye fucker

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ORN is what you need to check the mainnet will be up soon

Easy 10x from here

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Get a big bag of $ALBT my friend and you'll be glad you did in the coming weeks

Allianceblock will melt faces

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the one ive been buying every dip for few months now lol

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I am storing my shitcoins in SYLO wallet been so secure so far

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ORAI. The only oracle play that hasn’t pumped yet and still only 2-3 mil MC. 1500% APY staking for the next month to reward early investors. Non-anonymous team. This is a true gem that biz is sleeping on, which is unironically bullish

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hey op, check out $FUSE.
mint your own token and build your micro-economy.
a lot of things going on with them, these days.

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ORN mainnet is what most of the Defi apes are waiting for atleast while aping we can ape for cheap prices haha

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Everyone here better take a proper insurance cover before buying something

>>Bridge mutual gives you to those services

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Yeah I better cover against these scammy tokens because I can't stop myself from gambling

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I am going with Sylo.
Nice social DeFi project
It's dip hard now, you might want to get in while it's still down.

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RLC for an easy 100x

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R U into oracles? Did you check the Razor Network?
New decentralized oracle, claims to be both safe and fast.
Seems like you don't have to compromise anymore.

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Saving in wallets what saved me from kucoin hack fucking insane

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Mint shit, total crap of coin.
Don’t buy rugpull scam projects like Fuse

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Did Sylo activated nodes? Is anyone looking to run one?

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lol, razor is never going to be like link.
the race for no.1 oracle is over, imo.
they can't do shit.

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ORN looks like highly overvalued shit shillers I can see them everywhere

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BTC pump is over, buy DGB

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YES with this much of shit project I rather be secured with my covers can't risk it

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hey fckr, explain yourself before making such dull statements.
Fuse has more than 300 use cases all over the world.
Recently partnered with ramp.

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True, other oracle systems are a good gamble and I keep tabs on my favorite ones.

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ANONS check CNTR the staking is kinda crazy I am impressed by their testnet delivery already

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Not yet, there is no exact date but it will happen next week, if you ask me.

Once OyaLaunch is released we will have the nodes.
i am looking to run one but depends on the amount of tokens required to do so.

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What is up with you dumb fuck I think you didn't see SYLO wallet see it and come speak

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What is your favorite? Got Razor on your list?
Did you saw that they recently partnered with OpenDeFi?
It's going to be fcking huge.

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Fucking Degens get yourself covered by some insurance before going crazy and buying some shit

Get your insurance from bridge mutual

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ORN prestaking if you are a holder is good solution you can get 20% APY

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How do you know? I am sure that guys from fuse didn’t listed all of them for us to see.
They may be lying

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sylo wallet sucks i hear that they are facing some serious issues on iOS and there is no app for desktop.
it works well just on stupid android...

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Polyient Games Governance Token (PGT)

>20,000 max supply
>$3M mcap

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Partnership with OpenDeFi is probably their biggest but don't forget the others:

- Matic Network
- Persistence
- Skale Network

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Take a look at $ORO


Let's you tokenize your physical assets

Let's you stake, invest, lend to make more gains

You can redeem your physical assets at any time you want I think

OpenDeFi will surprise so many people, best to invest in this gem early

X10 from here looks so easy

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Is it difficult to find good defi?
Looked through DYMMAX (dymmax.com), they made a referral program with Probit, wanna participate. Good staking model, private sale was finished with 1mln funds.

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You want to good DeFi project with unique proposition then look at $ORO

Helps you invest in physical assets through blockchain and offers much more

For me best DeFi to ape into is ORO

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I got a couple. My fave is chainlink hands down.
But I can see other oracles outperforming it, just not in mktcap

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And no, haven't heard of razor.
But i'll def check it out, thanks

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ORO looks so bullish guys, pumped so hard on uniswap listing, it has retraced and now is time for another leg up

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I plan to invest in POLS --> polkastarter it is much better than any other project right now. MVP is launching and liquidity mining 2.0 started!!

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$WAXP is a better choice I would buy some #NFTS and keep them for long term and sell them later on!!

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Better to wait till 26th november and buy PlasmaPay PPAY is the best #DeFi project in space. Conversion from FIAT to crypto made simple!!

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Chainlink and band are other projects I'm looking to get in at good prices

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Please go ahead and buy some POLS or polkastarter. It will be $1 soon. It is going strong with amazing partnerships!!

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I probably buy into XLM again just to ride the 2nd wave

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I have my eyes on waxp. the best NFT they recently launched Atari tokens to be bought from credit cards. They did a great job and new tokenomics coming soon.

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I have my last penny on PLASMAPAY. It is better than payPal. Fiat to crypto conversion is a big hindrance to adoption of cryptocurrency. PPAY will bridge the gap launching on 26th nov it will moon!!

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POLS, ETH 2.0 and BTC. Make me some money... give me $100 now take $200 in 3 months!!

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Most undervalued coin right now is $RAMP

RampDefi helps to unlock liquid capital from staked non erc20 assets thereby opening more #DeFi opportunities for coins on other chains

Yield farming also available on Ramp

Staking as well

$RAMP pump will be televised guys

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real coin ---> BTC
money coin ---> ETH 2.0
Eyes on these coins ---> POLS

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can u reduce the price of BTC when is the correction!!

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Vox finance

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PLASMAPAY listing on Bithumb on 26th November. Grab some over OTC.

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prolly puttin 30% in eRSDL, looks amazing!
I allready went in on SAV3 with some profits and i'm gonna buy back in ETH soon. easy gains imo.
ARPA is also a big winner in my book.

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Pnk or surf

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POLKASTARTER will start it's MVP in 2020. It is a good project based on the polkadot ecosystem.

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zLOT is going to be a big one.

zLOTfinance is a layer on top of @HegicOptions.
In HEGIC users have to stake a min. of 888K HEGIC in order to get a staking LOT.
A staking LOT entitles stakers to receive a portion of the WBTC & ETH fees generated by HEGIC.
zLOT is forever limited to an 8,888 supply.

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sushi unironically

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Ape into $RAMP buddy

This project is so bullish and thankfully it's so undervalued at the moment

Easy gains if one can get in here

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Dev Protocol for me as my low cap moonshot. The future of open source funding.


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I would like BTC caused a massive crash on alts to grab
at discount prices

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Dev vidya utk link aave snx

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Rope and chair

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Ape into DeFi projects like Injective Protocol, these guys are rock solid, their recent partnership with Orion Protocol will introduce decentralized derivatives as an inaugural broker, this is great

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is it good to try duckdao.io, found post about their crypto incubator and long-term investment model? Seems profitable but want to know your opinion https://drive.google.com/file/d/1PreWXs9IuY6TMj7vnPv0iCIWlzTSY4qj/view

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Dyor on injective and don't miss on the next 100x

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RLC and thank me later

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its already time to buy a bag of $INJ

given that it brings in Decentralisation to the next step $INJ will be trending to the moon and beyond!

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