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! ! Resistance inbound at $16,600 ! !
We are now is the longest span in Bitcoin history without a 30% drop

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At this point I doubt there’s going to be much resistance, and dips get bought quick. Also who the fuck is thinking “I better dump all my Bitcoin for no reason” right now?

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chainlink had a massive 5 mil wall and they kept moving it.
massive buywalls are extremely bullish. people are sucking up that many orders and the sellers will see with and take theirs down

pic was when the wall was getting ripped down

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>longest span in Bitcoin history without a 30% drop
post proof

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Big if true.

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The whales who are going to dump on you and buy the dip

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I’m not selling faggot so price doesn’t matter to me at these levels. Also whales realize there are always bigger whales and they can equally get rekt. The market becoming larger makes it harder to control and swing

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yeap, hope you are right. Blizard and paypel bought a lot of BTC. Let's see, my bot is ready.

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You know there's a simple fix to your worries, right?

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