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What should I buy to survive the great reset? Currently hodling XRP, BTC, ETH, and LINK. I've heard some things about ALGO, XMR, and XLM but I don't own any.

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>what coin will it be
does it matter? soon you’ll own nothing and you’ll be happy.

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Probably their own cbdc

They're going to "reset" the internet all your p2p networks invalidated instantly... unless you have some way to keep the blockchains sync'd offline

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UBI will be paid in LINK
0.010 LINK per week ($15,000 per LINK)

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That would mean having to have Eth survive the reset.

That could be...

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Are there any offline protections in place for any other coins surviving the reset?

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clearly haircomb
"haha pajeet scam poo in the loo" shut up

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um akshually chainlink is blockchain agnostic (that means it doesnt believe in god)

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Right but its not internet agnostic

Unless you can keep it sync'd offline.

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Obviously Quant because it will interoperate all CBDCs.

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Shut up pajeet, poo in the loo

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are you going to 'make it'?

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That would mean 80m LINK per week, unsustainable

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XLM but tell noone

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good for you for diversifying. too many damn people circling the wagons and tribalizing for the stupid reasons. at this point being a cryptobull in general is more logical

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it's coming in 2021

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they'll blame it on the Sun and the Solar Minimum 25 electric blasts aren't they... they've already started throwing warnings... oh well, i'm glad i'm learning hacking

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Even then that involves trusting whoever kept it going, offline, that they didn't change transactions.

In conclusion, temporary or even no internet = p2p networks ded...

Unless some kind of other protections in place, that I don't know of

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I don't care. Just post the copypasta version in future, it's easier to avoid

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why would you want to avoid claiming a token that does what haircomb does, for practically free?

dont tell me you dont know...

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based if true

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Buy the coin that they actively fight.

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Hey there lovely pajeeta! :)

How about you come back to my place? We can make your favorite - chicken tikka masala! Then I can show you upstairs where you can poo in your very own loo!!!

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>buying into anything that has the word "chain" in it
not so fast Satan

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There are indeed ways to keep blockchains synced offline, are you new or something?

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if you can, grab a bag of ALGO. its going to $2

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Not if they are forced to spend it.

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BTC XMR and ETH are all you need

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even for biz conspiracy theory thread this is embarrassing

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I agree with you. A good feature for traders should reach profit in all stages of the market. We just have to get enough garanties and min risks, like on Dymmax (dymmax.com) platform

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Oh there are trustless ways?

Please point me to info on how, thanks.

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Unless there exists some type of mesh networks spread across multiple places in a decentralized type of way, I don't see how blockchains can remain sync'd in a trustless manner.

Please enlighten me ultra faggot

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Its a fantasy in this board that some coin will free you from the reset. This is just that, a fantasy.
First it was the XRP schizos. Now its the linkies.
They think siding with (((them))) will save their asses. They are wrong. Nobody wins, except (((them))).

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>its going to $2
$2 would be a good start. Almost x10 from current price.

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Klaus stop shilling your book here. Im not buying it.

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>UBI will be paid in LINK
The absolute state of linkies

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Large bag holder here anon. Hope you're correct.

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It's Iota. Always has been.

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>Just try to innoculate you fucking wizard faggot

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Comprar livros seria uma boa, porém não te alimentariam o corpo , somente a mente que vai vagar eternamente no vazio de si , na esperança de que um dia irá encontrar a paz que tanto procura.

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Is it really though? I mean, you can use Link on other blockchains buy locking Link on ETH and issuing connected token. But if ETH dies, what actually happens to Link?

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I wonder if this is actually just about removing internet freedoms and tightening control. It would fit with Obama recently saying that the internet is
>the single greatest threat to our democracy

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UOS or nothing

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XMR as a hedge it fails. And I'm not telling you what it is if it suceeds

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tfw I see screenshots of my post

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If SynLev pulls it off it's gonna be an easy 100x

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can’t you see he is bald?

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they're all bald
they laugh at comb now
but soon they will pay thousands for liquidity stack scalp massages

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its chainlink you niggers he wrote about it in his book

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