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Which one do you hate more?

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For me, it's the Jews.

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well niggers just do what the jews tell them, the jews imported the niggers over here to the US and to the rest of your countries so it only makes sense to hate jews more.

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you dont really believe that right? there is no proof that jews for responsible for the trans-Atlantic slave trade but overwhelming evidence about European involvement

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All things considered it wouldn't surprise me, and assuming it's false that doesn't really change the rest of the reasons to hate jews.

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Literally google “who owned the slave ships” and read the first thing that pops up

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They are on the same league.
Nigger = Nigger.
Jew = Rich Nigger.

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its completely false white supremacist fan fiction

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Niggers murder and rape white women, jews dont, they just take money from you in the form of taxes and inflation, which you can easily get around by buying BTC

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... Says the tranny
Same, for me its the jews too

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I don’t know why white nationalists don’t just own up to it.
>yeah, we owned niggers a couple hundred years ago. Problem?
Not like it’s shameful or anything. Everyone did it to weaker nations back then.

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Why are you guys so hateful, people aren't defined by their skin color. I am sorry that you had a bad childhood but try and reflect on your thought patterns.

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Pajeets. Blacks are political scapegoats and Jews are red herrings

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the negro will ruin your life in 2 seconds when he sucker punches you at a gas station, the jew will ruin your life in 2 centuries as they slowly subvert your entire country.

hard to pick!

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you're right, they're defined by their character. Don't forget to account for population percentages

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Oh my sweet summer child. Human races are very real, youve only been brainwashed into thinking they dont exist. Niggers have a way lower average IQ for example, check out this iqmap https://www.laenderdaten.info/iq-nach-laendern.php
And jews, well what to say about them..
They were thrown out of 109 countries in just 1700 years, you really think they did nothing wrong?

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Average Israel Jew is not white anon

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Even of they arent, they still manipulate it all and abuse incumbent populations under always-plausible mechanisms with massive indirection.

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Glassjaw seethe

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I love everybody and no one here can change my mind.

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I wish i could be this naive again frens, please leave 4chan before you read unforgettable things

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do u love prepub girls?

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we would have solved the nigger problem by now if it wasnt for the jews, so it's jews for me

(the solution is total extermination)

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kek, based

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world without niggers would be a world where I wouldnt care what the jews are doing so niggers

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>there are no typos below faggot
So you’re saying that different racial groups don’t each have their own culture and if they did culture doesn’t impact an individual’s behavior? Are you fucking retardant?

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I have been on here for years, one time I browsed nonstop for a week straight. You can uncorrupt your soul, it is a choice.

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Jews brought niggers here. Jews are responsible for everything bad in America. Jews sell out Americans. Jews control pretty much every institution of power. Jews are disgusting. It’s crazy since childhood we’re brainwashed to treat Jews well because of the Holocaust but then you get older and start to read about everything they’ve done and you come to the conclusion that they deserved everything.

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dang....that's actually a compelling argument
it's totally true, if there were no niggers then jews couldn't possibly fuck up anything that badly, since nothing is as bad as putting niggers into everything

I think I'm going to change my answer to niggers. If there were no niggers then I don't think I would care what jews were doing either.

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I mean there's still arabs but they're only retarded because of nigger integration.

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this is true but kike trickery isn't limited to just nigger manipulation. also somebody has to be the inferior race, it's a dirty job but somebody's gotta do it

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ofcourse they fucking deserved it. Jews were already thrown out of ancient egypt because of the blood rituals they were doing (killing innocent children and drinking their blood)
they were literally thrown out of 109 countries in just 1700 years and have been brainwashing everybody into thinking they are the real victims

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Jews, 100%.

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Black people only became annoying when Jews subverted them and turned them into morally bankrupt anti white attack dogs

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Niggers tbqh

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this thread is dangerous

ly based

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is that muslim?

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its french for based, and >>23909139 is a fucking tranny

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that's based in frog

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You fucking wish faggot.

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101 stirner book?

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go dilate

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Jews. They keep moving niggers into my neighborhood. Soon enough I'll be on Minecraft and moving into Jewish neighborhoods with a bunch of fertilizer if you catch my drift

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Stirner was a fag and died like a bitch

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HI JIDF. How much is Rabbi pay you? Nothing right? You do it for free?

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>if you catch my drift

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>ooo I bet he's a tranny uuuu OOOO DILATE
The Ego and its Own

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>not even blacks have been kicked out of 140+ countries

Jews will claim “muh victim” too, if it wasn’t for the Holocaust everyone would see through their bullshit like we did 500 years ago but now we’re stuck hearing about the 6 gorillion for the next 500 years

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jews are worse than niggers,
but the janny is the lowest of all

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Post source you absolute tranny. This is JIDF tier, not gonn lie.

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nothing pops up related to jews. and what matters more the person who made the gun or the person who uses the gun for violence? if the limit of jews on the slave trade is that they made the ships then that fully excludes them from sharing any blame

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Being from NY and having large exposure to both groups, I would much rather live around Jews.

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They owned the ships, not only made them fren.

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true, hating on low-level jews is retarded, they're civilized people and have nothing to do with what elites do.

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kinda respect the jews for the hustle. niggers are just stright up parasitic


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they owned the ships but who were the ones using them for slave labor? it was mostly Europeans and in very rare circumstances natives. my guy analogy still applies hopefully you can see where I am trying to get at

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Not true

Normal Jews are almost always liberal and by default push subversion in all forms

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>skin color
you spit in the face of mother nature if you believe tens of thousands of years of evolution resulted in human sub species only having different skin color

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>sub species
The absolute state

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I was thinking of religious jews that pronounce things with "chhh" and not these buzzfeed whores.

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Love everyone equally, and I love them both equally.

Don't judge ethnicities, judge individuals.

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my man, your inquiries have been answered here: >>23909361

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>ignore aggregate data trends, look at the individual points

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Niiicee, you’re going places anon.

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niggers are bad, but jews allow the niggers to exist
if blacks stayed in africa everything would be fine, but the jew brings them in
so jews are obviously the worst

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soul too pure for this world

>> No.23910031

even without niggers the jews would still be destroying culture and the family unit

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orthodox jews can be based
they'll still steal your pocket change, but they actually protest against the formation of isreal

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The first last name is Lopez, you are not being serious right?

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What is a “crypto Jew” you fucking dunce


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You’ll never be a woman. Go back. Chainlink is a scam anyway.

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you can say whatever you want but i know for a fact that your views are justified by single image manipulated memes that you downloaded from pol and that you havent done any actual reading because you are too dumb and lazy. eventually i want to be rich enough so that i never have to talk to people like you really thats my main reason to want money to not communicate with stupid people!

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>Buzzword 1, buzzphrase 2, buzzphrase 3.
Heh, I win. Poor young bucks never stood a chance

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based anon in this cesspool of a thread.

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>single image
there are tons of images
> havent done any actual reading because you are too dumb and lazy
i have but images are much quicker to spread info. please drop the personal attacks, anon, we are men of logic after all

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Jews create niggers by turning black people with potential into fatherless crime worshiping junkies.

>> No.23911549

The natural name to call a Jew is literally a parasite.
"The parasitic Jew"

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So the jews have legitimate reason to hate whites? They've subhuman IQ compared to them

>> No.23911580

We do hold the individuals accountable and they keep being niggerjew commiefaggots

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Bros, you c..can you be j..jewish and also hate jews r..right?

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Jews are useless without their weapons.
Let’s see....asian? No they are good
Latins....no they are good too
Blacks are the issue.
Ofcourse, jews are always issue, as they can highjack EVEN japs to join in blm, but without blacks it’s over

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It’s a big issue.
I mean look, 300 200 years ago slavery was a thing and people still talk about it.
Meanwhile, the confederate were democratic and kkk was founded by dems 100 years ago and EVERYONE FORGOT THAT.
Let’s not forget about Jews and their genocide on original people of isreal because “god told them so”
And no one even bothered with it?

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Nigger jew here. For me, it's chainlink. Wakanda+ chainlink forever.

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You can avoid the color folk


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Jews hate whites because they were not accepted by god as his chosen people, thats where their hatred for children of god (white people) comes from

>> No.23912149

>they were literally thrown out of 109 countries
I know Americans doesn't learn European history, but blame the politicians and the church. They were outcasted from agriculture and some other businesses, so their only choice was too become a merchant or choose a job you could earn some money in contemporary cities. And several of them could read, they had their own literature, they could understand each other's language etc. People hated them because their own ruling class was dumbass.

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Based black israelite

>> No.23912197

Would there be niggers if the Jews didn't bring them here?

>> No.23912211

Thats what they tell you at school, truth is that jews were parasites even in ancient history. They were thrown out of ancient egypt because they couldnt stop drinking the blood of innocent children (same thing the elite is doing today) and undermined every country that didnt ban them.

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Sry for mistakes, tired af

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What the Bible tells about Egypt is utter bullshit. The numbers, the happenings, the mythology. After all, Bible is basically a gesta spiced with some mythological mixture, not a collection of facts.

The Arabs were pumping out much more gold and silver from the Old Continent. That's why European nations started to search for alternative trading routes. And the outcome was the expiration of America, and a whole bunch of tech inventions.
Same with the Jews. Without Jews, modern cities and industry wouldn't exist in their actual form. We should not hate successful people but try to learn from them and be better than them. That's The mechanism what is moving out world forward. Hating the Jews is no different from Bolshevik ideologies...

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I'm a Jew, so I pick niggers

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Its not all jews i hate, i only hatr the fake jews that worship old canaanite gods. Even the fucking bible named them in revelation 2:9.

>> No.23912656

Do you defend what your people are doing to the western world? Which side are you on?

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Source: your ass

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This says "Facts" right on it

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I live in Russia, we don’t even have a significant nigger population here, the only niggers we have are students, but we have other problems such as fucktons of middle-asian muslim immigrants and Putin's favorite official Kadyrov establishing a sunni theocracy in Chechnya and stealing tax payers money. Btw, western Jews supporting all that BLM nonsense make me cringe hard

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A world without niggers and kikes would be like a world without roaches and mosquitos

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based and jewpilled

>> No.23913095

Just cope that our average IQ is higher than yours, my fellow whites

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>> No.23913203

Hitler was right, you guys seriously need to take a plasma bath.

>> No.23913257

This is fucking retarded

>> No.23913260

All non-Jews get the rope.

>> No.23913294

what did i come upon dang

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>> No.23913323

>has never stepped outside

>> No.23913414

Plasma bath.... sounds comfy, is it warm?

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>Just cope that our average IQ is higher than yours, my fellow whites

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I'm only half-Jewish and both of my parents are non-religious, so my dick is uncut

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>be inbred pedokike
>gang molest, mutilate and kill your progeny for over 6k years
>muh book told me to!!!
>literally can't take the baby dick binkie out of your inbred ethnic cultist mouth
>claim high iq

>> No.23913663

kys kike

>> No.23913741

So many salty poltards over here

>> No.23913804

You are fucking retarded if you think only poltards are unto the jews. My fucking grandparents told me about the jew already, FUCKING WAKE UP. YOUVE BEEN BRAINWASHED INTO THINKING THEY ARE THE VICTIMS. NEWS FLASH: THEY ARE NOT THE VICTIMS.

>> No.23913852

I'm that half-Russian half-Jew guy if you forgot to check my ID

>> No.23913884

Like you often hear about pit bulls: it's not the dogs but the owners. It's definitely the Jews. However, that doesn't mean niggers get a free pass, they're an overly aggressive race that needs to be surpressed.

>> No.23913890

Jews. It's a control thing.

You can simply live away from niggers. Who has escaped Jewery?

>> No.23913923

Nope. More often than not...they’re the victims

>> No.23913951

it's poltards and poor slavs, mostly.

you are absolutely fucking deranged if you seriously think the people who believe in jewish conspiracies aren't a TINY minority of the western population, the veracity of the claims aside

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Even my aunt is woke on Jews. It tells you a lot when even women are getting woke on them without external help.

>> No.23914055

>tfw I’m half-Slavic and also half-Jewish
should I subvert the western civilization or participate in pogroms instead? Hmmmm.....

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based moses

>> No.23914174

No the old generation in europe all know about the jew, they only chose to forget it bc they saw literally lived through hell in WW2, but they all know that jews are not the good guys.

>> No.23914901

by far the jews, is that even a question? nigger's can't help their nature.

>> No.23915042

it's an idealistic ideal, and one to try and live by. However one must not also disregard hard data and evidence that show apparent difference in the various human races.

>> No.23915120

Why everybody ignored my redpill on Russian immigration policies? Is that because I’m a half-kike?

>> No.23915779

None of my grandparents are/were anti-Semitic. Our family was even hiding them. The real alufoil hat generation is my parents' one. All they have learnt in socialism was lie, and when the borders had been opened, the information was streaming inside the country. They are overcompensating their young days, where everything was a lie. They are like poltards. Everything is a (((LIE))) for them, despite they can believe even the most blatant bullshit. They are thinking along ideologies, not facts.

>> No.23915838

Biz hates Jews because they know Jews are smarter than them

>> No.23915896

Niggers wouldn't be a problem if not for the jews, so I have to go with jews.

>> No.23916162

Btw I can feel that you don't understand why are people Euros so liberal (even conservatives). They don't wanna hide the "truth" from your eyes. Teaching ethnical discrimination would simply be equal to teaching division by zero from arithmetics. There are well-accepted European values. If they would teach people something going so much against these values, people would start questioning those values which helped Europe coming out of mud. Right wing ideologies are not real conservatism, because people think it would make the future unpredictable.

Of course everyone has their own personal opinion, but stating that any people here are collectively racist is untrue. Dogs don't bite the feeding hand.

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yeah those evil white people kick them out for no reason

>> No.23916336

>average jewish IQ is 105
>average engineer IQ is 126
ad hominem

>3-12 million estimated killed at the hands of Lazar Kaganovich (a Soviet jew)
oh yeah those jews are real victims

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>our greatest ally

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>> No.23916502

105 is about all the Jews, including the shitskinned ethiopian Jews, Sephardim, Bukhara Jews, etc. Ashkenazis have average of 120

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no genetic group has an average iq that high. post a source, if you have any.

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