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Wouldn't stop spamming the board for months, said he'd come back after election, haven't seen him in a minute.

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>imagine thinking anything posted on /biz is anything other than a LARP or a shitpost

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didn't BAND and LINK do 1000% and 600% this year alone ?

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yo im here, and this fake pump is hilarious, also LINK from the time of post did 70% retrace
>20$ to 7$

also still not buying and won't be buying at these levels, there's literally cold winter coming to all the markets and you fucks dont realize whats coming.

>ETH 100$
>LINK 1,5$


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Believe it or not, some people, myself included, tell the truth here.
>t. 1000 BTC whale

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and here comes more paper millionaires.

and about election fraud, i didnt expect such a fuckin massive documented fraud and all the media saying Biden won and literally dismissing videos of negros tearing Trump ballouts etc.

this is clown world as it is.

massive distribution by whales, retail isnt coming to crypto for another 12-16months.

greed levels are off the charts, bull levels are off the charts, with pathethic volume.


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>and about election fraud, i didnt expect such a fuckin massive documented fraud and all the media saying Biden won and literally dismissing videos of negros tearing Trump ballouts etc.

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? there's literally hundreds of videos with evidence, hundreds of affidavits signed, "glitched" system made by people connected to Hilary Clinton.

Trump's team is literally crashing this shit in court, and he will be elected, and starts massive war against media + big tech.

IF not, Biden is going to do a full lockdown, mandatory vaccines that will cause riots either way.

IF Trump wins and is elected you realize that USA will burn for months with national guard etc.

In the middle of pandemic (fake or not), there's info about vaccines and markets are surging. Like who the fuck is buying where massive parts of world economic aka trade of money has been stopped for at least 5-6 months?

just because BTC went into 16000$ range in mid-month, doesnt mean it can't close under 10000$ by end of November.

i can rant more about velocity of money, and different branches but its all on deaf ears.

if im wrong,im wrong with good logic and evidence that points to the obvious here.

free man talking here, and i will remain free thinker, fuck what all of you think

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and also LINK will hit 200$ by January ! :^-)

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>i will remain a free thinker
I think you mean deranged, not free.

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It’s not too late to buy back in, assuming you sold at 20 you’ve almost doubled your stack, should feel pretty good about that.

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>Trump's team is literally crashing this shit in court, and he will be elected, and starts massive war against media + big tech.
imagine the smell of this timeline

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Niggers don't love you back, buddy.

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keep coping LOL

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let's get to facts shall we :
1.Vaccine is not ready, and could lead to complications aka deaths since Pfizer likes to test shit on humans soon rather than later

2.USA doesn't have president and each side will contest. Left with all the media, Trump with justice system. I would say objectively that Trump will be POS at the 14th of December. Why that date ? DYOR

3.Countries aka economies aka buyers, are going into 2nd lockdowns or massive restrictions all around the world. 2nd wave is coming (aka flu season) but all deaths will be counted as Rona.

4.Countries locking down early in the year and whats happening today, caused massive holes in budgets and GDP's around the world. 2+2.

With 4 of those points i could write essays with graphs which industries are literally on the life support, and didn't generate money aka people didn't earn money, aka countries will have to bail out those industries with tax money aka GDP minus, aka inflation etc.

How the fuck you can rationalize BTC/LINK/ETH whatever crypto bullmarket in current world situation is beyond me.

I would rather stay deranged and on the sidelines. Take care boys.

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>let's get to the facts
>lists conjecture stated as facts

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What do you have to look forward to? Your $5k student debt being forgiven in exchange for 10% higher taxes?
More niggers? More spics? More drugs?
Idk seems fucking miserable to me. Sell me on your "side"? I'm not a faggot a nigger or a woman so I stand to gain exactly nothing. So come on, tell me why I should be excited for socialism? I'll be the one paying for it, despite getting nothing for it. So...? Why would anyone like me be happy about the outcome?

Go ahead explain it. Even briefly, try.

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There’s a large amount of Jews and retarded liberals on here that just gaslight instead of acknowledging any type of facts or video evidence. Best not to engage with them.

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>what do you have to look forward to
seeing you trumptards seethe for

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if I'm lying I'm dying

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keep self-annihilating, cuck
when your government's money is abandoned by a majority of people who are remotely capable of producing wealth, you're going to be at the mercy of all the third worlders that you cheered on the importation of, brought in using funds stolen from people who tend to earning their wealth in voluntary exchange, and may be struggling to get by as it is
even if you're just an accelerationist, you risk creating more violent turbulence to get caught up in
side with involuntarism, get involuntarism, die/lose your livelihood to involuntarism—you're a creature of self-annihilation, and i will not let you associate yourself with me

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Take your circlejerk to /pol/, faggot.

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