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Fuck off! Fuck you all!!

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this is our time now

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my short got stopped. why won't this piece of shit just dump?

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>This is bullrun

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Bitcoin has lower inflation than fiat currency now , dumping days are over.

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>shorting the golden bull run

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Let them pump the price, in the end what goes up must come down. And my short will be ready for that moment.

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next big dump will be from 100k to 70k

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>can barely sustain 16k
>will ever reach 100k

In your dreams maybe.

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we are near the peak, guess what happens next

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>we are near the peak, guess what happens next

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA LOOK AT THIS NEWFAG, you are like the faggots on 2016 thinking 700 usd was the peak.

A few literally roped themselves unable to live with the fact that they knew bitcoin was going to rise as everyone told them but did not believed in it so ened up kiilling themselves, let's hope you don't.

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lmao, it reached 16k less than a week ago, expect some consolidation

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Statistically there is pretty much no bears left to make these threads (Which is why these larp threads never prove their positions) as current leverage traders is in a 3/4 ratio to bulls.

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This is a unique profit chance for the whales. They can literally manipulate the market to dump and get all the coins from the bulltards.

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So many bears today.

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we will never be below $16k again.

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usdt goes BRRRRRRR
fed says kek check this gay project out bois les domp eet

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Was Pegasus the original Bobo

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