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I want to put $6000 in LINK and I'm waiting for it to drop to <$9 but I know we might moon this year. what do i do bros?

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Just buy it's had support at around 12 for awhile now. Worst case it dumps to 10 and you have to wait awhile if you wanna get out

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Go for it

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go for it OP, its now or never baby

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Jump in...next ATH is likely double from today’s price.

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If you dont have a position in link by the time it hits $14 again youre FUCKED

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buy as much as you can and then continue to DCA. If you are lucky you might make it to 1000 LINK which is the suicide insurance stack.

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Chainlink will never be in the single digits again, after this month chainlink will never be under $20 again.
This is the bottom.
Buy now or forever seethe and cope.

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this is tomorrow morning at 7am est
wait at your own peril

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that's what they said last bullrun you fucking fomoing faggot

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Only have 100 would love to get some under $10 but that probably won’t happen. I’ll make do with what I have.

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It won't go below $10 but wait for it to go below $12 at least.

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Chains never going to be worth thousands per coin, is it

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based fomo confirmed

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try to get 50k of them like me, if you can

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I hate smug posts like this.. you'll sell early anyways.

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Dude, just buy some now and buy some later. You don't need to pick a specific price to go all in. You will feel dumb that you didn't do it all at the price that works out best, but you would feel dumber if you missed out entirely and FOMOd in later. This isn't an all or nothing play with a single entry price. The same as people talk about "cashing out". It would be silly to sell everything at once you should be scaling out your position and keeping some holdings beyond what seems reasonable

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you wish, linklet

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People who have been around to accumulate that much are likely much more aware of what they have than the 200 link stackers.

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Yea right I’ll probably just stick with 100 and look for opportunities elsewhere. I’m still a poorfag barely even have 10k port

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humble yourself anon.

doesn't make a difference most will sell early.

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thanks anon bros. we will all make it.

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When it's over $100 you're not gonna give a fuck if you bought at 13 or at 9.

You will give a fuck if you wait for 9 and it never comes.

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