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Constitutional Silver Edition

Bullion dealers
Bullion dealers
>Constitutional/"junk" silver info

https://findbullionprices.com/ (US)
https://eu.compare.pm (EU)


>Bullion tax info by state:


Nitric Acid

EU/ENGLAND sources
https://www.chards.co.uk/ [Much cheaper than BullionByPost]
https://goldprice.eu5.net/ [Website to compare gold prices for UK]

Russian/European coins

Previous thread:

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If you were being an optimist, how high will the price of silver and gold go in the next 10 years?
What about if you were being realistic?

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Gold generally costs 1000-1500 per oz to mine. What does bitcoin cost to mine? 25 cents maybe? Running millions of computers to make it intentionally expensive isnt adding value

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Optimistic? 8k gold, 100 silver
Realistic? 4k gold, 30-40 silver
Pessimistic? 2.5k gold, 20 silver

Source: my ass

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i have a constitutional right to have precious waifus

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I really, really like that image

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first for Silver princess waifu

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That's a whole lot of oral sex there, Pepe!

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Optimistic? You don't own anything
Realistic? 4K gold, 60-100 silver
Pessimistic? 32k gold, 4.2k silver

Source: Totally not a globalist

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pepes going to be sooo dehydrated

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>Optimistic? You don't own anything
And I'll be happy...

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save it friend, it's all yours

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>Gold generally costs 1000-1500 per oz to mine.
most gold costs less than a dollar per oz. to mine.
the average is driven up by the fact that any gold is worth mining if the cost is below spot. So if the price of gold drops the price of production will drop too. If gold goes down to $100 per ounce the cost to produce it will go to $80 per ounce because anything that costs more than that won't be mined.
>What does bitcoin cost to mine? 25 cents maybe?
I think he said $14k in electricity per coin

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Can you take your bait somewhere we don't all have to smell it? Its old dude.

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The toppest of keks. Are you high?

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Looking to pick up some 1 oz. silver bars or coins for family as gifts this year. Any recommendations?

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>most gold costs less than a dollar per oz. to mine.

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SD Bullion has good holiday selection

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I love that /pmg/ doesn't know this.

for all your supposed interest in mining you still haven't figured out most gold comes from copper mines and costs exactly as much as copper to mine.

The increase in the cost of production comes from the less than half of gold that comes from gold mines working low grade ore at much higher costs. Because the price allows that.

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>most gold costs less than a dollar per oz. to mine.

i'm not buying your bitcoin bags lul

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some of the merry Christmas rounds look neat
and theres some peanuts cartoon Christmas rounds out there i though that seems family related because thats what we watched together as kids

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Christmas silver


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Wasn’t there an anon a couple threads ago who said one of his rounds only weighed 30.98 grams? If so you got scammed big time, a troy ounce is 31.103 grams which means you got jewed

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Also, please don't respond to the retarded bait above. This same faggot was here months ago with that script. The actual response to the claim that most PMs are free because they come from base metal mining is to ask the retard how exactly you separate them from their ores. Because apparently refining is imaginary and free, and even if a mining company contracts refining out to another party, they don't consider the costs of processing when selling their ore.

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>for all your supposed interest in mining you still haven't figured out most gold comes from copper mines and costs exactly as much as copper to mine.
I actually didn't know this. Thank you for teaching me anon

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>The actual response to the claim that most PMs are free because they come from base metal mining is to ask the retard how exactly you separate them from their ores
I love that you think that's an anwer

the PM's are IN THE BASE METAL, so they have to separate them to mine the base metal. The cost is literally paid for by refining the copper, lead, or zinc.

and- holy shit, what will process engineers think of next-
they use the same process to refine copper as they do silver or gold, so it costs exactly the same.

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See: Barrick

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You're welcome.

it's even bigger with silver. About 3/4's of silver comes from copper mining.

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Not even replying


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>Also, please don't respond to the retarded bait above.
I’m offended

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see also Teck Resources with their Highland Valley Mine, or the kerr sulphurets mitchell prospect owned by Seabridge Gold. KSM on its own could hold 20m Oz of gold as a secondary resource to its billion pounds of copper.

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sorry scratch that its actually 7.45 million ounces of gold and 4.0 billion pounds of copper as per the Seabridge website, I am thinking of another insanely large copper porphyry mine.

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goes with this now that we're talking copper


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the big copper mine in Utah is the US's largest gold producer last time I checked. It's just a matter of scale, their gold isn't worth mining on its own but since they're mining copper anyways they might as well sell the gold and silver byproduct.

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based crescat. you can recognise their charts from a thousand

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Bingham Canyon is still currently the largest open pit mine in the world but i think australia now has the deepest one.

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Holy shit they're gonna wake the Balrog

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call me back when they reach sea level, that mines probably got another century to go.

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Hey Pan Man are there a lot of jobs for pipefitters and plumbers in mining?

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I need to find a list of all the different jobs to do with the mining sector, yes there's always a need for plumbing and electrical work, but its mostly contract jobs not salary unless you end up working for the in house maintenance crew.

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Not sure how it is in other countries but in the US that's some extremely lucrative contracting. About 99% of our plumbing and electrical contractors don't have MSHA licenses, so they can't work on mines or gravel pits. The few that specialize in mine work make far more money to do it. Not that an MSHA license is hard to get, but it takes a few weeks and costs quite a bit to get a crew certified.

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Holy, shit he actually took 17 minutes to wikipedia the most basic information about metal separations, but couldn't be assed to read about methods particular to noble metals.

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Up here in Canada, specifically BC, the mines all contract out major mechanical / fabrication work to companies like Monster Industries or similar contractors. Same goes for HVAC, electrical, plumbing and other jobs. If the on site crew cant get it done a contractor does it.

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It took me 17 minutes to notice your post because you didn't reply to mine.

I know how metals are refined off the top of my head. I'm aware of and have worked on cyanide, chlorine, amalgamation, sulfuric, and flotation processes of various types.

on industrial scales mining uses flotation and electrolysis. Both of which are dirt cheap and cost the same no matter what metals you're refining.

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So, is this going to continue until btc crashes again?

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Are the big companies cost-effective on smaller jobs? I've noticed here small jobs tend to go to small contractors. Companies like to find small contractors that don't have MSHA certification and then get them certified. Saves them money I suppose.

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I am not sure to be honest, but I do know some of these contractors are making a disgusting amount of money doing camp building / facility construction. Monster Industries for example opened 3 new work shops across the province last summer and they still couldnt keep up with all the work.

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I am glad to see some of my works circulate once in a while

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yeah, the money's incredible. They throw millions around like it's nothing. First time I bid a job for a major mining company the purchasing agent told me to double my bid so I did that. Then they increased the scope of the job by 10X. I retired that year at the ripe old age of 36.

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bah touched up a little bit

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>doesn't understand the basics
>1 gram per ton au
>equal in cost to refine as 10kilo pet ton cu

you are suuuuch a big brain anon.

This thread is for rock loving cavemen only tho...so you know... gtfo

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the copper process pays for the gold and silver

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>most gold comes from copper mines and costs exactly as much as copper to mine.
How can it cost exactly as much as Copper to mine when there are less grams per ton of Gold in the ore than Copper?

>> No.24012694

same with the drilling companies, those guys don't even both bidding on work, there are so many jobs and only so many rigs / crews available at any time the explorers just say "name your price".

>> No.24012698

because the cost of mining is paid for by the copper. They would mine that copper even if there wasn't gold in it. So the gold is just a free byproduct of the copper mining they were going to do anyways.

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Yes! drilling is one racket I always wanted to get into.

Another one is changing light bulbs. Apparently in the US you have to have licensed electricians change light bulbs in mines so the fees and margins are unbelievable.

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Okay, I was thinking in terms that don't make sense in the real world.

>> No.24012793

they had to do that as an idiot proofing measure, that was one thing I noticed that is the same here too. I guess to many people electrocuted themselves or something.

Also I really need to build a proper towable drill rig or start hiring out my little X Ray drill for projects. There were 20 drilling contracts that went without being done this season because none of the contractors have enough rigs or staff to get to them.

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Bros I sold my btc for pms starting to get nervous

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I am glad you enjoy that one so much anon, cheers

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>Buffett actually REDUCES position in GOLD by 42%
>completely contrary to what all the dumbfuck goldbugs have been creaming over the last few months
>Schiff now red-faced kvetching at the top of his lungs on his podcast about it
Warren is fucking based


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Do you trust btc when it went up 6k in one month?

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Legit bought the top sold the bottom. He's really getting up there isn't he.

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you have the right idea in a gold mine. In that case the less gold there is the more it costs to process. But in base metals mines it's backwards. The more base metals there are and the less pm's there are the less it costs to catch the pm's. They're just pollution to a copper mine, contaminants in the copper. Valuable contaminants, but they still have to be removed.
the equipment is somewhat valuable but here the labor and expertise is where the money is. You have some really good ground and a severe case of gold fever though, you'd miss mining if you went into niche contracting all season.

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I am actually a believer in the fundamentals of btc in theory, but I think in practice govs won't allow it to compete with their cbdcs and will shut it down somehow which is why i got out

>> No.24012964

that is true but it would be interesting to get back into the field with my own rig instead of working for someone else like I did when I was younger. One or two jobs a season could pay for a ton of my own exploration work too.

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The Government is going to convert it over, they already have the ability confiscate.

>> No.24012980

I'm usually skeptical of gold but with the US economy as it currently stands I wouldn't be surprised if it moons again by summer and stays up for years.

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when can i retire

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true facts. I was looking at monitoring and dewatering well maintenance also. One 3-day, 3-man job pays more net than I make in 6 months. Two jobs like that a year and I'd be set.

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Look dumbass, I'm going to bed and don't have the time to teach you financial accounting, but if you own a piece of land that has traces of gold in the copper ore you include that in the price of the land. That gold price then gets factored into the depletion costs on the mine. You are not suddenly getting free gold because you own a copper mine you collosal fucking retard

>> No.24013090

There's also the fact that you have to separate the gold from the byproduct of the metal you're refining and then refine it into bullion to sell. Don't know how much that part of the process costs though.

>> No.24013098

You're right but the gold and silver wouldn't be mined if it wasn't for the copper, so it's worthless alone. It's calculated into the operating costs, but it's also free metal since nobody is going to mine it on its own merits and they'd have to pay to get rid of it if it were arsenic and cadmium rather than gold or silver.

so from that point of view it's free byproduct. If you want the accountant's take on it, it costs exactly as much as the copper does to mine. Which is what I said.

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If the gold and silver weren’t a byproduct the mine would be less profitable so how exactly do you rationalize this as being free? It’s a part of their profits.... Jesus Christ

>> No.24013141

Some people just have a hard time of admitting they're wrong. Don't bother with these guys too much
His point is that it's literally free money because the gold/silver has to be separated from the base metals anyway

>> No.24013148

copper and gold refining cost about the same. I believe the feedstocks used are sulfuric acid and sodium cyanide, both of which are cheap.

>> No.24013164

>It’s a part of their profits
indeed, but not a significant part of their costs.

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You’re assuming they’d be profitable or that they would have secured loans at a given interest rate without the extra revenue provided by gold and silver. You guys are fucking morons.

Wow any penny that’s business makes beyond raw materials and labor cost is “fucking free money” what the fuck how dumb are you people

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Thanks fren, I really do, I dont have many memes with me right now so glad it got to come with me.

Its not free anon... we are all well aware that most Au and Ag comes from by product of other things being mined.

AISC of only the primary product is used, these people measure their copper in CU equivelent tonns and just add the Au credits on there the same way silver miners add the lead/whatever byproducts in as Ag equiv oz.

does not make anything "free" and AISC are only usually calculated for the primary thing being mined.

>> No.24013200

Except the price of the land reflects the expected value of the separated gold in addition to the copper ore if the gold is even somewhat material. And if you're doing it even more correctly, you're backing out your expected gold content from the copper content and applying a separate depletion rate to each oz of gold separated than you are to each tonne of copper ore

>> No.24013228

in most cases they DID secure funding without the gold or silver on the books.

most of these guys are working multiple ore bodies of different tenor on the same property. They get funding to work the CHEAPEST ore body, and then switch to richer ores when markets dictate.

because it actually costs less to work more valuable ore

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When a business turns a profit, that is called profit not “free money”. Fuck off permanently dumbfuck

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I messed up the last OP this morning and now everyone is going to copypasta my mistake so I can be reminded of my failure until someone fixes it.

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It's free in the sense that if it were heavy metals instead of precious metals they'd still have to pay to get rid of them.
Industrial mines in the US don't usually buy land, but I suppose that might apply somewhere else.

>> No.24013284

we're talking about costs, not profits.
if a product costs me nothing extra to produce it's essentially free money.

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Being that you like that one I will leave you with one of my personal favorites. Also if anyone has some decent anime chicks with guns I am looking for more lol

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Here we go again.

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No that’s called profit you stupid fuck

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One more for tonight

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let's try a different example:

Bob makes wooden furniture. As a byproduct Bob produces tons of sawdust. He has 2 options what to do with his sawdust:
1. he can ship it to a landfill
2. he can sell it to a pellet plant
Assume the transport costs are equal....

which option costs more?

the costs are the same, that doesn't change just because the net profit or loss is different. It doesn't change just because the profit or loss is factored into Bob's business model. The COST remains the same no matter what he does with the sawdust.

>> No.24013683

I guess you can’t fix stupid.

>> No.24013859

Operating costs don't magically become profits just because you turn a profit. They're still costs.

what does it cost a copper mine to make an ounce of gold? The same as it costs them to mine copper. The costs are exactly the same whether they get gold or not.
only the profit changes.

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New addition, first non-bullion coins. A small sampling of 19th and 20th century German coinage. I had to take them out and touch them... It's like holding history in your hand.

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Holy shit bud just quit now, it will cost them more to refine the gold they get, and yes the profit changes just like >>24013683 this anon said. You called it free money first and now you call it what it is, PROFITS

>> No.24013949

Based, did you get the 5 Reichsmarks from oldsilver.ru?

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TA fags tell me where this Aurcana chart is going?

>> No.24014071

>it will cost them more to refine the gold they get,
nope. gold and copper cost about the same to refine, and they'd have to refine the copper either way so that cost is baked in.
>You called it free money first and now you call it what it is, PROFITS
it's both.

but we're not talking about how much they make off it, WE'RE TALKING ABOUT HOW MUCH IT COSTS TO PRODUCE.

if we're being generous it costs as much as copper to produce. If we want to be parsimonious it costs nothing to produce since the process is already paid for by the copper.

the cost of most gold production is somewhere between $0 per ounce and $1 per ounce, depending how you split it out from the cost of mining copper.

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>> No.24014122

Even if it costs the same as refining copper, you have to pay for the copper to be refined AND the gold to be refined so it does cost more, even if the costs of refining each metal is the same, it is a separate process. When your in business there is no free money

>> No.24014161

Welcome to /biz where a profitable business is the lucky recipient of “free money”

Fucking kill me. Why do I read these threads

>> No.24014205

>Welcome to /biz where a profitable business is the lucky recipient of “free money”
Marxist logic.

>> No.24014280

No, face to face. Is he legit?

>> No.24014313

Correction, it is the Cantillon effect in this clown world keynesian hell hole. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Hi4pIjTQ7Q

>> No.24014384

Bob could always make his own fuel pellets and if he lived in a state has a lot of cold seasons and uses a furnace he could use them to lower his heating cost. Or if bob was a gardener he could always use the sawdust for a mulch mix or use it for mushroom farming. If bob also use the pellets for heating and he has an access he could also use the ash for soap making or sell on the cheap for soap making. he could also use the ash for deicing, cleaning, or tanning.

>> No.24014478

The baseline operating model for any business is to be as wasteful as possible, and any thrift beyond that is filed as “free money”

t. /biz anons extraordinaire

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Not him, but my order from the Russian was a good experience. I have no reservations recommending him.

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I mean I got free gibs from him, I can vouch for what it's worth.

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>when the OC is getting L E W D

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Ludwig von Mises was right.

>> No.24015015

Guess what happens to piece of shit metals when Bitcoin and stocks go down? It will go down too, amazing wow.

>> No.24015021

I've been lurking here for a while, and all i've basically gathered is that i need to go buy some Asahis and then i'll be rich in a few months? is there anything else to it?

>> No.24015081

Make sure you get the bars and rounds, not the ball valves

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w r o n g

>> No.24015214

buy mining stocks

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Yep. If you get 60 ounces, you'll technically become a 1% holder.

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>do something
becomes priceless

>> No.24015256

60oz of silver or gold

>> No.24015257

my silver is heckin' cute and valid

>> No.24015313

Does anyone have updated meme lines?

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Right so i bought some Asahi, now what?

>> No.24015451

Now you stack it in your mini fridge next to your wife’s commemorative Disney Rings

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>Right so i bought some Asahi, now what?
no, survivors!

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Congratulations, you've now made it

>> No.24015576

Imagine having so little and buying nothing but physical instead of higher risk/greater return investments like mining stocks.

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I have been out of Aurcana for the past week or so waiting to get back in. I have $30k I need to put back in.

It looks like it's going to drop further

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Hey /pmg/. I was doing some demo work in housing in New Jerset when this fell out of the ceiling. It appears to be a pendant to wear on a neaclace that fits a US Nickwl perfectly. The setting appear to be just plated and the coin is a 1969 nickel, which from my rrsearch has no real collectibility. My question is have any of you even seen anything like this?

It appears to have no real melt value but it looks to be a female piece with heart designs on the setting. It fits a US Nickel perfectly.

>> No.24016111

>it is a separate process
it's not though. It's the exact same process right up until you hit 95% pure, then they go to 2 different cells, both of which cost the same to operate.
we're talking costs, not profits. What part of that don't you understand? Do you think all gold is free to produce because all gold is made at a profit? Of course not. Profit has nothing to do with cost.
you're much closer to understanding the basis of the troll than most here
we're talking costs, not profits.

>> No.24016181

birth year probably

>> No.24016191
File: 2.96 MB, 4160x3120, 20201117_235943.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


Here is the back. The setting is not what appears to be anything more than plated. But the design is a pendant to be worn by a female as evidenced by the heart design. I have never come across anything like it before. Any of you bros ever seen any thing like this?

Heres the back

>> No.24016211

>this fell out of the ceiling.
yeah right. put the jewelry back Jamal. it;s your grammas only treasure

>> No.24016228

>Any of you bros ever seen any thing like this?
yeah, give me a minute to find the coin and take a pic

>> No.24016443
File: 3.75 MB, 4032x3024, 20201117_223655.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Back in August, I posted with 3 asahis and my Rei figure. I've made a lot of progress, bros.

Who do YOU stack for, anon?

>> No.24016461
File: 9 KB, 259x194, index.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Chug it

>> No.24016479
File: 93 KB, 708x721, PB180046.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Here's one I found metal detecting

common date circulated V nickel.
Notice it's got 4 dents in the rim where the prongs from a pendant held it.
All I can figure is the date was significant to the wearer. Maybe birthday, anniversary, child's birthday, whatever.

maybe it was the first nickel they earned shining shoes or giving blow jobs. Hard to say what the significance was.

>> No.24016492

When did /pmg/ go from the comfiest thread on 4Chan to insta troll faggots at 12AM EST? My thought is it might be the same (birth year) or pehaps made for after WW2 when soldiers came home and they wanted to give their wives something to solidify they "are back" for good and certainly have no intention of profiteering. Just interested in the history of the piece. Their really is cancer everywhere now, huh?

>> No.24016556
File: 51 KB, 560x560, 2020-1-oz-gold-krugerrand-pendant-diamond-screw-top-bezel_207123_rev.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

If you put a coin in a holder it automatically becomes jewelry and cannot be confiscated at the border. It's a scientific fact!

>> No.24016636

>tfw after months of hoarding PMs, I decide to finally dip my toe into BTC because the FOMO just got to me. Only to realize I literally bought the top

It's okay, I only spent $100, kek.

>> No.24016678

wayy ahead of ya

>> No.24016680

Thanks anon. My initial thought was the same as what possible "value" would there be to a Nickel pendant. I could see if It was larger and held like a Kennedy or something, but even then its more of a personal value than anything else.

Well, whoevers house I just demolished, I will happily add their beautiful little piece to my collection so even though I dont know who its for, their memory can still live on through me maintaining it.

>> No.24016836

I love those weird personal finds. Somewhere in my collection I have a shard of ancient anasazi pottery with a perfect human fingerprint in the clay. I love it, that person knew how to leave their mark.

>> No.24017057
File: 32 KB, 455x420, 2020-1-oz-australian-antiqued-silver-gear-shaped-2-coin-set-rev.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

No worries fren. Best trade ratio trade after GSR is XBT/XAU

>> No.24017162

Lmao crypto dumping. I literally sold the top on some play money I had in it too

>> No.24017215

relax. it was merely stab at humour

if it triggers you that much, maybe you should take your sjw sensibilities and go someplace else

>> No.24017231

Why did buffet cuck out and sell barrick? They never disclosed why they bought it in the first place but the fact they just sold seems bizzare to me

>> No.24017315


who the fuck is going to sack up and start minting kino rounds and bars for us good boys?

>> No.24017331 [DELETED] 

he'll cut his losses if a company's fundamentals tank or fail to improve. That way the money can be put into a more promising stock.

I don't know the specifics, but he only needs to win about 51% of the time to keep getting richer. He can afford to lose almost half his money gambling and still manage to make hundreds of millions.

>> No.24017378

It was a rounding error for BH's holdings. It was more symbolic than anything else. Recognizing value in one of the biggest producers in the world even if he thinks what they are mostly producing is silly.
I think BH's portfolio is shifting towards cyclicals.

>> No.24017408

Buffet bought low and sold the pump. My active fund did the same and sold some Barrick after holding 5eva

>> No.24017413
File: 242 KB, 1704x866, nfg1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Agreed, bh still owns half their position anyway. The fact that they hold a position in a gold major speaks way more than the position size.

Bought some Labrador Gold today by the way. Seems like a nobrainer way to play NewfoundGold. NFG is so huge already that great results from drilling aren't and wont be moving the market cap as much, but as I see it they add value to Lab. Aurcana maxers can suck a cock. This will easily outperform, like my NFG has outperformed AUN as well.

>> No.24017423
File: 125 KB, 1000x667, orang_eating.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Queen Elizabeth
>Papal overlord
Dude are you retarded? The Queen is head of the Anglican church and is not allowed to be Catholic or she loses her role as monarch lol.
Pope Francis may have lots of cringe jesuit moments but people give him way too much credit.

>> No.24017442

Very uncharacteristic of him to be trading like that. Lad is closer to 100 than 60 and all of a sudden he changes his life habits?

>> No.24017470

around that age you stop making long-term plans

>> No.24017491

Correct, I suspect old age changes disposition and even shorts are on the table.

>> No.24017819

If I were to have 40k to spend on gold should I focus on acquiring boullion for pure stack weight or should I go for rare numismatic coins in the hopes that they increase in value?

Currently speaking with a broker who is encouraging me to go the rare numismatic route.... Im just not sold on it and I want to acquire boullion but its mostly because I dont want to pay premiums on coins and also worry about reselling. Basically i dont want to buy a coin five hundred bucks over premium and have to sell it at melt price later.

Examples of the coins they are offering are 1898s m65 liberty gold double eagles.

If I were to do it my way id just get boullion and maybe some stuff like pandas or current year eagles or whatever.

This is ITM trading by the way. You know with Lynette Zhang. Theyre really awesome and ive been following them for a while. I just dont know if Im sold on paying premiums for coins.

>> No.24017844

Do NOT fall for numismatic meme coins

>> No.24017849

>The Queen is head of the Anglican church and is not allowed to be Catholic or she loses her role as monarch lol.
yea dude, they are liars. They are members of a satanic cult and are very intermingled

>> No.24017907

Can you offer a little more explanation? Very interested in what you have to say. What do you think is the best route?

>> No.24017945

Why do you need a broker? Just click buy dude

>> No.24017949

>doesnt like being called a nigger by some jagoff who adds nothing to the original question
>tells said jagoff hes what wrong with /pmg/ lately
>said jagoff calls ME the SJW and suggests "I" go somewhere else

Somehow Im the SJW?

If you have nothing of value to add and call the OP a nigger I would surmise YOU are the SJW, sir. i have no issue with humor, but calling any proud White man a nigger who seeks to glean knowledge from his fellow White men on a topic while you contribute nothing makes you the nigger.

Post stack faggot......

>> No.24017956

US gold is weird. Like the mintages were extremely low for US coins, and a lot of them got destroyed. But the premiums are also extremely low despite the rarity because most people can't afford to collect them. So they SEEM undervalued, but over time they've always been low for their rarity.

Personally I don't think that's going to change much. I doubt they'll go down a lot, but I also doubt they'll go up much. Anyways, with numismatics most of the time you're not going to see significant increases in the premium over your lifetime. They're really a thing to pass down to your grandkids in most cases. The exceptions are niche markets or flipping, but those require a lot of expertise to do well at.

if you want to invest in gold or silver I'd go straight for bullion, unless you can get scrap constitutional at or near spot. Numismatics are cool if you love the look and feel, but they're not great just for stacking metal.

>> No.24017971

Target should be no more than 3% over spot for gold. No way to recover most premiums on numismatic coins.
>Basically i dont want to buy a coin five hundred bucks over premium and have to sell it at melt price later.
Exactly what will happen. Dump your broker if they push you on the numismatics.

>> No.24018010

he's not going to lose $500 on a US gold coin, but he could pretty easily lose $50 of it

>> No.24018161

I havent made a deal with them. Im still investigating. Whats the best gold to get? Coins, bars, jewlery? I can get it myself if I need to and I probably will. Im just gathering info. I know a lot more about ailver and miners and was never planning on even being able yo afford gold but I had a major windfall.

>> No.24018183

What does "constituional" mean? Apologies for the noob question and I appreciate the help.

>> No.24018213

US coins minted for circulation. You'll sometimes see common date gold coins with scratches or extreme wear selling for just above spot and those might be good deals for stacking metal. Same with silver. You can often get common date silver coins for just a bit above spot, and those are pretty good options for stacking silver. Easy to sell, no real numismatic premium.

>> No.24018232

Jewelry has some bizarre premiums on it with the "best" bang for your buck being gold and silver watches. Presumably because the premium there is dictated more by the mechanical craftsmanship instead of the metalsmithing. The advantage of jewelry being that _sometimes_ jewelry/heirlooms have historically been exempted from gold seizure/confiscation/whatever programs.
Bullion is best. Premium scales inversely to size. Buy it from solid pedigrees. The main reason being to help with proof of custody and to ensure you don't have an alloyed bar/coin.

>> No.24018238


I don't think for a minute he wants to hold it. I suspect it was meant more as a statement. He knows government is fucked with debt and toying with all manner of loony fuckin ideas which he probly hates.

It's a no win position though. Whatever he might do in JPow's shoes wouldn't help either. Market's fucked one way or the other.

>> No.24018256
File: 1.78 MB, 2626x3030, 0C63F869-8CEC-43D4-86CF-24496A87FA9D.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

90% silver coins that used to circulate in the US prior to 1964. They usually aren't in good condition, so they're sold close to spot. There's also 35% Silver Nickels from 1942-45 and 40% Silver Halves from 1965-1970, which aren't considered Constitutional, but are pretty much the same thing.

>> No.24018268

Thanks friend.

Whats your plan if they annpunce a gold confiscation? Will they confiscate boullion and coins like eagles or pandas?

>> No.24018276
File: 330 KB, 750x450, thetetherpump.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


Tether is about to cause the most catastrophic rug-pull in human history.



New information on tether lawsuit:


More information on Bitcoin:



As of today, seven-day printing-rate of tether is $38 billion per annum.

I suspect that the CFTC knows that tether is a scam, but they won't audit it for the same reason that they won't audit the COMEX. Crypto is an Adam Back/Blockstream-created ponzi to split the anti-fiat community. The COMEX already would have gone bankrupt if our efforts had been fully concentrated on physical silver during these past ten years. Once fiat collapses, BTC becomes priced in gold, and all crypto (as being the fruit of the poisoned tree) immediately goes to zero.

"To overturn the history of gold is wishful thinking. Fully backed Gold and silver substitutes and circulating coins are practical and acceptable for 7bn transacting individuals. BTC will then have no role and sink to zero priced in gold." - Alasdair Macleod, 8 November 2020

BTC requires $100-fees and 3-day transaction times when even 0.1% of the world population attempts to use it as a currency; the only solution is to go through Blockstream’s second-layer solutions which track and trace everything you do. Blockstream is controlled by the banks and the Bilderberg Group. Projects like BCH are not the answer, since they are just as liable to human corruption as BTC was.

Not only is BTC worthless as a currency, but gold-backed crypto already exists. We don't need BTC for anything.



Also, gold-backed yuan and rubles will soon be used in the banking system.

>> No.24018312

Involving a broker violates the #1 rule of stacking which is to never tell anyone about your purchase

>> No.24018321

*prior to 1965, 1964 was still Silver.

>> No.24018334

This is correct about numismatics
Keep a limit on them; they’re like art pieces rather than an investment. I have a specific series that I like and that I’ll be willing to buy, but in most cases it’s not worth it. Just get bullion

>> No.24018339

>The COMEX already would have gone bankrupt if our efforts had been fully concentrated on physical silver during these past ten years. Once fiat collapses, BTC becomes priced in gold, and all crypto (as being the fruit of the poisoned tree) immediately goes to zero.
Why isn't this happening then? Shouldn't something cause this to happen? Some major event?

>> No.24018355

>Whats your plan if they annpunce a gold confiscation?
Most of what I have now is stored in ways that have little to no paper trail. Depending on what prompted the confiscation, its either kept in hiding or I take a road trip to Canada and disappear from the US with it entirely.

>> No.24018421

ngl Trudeau is more likely to confiscate gold than anyone else rn
Canada literally has 0 gold reserves

>> No.24018461

lmao I was thinking the same thing but I wanted anon to experience that surprise for himself

Mexico probably the better bet.

>> No.24018483

Now that I think about it I really should get some gold up here
Confiscation or not they can suck my cock

>> No.24018489

when shit start popping of you're probably going to have use those PMs to cross the border

>> No.24018519

To clarify they sold 47% of their original purchase of Barrick, leaving 53% left. The reasons could be anything from healthy profit taking, to reorganizing their PM positions that we'd see in future reports. Let's not lose sight of the facts:

1. Buffet is still in Gold Mining
2. Buffet has exited many of his Bank Positions, including JPM(Soros has done this as well)
3. Buffet has also exited a large portion of his cash position, having put most of it into Berkshire shares

All these still point to him being Bullish on PMs.

>> No.24018554

Not having already spent your gold to forge vaccination records. Why even bother escaping

>> No.24018565

>need to use PMs to cross the border
I’m going to be real with you chief: the US/Canada border has literally dozens of miles between checkpoints with no fences and minimal surveillance
You can basically walk

>> No.24018567

>what does it cost a copper mine to make an ounce of gold? The same as it costs them to mine copper.

Well it costs them the same amount of work to extract X hundred kilos of copper. So if they get one 'free' ounce of gold for ever X kilos of copper, then the gold isn't really free because it cost them that amount of time and work that it took to extract X copper. So the gold isn't truly free, doesn't matter if they only got it as a byproduct and didnt factor it in initially. It's a sublte misattribution youre making

>> No.24018643

Did you get those marks from someone in southern BC? Out of curiosity

>> No.24018672

why didnt u give go the owner?

>> No.24018676


They're pumping BTC precisely because they are so desperate. I suspect that the BTC price may be telling us something. COMEX manipulation, ETFs, Bitcoin, stock market inflation via Q. E.-all their tools to distract people from real money are about to break.

>> No.24018698 [DELETED] 
File: 445 KB, 1465x1953, greatreset2030.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Stop posting this shit faggot, it remind me how retarded I was for buying bar instead of beautiful and liquid coins.

>> No.24018708


Buffett is in six Japanese companies which own silver and silver mines, like Sumitomo with San Cristobal mine in Bolivia. Barrick was always a distraction.

>> No.24018745

Can I get a source on that? Huge if true.

>> No.24018786

This was discussed ad nauseum in these threads back in august bro

>> No.24018865


"Buffett secretly bought #silver via his recent investment in Sumitomo Corporation. Sumitomo owns the San Cristobal mine in Bolivia which hosts 450 million ounces of silver. I guess Barrick wasn't enough for him." - Chayse Andrews.

https://twitter.com/chayse1984/status/1301008511883718656 https://www.sumitomocorp.com/en/jp/business/case/group/232 https://www.minerasancristobal.com/v3/en

>> No.24018910


"It was back in 2006 that Sumitomo Corporation acquired a 35% stake in the mine, which was at the time owned by the US company. San Cristobal was an attractive target for us, who is actively seeking to invest in first-class mining projects. In March 2009, Sumitomo Corporation acquired all stakes in the mine and the mine is currently exclusively managed and operated by us."

"Bolivia is on the opposite side of the world from Japan. Surprisingly few people in Japan realize that a group of their compatriots have gone to this distant land, which takes two days to reach even by plane, and are hard at work for the community in which they live. Actually there are many Bolivians who respect Japan as a country and greatly like the Japanese people, and the contributions made by these Japanese may be one of the reasons for the friendly relations.

They are residing at the San Cristobal Mine, a gigantic mine ranked among the world's biggest producers of zinc, lead and silver (sixth in the world in zinc output and seventh in lead (*)). The mine accounts for a sizeable share of the production and export value of the Bolivian mining sector, contributing to job creation in the country. The mine has also attracted attention within Bolivia as a successful world-class company model. Seen from Japan's side, the San Cristobal Mine is source of stable imports of silver, zinc and lead, and it is making an indirect contribution to a wide range of Japanese industries, notably automobiles, construction, shipbuilding and electrical machinery."

>> No.24019150


I mean... yes, Tether is a scam, but nobody really cares. It's kind of hilarious honestly.


Government launching Fedcoin and making their move against Bitcoin will be the mother of all rugpulls.

Suddenly all the maxis thinking they won't ban fiat gateways to crypto will realize their error, and that its only remaining utility is as a sub-par black market crypto.

They always talk out of the sides of their mouth about how government won't ban it because (insert wishful thinking here) and well... even if they did they "can't stop the signal man".

Which is true. They can't shut bitcoin down. But boy oh boy can they absolutely shit on a huge part of its speculative valuation and obliterate the market's confidence in its future.

>> No.24019553

Governments can easily ban fiat on ramping. (Australia has already banned privacy coin on ramping)

What then?

>> No.24019696
File: 101 KB, 415x348, C671DD0E-672F-454F-A029-1DB556839751.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I stack for Michael-kun

>> No.24019756
File: 1.52 MB, 4032x3024, FE53942B-C2E4-40F5-84C3-5E8D7DF52EC6.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Hey bro’s, need some advice. I got a fucking ticket today and I just spent money buying autistic shit for myself and presents for Christmas, and need money. So I’ve decided to let go of some goldstack, as much as it hurts (we aren’t touching silver til it’s desperate)
I decided on pic rel for my victim. It’s 18 grams of 24K. I was going to sell it to some plebbitor for around $1,100 shipped. Does that sound like a good price? If not then what is

>> No.24020043

Seems like a good price imho

>> No.24020193

don't buy "numismatic coins"
buy twenty of these.
Best bang for your buck, easy to hide. DO NOT FALL FOR NUMISMATIC COINS. Get the cheapest gold and silver you can, I'd recommend you buy atleast 100oz silver per 10 oz gold.

>> No.24020265

>every fucking thing pumps
>every single shitty stock and shitcoin
>people are taking healthy profits, buying cars and real estate
>pmgtards still wait for their metals to stop being manipulated by the JOOS
You are missing out the biggest fucking bullrun of your lifetime. Sell now and buy BitCoin, it's still not too late.

>> No.24020267

alternatively just get 2 x 10 oz gold bars. they are the most fungible items on the planet, reselling gold is not a challenge

>> No.24020348

Where can one see Sprott’s portfolio?

>> No.24020355

>reselling 10oz gold bars
That’s retarded, getting 1 oz pieces is way better. If you need to sell for cash, it’s better to sell maybe 2 or 3 for some quick money and have 8 or 7 oz’s left, as opposed to needing a bit of cash and being entirely out of your gold position. And it’s not like you’re really seeing that much of a premium difference between 1 and 10 oz pieces

>> No.24020365

>buy Bitcoin
No. But I will buy mining companies.

>> No.24020400

Are you going to trust your (((broker))) who has a financial incentive to make you buy ridiculously overpriced shit?
Fuck numismatics, they’re cool for collecting but not for stacking. The only gold coons I would suggest that aren’t straight bullion are things like Sovereigns, Francs, etc. since you can get them for spot a lot of the time. Other than that, bullion only

>> No.24020415

only things you can trust in the world are pms, firearms, ammunition, knowledge, and skills

>> No.24020416

Fuck off kike, enjoy being a poor nigger when the power goes out and your fagcoins are worth Jack shit

>> No.24020436

>Buy my bags!

Nah I'm alright

>> No.24020484
File: 3 KB, 125x122, 1558402937552.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>But I will buy mining companies.

>> No.24020638
File: 321 KB, 1291x1790, backed.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


As soon as the Everything Bubble collapses, and Russia and China dump the dollar to adopt gold, all the wealth from every one of the bubbles--bonds, stocks, real estate, cryptocurrencies--will immediately transfer into gold, silver, commodities, and the companies which own them in the ground. So unless you think that 1000 P. E. ratios, 40 bn per annum tether-printing, trillions in Q. E., bailouts, and U. B. I., real negative yields on bonds, can last forever, then gold, silver, commodities, and mining stocks are the only places where you want to be.

>> No.24020684

Let's see how things are in a year when everything goes to the toiler.

Tether will collapse and bring bitcoin down over 90% in value. Stock market will also crash hard, government will either have to hyper-inflate or somehow adopt a gold standard of sorts to cope with the meltdown.

>> No.24020772
File: 645 KB, 600x809, 1601876127981.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>I'm a millionnaire in Europe if m2 is our scenario.
m0 is all I'm asking for, 300 000 would allow me to invest in dividend and stop wageslaveing. I don't even take in account my silver. The future is truly bright for us stacker.

>> No.24020857
File: 268 KB, 1917x862, sprott.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


This is the latest information about Sprott's portfolio. Cannot find anything later than this. It includes his buying of Mountain Boy Minerals, but is earlier than his recent addition to Silver One and his acquisition of First Majestic.


People buy BTC allegedly as a hedge against fiat, but BTC couldn't be used as a currency by 0.1% of the world population, even with the LN. And even the LN would track and trace everything you do. So obviously what happens to BTC when fiat dies is the same thing that will happen to tech stocks or bonds or anything else priced above its intrinsic value; it completely collapses. Gold is already prepared for the post-fiat world; all that central banks have to do is make their currencies convertible into it, and use those currencies in the modern banking system.

>> No.24021073

higher premium

>> No.24021075

It's still possible to buy Monero but it sure ain't easy, if government does this with btc normies will bail faster than a bag of cats at a greyhound meet

>> No.24021398

yo mate, you oughta add these to your pasta

>> No.24021751

she could hoard my dragon, if you know what I mean

>> No.24021795

this is the power of autism

>> No.24021838
File: 303 KB, 724x669, 1602559977924.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It's a hell of a thing man

>> No.24022466

What does it matter? The simple fact is that gold is more scarce than copper if we ignored the fact that there are numerous mining operations that go for gold specifically and not copper it doesn't change the fact that gold is far more scarce than copper which is why gold is far more valuable
Your retarded information is literally worthless to this thread... like what's your point?

>> No.24022656
File: 7 KB, 231x218, 1557752832789.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.24022737

Just buy Chinese or American silver idiot

>> No.24022753

Because you most likely won't get any actual profit on numismatic value. The pawn shops will just pay you spot price

>> No.24022789

Please explain how your bullion is untraceable

>> No.24022830

Are the two sovereigns, on the left, doubles?

>> No.24022856

Not him but I buy my silver for cash from the b&a flea market. No way to trace it back to me. Especially when I’m wearing my coof cover and sunglasses

>> No.24022872

Quit trippppple posting you triple NIGGER

>> No.24022929

Post faster than you slow faggot. There was a long time in between those responses and still no one bumped the thread except me... now whos fault is that? Kys

>> No.24022952

I just bought $1100 of btc. About $800 was funded through selling gold on kinesis. I think that btc is a shit currency vs gold (and that even the retards at the fed can understand that) but I'm also willing to accept that it's conceivable that the world takes the shittier currency solution again.
It's a small position for me that I'm willing to see go to zero take mitigate the risk of retards adopting a deflationary currency during hyperinflation.

>> No.24023063

You spent too much time on this site bro. There is no way in hell btc is ever adopted as a currency for a thousand reasons that have already been discussed many times over it is simply unsuitable for it. It is suitable for pump and dump and short term gains if you know when to exit and enter the market. It has a limited life time and will unironically go to zero at some point for example due to tether ponzi collapse and when the price of btc is below the mining cost the network is just done there is no incentive to keep mining.

>> No.24023097

Optimistically: $100 silver, $8k gold
Pessimistic: undef/undef

>> No.24023211

I'm with you 100% but if I can conceive of the retards that continually vote in retards in congress also voting in retards that want taxes paid in btc or a btc backed dollar. I don't know what the odds are of that happening (obviously low), so I'm just gonna reduce my exposure of that to 0. If there were puts on btc I would be loaded the fuck up

>> No.24023229
File: 111 KB, 868x644, coin.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


For "the world" to adopt Bitcoin, the Russians and Chinese would have to be willing to produce their goods and commodities in exchange for it. The idea is delusional. They toil for dollars only so long as the dollar ponzi-scheme continues, but, as soon as the dollar collapses, they will demand real wealth (gold) in exchange for their toil. BTC is literally worthless, both intrinsically and as a system of money. If nobody wants your Bitcoin then it is worth nothing. Russia and China have all the real wealth (manufacturing and production) and they don't want Bitcoin. Pulling the rug on the dollar, and issuing gold-backed currencies, will cause the greatest wealth-transfer in human history from West to East.

>> No.24023239
File: 646 KB, 1800x674, CCFDD1C2-DC7F-4603-9BCE-178CA3FEEBF2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Yikes, gotta update this to an 18k bitcoin

>> No.24023291
File: 93 KB, 1200x650, btc.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


Don't compromise your principles. In exchange for a gamble that might fail one hour after you make it, you're lending your support to an immoral ponzi-scheme. Your capital is going from something that harms the system (gold) to something that supports it (the distraction BTC).

>> No.24023381

Is sending gold overseas cheap? Is sending gold completed securely on a record immutable transaction, with no Third party risk within 20 minutes? People post here about losing their silver and gold cause the mailman delivering it stole them, that’s simply unacceptable, as is relying on a third party to manage your gold. Gold has higher inflation then bitcoin already, so bitcoin has already defeated gold at its own game yet has 1/30th the market cap, this is like buying gold back at 60$ And front running the whole game, unfortunately people are poisoned by the gold bullion dealer shills who make profits on their premiums, those who can’t see that are doomed to be outperformed by btc heavily.

>> No.24023453

This is some schizo stuff already proposing that governments would want btc. You are in deep schizo waters man. Governments own gold, if they would ever leave fiat it is obvious what the alternative would be regardless what some extreme shills are fantasizing in their head in moms basement.

Anyway there is already like 100 btc threads on the main page so I think we should drop this and stay on the topic of shiny rocks. This thread is not comfy rn.

>> No.24023460
File: 252 KB, 1200x1200, 0D57C7EF-91A2-4A4E-957E-950C0255EBB7.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Centralised digital currencies will be for purchasing day to day shit, bitcoin like gold is a store of value, only btc is superior as it has a fixed supply, fixed inflation and its lower then gold already

>> No.24023477

goddamn he really got it wrong

>> No.24023548

why is gold and silver still falling with all of this inflation and debt and uncertainty guys? if not now when will silver do something even stocks and bitcoin are mooning

>> No.24023578 [DELETED] 
File: 68 KB, 1447x900, tether.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>Is sending gold overseas cheap?

Yes, look into Kinesis. It also will be just as fee-less as making any transaction in fiat today once gold-backed rubles, yuan, etc. become available.

>Is sending gold completed securely on a record immutable transaction, with no Third party risk within 20 minutes

The modern banking system makes transactions within seconds; BTC requires days to make them. The only way to obviate BTC's ineptitude is to go on second-layer solutions which track you, at which point how is BTC superior to gold-backed currencies in the banking system? since you could at least convert those currencies to bullion, and transact privately with physical coins.

>bitcoin has already defeated gold at its own game

BTC is propped up only by tether, which is itself propped up by fiat. It's no different from Tesla or anything other fundamentally worthless bubble. BTC is incapable of serving as a currency when fiat collapses, nor will nation-states like Russia and China accept it in exchange for their production and manufacturing. Hence BTC will go to zero when priced in real money (gold).

>> No.24023604

Yeah flying gold in a cargo plane is actually ridiculously cheap. Probably muuuch cheaper per $ than sending the equivalent in bitcoin if they had the same market adoption

>> No.24023614

You can transfer digital gold instantly, idiot. The physical deliveries take place later and have nothing to do with you.

>> No.24023632
File: 68 KB, 1447x900, tether.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>Is sending gold overseas cheap?

Yes, look into Kinesis. It also will be just as fee-less as making any transaction in fiat today once gold-backed rubles, yuan, etc. become available.

>Is sending gold completed securely on a record immutable transaction, with no Third party risk within 20 minutes

The modern banking system makes transactions within seconds; BTC requires days to make them. The only way to obviate BTC's ineptitude is to go on second-layer solutions which track you, at which point how is BTC superior to gold-backed currencies in the banking system? since you could at least convert those currencies to bullion, and transact privately with physical coins.

Special disadvantages of BTC, when compared to keeping gold in a vault: You lose your life-savings after getting tortured for ten minutes; getting memory-loss; dementia; making a thoughtless mistake; from a fire, burglary, or hardware failure.

>bitcoin has already defeated gold at its own game

BTC is propped up only by tether, which is itself propped up by fiat. It's no different from Tesla or any other fundamentally worthless bubble. BTC is incapable of serving as a currency when fiat collapses, nor will nation-states like Russia and China accept it in exchange for their production and manufacturing. Hence BTC will go to zero when priced in real money (gold).

>> No.24023651

this spot price of silver is derived from its derivative and not it's fair value because of the manipulation by the likes of JP Morgan

>> No.24023662

>why is gold and silver still falling with all of this inflation and debt and uncertainty guys?
its already up and the bull run has just gotten started

>> No.24023706

I agree, but you need to look into the idea of reflexivity. I don't want to put all my eggs in the "people aren't retarded" basket. If people believe in something enough, in certain domains that can cause it to happen. See citi Bank during the gfc. The real retards are the people that think that because bitcoin doesn't expand in supply it is therefore superior. By that logic, we could all just agree that certified Micky mantle cards are the basis for a currency because they don't make more of them and only the ones already on an ngc register or whoever verifies them can be accepted.

Back to actual topic. If you can get your hands on kvt (the ownership token for kinesis) you should buy some. Gold inflows from btc are going to be very high

>> No.24023719

Because gold and silver are risk off plays to protect wealth and hedge against looming fiat collapse. Tesla stock and bitcoin are examples of highly speculative risk on bubbles that can outperform in the short term but will eventually ruin you if you keep holding them. Tulips really

>> No.24023727

1) people still have confidence in the markets
2) the dollar is staying strong (I mean these people that freak that it is in the low 90s are either stupid or making money off premiums)

>> No.24023762

Not really on 2.
As the dollar gets lower the chance of major players selling it off defensively goes up.

>> No.24023778

Why would I look into trusting a third party not to fuck me, when I can just use btc?
Btc requires days for a tx? Not even nearly now and it’s busy as ever, and even if it somehow did have you ever sent a large swift tx? Those take days including explanations for the use of funds, if I wanna send gold today overseas I must trust a third party not to fuck me, this goes against the thesis of gold and bitcoin
Btc is propped up by tether? Guess you’ve chosen to ignore the cash settled cme, bakkt, Grayscale plus the other investment trusts and their purchases, the bitcoin entering the books of this large companies, square users for usd, now PayPal and many other of the insured stable coins usdc, pax, even paxgold of the usd onramps. Btc is the superior gold and I hold gold also and just as the horse and cart company has to make room for the motorcar you guys will accept it and get on and accept you’re still early, that this has a 30x to go to hit gold. Or miss the opp of a lifetime, your choice, the markets telling you you’re holding a weaker asset, so you’ve got no excuse when in 4 years time btc is on Mars and youre upset cause golds at 2500

>> No.24023783

Yeah I get your point that people are retarded and it certainly seems to be a fair point looking at whats going on in the financial world. However I still think you have been too affected by internet shills and schizos but guess we'll have to wait and see.

>> No.24023850


You still haven't explained to us why China, Russia, and other countries which actually produce the things we use will surrender them in exchange for BTC, after they dump the dollar soon. That's the only thing that matters here, whether other people will be stupid enough to give up the fruits of their labour in exchange for your Bitcoin. They won't. Nation states will issue gold-backed currencies, and they will demand gold in payment.

>> No.24023851

to buy what? euros? lol

>> No.24023853

Cargo planes of gold being protected by security is cheaper then a btc tx, lol jesus. Btc doesn’t need to travel, you think banks and countries would rather have a paper wallet in a bank vault, or manage a Fort Knox 24:7 for the same value in gold . The Difference in cost would be insane
trusting a third party is not what golds for cuck
And this will never change

>> No.24023866

>Why would I look into trusting a third party not to fuck me, when I can just use btc?

This guy doesnt realize there are third parties in BTC....

As a **SPECULATIVE** instrument there is nothing wrong with BTC. But treating it like a hedge is foolish, its is not a hedge, nor is it a safe haven. I have two BTC and Ill probably sell them for more miners/pms soon as its obvious now that shit is so fucking fucked that even my worst case scenario was not bad enough.

>> No.24023869

Nah, I'm ~95% invested in gold/silver and short dollar. I'm definitely over exposed to schizos on this site, but it's putting me at ease right now and hey, it might make money.

>> No.24023907


>Btc doesn’t need to travel, you think banks and countries would rather have a paper wallet in a bank vault, or manage a Fort Knox 24:7 for the same value in gold

Bitcoin in a wallet would be ridiculously easy to steal, and, once stolen, would never be recoverable. No nation state wants to store its wealth in a form like that.

>> No.24023911

Yeah, per dollar it costs virtually nothing. You don't need more than airport security to send $10 million in gold. People literally get $100k retail boxes delivered to through FedEx. The world isn't Heat bro. A lumis car driving on the runway is all it takes to move very large quantities

>> No.24023959

Good to hear! I'm like 1/3 gold, 1/3 silver and 1/3 miners. I had some shitcoins earlier this year but I cashed them out and bought junior miners instead. I get the same amount of "gamble" but I actually hold a portion of a company instead of well... Some number to dump on someone else lol.

>> No.24024004

Btc is only over a decade old, who knows who’s accumulating why do you feel they’d need to declare buying bitcoin and why do you believe they won’t allocate funds to it, including to mining it and holding it that way(which I’m sure they already do) even Iran came out last month to say any btc mined has to be sold to the gov now. Gold has its place in a folio, a country/gov going all in on a new tech like bitcoin would make no sense, although I’m sure some with a collapsing dollar will eventually , btc is just a simply better roi, scarcer, superior version of gold. Golds what you hedge your bets on if the world ends as we know it tomorrow, a very low probability play, bitcoin is what you hedge your bets on if you wanna take a swing to get rich. Bitcoin has enormous upside, let’s say even if it goes to a million of 0, you run a 70x profit to the risk of a loss on a few % of your portfolio, whereas gold will never go to 0 but it’ll never moon either, the paper market has nuked it and it’s already a near 10T market cap with too much inflation, at golds market cap 1btc would be about 600k, I see that within a decade because it’s simply more attractive then gold at being gold, who’s gonna take a 0.8% loss every year to inflation just from holding gold today Over bitcoin, then A 1.7% loss in 4 years and so on and so forth, golds major argument as being a fight against inflation is not true , it barely outperforms inflation if ever

>> No.24024056

Idk if you're trolling or retarded. In 1971 gold was $35/toz...

>> No.24024101
File: 5 KB, 216x250, 1603420698102.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>btc is just a simply better roi, scarcer, superior version of gold
Haha. I don't consider myself a genius, but if I prefer to trust something that proved itself for 5000 years, I'm certainly not the only one. I don't care about what bitcoin is, I only need to now it is backed by nothing, cost a fuckton of electricity and is not practical. Intrinsic value, that's what retard can't comprehend, leaving fiat for another fiat? Seems like a good plan!

>> No.24024116

you’re actually saying it’s harder to secure some digits on a wallet : piece of paper then it is to secure tons of gold, during a war you can’t even get the gold out of the country if an invading enemy arrives it’s being stolen, btc can avoid this also. And the other guy, taking about planes and cars transporting gold as though it’s convenient lol. It’s like you guys don’t even know computers exist and the best performing companies are tech, it’s where the words gone Wether you like it or not, you guys are still relying on mailmen delivering letters around the world while everyone else is going digital. you will be the last one reading a book by candlelight when everyone else has had electricity for decades coping that it’s just as good and just as convenient

>> No.24024120
File: 1.73 MB, 3409x2006, 9165A3A4-9ACC-44AE-B99D-6145376472D4.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Something is definitely fucky with crypto
I got paid $3 each for answering retard multiple choice questions about different cryptos on coinbase, made $50 in less than 15 minutes, like wtf? How can they be swimming in this much cash?
going to pull out the $50 and get myself some silver
if you guys wanna make 2 silver eagles and give me $10 at the same time -

feels kinda cheap posting it here but the cryptofags are literally giving cash away, so why not

>> No.24024153
File: 569 KB, 2388x1248, 5FCD20A5-CD46-49D0-914F-08D57E20056B.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

explain this shit

>> No.24024180

After an unusual crash from ~700 in the 30s, but let’s leave that one out huh doesn’t fit the narrative, but hey golds up ~300% in almost a CENTURY congrats

>> No.24024193


Coinbase makes so much money off of their transfer fees it doesn’t matter. It’s just $50

>> No.24024218

they make profits and give back to their users while bulliondealers screw everyone they can?

>> No.24024256

Are you actually talking about the dollar price of gold when the dollar was gold? Are you that fucking stupid?

>> No.24024275


>btc is just a simply better roi, scarcer, superior version of gold.

Alleged advantages of BTC over gold: It is instantly transmittable, and highly divisible

Answer to alleged advantages: Gold can also have these properties too, whether by means of gold-backed cryptos like Kinesis, or gold-backed currencies in the banking system.

Alleged advantage of BTC over gold: Privacy

Answer to alleged advantage: BTC stores every transaction on a public ledger. This is why the celebrity Twitter hackers were caught within days, and the money from the Silk Road has been recovered. Additionally, if you want to use BTC as a currency, you have to go through Blockstream's second-layer solutions which track and trace everything you do. So BTC has no privacy.

Gold, on the other hand, can be physically transmitted by hand in complete privacy.

Disadvantages of BTC over keeping gold in a vault:

You lose your life-savings after

i) Getting tortured for ten minutes
ii) Getting memory-loss or dementia;
iii) Making a thoughtless mistake;
iv) From a fire or natural disaster;
v) From burglary;
vi) From hardware failure.

Disadvantages of BTC over gold:

1) BTC will collapse once the price sinks under the cost of production for the miners.

2) Most BTC miners are in China.

3) BTC is propped up by the fiat ponzi scheme of tether.

4) BTC has no intrinsic value. Hence Russia, China, and other nations which actually produce the goods and commodities we use will never accept it in exchange for them. When fiat collapses, BTC will be priced in gold at 0.

5) BTC is over-complicated. No normal person will ever set up an LN node; they are happy to keep using the modern banking system. As using the LN compromises privacy anyway, there will be no reason to use BTC second-layer over gold-backed currencies in the banking system. BTC without second-layer demands $100 fees and 3-day transaction times, and so is, of course, impossible to use as a currency.

>> No.24024293

$50 per user isn’t much?
I tried putting in a $1000 btc purchase and the fee is just under $50
Realistically how many of their users transfer more than $1000?

>> No.24024305

as far as I know its because they get to act as brokers collecting fees, but generally dont have the same expenses, or regulations, as brokers.

For now the real money is in creating a random coin and shilling it to charge fees.

The information you provide them is also quite valuable and is being sold, plenty of survey sites will pay you to fill out surveys. I used to get 80$ and a free spread to answer a few in person questions back when I still did that stuff.

>> No.24024306

I’m talking about reality kid, if I’d have bought an oz of gold then and held it to now inflation has sent me to the poor house, exactly what gold should protect me from be it at half the rate of fiat but still terrible, if only there was something better

>> No.24024359


Gold is a hedge against the total collapse of fiat, not the short-term consequences of inflation.

>> No.24024417

>If I bought btc during the peak in 2017, inflation has sent me to the poor house.
You are actually retarded. You look at trades iteratively, not as single point events you fucking retard

>> No.24024524

poorfag calls multimillionaire with more bullion then him retarded, nice cope

>> No.24024544

you’re comparing a ~10% down move from ath, to a ~300% return on gold over almost 100 years, yikes you’ll never make it son, others buy bitcoin that is all

>> No.24024566


Gold went up 25x in the 70s and 80s, when people feared the total collapse of fiat. And fiat actually is going to collapse this time. You misunderstand the true reason for buying gold.

>> No.24024575

kek the massive cope in this thread is just golden

>> No.24024627

And now we have bitcoin, two competing forces, one digital designed as a hedge against inflation, lower inflation then gold, superior and more attractive to the younger generation was the old die off. The other a shiny rock, one with a 300b market cap the other with a 9T cap Now gee I wonder why it’s different this time And which one will outperform

>> No.24024710

you know you can challenge in court and also do payment plans right?

>> No.24024752


Bitcoin is not superior but rather far inferior to gold, for all the reasons outlined here. >>24024275 People who don't find the 9 trillion market-cap of gold appealing have ample opportunity to gain leverage in the mining stocks. Newmont mcap is only $50 million, has an excellent 13 P. E. ratio and pays an excellent dividend, and that is the largest miner in the world. BTC mcap is now $400 million. Who is going to be stupid enough to buy BTC now in the hope of seeing it go to $800 million, when they have such better opportunities for growth in the miners?

>> No.24024758

wait a sec are you trying to tell me my gold is not the best investment ever?

>> No.24024849

>implying younger generation can affect anything

>> No.24024856

So your bet is to buy centralised paper scammy stocks hoping for a return, so you admit metals roi is no good, speculative miners are your bet, yikes, but isn’t this whole thing for when the world comes tumbling down? your papershit will be worth nothing then when the plebs have killed everyone at the mine and rekt it all . Is the roi in metals so terrible that you guys have capitulated into no more then stock traders?

>> No.24024958


>so you admit metals roi is no good

I already pointed out to you here that gold went 25x in the 70s and 80s, but you appear to want an even greater return than that. >>24024566

>So your bet is to buy centralised paper scammy stocks

The stock which I gave you as an example to compare with Bitcoin is literally the largest and most credible gold miner in the world.

>your papershit will be worth nothing then when the plebs have killed everyone at the mine

The world won't collapse when fiat collapses, there will simply be a wealth-transfer from West to East. Mining stocks did extremely well during the Great Depression (Homestake Mining +500%) and they will do extremely well this time also.

>> No.24025126

>your papershit will be worth nothing then when the plebs have killed everyone at the mine and rekt it all
>however my bitcoin, backed by nothing, will be valuable and a safe haven
It's like poetry, do you read yourself?

>> No.24025130

Yes gold went 25x after a 90% drop in the decades before, it was very undervalued then, it’s not now and we havnt had such a drop, ironically gold would top out at 2200 then too, as we just did here, let’s not cherry pick too much cause we know if I do that for btc then it just gets silly, many thousands of x, I personally have made a 220x in 5 years with crypto

>> No.24025169

cost of production; survived multiple bear markets fudded to death only to break ath’s, again and again and again

>> No.24025206
File: 17 KB, 74x97, 1602256603624.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>This kills the BTC maxi

It's quite disheartening to see how emotionally invested in BTC these people are. There's no reasoning with people who didn't reason their way I tk their position to begin with.

>> No.24025207


Gold is still severely undervalued and mining stocks infinitely more so. Look at the Gold:House ratio and Gold:Dow ratios; also at the Gold:Silver ratio, since most of us here buy silver. Then look at the Mining Stock:Gold ratio.


>> No.24025249

Sick deals from MM for 2020 coins. https://monumentmetals.com/deals.html

>> No.24025262

Just dropping in to laugh at all you Peter Schiff dickriding retards and your shiny rocks. Stay poor faggots

>> No.24025284

Honestly why are crypto maxis like this? People in pmg regularly discuss short and long term developments that could permanently impair their investments. Tell a bitcoin maxi that it's just as cheap to move large quantities of gold when gold has a $10 trillion mkt cap as it would be to move a large quantity of btc on btc blockchain if btc has a $10 trillion mkt cap and they call you a ludite.
I have never met a single btc maxi that wasn't like this. Constant talk of new paradigm and trees to skies. I mentioned that it's conceivable that btc gets adoption and people here generally agree and then the fags still brigade. Try mentioning that gold could be re adopted in a btc thread.
Not to mention the average btc maxi is a socialist technocrat trying to square that with hard money

>> No.24025573
File: 2.62 MB, 3024x3308, 53DE447F-4C7A-4396-B6D2-93445B65B563.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.24025609

well I'm convinced

>> No.24025623

i'd wear the necklace around and be like "FLAVA FLLAAVVVV"

>> No.24025638
File: 863 KB, 2004x1240, D1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

As far as I know soon the Uniswap will meet real competitors on the DeFi market. As far as I know, the Dymmax (dymmax.com) has all odds to lift even higher tothemoon. What do you think?

>> No.24025761

she could board my dragin, if you know what i mean

>> No.24025767


>> No.24025770

Wait if you actually believe everything you just said then why would you own pms? Your actions directly contradict everything you said you fucking retard. Is it because those pms in a safe added to your feeling of financial security for some reason? Is it because they give you some feeling of prestige that you didn't have before? If you don't either retract everything you said or call jm bullion to sell you are a fraud (unless you're just trying to dodge taxes and are a drug dealer).

>> No.24025854

>Buy something high
>Sell something low
You don't actually believe this do you?

>> No.24025885
File: 57 KB, 221x350, Snapchat-1072605364.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Retard, dont you get it? He wants to convince you to sell your pm so he buy it.

>> No.24025945

So if I would have some Bitcoin, would you trade with me with everything in the safe?

>> No.24025954

Damn, my LCS just added another 6% to their premium on the 2020 Libertad
Was thinking about it but now I'm going to nope

>> No.24026056

Metals are 5% of my folio, no more no less, before the halving on btc gold had less inflation then bitcoin, that’s no longer the case but I’ll always keep metals as a hedge against a huge unforeseen event/disaster or if in the very slim possibility it is successful and we hit a gold standard somehow despite it being incredibly unlikely, why would I not hedge on that slim chance, as anyone with large pm holdings not hedging in btc is simply irresponsible, as I’ve said since btc was 3k during the bear market
People bought silver all the way from 14-30, do you tell the ones who bought 30 or even 45 or gold at 2200 to quit? you tell them if they believe to dca and relax, those detracting from my message don’t have what I have, so yeah like anything in reality the proofs in the pudding

>> No.24026274

How cuck you have to be to be holding BTC of 1000 A.C.?
You Mongoloids

>> No.24026280

Are you doing a 5/80/15 portfolio split?

>> No.24026483

I do love the gold standard. tempted to pick up a 1/4

>> No.24026598

New thread