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How do I invest in dragon dildos?

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I'm not selling NIO until January

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tqqq bros, how much higher can we go?

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What's this pattern called?

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was anyone able to close PLTR puts in the green this morning?

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Stairway to heaven, extremely strong and based move. May hit 30 in 2 weeks probably sooner

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nio puts the idea for monday/ teusday?

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no and i'm fucking pissed that I didnt. I was up +100% in the premarket and down -86% at close. Holding until Monday because theyre basically worthless anyway

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Fisker the new nkla?

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same with Baba

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I have $630 what do I buy on monday

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pump and dump

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if there's anything I've leard after joining /smg/ and starting my investments at 400 and making 600 is that you need peak dunning kruger effect and room temperature iq to successfully trade in this covid market.

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Time to short.

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>room temperature iq to successfully trade in this covid market
Midwits went in on oil in March and have LOST money since then.

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I sold for a small loss but I fumbled for like a minute. I had a feeling I shoulda closed before earnings

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> you need peak dunning kruger effect and room temperature iq to successfully trade in this covid market.

do you realize how many people lost their money buying peak gme and wkhs?

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Right, oil is a long hold and in two years you'll 2-3x XOM.

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Sister fisker

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I went in on nio and li

I almost fell for that Meme ngl

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Anyone else all in on VGT? I simply don't think I should give a damn about the rest of the market.

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nah, you just need a controlled, aggressive temperament. impulsiveness is death.

t. 140iq

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big ups for this lmao

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Andrew Left, that faggot from Citron, can suck my fat cock. Fuck his stupid fucking face. His report was shit and intentionally leaves out real comparisons (like using the more expensive NIO car to compare to the Model Y instead the less expensive one) and just generally misrepresents the data to make the scariest sounding report.
Fucking faggot. I'm still up on my calls, but he stole a +30% up day from me. The silver lining is NIO needed to fill its gaps anyway. I still think we're going to run on Monday and Tuesday after the Chinese buy the dip and the market forgets about Shitron's fake ass report.

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Are you racists done with GME yet?

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I hope that ugly fuck gets painfully suicided.

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i invested in the union pacific railway

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no one is even talking about GME you dumbass

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gme has been kill for weeks now

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I don't see any chiles

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Based. He's a fucking retard anyway. Look at what he said about PTON, SHOP, TSLA, and even NVDA. Fucking dipshit. His hit pieces only work on companies in legitimate bubbles, but stuff with actual staying power and a real business model shrugs it off, often continuing even higher just days after his garbage "report" comes out.
Fucking hope he gets hit by a NKLA truck idling down a hill.

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it's just gonna crab until Q4, the people that care about it are holding and the people that are shitposting it are done, there's nothing to talk about

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what killed it?

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never got the sony partnership and the panic sell

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is there a bigger meme? I've been here since 2009 and i think black people are dope

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For real, the market is so over bought right now, huge bubble

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that's because as you can see from the filename that is chilean sea bass. alejandro's speciality, i've heard it's delightful

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vaccine news was bearish for GME lel

>> No.23918545

when you start seeing commercials for investing on non autist tv thats when you know we're in a bubble

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Chilean sea bass, spared no expense.

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will NIO rise up to 55 again?

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try living with them, they are the scum of the earth

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>not in SOLO before they add US locations

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The longer I play the market the more I realize /biz on average is ngmi

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>Go to dinosaur theme park
>No dinosaurs on the menu
Fuck Jurassic Park

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I don't get this part, it's not like people will stop playing games because COVID is """""over"""""
other brick and mortar stores shot up, even if they're shit like macy's and nordstrom

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i don't feel that good guys. mind feels like it can't stay coherent. every single move i wanted to make i was too scared to all in on and did almost nothing. 10%-33% returns. the rage and incoherence within my mind is becoming harder to handle. the moment i all in, odds are market will nosedive. no measly 10% gains, instead a 25% loss. i dont know what to do anymore. there's a few i heavily went in on that should net me a sizeable return but it doesn't change the fact i'm doing barely anything with about 2/3 of my account. a return of 2k at least but nope im too scared, now some of my suspicions come true and im left in the position of
>"jump in now, it'll definitely keep pumping"
>"anon the return wouldve been good, you know this is where you'd sell not buy"
my mind keeps going blank now kinda feels uncomfortable at my continued failure. considering just going all in even though stuff has pumped, even though my picks pumped to a price where id have sold had i gone all in.

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I used to respect blacks until BLM and SJWism made them all look like whiny faggots.

Genuinely based blacks, like Boko Haram, are cool tho. Too bad Amerifat blacks are nothing like them.

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no you just need to realize most people in the market are what you described

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LITERALLY all you need to make it. You’re welcome.

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You shat on GE. Now GE shats on you. He's on the way to 10.00 per share. If you'd bought during the sale event when he went to under 6 per share you'd have almost double your money plus divvies by just holding and uh doing other shit while you waited. PS: MRO is still 50% off. Winter is coming. He's paying a divvy again. Natural gas will be sucked like mad. Another one on the way to 10 per share.

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As a fat child who loved Jurassic Park I'm amazed I never clocked that. Hammond, you tease.

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you aren't fit for trading. it requires a certain mindset and hard discipline, along with alot of luck

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>is there a bigger meme
yes, the tards on the left who think everything is fucking racist

>> No.23918678

has there been any poomps since CBAT? been away

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>If you predicted the market perfectly you would double your money with GE!
Shut up boomer, it went under 6 in fucking May. If you had a crystal ball you could've 10xed your portfolio at least three different times if you bought around then, and you're proud of this shitty eternal crab getting to over $9?

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people look at the chart and they see a company that already mooned +300% from pre-March valuations

share buybacks and the fact that its revenues are valued lower than Nordstrom doesn't matter to people who only look at the chart

>> No.23918706

The fuck is going on with GME, anons were telling me that the microsoft partnership made them a tech firm, close to $30 a share after holidays?

>> No.23918716

buy them in bulk and keep them in mint condition in the box? you really need to ask?

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You can’t beat them anon, but you can sure try

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lol you actually belived it? its fucking blockbuster

>> No.23918744

I had calls back in may. Unloaded them because not spicy enough. I believe in Culp though.

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Monday should be blood-red. We're at resistance, and the volume today was low.

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>being this retarded

>> No.23918793

just forget about GME
it's basically like WKHS now
everyone is hoping Q3 will be the contract reveal, but it could very well be delayed until Q4

GME's $10 is WKHS's $15

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black people hate you

>> No.23918820

when is q3 and 4 anyways?

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>> No.23918830

around Dec 8

then around March

>> No.23918843

Shill me a quality stock that’s on an obvious discount right now.

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>> No.23918853

thanks bro, guess we gotta keep that marked on the calendar.

>> No.23918866

Based. I own some of that shit through a chinese mutual fund that I have 10k in.

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>> No.23918892

I just want buy more AMD bros.
Tesla has decided to move past Intel and Nvidia so their next logical endpoint should be AMD.
And now AMD is working with IBM to develop AI.
AMD chips and gpus are all inside the next gen consoles as well.
I just want a dip to $75 one more time please god.

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I fucking poured 3k into it, not chump change for me, but everyone here was talking about how GME is a tech company because of tablets from mircosoft... but holiday sales are just starting so I'm still optimisitic

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>> No.23918902

Anyone remember the puts guy who posted during spring and had something like a hundred k in index puts for september, october and august? Has he posted since?

>> No.23918904

or they could go with arm

>> No.23918922

Someone shill me some undervalued Chinese stocks. if biden is in fact the next president, bullish on china

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My SPY puts are fucked, aren't they? good through Dec 31st. Not feeling too good bros

>> No.23918929

Monday and early part of this week is gonna be green I think. Trump talked about the "cure" again today.

>> No.23918939

>gonna be green I think. Trump talked

>> No.23918951

If Biden is president chinese stocks won't matter, I've been reading up on /pol/ lately and it seems like he wants to abolish money all together.

>> No.23918954

we're having a blood red monday and green rest of the week

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Thats not the rumor bro.

>> No.23918972

well shit if its true amd is gonna hit 100

>> No.23918974

I have this: UBS (Lux) EF China Oppo(USD) P USD acc. It's a well-managed, successful, very large mutual fund that invests in chinese companies through the hong kong stock exchange.

>> No.23918980

I put 11k into it and I'm down 2k, I fucking sold NET and PLTR to buy in because all they were doing was crabbing. I fucking hate this shit!

>> No.23919040

bros.. they just installed microsoft office on their cashier computers.. and they use tablets.. that was the whole thing, its literally blockbuster, everyone orders their games online or downloads it directly onto their machines. i just don't understand how you would fall for GME.. shit like NIO i get, but fucking GAMESTOP

its like investing into jcpenny thinking they're about to become amazon

>> No.23919044

lmao I bought some last night but then had second thought and set a trailing stop loss @ 1%, saved me a penny

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I’m sorry anon, I really am, that sucks badly, but you made me lol if it’s any consolation
You win some, you lose some

>> No.23919060

welcome newfag
/smg/ was in on it before the microsoft news

>> No.23919065

You fucking idiot you should have picked up AMD @75 holy shit youre retarded.

>> No.23919081

Is now the time to go all in on PLTR?

>> No.23919093

>I fucking sold NET and PLTR to buy in because all they were doing was crabbing.
sell GME for something else please lol

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Palantir will be @ $100 by EoY desu

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>> No.23919135

Look it up

>> No.23919166

China will make america its bitch during the coming 4 years. America will fall apart rapidly. I wouldn't be surprised if rightwingers realize that they need to balkanize in their states and we have a civil war. The stock markets don't seem to have a clue.

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>> No.23919181

don't fall for the memes. this is the peak

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>chile and sea bass
But where's the chiles

>> No.23919197

I wish, but conservatives are too cucked to muh patriotism to ever fight against ZOG

>> No.23919209

Just so you retards don’t ignore this amazing opportunity
>Vertex Pharmaceuticals
>$58b market cap
>0 short term debt, .07 LT D/E ratio
>22 PE, .87 PEG
>expected to grow its EPS by 25% for the next 5 years, already grew by 28% each of the last 5
>38% ROE, 45% profit margins
>recently gapped down from ~$270s to ~$215
You would be a world class fool to not buy leaps

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People here have actual money though

>> No.23919215

Sounds bullish for pltr

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Texas chad here. We are aware of the situation.

Austin is ultra liberal. California faggits hate republican domain but love its benefits so we put them in that strategic echo chamber.

This is why we put it inside a pincer attack position just in case its fagotry gets out of hand desu

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go all in PLTR

source: just trust me bro

>> No.23919263

with everyone's networth in this thread and board combined we'd have no more than 10 million

>> No.23919264

I need a red week bros

>> No.23919265

GUys I'm going to kill myself I've decided but I don't want my cat to die, how do I kill myself but also arrange for someone to take care of my cat?

Also I blame /smg/ partly for telling me to go all in on GME

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All scenarios for apocalyptic ends are bullish for Palantir chads.

The only one that would kill it is world peace desu

>> No.23919284

just wait one more week they haven't even released console sales numbers

>> No.23919287

Hold GME for another 6 months retard

>> No.23919291

mind is in turmoil ive got 2 decisions at this point
>all in
>stay put and wait for a dip
past experience has generally shown that the moment i cave is the moment it dumps such as my large losses back when i lost 1/4 just by holding, ironic how holding screwed me over

>> No.23919306


>> No.23919308

before you kill yourself, invest in some good boomer stocks so your cat can benefit from the divvie when you're gone

>> No.23919330

If you’re at all serious don’t, your cat loves you and wants to have you forever, plus most people who survive suicide attempts say they regretted it the instant they crossed the rubicon and thought it was a done deal.

>> No.23919335


I’m holding over the weekend because I just went long fuck trying to time this shit show but I strongly think (and hope) Monday is red

>> No.23919358

Should I honestly just cut all my shit at a loss and dump 20k into PLTR? Then delete my broker app and not check again for 5 years?

>> No.23919377

i dont know. i know anons here flip back and forth
>why didnt you buy gme, we're going to short squeeze to infinity anything under 25 is a good deal
the same anons again
>why did you buy gme at 15! its blockbuster 2.0
the same anons again after it pumps
>its a short squeeze to infinity congrats to all who bought at the good price of 15

i dont know anymore. probably should just settle with being a wagecuck at this point but i cant even get a job that pays me a decent wage to rent an apartment on my own

>> No.23919380


Cats eat on their suicided/murdered owners in almost all cases a cat is found in the home with the body.

>> No.23919381

he also slipped and almost admitted he lost.

>> No.23919383

you should just cut all your shit at a loss and dump your 20K into SPY and not check again for 5 years

>> No.23919397

don't go all in on a single stock! either put it all in an ETF or diversify

>> No.23919403


As bad of an idea as that is it’s probably better than every decision you’ve made up to now. What’s that tell you

>> No.23919404
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I really hope these are trolls. I've not sat foot in a gamestop for years. If I want a game that isn't on steam, I'll just order it on Amazon. Gamestop is so dead they mainly sell funkos. They might do well in Q4, but who knows. If you haven't sold by Q4, I would. It's a sinking ship.

>> No.23919409

>look up GrowGeneration because even boomers are shilling for it now
>that P/E ratio
It's just a garden supply company with dude weed aesthetics. Also the markup on everything they sell is hilarious

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I don't even like GME and sure as hell wouldn't buy their shit stock because without a doubt it will end bankrupt within a year...

that being said I just saw that this week it dipped like $2...that's not that bad.

How heavy are your bags?

That shit is likely to bounce at some point

>> No.23919416

well yeah everyone has different opinions. some people think its stupid others think its smart. we're not a circle jerk (for the most part)

>> No.23919435

you're probably right. I'm still down 8k on the year

>> No.23919457

requesting a brief gestalt on the webm

>> No.23919480

>blaming others for your own mistakes
You and you alone are responsible for your life

>> No.23919482

learn how to filter through shit yourself
i wouldn't touch most of the memeshit shilled here but GME was pretty easy to justify from $6
especially when it had $300 million net cash -> amounts to $5 cash/share
Gamestop is not a good company by any means, but even a mediocre company becomes a moon mission if you buy in while it's oversold (e.g. even Party City was a 10x)

verify your own DD, even if you have no idea about retailers, vidya is a pretty familiar context for most people

>> No.23919489

>the same anons again

I didn't buy GME. And I actually don't mind. I'm more pissed that I sold Tesla at 800 pre split. You don't have to buy something you are not convinced of, you can always just move on to the next thing. PLTR just got my attention. Got in today (late?) but I think it's really something

>> No.23919494
File: 2.62 MB, 400x224, 1DBEA5FD-13D6-46A9-95B1-E9CB6BB835E2.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I would do this >>23919358
if you’re just tired of it all and want some almost guaranteed good long term gains.
Government backed tech stocks almost can’t lose, and will eventually have a near monopoly in their sector.
PLTR will do great no matter who’s in office and even in the most cyberpunk, dystopian timelines it does great, better if anything.
Throw your hat in with the NWO, they are inevitable

>> No.23919502

do you realize how much money it takes to manufacture enough peace to show on the evening news?

>> No.23919512
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This is true.

The last functioning brick and mortar game store was FuncoLand during the golden age of gaming.

GME will be bankrupt within the next year even with Microsoft tablets used to check funko pop prices for that 1 walk in customer

>> No.23919515

Muslim Chad get's owns his wife (also probably literally) by marrying her friend. Probably fucks her friend better too.

Bros, what's the best /onions/ stocks?
>Amazon (whole foods)
What else?

>> No.23919524

>he thinks spy won’t be $200 in 2025

>> No.23919541

NIU is the EV play of the century. Everyone knows that in SE Asia, ppl ride mo-peds all day. Not just China but Indonesia Vietnam and other shit. Who the fuck cares about the US when you have 3b+ ppl jammed into one corner of the earth and they need tiny bikes to get around. Still have some NIo but I think it might just go nowhere for 2 months

>> No.23919555
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$0 desu

1 call from George Soros and CNN, MSNBC, NPR will claim world peace was reached the minute Kamala Harris becomes president.

>> No.23919577

Shhh, I know but still, they seem to love people while they’re alive, and it’s probably just cats being Psychotic Carnivores.

>> No.23919601
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is it over for NIO bros? Will it ever climb up again to heights we've seen today?

>> No.23919604

All of the 'great' Chinese cities are banning scooters, mopeds, motorcycles, etc. Also
no thanks

>> No.23919644

of course not, SPY would never do a stock split

>> No.23919663

Last time I was in a gamestop was in 2006. The PS2 was still in it's glory days. The Xbox 360 was brand new. Everyone was blown away by 1080p. A plain jane blu-ray player would cost you $1,000. HDMI was a new concept due to most things still using component or composite jacks.

>> No.23919665

I'm getting bullied on Reddit right now for saying NIO is a garbage car brand. They're so fucking dumb lol

>> No.23919666

TGT (onions compared to WMT)

>> No.23919691

wasted trips. not exactly how it works senpai.

>> No.23919706

Tsla is a garbage car too

>> No.23919709

you should just stay in reddit ngl

>> No.23919735

This is your brain on /pol/

>> No.23919740

Anon don't kill yourself! I don't want you being eternally damned. Read the Holy Bible, I recommend starting from the New Testament. Jesus Christ who is God came to the world to save us from sin, from eternal damnation. He died on the cross, yet 3 days later He rose from the grave claiming victory over sin and death. Believe in Jesus Christ, gain everlasting life. I pray my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ helps thee overcome the darkness that swallows you whole. Don't kill yourself anon.

>> No.23919743


Post nose

>> No.23919755
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>anons! the mean redditors are bullying me!
i haven't cringed this hard for a long time

>> No.23919760


I haven’t been since 2003 trying to chase down a copy of Morrowind GOTY edition. Fuck gaming and gamers.

>> No.23919782
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you have to go back

>> No.23919799

Yes on Tuesday

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*sips Monster ultra zero* I remember being a kid with my grams in gamestop and buying Morrowind because one of my friends at school told me about it. I still have the map.

>> No.23919811 [DELETED] 

WSB is what /biz/ should have been

And there is no stupid nigger captcha

>> No.23919812

The boards for retarded larping are /pol/ and /k/

>> No.23919827

Tesla is better garbage

>> No.23919841

any board that has le ubdoots is trash

WSB is trash

>> No.23919843

>Bros, what's the best /onions/ stocks?

>> No.23919847

this board has its own upvote system

>> No.23919853
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when are we gonna crash? bobo is hungry

>> No.23919861

kikes run the world, but not like that. get your shit together.

>> No.23919875
File: 51 KB, 437x87, crassius.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i still play morrowind occasionally

>> No.23919876
File: 34 KB, 431x502, 1604546491418.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So the NIO report today basically says NIO bad and TSLA good? lmao

>> No.23919880
File: 64 KB, 925x750, 1602035982816.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

We already crashed in March babe. Wait another 10 years

>> No.23919898

Are you guys NIO holders?

>> No.23919900

March wasnt a real stock market crash it was a black swan event

>> No.23919910
File: 81 KB, 720x960, 1603068137560.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's a very solid RPG. Even with how poorly it's aged, I can still enjoy it. Which is more than I can say for Oblivion or Skyrim.

>FNKO is a publicly traded company
Dios mio...

>> No.23919911


Me too and heroes of night and magic III.

>> No.23919914

Remember the golden rule frens: never sell shares

>> No.23919915

So let me see if I understand this.
Chads who YOLO into pump and dumps and double their net worth in a day.
seething faggots who want everyone to fail and be as miserable as them

>> No.23919916

i like /smg/ being a circlejerk of the same 50-100 fagets
the crypto shit acts as a filter, but too bad some c r i n g e faggots still manage to get through the filter like >>23919665

>> No.23919922
File: 1.35 MB, 2730x4096, 1601812772865.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

on WSB you will see threads with a monstrous amount of upvotes, with many faggots accepting OPs opinion as fact, bashing every other opinion.
And then it turns out OP was horribly horribly wrong.
I'm better off taking advice from anon who I know is retarded, transexual and completely mentally ill and has no upvotes or friends. You know what to expect and you will do you own DD instead of getting MANIPULATED into buying some whales bags.

no but I might buy NIO at 25 kek

>> No.23919933
File: 7 KB, 235x215, 1603297902946s.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The dow dropping 10 thousand points is a crash anon.

>> No.23919965


You’re aretard. That’s the most pathetic part about bears. It’s never red enough, it’s never cheap enough it’s never a big enough crash. They sit on their nuts afraid to pull the trigger when shit crashes and then come around talking trash about “when’s the crash where’s all the cheapies???” When shits Green.

>> No.23919969

tfw introduced my wife to HoMM3 last week. We played an 8 hour game straight and she began sperging about since.

>> No.23919978

holy fuck i forgot how bad it was, it was unironically 10,000 points in a couple of weeks!

>> No.23919979

>black swan
overused term. used mostly to cover ones ass. this wasn't unforseen at all.

>> No.23919980

i was just bothered by the fact that someone would come in here talking about posting in reddit

what a dumbass

>> No.23920004
File: 8 KB, 225x225, 1591716658343.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


five hundred seventy five million nine hundred six thousand four hundred thirty seven


>> No.23920005


Haha co-op or against eachother? I can’t count how many times me and my friends have started a drunken hot seat game that lasts 8 hours+ and never even escalate to invading eachother just keep building up for forever

>> No.23920008
File: 2 KB, 151x94, byd.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Give me ONE (1) good reason why you would choose NIO over BYD

>> No.23920027

>no one in your family line has been smart enough to put together 1 million dollars throw it in a divvy account and generate their own adventured UBI thus freeing them from the obligation of working for money.

>> No.23920039

We may never see such epic dump (march 2020) ever again. We'll be dead when/ if it happens again. You've made 3 years worth of money in a mater of months in other words (S&P). Such cases or major dumps is when you say screw it and dump every spare dime you can lay your hands on in your VOO,VTSAX or SWTSX fund in one major load. Ho hum monthly movements is for your regular everyday additions.

>> No.23920057

Should I sell my MPC and UAL
I feel like its about to hit 0

>> No.23920060

Coop hotseat so I could show her how to play. Picked the largest map with just 1 easy AI, so no worries of her getting shit on right off the bat. She's a data analyst nerd so she picked it up quick and had 45 mines in under 2 hours while I was groveling for crystals for me angels.

>> No.23920079

I'll tell you if you give me sauce

>> No.23920084

i'll go back to dumping money into VOO or whatever when VIX is back under 15

>> No.23920090

that's a man anon......

>> No.23920102


Good times it’s a great game. I’m an inferno man myself

>> No.23920104

nah instead they got a mutual fund with 100k in it that generates 4% a year and choose to 'invest' into timeshares

>> No.23920106

or we could easily get a 2008-like event in a few years' time. either that, or a serious war. we're due a big war you know, only nuclear weapons have stopped one and that doesn't have to hold. even a minor war could cause a sharp recession

i think we've just been really lucky post cold-war

>> No.23920108

nope, but i'm doing it for my son.

>> No.23920121
File: 73 KB, 960x739, 1591372608834.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

um hello yeah, anon im going to connect you through to this post please hold.

>> No.23920130

I have no idea what could possibly end this TINA rally. The Fed will gripe about all their printing going into equities but that is literally the endgame of QE.

>> No.23920144


We average a pretty good dump a little over every decade or so I think there’s a good chance we see a truly catastrophic (manufactured) crash in our lifetimes

>> No.23920151

Bros. I think we are through it. Trump's stunts are coming to a win. It's corporate shill and gibs bullrun time. Whats the move. What fuckingggggg green energy or electric meme hasn't already pumped yet?

>> No.23920154

>Live in an area where precovid you had to jump on an apartment the day you looked at it because it's somewhat cheaper and 40 mins to manhatten
>For rents signs popping up everywhere
>Uhaul trucks booked solid to the point where you have to book a month in advance or more
CNBC: People are coming back!!!! Young people are moving into Manhatten!!

Maybe in Manhatten. But the ground floor work force areas are leaving in fucking droves.

>> No.23920176

Solar Energy is still a "feel good" exercise.

>> No.23920179

>implying that's a negative
Low T, ngmi

>> No.23920246

long coal, steel, and miners and wait for the green trade to realize

>> No.23920281

theres no way the ban holds up for long. traffic goes to a standstill without bikes

>> No.23920284

You can always go with Newmont Corp. They mine silver, which is a big component for solar panels.

>> No.23920389

Is HYLN ever going back up or are they dead?

>> No.23920395

First post on 4chan after lurking pol since gamers are dead. Live near Arcelormittal plant CLF bought, saw CLF anon on here, bought CLF, sold CLF and bought eth. Opened account 4 days ago. Hoping to make it. I'm on a palantir list now right?

>> No.23920414


>> No.23920427

>2B market cap
>last year first profits
>PE of ~15
looks pretty good on first sight

>> No.23920454

I like this.
The real question is. Do we think a small green push will have any real impact. What about lithium mines?

>> No.23920456
File: 34 KB, 249x249, 1603900953659.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Did I stutter?

>> No.23920471

there are still no financials for this shit?
might be a huge rugpull when they finally release some numbers

>> No.23920484


>> No.23920485

have a headache i think im just going all in on some stock or two maybe three i trust or maybe a 3x etf, come back in a week and see where im at, cause at this rate i dont think im gonna be rich

>> No.23920498

Link? I like laughing at redditors

>> No.23920500


>> No.23920503

luv me Marksmen
luv me Zealots
luv me Archangel

ate gnolls
ate grifs
ate hydras
simple as

>> No.23920511

Why are all the interesting high potential companies from chyna right now? Are there any euro or burger stocks really worth looking at?

>> No.23920532

>traffic is bad in overpopulated metropolitan areas
Yes, it's like that everywhere in the world. Shenzhen has been doing it for the longest and they seem to be doing fine

>> No.23920537


>> No.23920541

poo poo
pee pee

>> No.23920562

chinks are allowed to lie out their asses about everything and westerners are stupid enough to believe it.
their entire economy was about to collapse and then western investors saved it.
anyone remember IQiyi? heavily shilled at $40 here, never went anywhere after that

>> No.23920565

if you aren't 50% china you're cruisin for a bruisin

>> No.23920570

computer magik money


>> No.23920636


>> No.23920649
File: 104 KB, 750x741, 1544988280075.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Realistically with upcoming 2nd shutdown (probably) or at least more covid scare, and to close the gap back down and people taking profits.. SPY has to return to like 340 by next week, right? The hovering today at 356 and then bullshit spike at end of day seems very Jewish. There HAS to be one more correction before we """return to normal""" yeah?

>> No.23920650

Any reason tech is red Monday? Is my TQQQ safe?

>> No.23920651

Buy puts on solo

Dont be a pussy

>> No.23920662

my $100 in tqqq for a week has been making more money then $500 in aapl for months

>> No.23920663
File: 22 KB, 341x356, baba.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

BABA ADRs are represent 8 shares traded on the HKEX, and USD/HKD = 7.75, so pic related means BABA opened at about 266 USD even though after hours it's sitting at 260.

What's up with that $6 instantaneous differential?

>> No.23920687
File: 2.93 MB, 576x1024, .webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.23920693

Thanks Taleb

>> No.23920696

Crash pretty much confirmed on Monday after that.... holy fuck, I recommend selling as soon as premarket opens....

>> No.23920703

Depends if Biden becomes president. With the vaccine being announced right after the election I'm now 99% sure that all this shit was just a scam to fuck with burgers and to get Trump out.

>> No.23920713
File: 295 KB, 1872x1872, 1605129340067.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Red Monday, who's ready?

>> No.23920716

Niggers suck dude, go work in customer service and work where its all 100% niggers, ull wanna kill your self after 40 hours, niggers dont even wanna wait tables on their own kind. This whole BLM bullshit is empowering black people to the fullest and get away for being scum of the earth.

>> No.23920724
File: 99 KB, 703x488, 1000 (2).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

what's a good way for me to lose money on Monday?

>> No.23920729

>after that....
after what?

>> No.23920748


It was obviously a scam from the very start and China is in on it it’s a global scam. Nothing ever happens for real organically everything that happens is part of ((their)) plan.

>> No.23920754

this is it bobros... my last goodbye

>> No.23920777

It 100% was, they’ll hopefully just have all the normies take a placebo shot (not some crazy sterilization shot/mark of the beast) and call it good, China and the NWO won, maybe will be content for awhile

>> No.23920782

why monday

>> No.23920789
File: 111 KB, 800x800, we're all gonna make it.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Give it to me straight /biz/, what's the outlook for NIO EO2021? Bought 1k worth of it today and bare minimum holding it for a year, might pick up more if it dips after earnings but won't sell what I've got now on Monday in case green day.

>> No.23920791

? I'm 15% up on my oil/energy company, with a comfy maintained 10% dividend. I'm keeping those cheapies until I die.

>> No.23920806

cbat is the best chink stock

>> No.23920811


>> No.23920812


It won’t kill or sterilize this time around it was about conditioning people to take the mark/death shot they unroll next time.

>> No.23920824

Yeah, I was pretty concerned in the beginning mainly because of China's reaction but it's gotten pretty gay now. Luckily me and my family invested a lot this year so we did pretty well financially wise.

>> No.23920826

what an absolute chad

>> No.23920859
File: 31 KB, 679x586, Capture.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

the fate of every chinese pnd

you didn't really think that NIO jumped up 10x because it grew 10x right?

>> No.23920861

Where is this? I'm moving to nassau in 3 weeks for work actually

>> No.23920928

>stock market general

>> No.23920959

Risk manage and stop going all in. Try putting 10-20% of your capital if you're so sure of the move and if it fails at least you still have the majority of your capital to make it back instead of YOLOing like some of the reddit faggots. Don't forget about survivorship bias and please do not FOMO trade.

>> No.23920968

SMIC isn't able to import the equipment needed to upgrade their foundries, of course they're going to be shit
>urban economies and population movements aren't relevant to the stock market

>> No.23920970
File: 214 KB, 1024x1009, 116C6EF0-214D-448E-A145-70F1564AA63D.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


UVXY calls are cheapies right now, I’m considering Jan/15 Mar/21 all the way till 2022. What are your thoughts.

>> No.23920994

Based pastasavior

>> No.23921003

It’s after hours, people are just going to talk about random stuff. Idk if you were here yesterday/this morning but we had a German asking for advice on getting a woman to sleep with him and cheat on her BF

>> No.23921009

Little Ceasers pizza ain't public. Fucking sucks. All the other major pizza joints are.

>> No.23921029

it was stocks i was interested and certain of with info i had available but was too much of a scaredy cat and had doubts to even go in with 10%

>> No.23921031

Go in to the nearest Little Caesars, ask to speak with the manager, and tell him everything you said in this post.

>> No.23921039

thats cuz its shitty microwave pizza

>> No.23921043

>smg talks about options
>try it myself
>get fucked by theta
I'm never going to do options again. fuck you guys

>> No.23921048

Jersey City. But unless you like living in a crammed, dirty place where you will be the only white person surrounded by pajeets, you won't like it here. If you own a car you will have to relocate it once a day in order to avoid a 50 dollar fine. By affordable I mean you can find 1 person apartments for 900-1000 a month. I am moving out at the end of November if you a want what has been my personal rent cuck prison for the last year.
You can invest in rental property based stocks my friend.

>> No.23921051
File: 170 KB, 360x346, 28953789532.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Holy fuck, how many fucking seats will republicans flip without losing a single one?

>> No.23921069

I bought some warrants on BABA not long ago because I thought it was pretty stable lol
Staying with stocks for now

>> No.23921076


The kitchen is open and you can see the pizza oven back there you can see them pull it out and you can see them cut it after. The ingredients are shitty quality but your post is garbage and full of shit.

>> No.23921104

jesus christ imagine living in this shit hole instead of LA especially for MORE MONEY

>have your own lawn
>winters are 50-60 degrees
>sunshine every day
>better beaches
>can own a car
>have a driveway, car, lawn, backyard, space away from people
>can own property without being pay rent forever in a sardine can apartment listening to neighbors music and yelling and smelling food and shit all day
>has legal weed

>> No.23921106


>> No.23921116

Is the burger election over yet?

>> No.23921149


Imagine moving here with 50 bucks and living like a nigger rich king and fucking the baddest Zimbabwe bitches. And then getting your hut raided dragged out castrated be-headed and eaten.

>> No.23921171


>> No.23921185
File: 588 KB, 1191x791, lol.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

gotta appreciate this dudde streams to dozens of people for hours and hours talking about just GME

>> No.23921208

how's he handling the fact that it didn't pump this week off of console release? just hoping Q3 is better I assume?

>> No.23921217

there's nothing new though
i only check in for like the first 10 minutes
anything beyond that is just grasphing for straws

someone's guesstimating that Q3 might be a blowout with 1.5 billion, that's a bit crazy

>> No.23921218


I don’t appreciate any streamers they’re all fags.

>> No.23921223

Reading where over in Europe/Italy they're selling houses for only $1. Apparently these small towns can't keep the population due to everyone wanting the city life. You can do the whole transaction online.

>> No.23921230
File: 1.61 MB, 400x400, 1604971016667.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Umm, sweetie, Pfizer cancelled coronavirus.

>> No.23921244

>how's he handling the fact that it didn't pump this week off of console release?
this guy's been in GME since $6 and is a value picker to the bone
i don't think he gives a shit

he has Party City in his portfolio too lol and im sure he's happy about that 10x.
He almost bought TUP too but he didn't because the bankruptcy risk was real

>> No.23921254

>biden wins
>lines go up

>> No.23921258

*been in GME since before $6 rather

>> No.23921266

Pretty much all of Tech will look like this eventually at these prices. Chink or not.

>> No.23921270

Will Jews sniff me out if I pretend to be one of them? Being in with the tribe is inheirantly bullish

>> No.23921291

Bros will I make it with 32 stock average NIO? dubs and I Kill Myself

>> No.23921313

It went up because republicans won the senate retard

>> No.23921319

>they're selling houses for only $1
taxes dumbass

This is a TAX TRAP

Dont be the sucker

Venice will sink
Italy will sink
Atlantis 2.0

Fuck that, move to London man

>> No.23921325

Link's or it didn't happen

>> No.23921332

republicans have had control of the senate for 2 years. cope magacel

>> No.23921333

>More money
Except the cost of living is extremely high along with rent for something like a house with a lawn and garabe.. right? So you know, potato-potato. Why move there when you can move to far better places with far better taxes?

>> No.23921335

bros is it pathetic to use your parent's life savings to make your wealth? i don't know why but i feel guilt using their hard work to build wealth when im a neet trading stocks

>> No.23921338

I'm in at 38. Luckily I sold most of mine at over 50. If they have an incredible earnings report, then I think that the chink EV sector will resume its upward trend. But if earnings disappoint, then I'd bail, quickly

>> No.23921350

>legal weed
>50-60 degree winters

>> No.23921352

>what is gridlock
Good job baitkun

>> No.23921353

tech will more likely just crab like oil or big pharma at its peak
unless we're talking shit like ZM
you're comparing NIO which is at 50x valuation with shitty margins compared to tech which is at 10x valuation and very high margins

though i'd stay away from Nasdaq in general, shit like Twitter, Facebook, and Netflix aren't exactly stable shit I want to have money in. I'd rather put money in AMD, NVDA, TSM which are basically like the utilities of the tech world

>> No.23921363

he's based for sure but I wish he talked about other stocks too since it's evident he vaguely knows what he's doing

>> No.23921376
File: 42 KB, 201x160, pic.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Venice will sink
>Italy will sink
ummm sweaty...

>> No.23921393

Markets love gridlock

>> No.23921429

he does occasionally, when he does a review of his valuepicking portfolio
but everyone who comes in his stream are only there for GME circlejerking

>> No.23921469

Based, glad I bought Oshkosh a while back.

>> No.23921494

Thats literally why your parents built wealth you dummy.

>> No.23921514

New thread

>> No.23921518

Use their wealth to create bigger wealth, retard

>> No.23921521

Austin, Texas as an example will literally save you ~45% on housing costs and almost 10% when it comes to cost of food. No sane person would actually move to LA if they want to save up money for investments or whatever

>> No.23921536
File: 114 KB, 736x1094, 1513838554297.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

/smg/ is always at its peak /afterhours/ and /weekends/, look at this comfy pltr future we're headed towards

who /NET/ & /PLTR/ here?

>> No.23921771

>that picture
and yet they marched peacefully and never burned down a single building or assaulted or murdered a single person. really makes ya think.

>> No.23921989

If you haven't inherited the money yet then it's not okay.

>> No.23922166

It's a long road to go before votes are even certified let alone court cases concluded, electoral college convened. Market will probably float up until December-ish depending on news and how things are looking from day to day.

>> No.23922369

How immoral would it be to short an assisted living senior stock?

>> No.23922504

>moving in with gf next week
Guys, how am I gonna let my gf know that the reason I have made 50% gains this year is because I spend half the day shitposting with frog posting autist fellow retard bros? Am I going to have to leave biz?

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