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It's time for.. a Great Reset

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about time you fucking turtle

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>now that the few boomers that remain realize their house of cards they built over the years to profit themself and leave the debt for future generations just in time those younger generations are about to finish their educations or are about to go deep into the stock market or profit from crypto and are about to reach financial independence NOW they want a great reset.

i need to teleport back to ancient rome and tell hadrian what happens if he doesnt wipe out the jews

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Imagine just resetting all the people talking about this.

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what the fuck does that even mean? I'll translate this double speak; they're going to fuck over white people by making them pay for third world niggers, meaning we'll never be able to own anything or even enjoy the recourses given to us by our ancestors.

I think we need to cancel the great reset

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When do I get my UBI you old fucker? I'm tired of wageslaving.

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How about we just kill every nigger lover, nigger enabler, and actual nigger?

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How many linkies to thrive in great reset?

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>vaccine taken
>bugs eaten
>Only fans subscribbed to
>rent paid
>happiness achieved

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Go to bed klaus

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one problem with that:
only a fraction of one percent of the population agrees with your opinions and it mostly consists of socially awkward dweebs who struggle to make eye contact with the cashier at the grocery store

the only violent extermination you virgins engage in happens in the classroom

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>simping for niggers
Y'know these are same niggers that riot and burn down their own cities because a criminal nigger literally put a cop into the state of nature and found that, yes, in fact, "life is nasty, brutish, and short [in the state of nature]"

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i have absolutely no idea what this schizo rambling has to do with anything i said or what point you think you're making here

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They are going to take away all your possessions and give it to Billionaires to make the world a more equal place tard. It's about destroying the concept of ownership

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yes this is definitely an important and realistic threat in the current political climate. this is what we should all be worried about

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You will own nothing and you will like it. You will put on the mask. You will get the vaccine. You will eat the bugs.

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lmao low IQ

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Remember that no matter how hard you try and how you mutilate your body. You will never be a woman.

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time for a .... great conspiracy for dummies. same as ''great debt bomb' conspiracy that has been around past 30 years. it's always next year when the debt(liquidity not real debt) becomes too BIG! :)

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