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Now is a good time to buy more crypto, right?

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Nope, don't buy into the hype.

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what fucking hype it's been consolidating after an organic leg up
it's ridiculously early

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It's been a good time to buy for like 95% of days the last 12 years. It's almost always a good time to buy crypto if you zoom out far enough after the fact

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well it was a bad time in late 17

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This rally will fail like all the others.

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Not yet. Just wait for the dip,then buy some eth and aergo and you will be set

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but this is the dip :)

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no, wait for BTC to drop to 8k

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zoom out dumbo
time for a -50%

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I zoomed out, looks like another leg of the parabola is going to take us to ATH, then you'll have your drop

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Be greedy when other are (ID: feeerful

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absolutely, Buy some BTC,ETH AND INJ sit back and relax, Anon

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This is the calm before the storm.

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Wait till tomorrow, but the <4 hr frames look pretty bad

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No, only Fuse now

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i buy it all the time and tell myself itll moon while losing my savings

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