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Why has Bitcoin suddenly shot up in price? The U.S. election? The halving was months ago and people don't just randomly start rapidly buying Bitcoin because of something that happened months ago, that makes no sense.

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Paper money is dying. Why do you think every public sale went apeshit this year? Everyone knew. At least 5x on every one.

Bonded Finance is on 11/15... get your shit together.

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Socialism. They can take your money, your house and your property but they can’t take your Bitcoin.

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>Paper money is dying

and bitcoin is not going to replace it.

>Socialism. They can take your money, your house and your property but they can’t take your Bitcoin.

sure they can. didn't they just seize $1B of bitcoin?

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Supply shock anon, the amount of coins hitting circulation daily halves, yet the total number of those investing are at least the same, so what do you think that does to price?

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literally the largest financial collapse that has ever occurred in the history of humanity

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>and bitcoin is not going to replace it.
It might not replace it in the short term but it holds it value much better. Fiat is what, -99% from ATH? BTC is about to make a new one. You'd have to be retarded to stick around in monopoly money right now

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Delete this image.

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Delete this post.

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delete my load off your chin.

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it always takes some time for the reduced supply to be felt in the marketplace.

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How can they seize something in your mind?
You do know if you memorize those 16 words, no one can ever take your wealth away from you right?

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essentially. unless they hit you with a brick until you tell them I suppose.

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These are all long-term things. What has caused this short-term surge?

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are you a kid or just a brainlet?

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Okay one more last time. Save this image cause I'm not gonna post it again

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Word of mouth and media attention to the first spike last week gets more people hyped up and involved.

My nigger.

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Microstrategy was a first bull indicator and it surprised me that it didn't cause bigger waves. Later PayPal. Some think presidential election, but Bitcoin has nothing ot do with that

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>Bitcoin should be going up and that's why everyone is suddenly buying it!
This explains nothing

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>Bitcoin suddenly shot up

Zoom out, man. It has been rising continuously from the beginning and will continue to do so. Also, this is not a steep ascend right now.


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Halving starts to effect with 6-7 month lag.

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>what is multi sig?

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They didn't seize they made a deal in exchange of the bitcoins

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Bitcoin is ridin with biden

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>Bonded Finance
wf is this?

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>. Fiat is what, -99% from ATH?
why? inflation is only 2%

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the government isnt going to hit anyone with bricks. they cant even get everyone to pay their income taxes.

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Hillary Clinton and other elites were buying up adrenochrome in record volumes on the lead up to the election.

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rly schizo?

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He's talking like since the dawn of usd or something

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There is more demand from ng institutional adopters like microstrategy and greyscale. And the suppy was cut in half. Miners and exchange reserve will eventually dwindle

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so uh thats not a good look.
the big pumps are getting much smaller

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I guy in China told me about this. I ordered 3kg of 3D printer resin and he asked if I wanted the resin or if I was with the Clinton Foundation and needed adrenochrome. Shit's wack bro

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>what is a logarithmic scale

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are you actually retarded

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>The halving was months ago and people don't just randomly start rapidly buying Bitcoin because of something that happened months ago
This is literally what has happened after every halving, retard.

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He is right. The % gains are lowering.

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it's more like the same # or slightly more are buying, but there are fewer and fewer available for sale
oh noes, I might only get a 100x with huge liquidity.
might as just well rope