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>be me
>be cucked burger
>cash out 7 figures in crypto next year
>move to europe
>never pay a cent in taxes

You're not getting a cent from me you filthy kikes. DO YOU HEAR ME KIKES?

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The US taxman will rape you unless you somehow launder it

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checked and based

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income tax for US citizens is globally enforcable, retard.

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Quads of quintessential basedness

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Try enforcing it on me in Italy you disgusting parasitic kike worm. I''ll be waiting.

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Yeah good luck smooth brain, we have higher taxes in most countries there than you.

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Not really. If you have a second passport and you open up your bank account in that country with it and you deny all ties to the US they can't do shit without violating your rights massively. Doing US taxes from abroad is like using up the toilet paper and notifying the janny that it needs a refill, nobody fucking does it. Non-compliance of expats is like >90%

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renounce us citizenship

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>No income tax in Florida
is this the way out /biz/?

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Imagine being so that you renounce your citizenship of the worlds largest tx haven that is United States and movied to some cucked EU country here you are taxed even higher.
Please don’t post on /biz/ you’re embarrassing us.

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>worlds largest tx haven that is United States

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My keyboard fucked up typing this but you get the point.

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Isn’t main like tax free or something

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High”income”individuals : read wagies get cucked by taxes and pay the most taxes, not individuals with a lot of assets.
Learn the basics of taxes in the U.S or hire someone who does.

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Based tax avoider.

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based but if btc moons to 200k the IRS is definitely coming after you.
for like 7 figures it's probably worth it to have some investigator track you down in a foreign country

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What part of not paying the capitals gain tax from selling crypto do you not understand retard? Idc about taxes in EU after avoiding that lump sum.

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Checked, based, and tax evasion pilled

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what country anon? Switzerland sounds nice to me

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