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>hasn't been filled

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there isn't one at 3500. never was. see pic. it's literally a meme that was repeated so much retards began to think it was real without verifying it themselves.

there is one around 9650 or so though

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We’ll see

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Why do CME gaps need to be filled?

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I gave my bro $20 of BTC for free. Gap filled

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Do you know are future works?

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my ass was filled,
thanks for asking

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Explain please

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you don't

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eRSDL and GDAO were scams...

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3.5K will never be filled BoBo.
After the halving it is doubtfull if lower 7K will be reached 200 MA.

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eRSDL is a long-term project. GDAO has simply bottomed out

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>because muh indicator

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They don't, so often people mistake this. The point of the gap is to test price discovery missed on weekends ( because CME are retard boomers who dont trade weekends) the fact that the the gaps were all tested and not filled, then going back up indicates the intrinsic value of BTC is higher than the price discovery of the CME gap. Notice that all the gaps were filled BEFORE the halving, not after when the fair price of BTC began rising due to decreasing available supply of new coins. Hopefully this makes sense and I challenge anyone to argue a better point.

TL;DR the fact the gap was tested not filled after the halving is bullish.

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The only gap being filled is between ya mums legs bitchboy.

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i hope D:

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as with anything in finance, rules hold true until they don't, the more people that believe in these arbitrary rules the more people it will eventually bankrupt

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no desu

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because they have been 90% of the time

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Thanks, this is what I thought. There doesn’t seem to be any inherent logic to the cme gaps must be filled argument but is based on historical evidence

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With a small sample size

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yes yes dont believe the bobos, things do indeed pump forever...

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Then explain why CME gaps must be filled and don’t just say because traders want to test them or because XX% of them get filled in the past. State logically why they must be filled

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There is absolutely NO mechanism for the CME gap it is pseudoscience B.S. made up by desperate bobos.

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Im going to drop an actual gem for you biz bc i fucking love the memes.

michael saylors buy program absorbed every single stop run/short under 10k. He was maybe also playing off the CME gap meme. He ate up all the liquidity and set the floor.

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