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XMR will never be above .1 BTC. Certainly never above $1k.

why do people invest in this? It's cool technology, but it's bad at making you money.

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.01 BTC*
It has a snowballs chance in hell of reaching .01, let alone .1 LOL

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Brace for an unknown amount of bad investment advice

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I disagree because more merchants are starting to accept it on the deep web, plus it has a built in inflation model.

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No one buys it to invest in it. We use it to buy things without being tracked! We use it as a currency!

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Of course it won't why would it? It's a utility token. If it appreciates it's on Bitcoins coattails but will see lesser ROI. Just like with BCH or BSV, you don't get into these for the gains. You do it for idealogical reasons.

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It is a great tool as a currency. Just some deluded individuals are investing in it - LOL

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Because xmr will flip btc you ñufag

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Monero is under heavy sell pressure from miners, as well as investors who got burned in 2017 finally starting to break even. If the supply shock is anything like I think it could be, compounded with continually increasing adoption, there are definitely gains to be made even against BTC. Even if price stays level I'll be happy because it has some of the best tech in crypto, and I can actually use it to buy things.

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good luck with that friend

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>#1 choice of pedophiles

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You mean the USD? Or you mean eth, or dot? Kys glowie.

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I sold my Monero for 0x Monero

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go away you

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Whats up with people making threads to fud monero?

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Oh boy. Prepare your anus, bucko.

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You can now yield farm with 0xMR on 0xMonero.com

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