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Brrrrrr for dummies edition

>Trading tips for beginners:


>Stock market words:

>Risk management:

>Live Bloomberg stream:

>Educational sites:

>Free chart:


>Pre-Market Data and Live data:

>Bio-pharma Catalyst Calendar:

>Boomer Investing 101:

>Dividend Reinvestment (DRIP) calculator:

>List of hedge fund holdings:

>Links for Bears


Previous thread:

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Fuck divvies

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it’s a bit cruel to dangle these promises in front of millions of people who don’t yet grasp that Biden lost

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pee pee poo poo

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pumped for when Trump just wipes the slate clean. Can you imagine all the retards with liberal studies degrees that magically get $50k of debt wiped off their shoulders? How could you possibly countersignal Trump after that?

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>Can you imagine all the retards with liberal studies degrees that magically get $50k of debt wiped off their shoulders?

I dont really care
those are the kind of people who will get into debt again because of bad consumer habits, and this time nobody will bail them out

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>create the student debt situation
>present yourself as the solution of the student debt situation
Liberals always fall for the same old tricks

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To create wealth, the Amerishart government should be able to create money or debt (money printer go brrrr) with no ill effects if the proceeds were used to fund needed infrastructure or to reverse income inequality by increasing the incomes of the poor and middle classes. Either way, productive investment would rise faster than debt or the money supply, as would the total value of goods and service produced. Printing monies can be good and generate wealth if it's to make up for excess economic capacity not met due to oversaving - but it can be zimbabwean tier of its printed just to give out simply as gibsmedats. As with all things, balance is key.

So basically I want MMT without the QE. When the USA prints money, the Fed immediately lends that money to corporations, I want to stop that so we prevent an inflation tax.

>how do you suppose we successfully stop QE and add more government jobs

That is very tough and I don't have an answer, but basically I want the good elements of deficit spending, not the shitty parts that induce wealth inequality. This probably requires authoritarianism.

>what do you do for a living friend?
I am a patent law intern studying to get into law school. I'm a zoomer and pretty young so I am obviously talking out of my ass in some aspects because I don't have experience. But its become very clear that ceteris parabus models of economics are no longer sufficient for societies nowadays

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woah GME is starting to do something again

surely this time it won't dump back to 11.50

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Is it true someone just bought 2 million GME shares?

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Surely... -4125% tomorrow
don't care though, never selling

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Digits and NIO moons to 47$ by Thursday

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considering their degrees are worthless, I suppose it's not really a big deal to wipe out the debt they acrued to get it
not their fault they got tricked into getting meme degree garbage

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the big volume spike was 200k

i have no idea if it was a buy or sell, and regardless, i have no idea why it didnt move the price that much

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I keep holding on to cash instead of investing more into the market but I'm afraid of it dumping

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Kek I saw that someone finally bought into GME today in the last thread. Jesus christ imagine buying GME in november, actual newfaggot.

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I found this on
big if true

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sold all my tech today. Afraid of a crash. What's a safer long term bet? GE?

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it's actually cheaper to have bought now than for most of October

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What are the odds Palantir dumps tomorrow after market with the earnings report?
I'm thinking about 70%.

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at least her didn't buy at the top

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>big if true
kek you don't have to ask if it's legit
proof is right there in the volume

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Wait for red day today after the dip yesterday

Everything is green


Well, fuck, i sold for nothing

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I paid mine off this year. It's not far bros.

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>double top forming
we're going back to 11

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Haha it's only $10k. Half the bitches I dated in college were six figures in debt. Even if it was wiped out they would still be poor. Fucking idiots always have an excuse. Without student loan debt, which Chads like me have already paid off, they would find something else to blame their failures on.

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200k shares worth 2 mill

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This student loan bullshit is such a farce. People in that much student debt are the fags that absolutely refused to;

-do 2 years at a community college cuz they want that “college experience”
-go to a cheap local state school cuz muh “college experience”
-work for the summer or get an internship instead of blowing tuition money on a “semester abroad (vacation)” cuz muh “college experience”

You can absolutely get out of college for under $20k if you stop acting like a fucking mook.

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>tfw sold all my stuff in 12-14 range and made decent 5k USD of profit
Then I decided to quit trying to catch good trades and now I'm left with 9000 of TELL on $1 average. Waiting for this shit to be $5, although it's kinda tempting to attempt a swing trade seeing it's 1.19 right now. They may announce a deal and go up a lot any day though so I'm just holding.

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70 sounds about right

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Unironically yes, GE

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I just question everything at this point, I hope I'm just hallucinating and GME is already 30$

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>buy shares
>buy a few puts to hedge

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wow someone really dumped that many at once? pretty bearish

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how the fuck do you even find these companies?

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What is this?

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Sold all my stonks
What should I buy on discount tomorrow when the prices drop?

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is this real

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And just like that GME dumps back down to where those 200k shares were bought at kek

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I'm mad crooked globalist Trudeau won't be a useful commie cocksucker and cancel student loans before he gets booted.

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Top Dabs


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Canada can't afford to cancel debt anon

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should i buy barrick gold? it always bounces up from 25$

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Every single time...

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SPY dip getting bought like always

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How does it feel knowing that Chinese iron and steel will undercut your position, making the contracts unexercisable and worthless?
Does it worry you CLF shill?
(also, reported for advertising :^) )

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>forgive 50k in debt
>here's your 15k tax bill bro
it'd be hilarious

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>come out ahead 35k

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time to pay up work-from-home bros

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do you think i care that they're in debt?
this is completely for political power reasons.

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>i have no idea why it didnt move the price that much
Because it wasn't traded on the NYSE. It's a private exchange trade reported by FINRA ADF. They're written on the tape after.

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>I'm mad crooked globalist Trudeau won't be a useful commie cocksucker and cancel student loans before he gets booted.
dude he already gave out like so much free money

i can graduate almost debt-free thanks to this. If GME goes back to $15, i'll be back to a positive net worth

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I found it accidentally back in April when I looked for companies that took the worst hit in March, hoping to buy something that will rise a lot after COVID stops being that deadly.
So I found this TELL and and decided they're worth a shot. I already made some bucks on it before when I sold in June, but then I bought back in July and just kept adding from time to time. It's already been a long hold but I'm hoping it'll be rewarding.

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Check them boys

>> No.23866004

Looks tasty, based trips. Could be a comfy hold.

>> No.23866005

The fact that it is ~only~ $10k per person and knowing dems will have income phase outs around $50k to $100k will likely leave the Bernie crowd seathing.

>> No.23866007

except no one would realize theyd have to pay taxes on it until they file

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What pattern is this called?

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very normal stock movement, nothing to see here, move along

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>Canada can't afford to cancel debt anon

>> No.23866045

No idea but I'm curious as well

>> No.23866048

My funds settle tomorrow what do i buy? im tired of being stuck at a loss for a month and then getting out and trying again

>> No.23866049

What will PLTR do overnight? Dump tomorrow morning, then fall some more?

>> No.23866055

so basically short sellers can just cover through private exchanges without triggering a squeeze

>> No.23866059

It's pretty funny since federal loans are so manageable and can have interest frozen over the slightest thing.

>> No.23866068

>europoor problem solving is to add more taxes
This is why American BVLLS make money and eurocucks stay poor.

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College name is the difference between guaranteed jobs and guaranteed homelessness in many industries, including anything to do with computers (because of pajeets) and finance.

>> No.23866087

isn't tuition practically free now for new students with all the grants especially if your family is low-income

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>I'm a zoomer and pretty young so I am obviously talking out of my ass
yeah well I'm a finance grad working in a restaurant, so I'm not exactly Adam Smith either.

>This probably requires authoritarianism.
except red/blue america will never let that kind of 'full' authoritarianism fly. As soon as an overt authy gets more than ~60% support they wind up facing serious resistance. Liberal soft-power can get up to 75% but not much further.

guess we're going to war with china. I still hope not.

Also, what the fuck is going on with this afternoon selloff? my BABA 300C was up $215 when I started posting, now it's at $60 lookin like it's ready to go red. maaaayn...

>> No.23866128

Not quite. The shares have to come from somewhere. Supply is supply. Private exchange or not.

>> No.23866136

I put $50 on it lmao

>> No.23866145

It's still 20k per semester if you're not canadian, and 2-4k per semester if you are.
The only grants are for shitskins (they actually have legit quotas where they no longer give any grants to white people until they achieve an "equal" ratio of each m&m color throughout each grant's historical awards).
Awardee lists show that pretty clearly: 90%+ of grantees are arabs, a good chunk are black, and the only whites to ever get awards are women (and they're supremely rare). Also, awardees rarely (50% or less) actually fit the criteria for the grant.

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If Biden doesn't cancel student debt, i'm taking back my vote

>> No.23866158

Sure, but most people don't have that kind of cash on hand at the end of the year. They will be forced into an IRS payment plan. Granted they still come out ahead, but I am sure many will find a way to fuck it up.

>> No.23866168

uh what the fuck trudeau

reminder we are paying for this with taxes which will only get higher

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At this point I'm used to it, just another day on the GME express

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GME will finish red

>> No.23866198

How you so sure it's gonna dump? What if it goes up?

>People in that much student debt are the fags that absolutely refused to;

t. me.

>> No.23866211

earnings tomorrow after market closes. im expecting another moon tomorrow but a dump after earnings are released. a "sell the news" event.

>> No.23866213

>So basically I want MMT without the QE.
That's literally impossible by definition. MMT is print infinitely until everything is so inflated that even your debt is worthless, then deflate everything to kill all your businesses (the people were already dead). Only achievable through infinite printing, meaning QE.
There is no such thing as using the funds for useful things because that would never in a billion years print enough money. Additionally, the only thing you can do by printing is destroy the middleclass (the poor already have nothing and you will print even more to save them, which is good, because if you don't save them they starve and die, then the world laughs at you, which is bad for foreign relations, as it gives them ammo to start a liberation war against you if they want to get your territory; the rich are immune to all ills as usual).

>> No.23866247

fellow retards lets go

>> No.23866250

I could see shorts getting wrecked. I don't think anyone is expecting an earnings blowout.

>> No.23866259

>There is no such thing as using the funds for useful things because that would never in a billion years print enough money
(Citation needed)

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Disney gonna crash hard tmrw after their earnings

>> No.23866283

it's gone up 40% over the past 5 days, that's people pricing in stellar earnings.

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that's the US shale oil pattern.

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oh my fucking god that is insane

>> No.23866345

What the FUCK

>> No.23866353

You can still do your first two years at CC. You can still NOT take that abroad Peruvian Cultural Enrichment course that’s $10k
There are still good name state schools that have cheap in-state tuition. You don’t need to go to Cal Tech to get a decent job. Oh no, you won’t make $200k a year starting unless you get that Ivy League degree.

High student debt is soley caused by people wanting to flex a lifestyle they have no business being apart of.

>> No.23866359

Lmao why are you surprised? Covid killed travel - oil tanks.

>> No.23866363

>i have no idea if it was a buy or sell
it was both retard

>> No.23866370

It's just hilarious to see that fucking drop

>> No.23866376

How can Jerome let defense stocks go down on Veterans Day? We need some stimulation ASAP.

>> No.23866378

>why are you surprised oil went negative $35
doesn't happen every day

>> No.23866388

Fuck Biden and Fuck Niggers!

>> No.23866393

QE derisks speculative assets relative to their returns compared to productive investments.

If I'm tryina make an ROI and the yield curve is all 0 or it's goin negative, I can invest in still-risky Ford for 1% or I can buy calls on BABA. Which one have I been posting about?

>> No.23866402

Best long term hold. RKT or IPOB?

>> No.23866405

that's a bit harsh, yet based

>> No.23866410

Racist fuck. I'm going back to r/wallstreetbets

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So should i sell all shares and close all my options now. This looks sketchy as heck. Resistance keeps getting met here.

I better get money back for being responsible!!!!!

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Thanks for your cheapies

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>> No.23866490

It's going to come down after earnings. The reason being you have to have an accumulation phase followed by a distribution phase. So if people are accumulating before earnings it means the distribution will be after earnings.

>> No.23866494

Either way its political suicide to turn student loan payments back on. Anyone one with paused loans should be dumping what they normally paid each month into assets. When the brrrrrr hits again, your inactive cash will basically be rotting. Cash is produce. It rots.

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Ahh yes i remeber that. I became a millionaire soon after.

>be me
>never touched futures
>oil going low
>naaaahh i never traded futures before
>oil goes negative
>"buy" 1,000,000 contracts then and there at -$30
>contract someone to hold it
>sell it all off during the june pump
>sit back and relax as you just played the hedge funds at their own game

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File: 33 KB, 828x462, 705B7059-974F-4626-A5BB-415734E779F5.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This is Goldman’s prediction for the S&P through 2022
Say something nice.

>> No.23866520

>QE derisks speculative assets relative to their returns compared to productive investments.
How does this negate the idea that productive investment would rise faster than debt or the money supply, as would the total value of goods and service produced? Spending from the government generate wealth if it's to make up for excess economic capacity not met due to oversaving would print enough money.

>> No.23866523

anyone else here just stop checking? lol

its so fucking boring just seeing petty amounts of cash go up and down every day

>> No.23866524

Got it, everything you just said will happen; but in the exact opposite way you predicted.

>> No.23866526

Then again there's no reason the accumulation phase has to end at the earnings, people can continue accumulating after earnings, but I'm telling you eventually this will come down after it's done going up.

>> No.23866528


Are you autistic? It always goes down AFTER earnings

>> No.23866531

I could heem you with the snap of a finger

>> No.23866533

>not paying 100% principal while interest is frozen
At least thats what I'm doing

>> No.23866551

Trump fucking lost idiot

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>> No.23866562

yeah but if only have $3k to my name and I need it to be liquid where the fuck do put it where I won't have price risk? Not exactly like I can access the TIPS market

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Ah yes believing these companies who PROFIT off of stocks moving in their favor.

>> No.23866564

2 years of not a single dip? That's a golden bull run, baby!

>> No.23866566

heembro! How was school? you make new friends? still lifting dead weights like a neanderthal?

>> No.23866571

i can draw a straighter line than that lol

>> No.23866576

If Trump lost, then why are the businesses in the cities still boarded up like there's going to be a massive, and I mean MASSIVE chimp out?

>> No.23866579

>not investing your payments to lump sum at a later date

>> No.23866581

>listening to these retards
They would have you bagholding GME and SNDL right now lmao

>> No.23866584

Always do the opposite of what the jews says

>> No.23866586

Just bought a few thousand worth of Disney puts 11/20, am I gonna make it bros?

>> No.23866588

because you touch yourself at night.

>> No.23866589
File: 324 KB, 1125x1570, A6A01350-7322-4547-BB4C-51EE7D509B1B.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

If my portfolio goes up, then it’s not a good sign of times

>> No.23866598

just bought 10k worth of palantir calls for 2023

will i be rich or what biz

>> No.23866605

This implies I would make a profit from.m my investments.

>> No.23866607

>You can still NOT take that abroad Peruvian Cultural Enrichment course that’s $10k
I've never heard of anyone doing that who's not the kind of retard to go for a women's study major.
>High student debt is soley caused by people wanting to flex a lifestyle they have no business being apart of.
The opposite. Lifestyle is the least component of this equation. The current state of the job market, the constant propaganda that starts in kindergarten, the insane price of education, those are actual important factors.
> You don’t need to go to Cal Tech to get a decent job.
You do for some jobs, including financials and modern tech. Financial is definitely an extreme case because it's one of the worst offenders there by far, but you will get no job anywhere unless you went to a top school and also got top grades.
I am told it's similar for lawyers, they will get a job unlike finfags, but it will be paid minimum wage.

>> No.23866614

This freakish loser again. Get out of your mothers basement Bob it's been 3 decades.

>> No.23866618
File: 7 KB, 225x225, images (4).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.23866625

and there it is.

>> No.23866632

Oh my.

>> No.23866635


>> No.23866643

you gonna be financially ruined

>> No.23866645

>excess economic capacity not met
suppose they're measuring wrong and we actually have met our economic capacity. Wouldn't that explain all the money getting dumped into wildly speculative ventures? All the cash getting dumped into tech stocks because they're the only thing with a return that looks like it'll beat inflation?

you really think apple and google products are contributing that much to society that their valuations are correct? because shiny apple products are definitely more important than beef and housing.

>> No.23866658

It's goldman though, they will change their projection 10 times next year just to be right

>> No.23866667

I got shit for 2022 and will probably sell in Feb. I gotta read more into the legitimacy of some shares being locked from selling until then.

>> No.23866685

why that date

>> No.23866689

Strike price?

>> No.23866700


>> No.23866701
File: 20 KB, 225x225, 1599778624973.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw i could heem every here

>> No.23866703

grow up kid

>> No.23866720

every what? every WHAT???

>> No.23866721

Tmrw they release earnings, I set them 10 days out because they’re OTM

>> No.23866722


>> No.23866727

you should at least be waiting until we A. have hard clarity on forgiveness or B. they resume interest rate payments.

If you pay now, you risk losing money on something that would have been forgiven. If you wait until interest rates are started up, you can just dump it all in then before any accrues.

>> No.23866731
File: 35 KB, 635x148, RisingWedge.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Guys.. pattern anon was correct, did you short?

>> No.23866738

WHo/Where is every here???? I want to meet this Mr. Every Here and warn him that the big bad heembro is going to try an heem him!

>> No.23866750

And what about the premium?

>> No.23866754

bep is like $26

>> No.23866758

I am starting to understand your point (I'm a finance novice).
>suppose they're measuring wrong and we actually have met our economic capacity.
What metrics would be used to find out if we've met our economic capacity?

We are giving handouts to the financial sector, which raises the cost of doing business indirectly, as speculation drives up housing costs, making higher wages necessary to pay for the financial overhead as more money is absorbed by the FIRE sector which is another harm I see QE doing to our country.

>> No.23866759

>$16.5k student debt remaining, STEM degree, working as a tradey
Fuck student loan forgiveness, a debt is a debt, little bitches.

>> No.23866765

Yikes, we already all knew you had never held a job but now we all realize from your post that you're still in middleschool. Embarrassing. You know how the saying goes, better shut up than show everyone how much of a retard you are, or some such.

>> No.23866769

It’s pure coincidence that all this optimism is right when Biden is announced as President Elect. Pure Coincidence.

>> No.23866791

it's almost as if trump has made lots of enemies and people don't like him

>> No.23866792


>> No.23866801

They were destined for a crash so now they’re gonna blame “election uncertainty” in Trump for a crash

>> No.23866804

palintir gonna moon during president biden

>> No.23866805

IM like 15k in debt for a shitty ass fuck law and justice degree? i have a double minor but i really fucked up because i backed out of being a cop cause who the fuck wants to to that. PLS god, daddy biden save me and forgive my pointless loans.

>> No.23866811

I'm not the anon you were debating with. I just saw your complaining and thought you should know how you were coming across. What's emberrasing is you stock portfolio. Why hold a wagie slave job when I can pay bills sitting from home? The fact that you bring up a primary education as an insult shows to me you are still in highschool or fresh out of it. But you know how they saying goes.

>> No.23866816

>it's almost as if trump has made lots of enemies and people don't like him

>> No.23866818

Holy shit been years since i've watched this

>> No.23866831
File: 144 KB, 895x886, 1598299976702.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.23866834

This is why you always go Roth regardless of current or expected future income

>> No.23866837

Yeah. I stopped listening to these analysts long ago. Obvious manipulation, moreso now that there are significantly more retail traders to fleece.

>> No.23866841

Cringed hard, Timmy. You aren't allowed to browse this site yet, this is strictly an 18+ site. Read the rules before you get banned.

>> No.23866843

Most people do get “studies” degrees or other jack off shit like business or communications.

If your career pipeline is really so narrow that you HAVE to go to an Ivy League just to make above minimum wage then you are equally retarded for picking something with that level of risk.

>> No.23866849

AHAHA. GE is up what. 50% since june? its only pumping from vax news and robinhood

>> No.23866863

Kek ur mad about something thats clear. Did you lose a lot of money on stocks?

>> No.23866878
File: 18 KB, 666x167, Capture.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Based. Niggas who wasted 4 years learning women's east african studies should pay debts or kill themselves
Luckily you don't need to go to an expensive college for health care. Pic related

>> No.23866882

Also what is the relationship between "meeting our economic capacity" and money from deficit spending getting put into wildly speculative ventures? I'd argue that FIRE (housing) speculations are largely detrimental, not shiny new iPhones like FAANG speculation

>> No.23866883

Shit&Piss 500 on life support

>> No.23866906

What this reply said. At very least throw all that money into BlockFi for 8.6% return and transfer the lump sum directly into your loans the moment the announce a stopping date for the pause. This is free money.

>> No.23866907
File: 46 KB, 750x624, repub4dummies.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Well if that is how you seriously hold your worldly views then I can't help a zoomer. Just understand that regurgitating what your meth addicted mommy tells ya, doesn't bode well for future conversations. Fuck who cares about bans. Mods are faggots anyways. Go cry some more about your RH account,
>p.s. Still haven't seen that portfolio bud

>> No.23866914

roth rules will be rescinded before millennials retire

>> No.23866917

>If your career pipeline is really so narrow that you HAVE to go to an Ivy League just to make above minimum wage then you are equally retarded for picking something with that level of risk.
That's true in the machiavellian sense, but kids aren't telepathic, markets change over time and the money and effort spent to get into the market can't be reimbursed, not everything is about money (but the bases ought to be covered in anything reasonable, minimum wage lawyers are a stupid concept just like biologists shouldn't be paid less than minimum wage despite a phd and a proven track record), and it was near impossible to get job market figures until recently (glassdoor et al. didn't exist, and then only had a few, biased numbers to show).

>> No.23866920

>What metrics would be used to find out if we've met our economic capacity?
I'm not 100% sure but GDP and unemployment. no one knows what max sustainable GDP is but iirc estimates are like 2-3%.

I'm getting around in my self-study to looking into how they construct GDP though, because I think FIRE profits contribute to GDP and I'm not convinced a significant part of our 'production' is therefore not just "hey the US gets paid to measure the worth of what everyone else is making and that's worth something, right?*" or "geez all these commercial properties and mcmansions are really valuable guys, how were we selling them for so little back in the day?"

*it totally is worth something as 'real production' imo, but the the system is a little circular and if it gets to the point where your financial services value are greater than all the other 'hard' shit you're making/doing, you might be overestimating it.

>> No.23866928


Will probably end up with about 20k in debt when Im finished my Bachelors in IT.

It's my debt. I made the decision to shoulder it. I am confident I can pay it off no problem in under 5 years time. I dont wish to live above my means, in fact I challenge myself to live as dirt poor as possible because consooooomerism is the cancer killing this nation.

>> No.23866954
File: 1.19 MB, 1952x1400, H40.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>I bought the MSFT dip at 211
MSFT is my darling. I can always rely on it desu

>> No.23866965

how do i find a job with a shit tier degree, fuck it imma just go to grad school and accumulate more debt. Joe will save me

>> No.23866969

I'm not mad; I've been on soliod gains since october. But my day gains/losses do equal your entire portfolio.

>> No.23866996

You don't get debt from grad school unless you're stupid enough to not get funded (in which case you shouldn't even have started grad school). You get paid for it and your tuition is usually waived.

>> No.23867000

in middle ages GDP grew by more than 3%. We have handcuffed ourselves in the west because midwits think 5% growth is "unrealistic" despite seeing companies and sectors double sales yoy

>> No.23867002
File: 1.84 MB, 1925x1234, thetop.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i watch some TFT streamer on the side and he started a robinhood account out of nowhere and bought twitter calls

>> No.23867025

How big is that loss!? Looks huge.

>> No.23867029

>chink companies lost 280 bn $ in worth after derpity detp new law announced today in bugland

>> No.23867030

Come on, my shitcoin

>> No.23867037

Kek fuck this guy. Forgot his name but he's pretty cringe desu

>> No.23867039

looks interesting, what's his twitch?

>> No.23867042

what do u listen to then, big guy

>> No.23867043

Threadly reminder that buying the ATH has historically been a pretty good idea.

>> No.23867059


>> No.23867062

Wait is it better to buy every ATH or buy every dip?

>> No.23867071

every dip. cmon you dungo

>> No.23867076
File: 135 KB, 800x850, 1581427094585.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Wtf happened to BEST????????????????????????????????????????????

>> No.23867082


I have an associates degree and have no problem

If you cant find a fucking tech job with a bachelors degree, its not your education that's the problem bro.

>> No.23867086

Find a good one and hodl it. Mine is avax

>> No.23867100

If they cancel student debt they better cancel my fucking mortgage.

im not fucking playing.

>> No.23867102


boxbox but it was just his last vod

please dont laugh at me for watching a TFT stream

>> No.23867106
File: 2.05 MB, 1079x925, 1587682888216.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>he started a robinhood account out of nowhere and bought twitter calls
lol straight in to options blind. nice job.

>> No.23867111

Student debt cancelled based on skin tone.

>> No.23867116

oh damn i remember him from his league days

>> No.23867118
File: 1.66 MB, 252x252, AssuredDopeyBeardeddragon-size_restricted.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

what will you do anon?

>> No.23867120

Should I sell PLTR

>> No.23867123


probably right. niggers only as usually

>> No.23867128

Oh fuck here we go
Dems just love creating slippery slopes, its the easiest fallacy to decipher, but yet its the one they fall victim to every time
i.e. gay marriage10 years ago to wherever the fuck we are today.

>> No.23867131

>There is no such thing as using the funds for useful things because that would never in a billion years print enough money.
What is your ultimate point here then? Are you suggesting that MMT and QE are mutually inclusive? You could have MMT deficit spending policy without a focus on corporate bonds like QE entails.

For an even treatment of MMT, this is a good article: https://carnegieendowment.org/chinafinancialmarkets/80054

>> No.23867132

can someone redpill me on Palantir?

thinking of selling some stock and buying a big chunk of PLTR

>> No.23867133

will $20 1/20/2023 palantir calls make me rich

>> No.23867143


its for niggers stay away

>> No.23867144

maybe if you buy them after the dip on earnings.

>> No.23867146


start a public campaign.

no im not kidding. literally microphones and horns in the street

Its not even right to cancel just student debt just because students voted for you. if you are gonna cancel debt, best be prepared to fucking cancel it all because you already admitted its made up garbage and canceling it has zero consequences

>> No.23867148

fuck you wanna-be pig

>> No.23867156


>> No.23867157

BIDEN has to track and blacklist trump voters somehow

>> No.23867163
File: 3.87 MB, 508x250, 1582205466563.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.23867167
File: 107 KB, 316x278, vavavav.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This better be the crash i stand to double my tendie budget

>> No.23867171

PLTR going to dump in the last 10 minutes. I've seen this episode before. You're welcome

>> No.23867180

yeah because your debt matters more than my debt...right

I will make a prediction biden does nothing except some bullshit loans or forebearance.

Why the fuck not just bring back the old pre George faggot bush bankruptcy laws? Chapter 7 and its gone.

>> No.23867181

baggie if PLTR doesn't dip on earnings you're officially BANNED from /smg/

>> No.23867182

soiposter, come handle this

>> No.23867184

I was 17 when i wanted to be a cop, and it was much more focused on Crime scene investigation cause i think im dumb from gore cause /b/.
I want to be a lawyer now, but /smg/ talked me out of it. So now idk, I guess grad school / or med school maybe get my Psyd

>> No.23867187
File: 29 KB, 804x600, C43BED0A-DE48-4B62-B137-15A4312615FF.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Sky high NIO, sky high

>> No.23867190

TFT is pretty boring to watch but the way he plays it like a gambling addict is fun

>> No.23867215

If you are smart enough to get into an Ivy then claiming sincere ignorance doesn’t work. You know the risks and are willfully ignoring them. And it’s the enticement of that zoomer yuppie lifestyle that gets people to ignore those risks. If all you wanted to do was turn a buck and make a decent living then there are dozens of cheap schools with cheap degrees that will get you started and won’t bury you in debt.

>> No.23867219

Well, do I hold these AAPL puts or nah?

>> No.23867230

hold bro

>> No.23867239
File: 17 KB, 187x175, 1599200984777.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i guess its time to get myself that mortgage then

>> No.23867247

Oh i'm agains't student debt forgiveness as well and agree with your political views on debt; however I just read you wanted to be the popo and thought that if you did make it, you more than likely would be a name on headline news for being stupid and shooting some teen in the back.

>> No.23867248

>not having a mortgage
I bet you dont use margin either.

>> No.23867250

Yeah ive just been a lazy faggot for months, I just refuse to hop into a 15/hr position, I feel like thats embarrassing as fuck for a recent college grad.Stocks or crypto seems like ez $ if i have the time to put into it.

>> No.23867252


This is how you get rich

>> No.23867259

>Are you suggesting that MMT and QE are mutually inclusive?
That statement doesn't make sense but yes, I'm saying that all MMT requires QE.
>You could have MMT deficit spending policy without a focus on corporate bonds like QE entails.
It's not enough. Even your article notes it, you have to use all the knobs (QE corresponds overwhelmingly but not exclusively to knob 1, and any other similar mechanism would have the same effect and therefore be QE in all but name, because that effect is precisely why QE is used).

>> No.23867268

He could be a nigger, in which case he's genuinely ignorant.

>> No.23867272

Congrats fellas you seem to be doing well for yourselves. Only the strong survive, I find much more job satisfaction doing what I do now. I was set to work in an animal testing facility at Charles Rivers Labs, they're traded publicly too. I also live well below my means and aim to own my own business someday. I wish you anons the best of luck in your travels and as always, stay based.

Thank you for your service all you vet anons out there too. It's a thankless job shouldered onto the naive and impressionable youths of this great republic. SPQA
T. Bofum

>> No.23867275


Think about the slippery slope that creates in everyones minds...if hundreds of billions of student loans just go away for people.

It undermines our entire debt based economy. Nobody in their right mind is going to serouisly want to pay any of their debt

>> No.23867280

>requiring smarts
The fuck am I even reading, toppest kek.
>in any way whatsoever related to knowledge, or worse: telepathy
Yikes! Stop being 2 years old.

>> No.23867293

Just actually work in a field of anything. It sounds like you want job fulfillment and to make an "impact". If an internet board of rando's can talk you out of a profession you wanted, you never really wanted that profession. Just work a bluecollar for a few years. You will realize that lifestyle sucks and will know for sure what you want to do and then go and do it.
P.S. Psyd is only government jobs or private practice which is already strangled to death by quacks.

>> No.23867295
File: 78 KB, 358x333, 1603985893952.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Tanks fren

>> No.23867298
File: 195 KB, 824x1180, Screenshot_20201111-152015_Fidelity.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.23867300

Ah yes, the final dump before the next month of exclusively pump. Hope you guys bought in!

>> No.23867310

They have earnings tomorrow. You would be betting on them exceeding expectations and the market deciding the valuation is reasonable rather than running for the exits to take profit instantly. It's a coin flip.

>> No.23867314

BABA will go back up, right? China 'banned bitcoin' but it made fuck-all difference

>> No.23867319


>> No.23867323
File: 76 KB, 1250x747, Capture.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

what the fuck do these volume spikes mean

>> No.23867327

gme? btw can i get the coomcat meme in your reply plz

>> No.23867332

Im not 100% against it.

Im just saying if you are gonna do it lets just admit Debt is complete bullshit that is created out of thin air and cancel it all. Medical, Mortgage, Student loans...everything.

Economically speaking the services have already been rendered..there is no logic to paying the debt and further expanding the money supply

>> No.23867333

figures you couldn't understand how to read or interpret language. Go outside faggot, thinking that calling others younger than you is somehow demoralizing; just shows your inexperience at life.

>> No.23867340

Everyone waiting for the PLTR dip
It was yesterday you stupid fucks

>> No.23867343

obviously but those "art" and other useless degree students will never be able to pay the debt anyway because they will either have a shit job or they will kill themselves before reaching their 30's

>> No.23867357

The trades can be rough. If you go electrician or pipe fitter you're gonna make more money than a college grad and it's not to hard on the body. Operators you're gonna be a fat fuck. Want to be an irongigachad investing in the stock market, go pack rebar and invest that dough

>> No.23867358

So I'm going to buy BABA. Please tell me this is a good idea.

>> No.23867365


>> No.23867373

just bought palantir, hope I didn't fall for another meme :^)

>> No.23867378

this is probably how shorters are trying to cover, no? i can see retail shorts scalping the fuck out of this as if gme is gonna die by 1000 wounds (it will not)

>> No.23867379


>> No.23867382
File: 43 KB, 474x638, 1602776519526.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Any cheapies for today or should I wait for tomorrow?

>> No.23867385

it doesn't ONLY require smarts, just think of the millions of asians with top percentile scores that get overlooked

if you didn't get accepted to an ivy (or something comparable like MIT, etc) you lack either: 1) character or 2) test taking abilities which is an entry-level iq test

anything else is cope from brainlets.

minorities comprise 1% of the elite institution student body

>> No.23867396


Based on current quantitative easing and possible Stimulus....they are probably right

>> No.23867411

Well I never let smg talk me out of anything, but they often present facts, that I either was already aware of, or double check.
Maybe ill double down and see if I can mop the LSAT. I didnt have the best GPA (3.3) ever but with a good score ill b comfy.

>> No.23867418

darkpool transactions hitting the tape. they trade in large blocks there to not impact market price. in the end, doesn't mean anything since there is a seller and a buyer. if you see big volume move the stock in a certain way, then you may want to pay a little more attention.

>> No.23867427

I bought CVE.to at about 4.36.
Today I saw it was 5.79, so I try to sell it a 5.78, but then it goes down and stagnate between 5.74 and 5.76. So I'm like
>Fine, i'll sell it at 5.75, so that I'll cash in at least 30% profit.

But then it goes down to 5.72.

Why won't it just let me get rid of it?

>> No.23867429

Chinese stuff is cheap right now.

>> No.23867434


>> No.23867438
File: 74 KB, 900x900, FECDDCEE-FE35-484A-8DC8-99754449B68D.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw sold my PLTR because I never trusted them
>200€ mini gain


>> No.23867446

fomo into PLTR tomorrow is going to be unreal, I'm convinced

>> No.23867447

Debt is a necessity that keeps market growing.
Go take some economic classes at your local college. Debt is required or noone would be able to own anything. Housing is paid for through debt; companies are started through debt. I think you mean you hate 'credit'. Because credit is where you lose your ass to interest payments that can never be paid. But either way, to get rid of debt would to pull a tyler durden.

>> No.23867452
File: 115 KB, 1188x834, Screen Shot 2020-11-10 at 10.27.18 AM.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.23867462

Well that's the thing, I think GDP can grow by more than 3%, but if you're an MMT fucktard, you have to chain yourself to 3% because otherwise your GDP gains probably aren't real production, they're just fucking inflation. If you think printing money is okay and you don't shackle yourself to 3% then your name is Alan Greenspan and it's 2005 and you're 'being experimental with policy' and not realizing that strippers are blowing idiot underwriters in florida for .05% $500k ARMs.

But if you don't think printing money is okay, then even though there's still a money multiplier, there's a limit to how much money banks can create and you don't need to worry about keeping growth at 3%, let that shit ride.

I just wish I knew why people didn't immediately call Keynes out as a fraud and he was accepted as the most important fundamental economic thought since Smith.

>> No.23867463

sold almost half my nio and split it between T babies and CARR

>> No.23867466
File: 67 KB, 1058x762, 423648693.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

surely this is the top. surely i should be selling right now before tomorrow's astronomic dump

>> No.23867468

ok i bought gme for the first time finally

>> No.23867477
File: 487 KB, 2587x2436, 1593425157010.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>if you didn't get accepted to an ivy (or something comparable like MIT, etc) you lack either: 1) character or 2) test taking abilities which is an entry-level iq test
>minorities comprise 1% of the elite institution student body

BULLSHIT, even whites have an acceptance rate 50% higher than asians with the same SAT scores, it's easily observable

>> No.23867478


i never went to school for anything and I became a purchasing agent back in 2009 totally on accident.

Now 11 years into it i am a purchasing manager for a large county sheriff office and make over 80k a year. I procure commodities, vehicles, construction projects and armaments for over 15,000 police officers and detectives

School isnt everything. In fact, its really not even a good idea anymore

>> No.23867489

Why did you do that?
Now the price is going to go down...

>> No.23867491

>minorities comprise 1% of the elite institution student body
that's bullshit because Jews are 2% of the population

>> No.23867494

sounds comfy. i always wanted to be an evidence locker guy. tv shows make that gig look pretty sweet albeit dull

>> No.23867498

Ive basically already decided agaisnt trades, i dont want to work my body into a bloody pulp to where i cant even move by age 55, but for now rebar sounds interesting, im /fit/ and would like to stay that way

>> No.23867500

So your telling me that someone who gets top grades and jumps through all the other academic hoops to get into an Ivy suddenly can’t figure out how to do a risk assessment on their chosen career path, especially when they are about to take out hefty loans?

You don’t need telepathy to do basic due diligence

>> No.23867501


Im referring to debt. Debt is created out of thin air. The money to loan it never existed in the first place....and if you just cancel student loans you better fucking cancel everything else while you are it because you done fucked up and redpilled the population on where money comes from

>> No.23867512


>> No.23867513

Dude my gpa going into my bachelors was 2.3
I was young, dumb, full of cum. I understand what it's like to fuck up in school because of "xyz" excuse. But if you aren't a pussy, you will nut up and correct your mistakes without making excuses or having regrets.
>It's not how you fall
>It's how you get back up from the fall that people will watch.

>> No.23867523


It is comfy. and as a bonus i have never gotten or will ever get a speeding ticket. I always put my county ID right above my drivers license in my wallet

>> No.23867525

No, earnings are coming tomorrow dumbass. Stop selling shit and just hold. Its a lifetime company

>> No.23867527

maybe a small portion of your shares to secure some profit

>> No.23867528

it's going to dip anyway when investors start dumping

>> No.23867533
File: 106 KB, 769x1024, 1605068373352.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Nice trips

>> No.23867536

Thanks bro. But im trying to get to 25k so I can make real money. I feel like I can get there before December

>> No.23867543

retard. if you went to an elite institution you wouldn't even look into stats, you're looking for reasons to justify your own shortcomings.

its all white people and asians. you rarely find more than 5 actual blacks per class and 10 hispanics in a class of 100+. think of all the "white" people that report themselves as "mixed" etc

>> No.23867556

What u holding?

>> No.23867558

You must be 18 or older to browse this site.

>> No.23867560

thats what you retards said about GME at 15.50

>> No.23867562

i already made 2 dollar

>> No.23867563

Reminder: Someone sold PLTR at a loss yesterday

>> No.23867569

The money does exist. Debt is something you accrue, but the money backing the debt certainly exists. I think you are just seeing how the institutions work and you are overwhelmed by it all. Welcome to society, just be sure that you don't have debt when the great reset begins or you will be fuuuuucked.

>> No.23867575

I used to sell CAD/RMS systems. Who's your vendor?

>> No.23867576

Did you not see what I just posted. For the same gpa whites get accepted 50% more often than asian applicants of the same gpa.

>> No.23867577
File: 63 KB, 859x1024, 1598157923961.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

PLTR dump imminent

>> No.23867579
File: 39 KB, 500x500, Blastoise Laughs.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.23867582

>patent law intern
I’m a 2L, and I urge you to reconsider your choices. If you’re interested in patent law you must have a technical background, don’t throw that away to get a law degree. This field is a shitheap, run while you can. The only money is in Biglaw and the small timers mostly get screwed. Unless you can pay for it without any significant financial sacrifices, find anything else.

>> No.23867583

>literally can't read
Classic. Only an illiterate baboon would make such ludicrous posts after all.

>> No.23867584

and how many asians apply versus whites? are you retarded?

>> No.23867586
File: 178 KB, 760x663, 1604808917940.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw can't buy PLTR cause the cash isn't settled in my account due to holiday today

>> No.23867592

>he didn't sell NIO at 43.60 and then buy it back at 38 in the pre-market

its like you don't even follow the jewish firms

>> No.23867596




>> No.23867601
File: 143 KB, 895x812, PLTR2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Nice cope, sorry you didn't listen to us when we said buy at $10.

>> No.23867608

When is tech going to sell off again? I was promised cheapies.

>> No.23867615

Welcome to the cooooom club nigga

>> No.23867619

The problem in your post are 2-fold:
>totally on accident
Reality isn't stationary, and luck isn't something you can bank on.

>> No.23867625


>> No.23867626

did you go to exterior school? or just wageslave then get lucky with stonk

>> No.23867631

I don't get the people who want to hold PLTR. Either you people are retarded or I'm plainly ignorant of your tactics. Aren't you going to be dumped on in 3 months on 80% of the stocks will be allowed to be traded at much lower prices?

>> No.23867632

PalantCHADs give your energy to MASSIVE GAINZ tomorrow

>> No.23867633


Dont touch any tech bro

As covid goes away the tires are coming off the NASDAQ. Earnings wont matter, dividends wont matter, nothing will matter because sector rotation into regular stocks will be happening.

>> No.23867634
File: 34 KB, 960x687, sad spartan.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

optimarines, when are we going to start seeing green? not that i'm having doubts, just wondering haha...

>> No.23867665

Who is Heem? Why is Heem?
Is he Habib? does Habib heem? Or is Habib Habib Heem

>> No.23867674


I used to be a toolcrib operator making $9 an hour. My boss got cancer and died and i was the only one trained on the procurement system..so they gave me a 'shot' since i was familiar with the procurement software.

Without that opportunity i would probably be driving forklifts or something.

>> No.23867679

Find a rodbusting union and brush up on your Spanish, figure out your diet. It's an eight hour workout. I love it. I'm a high energy anon though. You'll meet a lot of interesting people and gain great work experience.

>> No.23867692

And this is why I bought boomer stoc ks.

>> No.23867693

The grand and golden tech bull run will end but regular tech growth will continue. Unless you really think we are going back to typewriters, fax machines and corded wall phones.

>> No.23867703

are we really talking about careers? this is why the rest of /biz/ laughs at us....

>> No.23867710

Lick my baboon nuts faggot :^)

>> No.23867717
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>> No.23867719

no we were talking about how going into college debt was retarded.

>> No.23867722

What are you even trying to say? Race clearly is the most important thing.

>> No.23867743

Should i sell Disney and buy back on tomorrow's dip

>> No.23867757

>he doesn't trade as a hobby to supplement his career in STEM
unironically ngmi

>> No.23867860

fuck this market, fake & gay, just like the "Election Results"

>> No.23867896

Lol I'm not selling my nio.

>> No.23867926


>> No.23867964

Rollong for cannabis earnings green thumb and grow generation let's goo

>> No.23868018

1-2 weeks,just give her a little longer

>> No.23868214

Ah fuck, thought earnings were today, got fucked over by Americans putting their dates the wrong way round

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