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I am unironically gay and I hold a lot of Chainlink. I know admitting this is a huge sell signal, so I should be heterosexual, but I love chubby, thick boys so much. I want to suck Sergey's cock until he's moaning and feed him big macs while he laughs as I tickle him. All in on Chainlink.

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Unironically fell for the whole cuckold fetish after my first girlfriend fucked my friend outside my house and I caught them fucking. After feeling the most heart wrenching pain I guess my brain turned it into a boner to save myself from the pain. After finally psycho analyzing myself I came to this conclusion and finally started to fix myself. Now I am a devout follower of jesus/god and hold only LINK.

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I’m 30 and living with my parents again after getting emergency evacuated from japan because of the coof and now I’m panicking because I can’t find a fucking job with my shit resume

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OP is an off topic faggot and if /biz/ mods and jannies weren't 100% bought, this thread would be an auto 30 day ban

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