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You thought they were going to let you keep your March stock gains?

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This guy, BTW, is total alarmist doomer reveling in his one moment in the spotlight after a lifetime of irrelevance.
But he has a large following (particularly among Biden supporters), and even does a weekly podcast.

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market won't crash though, because people are already accustomed to masks, and procedures, so an additional lockdown won't cause fear.

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4-6 weeks to take the middle economy that's already on life support and crash it with no surviors, leaving only walmart, amazon, and google when the dust has cleared.

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As long as Bitcoin does ok I'm fine with it.
My current Disinfectant Job at Boeing is layoff proof
I can ride this shit out for years.

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And then another 6 weeks and another 6 weeks and eventually we'll be in lockdown for six months.

That's a reason Trump forced the lockdown to end. There's no end in sight.

This will pretty much deal the killing blow to ask non chain restaurants.

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Biden also picked Zeke Emmanuel, another lockdown zealot:

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Apparently this guy is insance:

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I voted for Trump, but stupidly, I assumed if Biden won, the media would at least let up on the COVID hysteria.
Instead it seems like they're going to ramp it up.

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They're going to great reset your ass for daring to ever let Trump fuck with them

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B..b..but i thought covid was fake and gay guys.

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Maybe its not hysteria dumbass. Maybe the disease leaves lasting damage to people like scientists have been saying for almost a year now

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youll be fine just dont eat or live in a place that costs rent

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>why yes I'm an expert in fascistically shutting down the economy and being the only government in the world to defeat covid, I'll do the job for 575k a year Mr Biden
are people still worshipping "muh experts" to this extent in late 2020

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Biden wants a lot of things he's not going to get.

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Another 6 weeks? So that Pfizer vaccine didn’t work out huh?

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someone needs to put lasting damage in the structural integrity of your skull

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>thinking about all my liberal boomer relatives who voted biden and will now never be able to retire but were seething about trump just recently

Imagine destroying the longest bullrun in American history because you bought the 'obama economy' meme. Hahaha. Of course since I'll buy the bottom, when it goes back up I'll be rich. It's like a wealth transfer from my whore liberal mom straight into my pocket. I can't lose either way.

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Look at Australia, Victoria anon. They had cases go up too high and followed a pretty heavy handed lockdown and suddenly no more cases. Imagine being able to put others needs above your own for a minute so that less lives needed to be lost.

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How fucking gay are you? the death rate is literally .001% and almost no one fucking has complications for it.

But yeah we should destroy the middle class and small businesses so the only people who remain are the oligarchs.

If I ever saw you in person I'd throw a brick into the back of your faggot head.

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It is you gullible bluepilled CNN watching tranny.

We did this in New Zealand and it did nothing contrary to what Jewish media shilled all over the world. So we did a second one. Guess what? Didn’t work either. We’re about to have another one.

All it did is ruin the economy.

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True, my mental health has been seriously affected because of these lockdowns. Loneliness is at an ath and havent been this depressed in a long time

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There's no reason to lock down children and the young and healthy.

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The cheapies will be mine

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You are fucking dumb as rocks man.

Trying stepping out of /biz or /pol for news you fucking idiot. There cpuntless studies of people who will need organ transplants in 5 years, lost taste and smell forever, fatigue, and 20% of all males go sterile.

Get fucked ignorant nigger


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My mental health has been decimated for the inverse, namely being stuck inside with people and never being able to get away from them. Being on unemployment for 7 months hasn’t been great either.

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Imagine being such a faggot you cant even google


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>are people still worshipping "muh experts" to this extent in late 2020
These "experts" can't even do anything.
Osterholm and Emanuel aren't actively working on therapeutics or vaccines, and don't seem to offer any unique insights into how to go about doing either.
Which makes the fanbase of Osterholm so peculiar. What's so awesome about an expert who can't solve the problem he's purportedly an expert on?

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the death rate is over 1% you dumb polnigger

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Oh your feelings are hurt. I guess beer making money selling calls is more important than 2% of the worlds population being dead every year

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I know these fucking virus denier hoax faggots are cancer.

Imagine being so retarded you deny a virus thats all over the world at the same time. Thats flat earth tier idiocy that deserves a bullet

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Get shot and die, terrorist.

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Perhaps they should, and decrease the surplus population.

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It’s just the common cold.

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Just because you say it is it doesn’t mean it is. That is flat earth tier idiocy.

COVID19 is 100% a hoax. If it wasn’t, it wouldn’t require paid globalist shills canvassing the internet for damage control.

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>Covid make your balls fall off.
I remember south park making fun of you doomers.

Ya know the normal Flu lowers sperm count for about 3-4 months right?
That's because the body doesn't prioritize sperm production when fighting off an illness.
And Sperm take a very long time to reach full maturity.
I had my balls fixed and my sperm count took over a year to start rising.
Took 2 years to get a level high enough to have a kid

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You first faggot

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why are normies like this? why is their understanding of morality and ethics based entirely on feel goodism.

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Good thing Biden lost than cause this guy is never gonna get the opportunity to do his faggot ass lockdown
>inb4 tranny shills

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yeah they somehow think the entire world has willingly destroyed their economies including the American's political adversaries, to work with the DNC to rig the election against based boy Trump. It's crazy kek

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Worth considering that the lockdowns are killings people too. Tens of thousands of children starving to death, but I guess that's no big deal.

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>>>some random guy on the internet says so

Yeah ill trust the researchers on that one thank

somebody i follow on instagram named bald and bankrupt got it in serbia and its been 5 months and he still cant walk to his mailbox.

Stop downplaying this shit

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The lockdowns were never going to end. They would just keep getting extended during the reset and on the other side you would find yourself in a wageslaving ubidrone dystopia. Be thankful Trump won by so much that they were forced to cheat more brazenly than ever before.

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Will Nancy get so mad she goes full terrorist?

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>Science is impervious to big money corruption
What the fuck is up with the r*ddit influx lately?

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I don't know, but I personally am fucking glad. I never want to return to the office. Never. This black swan may well offer freedom from outdated obsolete retarded shit like "commuting". The idea that I wasted an entire hour or more of my life waking up early to stuff myself on an underground cuck tube and zoom under the ground like a tin can full of worm disgusts me. I cannot imagine going back to that wretched bullshit. If my work wants me to come back I am purposely getting fired for the new unemployment gibbedats and immediately applying to any work from home job. Fuck offices.

As a species we could've said. "wow 1% of oldies will die and we will get herd immunity, we are getting off light in terms of pandemics. It's not like its the black plague wiping out half of Europe." God bless the normies and god bless CNN for fear mongering the absolute shit out of them for the past 4 years and especially the last 6 months. God bless the 16 versions of the daily show drilling in the propaganda obedience to figures on television. I hope the normies never wake up. That who we profit off of. It's good for them. Normies look happy anyway.

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It'll probably take a huge shit. How low, I couldn't say. But all normie money invested into it that all of a sudden finds themselves at least a month with no work will start liquidating anything they have of value. And it's as simple for them to sell on coinbase as anything.

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>I don't trust some random guy in the internet
>Proceeds to use a random guy from the internet as evidence

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Normal fags own a very small amount of bitcoin.
I trained a group of janitors on sanitizing shit and they ALL owned crypto.
But usually 200-300 worth, not enough to cause a crash even if they all sold.
1 old timer had like 100,000 worth of XRP though, that was an eye opener.

That guy was smart as fuck, idk why he choose to be a a Janitor.

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Theres also bodybuilding forum freaks, theyre easy to spot as well

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If March's crash was any indication, every asset of value is going to take some kind of hit. That leads me to believe it's more than just normie money, it had at least some effect on even those with bags of it. But on the other hand, now that people are used to being cucked with the face diaper they could just go on as normal.

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Are you mentally handicapped? There’s like 200 middle road corps and shops in my county. They’d have to do 6-8 weeks like 5 times in 2021 to get us to close up 80% of biz.. people want to work bruh, people want the cash ...

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While I agree it has a lasting impact on those whom get it; hysteria is very much involved in this.

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You mean the plastic surgery threads?

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Either close everything for a month or continue to crawl thru Coronavirus at full throttle while screaming VACCINE INCOMING.

I know America can't cope w/ the idea of government doing things so its gonna crawl while people drop like flies.

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Bald is a pathetic faggot.

>> No.23899694

go back you ignorant mut. This ain't pol, we believe in science. You guys dont even understand what facts are anymore you make up reality while listening to trump.

>> No.23899719

People aren't dropping like flies, retard. Have you seen the CDC's stats for total deaths over the course of 2020? We had a slight rise during the first wave, which then leveled off to completely normal levels like any other year! There's so much hysteria that they're labeling any death as COVID related as long as they detect the antibodies. Hell, even children's cartoons like South Park are making fun of this shit.

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Youre really stupid if liberals gaining power would let up on COVID hysteria.

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old man yells at clouds

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With liberals in power I see this going on for another 3 or 4 years

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lol ..... no
and as the evidence for fraud mounts, the calls for shutdown will grow stronger. only when the DNC is defeated and the dust from civil unrest has settled will the farce finally end.

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the restaurants in my area have adapted to takeout style. they still get a lot of business. would a lockdown close those too?

>> No.23900573

weird way to spell printer
>implying this isn't the goal

>> No.23900583

the same scientists who for decades said saturated fat causes heart attacks and margerine is good for you?
or the ones who say mercury is extremely dangerous, unless it’s injected into babies?

>> No.23900605

tired of trumpcucks saying the corona hoax is to get trump out of office. IT’S TO MAKE MONEY.
honestly i dont worry about it too much anymore, this shit rarely affects people who dont believe in it. not never, but rarely.

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HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA 20% of males go sterile HAHHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA you fucking idiots will believe anything

>> No.23900669

What are the chances of another march like crash?

>> No.23900694

>reddit spacing
>meme virus has infnite side effects
you must go back

>> No.23900698

they take old people who test positive on a test that is known to give many false positives, then they take all the symptoms each person has, and say they are all symptoms of covid. then they put it in a news article and stupid faggots like you eat it up.

the same people who say the raw milk ive been drinking the past 5 years will kill me, but guzzling fluoride is good for me.

>> No.23900699


It's the flu labeled covid . Hoax to put blame on trump hands down

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>amerisharts don't have enough capital on hand, nor have enough self control or common decency to stay home for 4 weeks
>chinese economy is already experiencing sick gains

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over 1% of 90 year olds maybe

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it is amazing that China completely eradicated Corona early this year while the rest of the world keeps experiencing new cases. how did they do it?

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corona virus has ALWAYS been all over the world. it’s a mild virus our immune systems have always had to deal with. it the STATISTICS that are a hoax. and the fake events like 20% of the people in a nursing home dying.

the tv box exists to lie to you. shit floats to the top, the people who run the news agencies are all liars working for the government, the government is working for the corporations, the corporations are all owned by a small number of superwealthy families. the fact that it’s so easy to tell people these ridiculous stories and be believed just shows how little people have evolved since the middle ages, when priests were spinning tales of little demons that would poke you in the butt for eternity if you thought about boobies.

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>The lockdowns were never going to end.
True dat

>> No.23900860

he is also a paid shill. it’s only common sense for the government to have an army of popular youtube/twitter/insta personalities so people who no longer believe the tv and newspaper can still be lied to effectively. the popularity of their agents’ hannels can easily be boosted by improving their search ranking.

>> No.23901046

>they're labeling any death as COVID related as long as they detect the antibodies
they label it as covid after PCR positive tests, which means you just have to have a very tiny amount of the virus RNA which means you just had to have contact with it once in your life, without neccessarily getting suck or infectious
And Fauci himself said most of US tests give false positives anyway

>> No.23901347


these people are fucking insane

>> No.23901438

You know there’s plenty of evidence to suggest this is all bullshit and they’re cooking the books in terms of death numbers right?

>> No.23901451


>> No.23901454

Google the great reset retard

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File: 99 KB, 1024x561, E810A5F7-E8E4-4516-88E4-72228D752CAA.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

We tried to warn you leftist faggots.

>> No.23901490

M neighbor works in a laboratory with 14 others. One of his colleagues got a high temperature so they were all required to get a Covid test as per management regulations.
The results?
All 14 positive
My neighbor and his colleagues realized that this was a statistical impossibility, so they insisted that they all be tested again.
Results of the second test?
All 14 negative
So now you have another 14 people who don't believe the narrative

>> No.23901519

less than 250k deaths in america which is 0.1% of the population

you dumb af you crackhead nigger

>> No.23902277

We need this

>> No.23902693

>demons who poke you if you thought about boobies
Thats actually true though, at least if theyre anyone but your wife's bewbs

>> No.23902717

>i got mine
such a low iq take
it's objectively better to be middle class in a prosperous country than upper class in a shithole
and when even the best countries all become shitholes, there won't be any place to run to

>> No.23902729

There is a set of clinical symptoms that people are experiencing which includes the pneumonia, a fizzing feeling, a loss of taste, mini strokes and clotting. There is absolutely zero evidence this is from a coronavirus. I will offer a $5000 reward to anyone who can provide a study that demonstrates this alleged virus isolated (according to proper scientific principles not just using the word) and characterised from the isolate by electron microscopy. Until this is done the tests are scientifically meaningless which means the any ideas about the numbers of infections and deaths is impossible to present accurately.

When you actually look in to it you find germ theory is one giant hoax to push men in white coats selling rockerfellers and carnegies petroleum distillate products as chemicals to combat these microorganisms which are actually our friends. Polio was DDT, HIV was poppers, Mad Cow was organophosphate drenching for warble fly, the black plague was atmospheric HCN and there are a few likely culprits for what is causing this typical set of clinical symptoms which include dehydration, glyphosate, polluted air and electromagnetic radiation.

Look up The Contagion Myth (censored off youtube),
Look up Dr Tom Cowan, Dr Andy Kaufman MD, Barre Lando, Kelly Brogan, Sally Fallon, Rashid Buttar.


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File: 24 KB, 740x416, 106689838-15991517532020-09-02t125747z_1703813022_rc2cqi97ojw1_rtrmadp_0_germany-politics-merkel.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Yeah the COVID tests are by and large, useless.


>> No.23902778

based schizo

>> No.23902968

maybe 2 of the tests were made in china
i've seen their thermometers

>> No.23903426

"It is time to proceed with the plan..."

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why not?!
Let grandpa ruin the economy with his Corona Lockdown and just buy the fucking dip!
You no longer need guys like Trump after you finally made it!
Just let Biden win and buy the dip after everything crashed, it's really that easy.

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File: 13 KB, 360x203, Bog.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

"I will grant you everything from peace to freedom. Just sleep..."

>> No.23903813

>Disinfectant Job at Boeing is layoff proof
anon, have you been to airport lately. its never coming back shit stain cleaner (oh sorry Disinfectant Engineer)..
allowing you into this country was a mistake.

>> No.23903966

Good thing they aren't going to get it.

>> No.23904565

>biz complains that Biden wants to give you neetbux to stay at home and be comfy this winter

what happened to this place

>> No.23905177

Suicides and drug abuse are up as well and the long term consequences of these lock downs haven't even started yet.

>> No.23905605

>and suddenly no more cases
Except, when they reopen cases are going to up again.

Lockdowns don't end cases, they just delay them.

Also, every country in which lockdowns were implemented are having cases of depression, anxiety and household violence on the rise. This will lead to increased suicide. Also more deaths from preventable diseases.

You're not saving anyone. Just sacrificing other people to feel good about yourself.

>> No.23905624

Go catch it then.

>> No.23905661

>normies literally kill themselves if they can't go to work

is this what happens to your brain on capitalism?

>> No.23905723

>Boeing only makes things that are at public airports
Spotted the retard

>> No.23905786

No, it's what happens when you take a social creature, isolate it for months, destroy their daily routines, remove their means to provide for themselves and constantly bombard them with "news" designed to ramp up their anxiety.

>> No.23905830

If trump wasn’t such a retard we wouldn’t have to, magatards really fucked us in the ass this time

>> No.23905934

>we only want what’s best for you

>> No.23905966


Nothing happened. It's not my fault 95 IQ's can't see through media lies.

>> No.23905994

is it so outside of your frame of reference that you can't even imagine that there are people that can do all the things you listed everyday without needing to go to a wagie cage?

>> No.23906037
File: 139 KB, 1280x720, 1002306C-A5A1-4C29-AEF2-5875C7C2D78F.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Fake tests. Every country that’s controlled covid hoax minimized testing, but communists are using covid as a pretext to destroy the economy and start a great reset a la world economic forum globalist policies to usher a neo-feudalistic system, where they openly admit commoners will own nothing, everything material will be rented out, everyone will be traced and tracked, and digital medical certificates will validate whether you can engage in open society and travel, just like revelations which begs the question: if you bring bring about these draconian laws and help to fulfill biblical prophecy, are you still serving God?

>> No.23906081
File: 2.17 MB, 388x356, 1451004394290.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>There's no end in sight.
Only for the bad goyim who will refuse to participate to the (((great reset))) plan where you give up the right to ever have property over things, and who refuse to get sterili- i mean vaccinated.
But if you are a good goy accepting his ARN modifying zogsoup full of nanocandies, then you'll be free to roam around like you used to! Imagine how lucky you are! Free to use your cuckmobile to wagecuck once again and pay taxes to import more nigger! Lucky goyim.

>> No.23906090

Of course it’s not your fault, but these 80iq retards will drag you down with their crab mentality. Why do you think the globalist communists want democracy based in sick, injured, retarded, and emotionally low iq?

>> No.23906138

But they don't. These are the people that exists NOW. They're suffering NOW in the real world, not in your fantasy perfect UBI world.

>> No.23906144

>but communists are using covid as a pretext to destroy the economy and start a great reset
You can call them for what they truly are, fren.

>> No.23906293

Bald and bankrupt was just in sinaloa???

>> No.23906347

so people have become so alienated from nature, family, craft, etc. that they find life meaningless without offices and restaurants. seems like the world was diseased long before the rona came around.

>> No.23906353
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>US has a big pool of money
Time to bankrupt the country over this flu hoax

>> No.23906440

>Some virtual bits on a harddrive will hold their value just fine as there are food riots, famines, disease, genocide, and mass starvation

>> No.23906502

I almost got into a fight today for not wearing a mask in a gas station I am so furious I still want to fight like 50 people

>> No.23906542

>communists are using covid as a pretext to destroy the economy and start a great reset a la world economic forum
>world economic forum
>Klaus Schwab
You seriously should revise your definition of communism. Klaus Schwab vision of communism is not communism, but more like communism for the peasants, the working class, but private ownership for the superclass. If someone own something, it is not communism, by definition. Other than that i globally agree with your post.
Also, they don't do this because they are evil, or because they decided to do a coup. They do this because they don't have any choice anymore. Capitalism is dead since 2008.

>> No.23906574

WHO world food program says 250 million people are going to starve to death as a result of widespread economic shutdowns. Stop acting like you are helping people

>> No.23906599

UN World food program* WHO is also now advising against lockdowns too though

>> No.23906658

Trump isn't leaving office until Jan 2021 thank God - hopefully we have a vaccine at that time.

Thank goodness for this fucking brick wall of a man, a fucking savior

>> No.23906720

World health, world food. World forum. Literally the same (((people))). They don't even really hide it.

>> No.23906725

It's not about the work. It's the money.

>> No.23906776

>I voted for Trump

Lol, fucking idiot.

>> No.23906813

That is why they increased the benefits.

>> No.23906818

Imagine voting for Biden just in spite of Trump

The literal equivalent of hating our country and economy

>> No.23906852

Oh yay! Let's pay more money to keep people out of work! In fact, let's pay them so much, they don't want to go back to work! Great ideas guys!

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File: 46 KB, 619x453, 1492363862277.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Stupid goyim brainwashed by the talmudvision are a fucking plague. They'd kill their own son just to obey to their ZOG masters. They don't have a soul anymore since they are unable to have any critical thinking. It should be allowed to shoot them on sight, sadly they are essential to the jews to push their agenda, so they'll get rewarded for being useful idiots, while you will be shuned, deprived of your rights and eventually executed for not being a NPC.
Sorry fren.

>> No.23906858

Coronavirus does not exist.

>> No.23906899


>> No.23906901


>> No.23906911

idgaf where if my stimulus check

>> No.23906927

This !
here in
Europe (Spain) exactly the same.

>> No.23907007

i've been in the gym for months without a mask trying, it just won't happen.

>> No.23907019

Woah, that's like, so deep man.

>> No.23907023

I have worked from home for years, so I literally don't care. But you can't have it both ways, complaining that people don't have money if they stay home, and then complain that people are being paid to stay home.

I understand that you want people to just carry on because the virus is a hoax/nothingburger/whatever. But I don't see why it has to be one extreme or another. Why not take limited common sense precautions (such as mask wearing, limiting groups, work from home when possible, etc) without shutting down the economy. This is pretty much where all reasonable people have landed.

>> No.23907037

There is a theory that viruses don't exist, and that they are some solvant, some "soap", the body produce in order to destroy toxified tissues. PCR tests are not reliable, and are not proof that virus exist, since with enough PCR amplifications, everybody has the virus.

>> No.23907074

am I wrong?

>> No.23907098

doesn't seem like that far of a stretch, tie peoples socialization to things that can be easily cut off (unlike nature, friends and family) then cut it off.

>> No.23907262

I also know plenty of people who have lost their work at home job due to the covid lockdown.

>> No.23907294

people lose jobs all the time for all kinds of reasons. in all likelihood the lockdown was just the tipping point.

>> No.23907361

Yes, because work is not the point. It's part of it.

Change causes stress. One of the things that keeps the brain comfy is routine.

Remove people's routines, isolate them (which is devastating psychologically, regardless of occupation, culture and age) and they'll be stressed. Now bombard them with news designed to stress them (because those news create more engagement and thus more revenue) and they'll be extra stressed.

That's what's causing depression right now. Not that they can't work for Mr Moneybags or that their Starbucks is closed.

>> No.23907366

for example, around half of restaurants go out of business in the first year. now every one of those that does will be "because" of corona

>> No.23907392

you don't get it. you think that people can't have routines and socialization without work. that's the problem

>> No.23907425

COVID is real you dumb fucks, a friends parent has died from it, another friend in his late 20s got put in the hospital coughing up blood, I am in Milwaukee and the outbreak is really bad here.

>> No.23907476

They can't socialize during a lockdown (no, Skype calls are not a replacement.) Especially not when the media tells people to stay away and fuels this insane fear of contact and closeness.

They can get new routines, but it's still stressful. Especially if they're under the impression that their health/life is in constant danger.

You're the one who doesn't get it. You're talking about "jobs" and "the system, man" and shit, I'm talking about human nature. Take a NEET, take away his PC and he'll be stressed as fuck too.

>> No.23907521

Yes, and shutting down the economy will kill many more people and leave consequences for decades to come.
>b-bur covid kills!!!!1111!
Yes. Now shutdown the economy for six months. Afterwards, is people safe? No. You simply delayed contagions a few weeks. You saved nobody and condemned the entire society to psychological and emotional suffering. Congratulations.

>> No.23907552
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>> No.23907637

I have been socializing with my family, friends, and neighbors. Unless they're in a nursing home, no one is going to stop you.

And I'm saying many people's routines weren't healthy to begin with. A fat man that is used to 10k calories a day will be quite stressed when put on a healthy diet.

I've spent so much time with my kid during the past 8 months that I likely wouldn't have been able to otherwise. This is an opportunity, not just a loss.

>> No.23907827

>Yeah ill trust the researchers on that one thank

i hope we can appreciate the value of strong public, domestic university research here.

>> No.23907864

For you. In your particular circumstances it was good.

Believe it or not there is people with fond memories of the Spaniard Civil War. Do you think it was positive? Fact is everyone is stressed and depression cases are through the roof. Whether their normal lives were healthy or not is a different topic entirely. Even healthy people that exercised and had healthy social lives were forbidden from them.

>> No.23907969
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Well, ((they)) want the Great Reset, so they need to crash the World economy first to start it

>> No.23907972

>he doesnt know about the great reset

>> No.23908001

you do have to consider the other effects that are none disease related. for me my world has been flipped and ive lost a lost of friends and am now depressed thinking whats the point of living anymore

>> No.23908019

I understand that people are stressed. I've had numerous relatives that have got rona in the last few weeks. I'm not saying it was great for me and that I don't care if other people suffer. I'm saying that sometimes it takes a shock like this to reorient people in a more positive direction.

I have continued my social life and exercising, who is being forbidden this? Maybe things are harsher in your country.

>> No.23908024

thats how it spreads you fucking retard

>> No.23908128

The USA never got a real lockdown. In Spain it was literally illegal to get out of your house for six months. Then they, oh so graciously, allowed people to excercise for one hour up to 1 km away from their homes.

And it didn't work. Three months later we're exactly at the same situation and the government is calling for more lockdowns.

And this is why I'm against them. They subject the entire population to suffering and economical ruin for no reason.

>> No.23908168

well I agree that sort of lockdown isn't appropriate. I live in a rural area and spend time everyday walking outside and on trails and believe it is very important to people, I don't think that should be taken away.

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