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anyone on /biz/ lift? does it help with your trading decisions and stress?

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>anyone on /biz/ lift?
>Does it help with your trading decisions and stress?

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checked and accurate

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This. Trips have spoken

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Come to /n/
Ride bikes
Improve your ability to make high-speed, high quality decisions in a rapidly shifting reality

/fit/ is for closet trannies and always has been

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>not doing both
Lanklet skinny gains goblin begone. I ride a Giant Trance 2 through local trails occasionally and do olympic lifts at least 3 days a week. Diversify your time, don't min-max fitness

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nah fuck your gains
rock climbing hurts
lifting is for NPCs
rowing is tranny territory

go fast or fuck off. the civilized world is 85% obese and climbing. I don't need to diversify.

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nah. be sure to let us know how it goes with the jannies tho.

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it does help you if you have no will to live/are depressed but you gotta change your diet too you gotta start carnivore

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>posts calisthenics

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yes, yes, and yes

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I try but I keep falling out with it. I'll work out for months and then lose my drive. Months later I'll start working out again and the cycle continues.

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Been lifting for almost 10 years
Former high school fatty
This discipline required for this is comparable to holding and resisting Jewish monetary tricks
So yeah I think it’s helped

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I should think cardio would do better at managing trading stress than lifting... Find some type of cardio you find okay enough to consistently do... Jumping rope you can do indoors and it doesn't mess up your knees like running. Or get a mini trampoline you can put indoors because why the hell not.. Or get a Nintendo Switch and play Fitness Boxing.

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running and lifting. helped me get in shape and also found Badger.finance along the way. thank you exercising

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Lifting is like brushing my teeth or showering, it's something I have to do 3 times a week and takes at most 45 minutes a day. Zero excuse not to lift.

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what were your long term goals?

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First get my strength up to respectable numbers and then start trying to pack on mass. I stopped lifting when covid hit. My numbers were approaching intermediate. I've taken off so long that it'll probably take months just to get back where I left off.

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Weights 3 x week.
Ashtanga Yoga at least 1 x week. You must learn to connect your mind to your body.
You will find it difficult at first, to do weights and yoga because they work the muscles in opposing ways. Persevere, the results are incredible for mind and body.
Plus some cardio or just walking.

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Yeah I went on a 5+ year journey from age 20-25 getting extremely fit. Impressive strength progression in the gym and then in the last 2 years focused on cardio so 20-30 miles a week and then approx 1000 miles a year. It definitely makes you more in tune with your body and your intake. But now I'm full focus on brain gains and in graduate school for math and programming so I'm eating garbage and watching all my progress slowly fade. It's more worth it for me to see progress in those areas, and even when I was bigger and more confident I never needed that extra strength and never got in fights for anything.

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>anyone on /biz/ lift?
>does it help with your trading decisions
>and stress?

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How do I get motivated to get back into a rhythm of lifting? Been out of it for a while & every time I've tried to start again I've not managed to maintain consistency. Any tips?

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Not gay.
Try 1 hour of Ashtanga and I guarantee you'll get your ass handed to you like the little sissy you are.

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Same. Been doing that for years. Made very little progress as a result.

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Yes, it doesn't really help or hinder
I only even got into crypto in the first place because steroid websites give a discount if you pay with crypto

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I started one year ago at age 29. Best decision of my life. The fact that this is not taught in school is criminal.

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yea i go 7 am to the gym. watch/listen to sum crypto youtuber. gonna lift some old iron. go to the sauna to watch some asses and boobs

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started doing cardio instead to t ry and get a little less brainlet status

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sauna after gym is the best feeling ever
gurgling all the semen from those sweaty men, all the protein and zinc intake... i miss it

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Lol what kind of program are you running?

45 minutes, 3 times a week? Can't be doing that many exercises.

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yes, sport me clear my mind

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You need a reason to lift and keep going - so you need to set goals for yourself.

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I wouldn't brush your teeth for 45 minutes if I were you.

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who here

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may the gainz be with you brother

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Your mistake is not matching expectations with reality. You probably set your goals above what you can achieve. The solution is to do something that you actually can achieve.
As an example, I switched from typical bodybuilding program (push/pull) to kb training because I simply did not have any energy for it anymore. If I continued I would just quit, so instead I switched to something that takes less time but still lets me stay fit. My trainings went down to around 30 minutes a day (4 days a week still) including 5-10m of jumping rope and I have much more energy for life and actually can give my all for working out. Obviously in terms of building mass it sucks but I actually feel more fit and stronger than I did when doing normal lifts due to a lot of core workouts and increased cardio and endurance.

Not trying to shill kb workouts btw, do whatever you want, my point is do something that you actually can do and not something you cant. Remember working out is meant to be something you do for the rest of your life, not just a month, week or year.

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I do weighted calisthenics just like the pic, 30lbs pull ups

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strongly disagree
after a good session you stand back and wonder what the fuck you're doing trading shitcoins around instead of having the god tier portfolio of
we're under the illusion that these three themselves are even legitimate, however they're not at all.
digging your heels into those three will allow you to more or less reap the benefits of either's success,
>btc moons, you're in good shape
>eth moons and flips bitcoin, you're the new financial elite
>xmr (finally) moons and the likelihood that the other two are mooning two is high
you can read a shrimp farming board and obsess over shit and lose 99% of the time believing
>youre special
>this time its different
>just one more eth

live your life anon

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>anyone on /biz/ lift?
>does it help with your trading decisions
>and stress?
maybe, idk

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>30lbs pull ups
bruh, i put on more during this bulking season then you weight yourself up for pull ups
please tell me you are at least doing more than 8 reps

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no, i let the weights do the work for me.

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I do pic related without weight.

Here is my weekly plan:
Day 1,2, 4, 7: 5x15 pull ups, 4x15 push ups
Day 5: rest
Day3: Jogging uphill 2km (10% asc)
Day6: Jogging 6 km

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You chest, lats, legs, core, biceps, shoulders do nothing. Why the fuck are you doing 15 sets of 5, it should be the other way around.

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Why are you judging people like this is some kind of competition? Have you even achieved anything in terms of competing yourself?
You dont have to respond, autistic twat.

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because they obviously have no idea about lifting and they need a push to improve what they are doing rn
now back to you
>Why are you judging people like this is some kind of competition? Have you even achieved anything in terms of competing yourself?
>You dont have to respond, autistic twat.

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You never did body weight training in your whole life.

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You're probably one of those guys that is built like a sack of potatoes. Is Rich Piana your goal body?

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stop pretending, dyel
post body

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No better way of living

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>45 minutes, 3 times a week? Can't be doing that many exercises.
You don't need to do a lot of exercises to make gains.
For example, if it's a push day in a typical push/pull routine you might do bench press, shoulder press, dips, and tricep extensions. That would only take about 45 minutes if you stay off your phone and focus.

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Or maybe you obviously dont have an idea that life is not just about lifting and you actually can do other things than just maximizing your muscle mass gains. There are people who do just endurance or cardio and that is fine. Anything that keeps someone fit and healthy is fine.
The important part of working out is to do something that you can stick to doing.

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Every other day. Listen to Alex Jones while you lift

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You dont do push/pull workouts 3 times per week. 3 days anon probably does halfassed full body workouts. Typical push-pull takes 40-60m 4 times a week assuming shorter breaks. Include cardio warmup and strength training (longer breeaks) and it can be longer.

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why bother with lifting at all if you're not getting any results, retard?
>b-but muh cardio
only fat fucks and women consider cardio to be a workout, if you aren't sitting on your ass whole day(staring at the charts) than you already getting enough cardio as it is
>b-but muh jogging y-you never did it
ran a marathon last year, running is retarded and overrated btw

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Then you realize crypto is just going to crab forever and you should switch to stocks for the tech bullrun

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God you write like such a woman, the other dude was trying to give advice that your workout plan might just be dogshit and you start sperging out that "life is not about lifting and minmaxing!@!!!!"
like where did he even mention that?

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I’ve been lifting consistently for a year and a half now after being a potato throughout college and it’s been one of the best decisions I’ve made. It has improved my quality of life in just about every measurable superficial metric.

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>You dont do push/pull workouts 3 times per week
What the fuck are you talking about? Of course you can do push/pull routine 3 times per week.
>Typical push-pull takes 40-60m 4 times a week assuming shorter breaks.
Where are you getting those numbers from? Everyone has a different routine and no, they don't have to take a certain amount of time or have a certain number of exercises to be effective.
>Include cardio warmup and strength training (longer breeaks) and it can be longer.
The exercises I posted ARE usually part of strength training routines and you really shouldn't be focused on cardio and heavy lifting on the same days.

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>your workout plan
It wasnt mine workout plan. He wasnt giving any advice.
Ok sweaty. You sure made your point, now make sure to take your meds and roids.
From experience, because I actually used to do push pull workouts. If you spend any less than that you are just not doing some muscle groups.
>The exercises I posted ARE usually part of strength training routines and you really shouldn't be focused on cardio and heavy lifting on the same days.
Ah yes, I forgot you cant warm up before strength training. 5mins of jumping rope means lost gains, amrite fitbros.

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Not to dog pile here, but you sound like a sufferer of low testosterone Many studies prove that high testosterone men work better in teams.
You should probably keep to yourself.

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Also I missed this.
>What the fuck are you talking about? Of course you can do push/pull routine 3 times per week.
You can but it sucks. 4 workouts 2 push 2 pull is a sane minimum if you want to do this kind of workout plan. Otherwise you actually are better off doing full body.

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>post body
I'm not doxing myself. Gymnast bodies are far superior to bodybulding/powerlifting types though.

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Another group of people who doesnt work very well in teams, are people with autism.

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>I'm not
then shut the fuck up
>Gymnast bodies are far superior
>implying they don't lift
oh lord

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kickboxing at home 2 to 3 weeks per week.

when they lift muh lockdowns, want to start bjj

in some mumbo-jumbo voodoo sense, it might help with business endeavors, but ultimately, there's no substitute for writing code, auditing code, analysing assets, whatever work is called for. but being /fit/ helps with focus for sure

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It sounds like you need a personal trainer and you really don't know what you're talking about. Workout routines should be flexible and customized to your own needs, but you seem to be hung up on specific numbers rather than the actual work that needs to be put in.
You're also exaggerating what everyone else says and arguing like a fucking tranny so fuck this I'm out. Stay feminine.

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Is this a realistic goal? I'm 41 and not fat

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You wouldn't post your body so blow me, lardass. Keep shying away from cardio lol
I never implied gymnasts didnt lift either.

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At 41? Doable but you’re diet has to be perfect and you might need some T supplementation.

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Did a test c cycle a year ago and then gyms shutdown and I got into shitcoin trading in April. Did BW at home in the meanwhile. Mad gains and I still held some after doing much less training.

Gyms opened months ago but I have only been going once a week because it's not as fun and I was obsessed with my shitcoins. I made $85k profit and bleed it to $10k profit. Twice.
The depression was unreal.

Needless to say about to start another cycle. Investments are also looking solid, but I have actual price points and a plan this time.

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Nobody can be natural and look like this. The natty limit for most guys is that you can look like this with about 10lb more fat and 10lbs less muscle, so a moderately smaller, softer and less lean version of this, which is still aesthetic

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if you get juiced up yeh, doubt thats acheivable natty even at 20
You're making a body claim so go ahead and blow me out with your amazing bod, if you won't post than shut up and fuck off, dyel retard

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I micro dose testosterone on the daily and gained 25 lbs in 3 months as well as fucking your mom. I’d say lifting works

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That's over 2 straight years of B&C test with good genetics. Most people on roids will never even look this good. Most look like ahit and are trying to shortcut but have bad training, diet, etc.

You what. Microdosing shuts you down the same as a 500mg blast does. Doesn't matter the amount exogenous test shuts your balls off. You'd be way better off doing B&C if you want to always be on.

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No, this is the wrong way to approach it. I am talking about realistic goals of your own body. The guy in the picture is on PEDs and probably dedicated his entire life and professional career to be a fitness guru. You can't compare yourself to him, nor should you.

Set realistic goals that match your own life and body:
Like deciding to get to a certain weight.
Or reaching a milestones in your lifts
Or getting beach body ready for next summer

With only a small amount of dedication and some patience, you can get fantastic results relatively quickly.

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Another example of natural progress, from slob to fit.

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High IQ 41 Year old here, better shape than most of the gym (when it was open) Buy a standing power station gym for your house around $199 buy it before everyone buys it during lockdown. Using it you can do pull ups, dips and raised press ups. If you find it difficult to do pull ups and dips buy a resistance band stretch it across the handles and use it as an assist. Train everday regardless of time do 5 Mile Walk everyday. Three protein shakes a day, casein before bed. MCT oil in coffee, low carbs get carbs from leafy veg. Drink 3 litre non tap water a day. Eat white meat everday. Take organic inulin for gut health, it makes you brap allot for the first two weeks then you will go toilet regularly, this is key to good health.
Take MACA powder and Ashwagandha for test boost, don't take shortcuts they don't exist. Above remove all comfort from your life, stop watching (((television))) stop social media, porn, alcohol, drugs, smoking. Turn into a fucking beast, anything less KYS.

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>high in

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Blue collar fag here
>weekend part time physical labour
>swing trader
>ride bike everywhere
>swimming , running , cardio whenever during the week
>hiking when market slow/sideway hence I swing trade
>avoid packaged food, drinks. Cook meals daily.
>casual sex with womens regularly

In great shape since 20. I'm 35 now.

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How to start lifting at home?

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You’re 100% pajeet

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my /n/igga

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Just put on some trance and watch zyzz videos

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Skelly here lifting makes my brain feel better even if I'm not jacked. Also I got a girlfriend since I started and I gotta improve myself for her