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>The road to $10K has begun

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I hope so, but 2.0 is looking like a wet fart. Who the fuck would lock up their ETH for 2 years and go through the hassle of operating a node that whole time for paltry staking rewards if it means not being able to cash out during a bull run?

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ETH will never even see $500 retard. buy bitcoin or rest in peace

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what's his problem?

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There will be options for liquid staking.

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One more dump and then yes

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It’s just following BTC, retard. Until ETH fixes the scaling problem rather than just talking about it we’ll never see $10k.

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the contract is one-way dumbfuck. once you send your ETH to the 2.0 phase 0 lock-in contract there is no way to get it back. you will not have liquidity for years. top notch design right there. KEK

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Virtually no one, which is why after two weeks since the deposit contract went live not even 20% of the minimum stake amount has been filled

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Retard, DYOR

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>will be
When? 2+ years from now, after the current cycle has already popped? No thanks.

Exactly. If they had started this at the beginning of a bear market, it would've gotten traction. But somehow they've miraculously timed the roll-out to be at literally the worst possible point in time.

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Much sooner than that

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Doubt it. And so do most people, considering hardly anyone is sending their money to 2.0

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unironically $2k by end of year

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no one cares about eth2, rollups are literally operational on main net and scale x100 with minimal UX overhead today


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fuck you all 500 today get fucked "eth killers"

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