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What do you guys think about Plasmapay?
I was looking in to them and found of good things about them

- they have the biggest fiat on ramp off ramp platform
- licenses exchange in Europe
- over 100k customers

My only concern is that it does not have the buzz for the kind of development project has been doing since 2018.

They are listing in November. I am planning to buy some. What do you guys think?

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You would be stupid not to buy it

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I checked them out too.
The private sale is on going right now.
But the biggest issue is that there will be no public sale so no way to buy it cheap for now.

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PlasmaPay is better than PayPal. They are well established and have more features to offer right now than any other in the same league.
launched in India

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Biden will accept cryptocurrency than what will it do with FIAT. crypto will become Fiat.

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Pfizer has announced the vaccine so BTC will fall and all other alts will also fall. Lets see what will happen?

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Gonna go all in for this one

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PlasmaPAy is good I was reading about it the other day.
It is spread out in more than 162 countries.
It is going to moon when it comes!!

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No gas fees...It is nice if it has no gas.. I am tired of Gas fees. BTC crossed 16k .. Will it hold?

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Buying in as we speak, this one is good

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It's the best project of 2020, and it will moon once it starts trading, that's for sure

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PLASMAPAY is already oversubscribed and sold out in pre sales. any idea how to get hold of some of it... They are there since 2018. Why didnt they launch earlier!!

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Dunno, but plasmapay will hold for sure, way too much hype behind this project

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True, which is why I am positive that it's going to become the next big thing

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Feels good seeing other people that know the potential of PPAY

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How do I buy this? The fundamentals are strong and I want to grab a bag fast

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PPAY to the moon, it's only a matter of time, trading will start and the demand will be huge

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solve scalability before talking about payment. GLITCH me up - then talk w me

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