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refute this

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theres nothing to refute its 100% true, unfortunately none of us can leave

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go back

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where are you telling him to go back to?
Anyway, op is confirmed faggot for posting something relating to some other board. Clearly this isn't referring to biz. I personally am up 7 fucking figures cause of this shithole. That's more money than my parents have ever had from waging gbdir entire lives simply from hanging out on some obscure Tibetan leather tanning forum

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>go back

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Thanks to biz I found LINK in 2017 and now I'm worth half a million so your post is invalid

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I feel like this is the only thing keeping me sane. If I didn't take my anger out on other anons, I would probably go on a racist rant on Facebook, or take somebody out in traffic.

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kek...Your mother, Anon.

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Stay off biz if you have autism or aspergers and can’t read past the coordinated fud. You’ll take shitposting for serious and miss the gems gaining nothing while people get rich.

>T. Me

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I've learned more about real economics, history, politics, and current events than I ever did at University, or could get from the news.

Just be ause the faggot who wrote that cap is a narrow-minded retard who can't separate the diamonds from the shit doesn't mean there aren't any diamonds. The best part of it all is that you will learn about shit you never knew you were interested in because you had not heard of it before. This last bastion of free speech is the crown jewel (feces-encrusted as it is) of the whole internet.

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Not leaving.

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Pssssst. Nobody general

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/biz/ is the exception because of things like >>23969348. If it weren't for this place I'd still be 100k in debt instead of looking for houses to buy in cash.

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Not really bro

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It is all wrong.

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EZ, u need the internet community. so it is either 4chan and Reddit. I think this comparison refutes shitpost. I d rather talk to fucktards like me rather than try to look at the world from the lens of self-loathing/self-loving yuppie

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>refute this
you are still here

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Tell you what op, you're not wrong. I'm a newfag, but even I can see that there's both faggotry and serious discussions to be had here on biz, you just gotta find them.

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im not leaving now, you guys already did the worst you could do short of hacking my wallets but you know what happens if you do that. might as well stick around and shit up the board

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Imagine actually thinking there is an escape from this place, ill browse 4chinz until the day gookmoot axes /pol/ then I can be free

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Is that a real human? No way.

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your wallets weren't "hacked". you just deliberately gave your coins to somebody else.

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you have awful reading comprehension

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how ironic is this reply?

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Thanks to 4chan I learned
How to get fit
How to get rich
How to hate women
How to hate the jews
How to hate niggers

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He's wrong
I've been visiting /biz/ for three years and if I had listened I would be a millionaire already
There is a lot to gain if you're not a pussy/brainlet

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Well off the top of my head, if it weren't for 4chan I wouldn't have heard of eth in 2016 and I wouldn't have made life changing amounts of money off of a little bit of research so like all things, you get what you want from it. Sure if you spend all your time in /b/ tranny threads or whatever they do now, or just shitpost then yeah you will not get much out of it.

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This is just anecdotal, but in 2017 I hopped in on the crypto frenzy. I’ll add that I’m the most average human imaginable. I browsed Reddit for all my info. Dumped a LOT of money into Bitcoin and xrp. Ended up absolute FUCKED. I lost so much money.

Disillusioned, I stayed away from crypto for a year, then started browsing /biz in 2018.

Since then, I’ve made back all the money I lost and made a significant sum more. I got in on Link early entirely because of this place.

I owe /biz so much. Not even larping. Best decision I ever made was to come here and sift through all the right wing sentiments to find golden nuggets of valuable information.

Fuck you OP.

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/biz/ has made me money though.

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