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>Linguo released
>Volume rising
>No resistance
>One way ticket to moon

We've all had fun FUDing our bag while we accumulate, but now that bull market is here, stealth mode is over. Who else ready to climb from rank 200 to rank 50?

>Fellowship of Justice r4 (https://blog.kleros.io/the-kleros-fellowship-of-justice-fourth-generation/).).
>Kleros hiring Communications Manager (https://cryptojobslist.com/jobs/communications-manager-at-kleros-france-portugal-remote))
>Linguo in a "manner of weeks" (as per Telegram message 25/10/2020 from Frederico)
>12-13 Nov Online conference and hackathon "Law in the Age of Memes, Crowds and Blockchain" to take place on November 12 and 13 (https://blog.kleros.io/kleros-conference-law-memes-crowds-and-blockchain/).).
>Fat Omen market case coming for presidential election (https://gateway.ipfs.io/ipfs/QmbB3wA5R2PR8s87pJRSUCcBHRxAtfFtkSWmVWEcHsaFeV/#/0x95b2271039b020aba31b933039e042b60b063800))

>Get free 500-5000 Kleros for submitting low quality memes, articles, videos (https://blog.kleros.io/kleros-curate-storytelling-reward-program))
>See quality of submissions here (https://curate.kleros.io/tcr/0x7884a7ADf697e18357087FE8F994669042Af4ae9))
>1000 free Kleros per submission/removal of tokens (https://blog.kleros.io/tokens-by-kleros-securing-uniswap-with-decentralized-lists/).).

>Bottom is in
>Community funds are up
>Cases are rising
>BTC/ETH are pumping
>Moon mission ready for liftoff
>20c EOM
>$1.5 EOY
>sue me on kleros court

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What the fuck will it take for this to get on Binance? What more does it need to prove?

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When is the inevitable dumb after the recent obvious pump?

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Posting in based thread
>8c broken
>see you at 17c

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pretty sure just needs listing fees paid. Team has plenty of cash due to pumps and dumping UNISWAP at $8

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Binance soon sir

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PINAKION will get our lingams so hard during the next 5 days. We'll become our lingams. This also applies to trannyanon.

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Post moar

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I am a vibe feeler

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Let us go to moon siiirrs

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we are rich sirs

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theres some xrp tier cope with this coin, 45mil market cap and still under 10 cents. this shit is only going over $1 if you reach 5bil market cap, sell the next high and save your life

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Getting BNTY vibes on this one bros...

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it takes wishing and praying and not being a desperate hodler.
just trust in the PNKies

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about $1million usd or giving them 30% of ur tokens

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5bil is $10 market cap you absolute brainlet, and easily achievable for kleros in this market.
Just starting an ANYSHARESlike run

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that doesnt really sound any better tho lmao

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Clement called CZ a scammer for listing Sushiswap on day 1, CZ is very satly sir.

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Next Dapp is going to change Defi
i can't say what it is because im still acumulating.

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cope cope cope

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Imagine having iq this low

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Daily generals started just a few short days ago at 6c warning about an 8c breach coming soon. Next stop in 15c, make sure you have your ticket!

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if it matches LINK's market cap that's a 100x

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binance listing when sirs? the village is starting to get hungry

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If it matches LINK’s *current* market cap. Link reached that market cap during a bear market.

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When, not if

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would have if you'd checked my digits and confirmed 22c EOM

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nope. we had daily generals months ago.

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>checks archive

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you reek of desperation. We certainly had daily pnk threads/pnk generals. especially near ATH.

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We had dailys ages ago my friend. Your google-fu on the archive needs help.

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currently at 6k PNKers, should I buy some more or wait?

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>fagnons who don't know what daily means
>a few dailies at 17c pump is same as continuous dailies at present
buy or regret desu, swingies get the rope.

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Checked and checked, dailies certainly have a correlation with pumps

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how much PNK should I buy for the coming bull

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I have 1.2M PNKers, AMA

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prove it and also, why?

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I don't have to prove it to you. I'm shoveling ETH on the daily.

Also, I know shit about Kleros that makes me a permabull. At least until Colin Rule leaks his shit.

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Is 90.000 enough?

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Which courts (if any) do you stake in?
As many as you can afford, but after 2x rebalance your portfolio.

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I do the curate courts. That rakes in the ETH. Don't tell anyone though.

Oh ye, I also made about 100K PNK from rekking Spanish guys in there with case 360-364

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>based fellow Curation Court chad.

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Do you mostly challenge submissions?

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No, because I don't have time personally. But there's big money to be found in there if you do it well.

You will also get harassed by some turbo autists which you will have to deal with

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So you literally just making pnk/eth through jury duty and nothing else?

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Yes it's good money if you stake enough. A triple pull is like 0.25ETH

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fuck your mother if you want to fuck jihan

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EDIT: nvm, it's ~0.2ETH

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The more the better desu. It depends what you want to do with your stack. If you want to stake later, you obviously benefit from getting as much as you can.

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I have 150k .. but 60k is from a friend

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got 15k
am i going to make it in a second world country

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If $150k is good for you then yes

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Are you saying 150k is the absolute top?

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There is not top unironically

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Most crypto that have a future will top and stay there eventually, the rest will go to 0.

Some like ETH and LINK will have no top of they stay around because their price will be driven both by usage and speculation about future usage, but I'm not sure that PNK is one of those.

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oooo sirs bags are so comfy 100 dollars when?

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Where do you stake at?

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I have a large PNK stack as well, how do I get into staking and making more PNK?

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Non-technical Blockchain

Just stake and judge - or challenge/request removal of bad submissions.

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I bought 1k of this last night. Because I’ve always thought it was a good idea but I needed to see it be shitposted about after other shitcoins that came around in the same time frame (Idena for example) had long died. This is my biz shit test, and Kleros passed.