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I have decided to give it a try and spend 5k € into crypto. I have barely any knowledge. I thought of 50% BTC and the rest into some alts but I'm lost. what are some good coins which still have potential? is QNT viable? what are your thoughts about QKC? Is IOTA still a thing?

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Whatever you do don't buy xrp

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This. Literally anything but XRP and you are good.

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I'd advise having a bit of ETH & LINK.

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yeah I currently think it will be 2,5k BTC, 1kETH, 1k monero and 0,5k into ETH.

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No reason to buy anything but BTC, ETH, and LINK

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should Monero be also considered? I mean, black market ...

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I like Monero and Zcash for similar reasons but I'm much more confident in the first 3 I mentioned. I wouldn't lump Monero into the pile of alts to avoid like the plague though.

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Wait for a dump

Then get some Ethereum, low cap oracle like TRB or DIA, and then some others of your choice. I am biassed but these should do fine. TAKE PROFIT and rebuy lower when its obvious

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