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Do you ever just look at some people and wonder where does all their money comes from? How can all these low iq thots and faggots afford sports cars and shitton of clothes, a house? I work a shitty office job 5 days a week and save most of my pathetic wage but can hardly afford anything and I feel so fucking horrible mentally and physically from it. How are so many people who seem to be full of energy, appear to not have any skills or from a different town so no family members can help them quickly and I never see them do anything productive but they still appear to have shitton of energy and cash.

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I really don't care if you believe it or not, but I've been NEET for the last 5 years and I have over $600k in crypto right now, the initial stack was bought with government gibsmethat too (Was literally for a year in my government neet activation program).

Satan is the lord of this world

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You're not white.

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Idk man my parents both make over 100k a year and we live in a pretty shitty house with a loan on it.
I really don't know much about my parents finances but my dad liked to lease cars when I was younger.
I think there were 8 different cars in our garage in the past 20 years.
Pretty sure that's where most of the money went: cars and guns.

I wish I was in charge of the finances. He wasn't even willing to let me pay for my own car insurance on his vehicles when I was commuting 20+ hours a week on public transport to my college classes.
Fucking boomers.

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Lucky for you, faggot. I live in a post iron curtain non-country with no gibsmedats.

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Generational wealth. Probably inherited money from their parents/family. They're probably 3rd or 4th gen; 2nd gen if 1rst gen was smart.
I imagine they go through life with significantly less worries. I.e. a friend of a friend of my dad can put in a good word for me at that nice business for that cushy job, I don't even have to try at the interview. Or even if I'm a literal retard I have 2 million dollar trust fund to fall on.
Just having that mindset helps in focusing on things that improve someone's situation, like school or work.

Must be nice.

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NEETs will inherit the world

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Same people who whine about having to live making only 110k a year ,and needing 5 mil to make it

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