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Chainlink is hiring a COO
Few realize the significance of this for future developments
They're aiming to bring in some real corpo killer, with 10+ years experience leading a top 500 company
It's going to be a real coup

Sirgay is specifically looking for a "sparring partner"
Word on the streets is he challenged Vitalik to a cage fight
He's been practicing day and night
It's going to be a blood bath...
Act accordingly

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falling for short term pnds instead of long term value is a sign of low iq

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Buy chainlink labs stock when it IPO’s, sell chainlink the crypto

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I’m gonna COOm

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Considering the guy hired Adelyn i gotta say im not too thrilled about the prospects for this position

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>BSN integrates Chainlink
Yeah, she’s doing a terrible job

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>implying BSN c-level execs in CHINA give a fuck about some SJW womans right activist CMO just because shes a chink

Clearly you have no experience in deals at this level.

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Is this where Sergey's evil twin Jason Parser starts his redemption ark? The hiring of Jason as COO could be the move that ends the Great Shadow Fork War once and for all.

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I don’t think they care about the sjw shit. A successful westerner who can communicate to them is invaluable though.

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get a life and stop scamming people

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Chainlink jews

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Lmao Sergey literally wants to hire someone to do his job for him.

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he's in a weight class all his own

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They should hire Eric Coomer

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Centralized piece of shit. Supporting them after his they handled the kucoin hack is a beta move.

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next price target?

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He wants out, soft exit scam has begun