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How much can LINK go up if BTC hit 100k in the next cycle? Will LINK outperform BTC?

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I predict that it will, BTC already has a gigantic market cap, and if the last speculation bubble is telling, alts have potential to steal away from Bitcoin dominance.

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Lol, chainstink won't ouperform btc. At some point in time the most delusional link holder will get that a few DeFi buzzwords now and than on twitter doesn't make his pre inflated token more precious.

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name of this seed demon? nice toned thighs

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Link is more than defi

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Frank Melville

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Link outperformed btc for the past 3 years dude are you retarded? Climbed from outside top 100 to within top 10 during a vicious bear market. Btc is going to stay at number 1 most likely, but this cycle will take off 20 - 30% of its market dominance and distribute it to alts.