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So are we done with these now that the price action has turned decidedly uncomfy?

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First generation coins that do not keep up in terms of abilities like smart contracts, are falling out of favor.

Tari development seems lacking

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If you only bought in for gains then you'll get shaken out. XMR is THE long term hodl, there's only a handful of crypto that aren't memes, and of that small number only 1 allows for what crypto currency was set up to do, have anonymous, secure transactions.

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smart contracts are a meme

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It's price consolidation. Saw the same thing at 60 and 90.

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Xmrs emission curve is significantly mote dilutive than btcs until just before tail emission in 2021
We are currently hitting new ath transactions volumes every week

Xmr is massively undervalued now
Eoy 2021 it will be massively overvalued and ill sell 20% of my stack and retire

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XMR is a honeypot, use 0xMR

Today's 100 Monero users who trusted in its privacy:

Txid IP Address City Favourite porn
df8ca11452329b6da7a1114b8d7feadd73daa24c8a7ecdc97dd61d77d1df4960 37.120.213.xxx Zurich, Switzerland incest
0061ac965fd5616af4d341bd6826af5796e034c2e903c2a884be18d54b8f3819 37.120.156.xxx Warsaw, Poland incest
884be51d2b93379e3a3d375655a5823085b253b933dc651d696fed83da3cdd6e 185.236.201.xxx Zurich, Switzerland incest
276bcfabd5733b5153e9e0a71608472030f3184c9aa4f5a2f33196ca36256773 37.120.131.xxx Copenhagen, Denmark incest
f2445026cf5d441196b413c5ab80d1fb07d7a453377f8620057a3d7b95643a5a 37.120.131.xxx Copenhagen, Denmark incest
5278f086c62f469900e25cc210f60dce31ed763c6c396e0361e7f2bd8e10087f 37.120.131.xxx Copenhagen, Denmark incest
bcf56b1bc0034d2e214f4e17b850d49cf27d92ef89ca5246d6d462bbc98c623b 37.120.131.xxx Copenhagen, Denmark incest
d50cc62a3fc501f4dd83928f1441380105217fac675c4ca2569c9bd3bc5e711f 173.53.109.xxx Richmond, USA incest
0f6d265061b23b69025046b012141666c64ff03087276e90e3b9621baa1c1189 173.53.109.xxx Richmond, USA incest
c4bcc335381658cfc0d8dbdab7fa920eb336f30b4e6806eb4749e2bb7e8a6450 5.180.62.xxx Muenster, Germany teen
44ec40b3d0cbdc5cb1765e67c953179bafe4a91a62afe05162d9b19febf65eb3 37.120.156.xxx Warsaw, Poland teen
f09d2d6b339b7a6bf2cbfb26beb4cbb17edcfa5db3fecb73d25494b9d5d76c10 37.120.205.xxx Montreal, Canada teen
7ee52789c46c90283833aff1365d98959b96629c08c5a8e8710eb3bbc9d51a50 37.120.205.xxx Montreal, Canada teen
8fa02e7e8b0f8509417850fb54b75ce1aea3fbd4ad6105a407bf4ce3bf47d7ff 95.174.67.xxx Amsterdam, Netherlands teen
00954e5afa11399355c852b35126a1c76fcd73c91cfc702535a8641eea90ead9 185.156.173.xxx Paris, France interracial
4e529d642aee062184a594af5c2fd5750c63bb8a832958224d5338fca5ae8b19 181.215.46.xxx Dallas, USA interracial...

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Dero is launching smart contracts and fully homomorphic encryption on testnet soon. If it works, it will probably swallow the competition. Unless the new Enigma turns out to be everything everyone needs, even though it's not a layer 1 solution.
Dero is my only shitcoin hold. Monero definitely isn't anymore.

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post more xmr waifus pls

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56n8f086c62f469900e25cc210f60dce31ed763c6c396e0361e7f2bd8e10087f, 79.15.116.xxx, India, street defecation

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34b54881581741c4d2634e6ec02e044570fad25dd0a2ae5c28e0f5580bfb4ff5 27.14.232.xxx Chongqing, China
72ac921e115cace69a9cb825ae81cfa250bc689b52fec37791a6b497e7e20a1d 185.247.69.xxx Moscow, Russia
8ccc94eb221dc12e26ae323300d1cc946285673a8a72f0c19b3036adbe05dee2 84.138.83.xxx Munich, Germany
1966d66efd5bf15dc02f6a393403b0e972b4f0fd1efe40ca1caf01dc9d7617f9 83.78.3.xxx Pratteln, Switzerland
2a68121839ca23e3295fe26b06f69f6e8972537d23b77460890317ddd2bff462 5.35.15.xxx Dolgoprudnyy, Russia
2fe268db72909c4cead5fae9cbe59ef1551deef6fbddeb9436faa93b7b6d3b89 61.48.211.xxx Beijing, China
6a586523b89460dda11ebfea8dface27a395bb8184af5c7a6f90d7009f2040f1 194.35.233.xxx London, United Kingdom
b5310d7c17c3c70dd7ec0442d2e1f97b26754b0deef91f971e3ca52693f2175b 217.138.208.xxx New York City, USA
27ea59446836cf4b97564593eaae6dd0d08be0fdd476cb2040613b8abef57a92 172.72.179.xxx Charlotte, USA
7125728f9eeb941b3c77637107354894d9f03264333a232c01cc0fe9f7e8c472 82.39.101.xxx London, United Kingdom
77e557c73a6688679e64db44939093fbbbbff6c9614a9320229459df149ac973 76.88.165.xxx Kahului, USA
b75adadb69277c2652f5621e647239beba7c02927ff83b0e002d63e4037e9b92 73.25.166.xxx Beaverton, USA
2239b4979b6a5d5cbda68d8a53905577029192b100b3f720c50170bf9d738d05 86.168.182.xxx Edinburgh, United Kingdom
fa01c56185754f4cc67041059351f95025e35455b574bd3269fc2bbfe56afc1f 77.45.234.xxx Voronezh, Russia
1c66f836f5a8b2601b31e24da0a105fed5d755a0f9924d00ea84e8dda852ae77 77.45.234.xxx Voronezh, Russia
daeeffb5e44365085460adb0798298ad79cc623983fff84aae2feb336c1ca2bd 100.17.22.xxx Burlington, USA
e27a1ce08fdf7a680a1ef814fb0a3d27f15050b9389b63b56f4c6b53d8673857 14.200.82.xxx Ryde, Australia
ce6a4f65b281551d596e75e79f6e62f52692bfcb955174269c78294bfd9f2424 73.66.167.xxx Fresno, USA
f85639f2c4d6cba784e0cdb66bf79b988173365c90ee1bc3573c41c71cd91e7b 73.66.167.xxx Fresno, USA
fe0e5d582c8ef9e5eebb3060cb69b909a161551164894c858c8c21e3c83b9a0f 95.222.29.xxx Fulda, Germany

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why the fuck are moonboy faggots starting xmr generals. kill yourself op
smart contracts are a meme
weak fud, already disproven, kill yourself.
Literally nobody uses Dero. I've never heard of it. Monero is actually being adopted on the darknet. This has taken literal years of convincing for newbies and onboarding. Nobody will ever use Dero.
see: https://bitinfocharts.com/comparison/monero-transactions.html

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from a purely investment standpoint, part of the attraction of XMR is it's non-correlation with the greater crypto space. Should be no surprise when the usual suspects are doing their thing XMR will stagnant.
still comfy af.

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I never said it was from malicious nodes, you assumed that. But even if that was the case, Monero could have been compromised for years already.

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what's the best site to order xmr merch from?

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This isn't the xmr reddit thread, I don't think price speculation should be banned here.

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>I never said it was from malicious nodes, you assumed that.
wtf are you even talking about. This was a sybil attack and it has nothing to do with reading transactions. Not a single transaction was ever traced. If you are going to post FUD at least have an understanding of it so you don't sound like a complete retard.
No, price speculation is fine. But starting the OP with a statement like "So are we done with these now that the price action has turned decidedly uncomfy?" is lame as fuck and should be called out. Moonboyism ruined crypto.

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hey it's not my fault noone has been making a general for the last week.

>> No.23861739

just wondering why the board seemingly went silent on xmr as the btc ratio crashed to shit.

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Privacy is freedom and one should IMO pursue freedom at all costs, and it's that kind of ideology that leads people to Monero, and that is why it makes such a good honeypot. People that don't know better trust it but it's not safe. As an investment vehicle it fails miserably. It has fallen from #4 on CMC to #14, and has failed to implement one of the most important factors a privacy coin should have (IP protection) until recent history. I could mention the fact that Monero is inflationary, difficult to use/buggy, is mine for the most part by one pool (centralized)... I can go on. There are dozens of privacy projects with better privacy features and with a better potential for profit.

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bullish fud, just bought 100k

>> No.23862418

I usually make the generals but I've been off of Biz dealing with irl stuff. Anybody is welcome to make a general, but again, moonboyism should be called out because it is cancer.
>and that is why it makes such a good honeypot.
>People that don't know better trust it but it's not safe
name me a single individual whose Monero transaction was directly traced. How much monero did those ip addresses you posted earlier spend. What addresses did they send the monero to? What addresses did the monero come from?
Do you not realize that metadata leakage is something that effects every crypto?
>As an investment vehicle it fails miserably.
how much was one monero in 2015?
>nd has failed to implement one of the most important factors a privacy coin should have (IP protection) until recent history
It is far, far more important to have built in privacy on the baselayer. Monero is the only coin that does this. And also dandelion ++ is indeed a solution to protecting nodes and is another example of Monero being ahead of the curve.
>I could mention the fact that Monero is inflationary
tail emission is essential to incentivize the Mining network. And there will be less Monero than Bitcoin until the year 2040.
>difficult to use/buggy
the lightwallets and the gui are extremely easy to use
>is mine for the most part by one pool (centralized)
Mining pools are not inherently bad. They are mostly used to increase the potential to get a reward. Centralization would imply that individuals who want to mine the network are unable to, however with MOnero anybody with a CPU can contribute to the network because of random x
>There are dozens of privacy projects with better privacy features and with a better potential for profit.

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Fluffy Pedo appreciates your donation to his multi-million dollar watch collection.

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Great tech or nor, I am selling this shitcoin
It's summer all over again
Every shitcoin pumps 20% or more a day whiloe this utter piece of shit scam does nothing.
Fuck you delusional retards.
If I would pick a random stock, it would propaply perform just as bad as this

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Anyone with a CPU can mine but will never compete with the hashpower of the cryptojackers and botnets rampant on the network.

Lightwallets do not offer all features

You agree it has an infinite supply like the USD

Privacy by default instead of by choice means that Monero is no longer fungible ad has been banned in many countries and from most exchanges. There is only one real exchange that I am aware of that you can use to buy Monero with fiat and that is Kraken, which is owned by the DCG, which is run by a former Federal Reserve board member. They wouldn't have any incentive to track Monero purchases and trades now would they ;p

Not everyone got in on the premine buddy, if you bought over the last month you are down significantly.

I just showed you proof of traced transactions, several companies have already won government contracts to trace Monero.

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This is art.

>> No.23862761

>showed you proof of traced transactions
You are a funny sir.

>> No.23862762

I learned the hard way. My first crypto investment was Monero and all it gave me was suffering and pain. Don't make the same mistake I did. It follows Bitcoin like a stablecoin so you might as well just hold Bitcoin, at least you can buy and sell Bitcoin on normal exchanges.

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this is what capitulation looks like

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It's called common sense. I had rose colored glasses when it came to investing in Monero, it's not what it claims to be.

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>Anyone with a CPU can mine but will never compete with the hashpower of the cryptojackers and botnets rampant on the network.
you dumb nigger. That is the purpose of mining pools.
>Lightwallets do not offer all features
If you want all features then you go for the CLI. Lightwallets provide pretty much every feature that's needed. Also Feather, a lightwallet that was released recently, has pretty much every feature.
>You agree it has an infinite supply like the USD
the monetary policy of the USD is not hard coded you fucking dumb pajeet. We are at the will of the central bankers taxing us through unpredictable inflation and asset apprectiation caused by QE spending. With Monero, it is always known how much there exists. And as I said earlier, there is less Monero than Bitcoin until 2040, so claims of it having unlimited inflation are retarded.
>Privacy by default instead of by choice means that Monero is no longer fungible
jesus fucking christ. you have no idea what fungible means do you?
Also you can't track monero and you still haven't shown me a monero transaction that was traced.
>Not everyone got in on the premine buddy,
Monero didn't have a premine, unlike the shitcoin you peddle in Monero generals all the time.
>I just showed you proof of traced transactions, several companies have already won government contracts to trace Monero.
What addresses did they send the monero to? What addresses did the monero come from?
Do you not realize that metadata leakage is something that effects every crypto?
Imagine being butthurt because you bought at the top of a bubble.
cool nobody cares

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dude i was completely satisfied with the very slow and steady gains (slightly better than btc) of the last few months even in the face of everything else pumping. It's just a bit bothersome that trend seems to have stopped so abruptly. Is it simply because of this latest fud from that shitcoin dev and his attempted sybil attack? If that were the case I would think we'd see a return to form but we're still scraping the bottom.

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But there is only one major mining pool and it's in fucking China.

Most people cannot use all of Monero's privacy features because you have to be able to understand how to use the CLI.

Glad we agree Monero has an infinite supply.

I posted them, those were traced, I can show you 600 more.

As to the supply, people mined over one million coins in the early days, I mean how do you explain Fluffy Pedo's million dollar watches? It is also believed that the original mining software was the same deoptimized miner that was used by bytecoin (which Monero is a fork of). Insiders most likely had the optimized miner.

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Monero doesn't need smart contracts. That's what Ethereum is for and it does a good job at it and applications like tordando.cash and the possibility to swap Monero for Ethereum and vise versa already provide sufficient privacy. Dero is unnecessary as Tari would be a neat but actually superfluous feature for Monero.

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Monero can't scale to be used as a currency and has been banned in several countries and from most exchanges. It is'nt fungible. It no longer has a use case. Without Tari, Monero is history.

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You FUD is utter bullshit. Monero is still on Kraken and it stays on Kraken, plus we have decentralized exchanges that are peer-to-peer like Bisq and several platforms, like morphtoken.com, that can be used to easily swap BTC for XMR.

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see you at 3.5k

>> No.23863645

look mate your OP just sounded like the type of moonboy trash that I see a lot on /biz/. If you didn't mean it that way then my bad but you gotta see where the Monero community is coming from when it comes to people who only care about price action. We primarily care about making a cryptocurrency that is fungible, and actual adoption through usecase. We've had a really great week with transaction all time highs and the sybil attack fud quickly getting shot down. If anything, that sybil attack proved that monero transactions can't be traceable and also that metadata leakages do happen so it's important for people to help noobies onboard correctly and also to study the ways that metadata can be leaked. Opsec is a constant war.
regarding the price action, as others have said it's just consolidation. In the span of things its healthy. Bitcoin moves first and sucks the blood from alts. Ethereum follows and then alts follow. It's possible we may bleed for a while. But the gains to be had long term mean that a few weeks of bleeding really don't mean that much. This is a buying opportunity, especially if you believe that crypto is going to continue trending up over the next year.
there is not only one major mining pool "in fucking China".
monero's privacy is built in the base layer meaning you don't need to use the cli for transactions
you don't know what infinite means. you also don't know what fungible means.
you still ignore my questions about the amount of monero sent, the wallet addresses that received or sent the monero, etc.
early miners of course are rewarded for being with the project initially. That's not what a premine is. Fluffypony was involved with crypto since the early days. He has made a fuckload of money because he was not only involved with Monero but also Bitcoin as well
Have a nice day raj.

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Faggot OP even didn't post the most important links.

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Dude just shut the fuck up and go do the big glowing boy somewhere else with your scams. Your life sucks hard.

>> No.23864126

I tried to warn you, what you do from here is on you

>> No.23864181

And here you still are, trying this hard to sound smart and educated.

>> No.23864274

>what you do from here is on you
You amuse me.

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>he fell for two scams simultaneously

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Glad I sold my XMR bag into ETH two weeks ago. Privacy coin is a meme. Is it really private if the only way to buy is KYC exchanges?

The better meme is "Number go up." Without Korean money XMR will not go up in the low to mid term. Enjoy hodling is XRP schizo.

>ETH will be $1000 in Jan 2021
>XMR will be $120 stable coin in Jan 2021

Sreencap this.

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you absolute fucking mong
those transactions aren't traced, Jesus fucking christ
Here's how he did it, listen closely, what is being shown here isn't a transaction traced on the Monero blockchain. It's a Sybil Attack based on the IP's of users who have interacted with Monero.
The fuckwit who made this fud deliberately associated the IP's with public records of torrent activities to make it look like people were paying for porn with Monero.
This isn't even remotely true, it is merely looking at an IP that interacted with Monero and looking at how that IP interacted with BitTorrent. There's a very high probability that all of that information was being routed through a VPN/Proxy/Tor anyways, so to even say that you are tracing someone who merely used Monero isn't true.
So the transaction wasn't deanonymized, the amount wasn't deanonymized, the receiver wasn't deanonymized, and the sender was likely not deanonymized (who doesn't use a VPN when using monero?)
so what happened? Literally nothing. Fuck off with this stupid fud.

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>Is it really private if the only way to buy is KYC exchanges?
why is my board getting so much dumber? This is ridiculous.

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Decentralized exchanges like bisq are a thing, faggot.

>> No.23865085

just a shakeout lad. look at the tx-counts. data doesn't lie.

>> No.23865919

you make the thread then bud. I saw one hadnt been made in about a week so I made one.

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>> No.23866471

fuck monero its done nothing past month while bitcoin is pumping like crazy, its a worthless alt with no pump and yall coping kiss my ass

>> No.23866498

>non-correlation with the greater crypto space
yes only when BTC dumps Monero dumps, but when BTC pumps Monero does fuck all so much for non-correlation

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> is mine for the most part by one pool (centralized)...

>> No.23867188

Can you explain for a newfag?
Monero is the only coin I have ever mined, and want to get into it more. Its hard to buy though.

>> No.23867919

There are nonkyc ways to get monero. Bisq is growing in popularity. Morphtoken is very popular and integrated into popular light walkets such as cake. There are also centralized exchanges such as kucoin and trade ogre that are anon. Plus in the future atomic swaps will take over.

>> No.23868049

The fellows on IRC suggested this awhile back:

>> No.23868524

Yeah local monero is reputable

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so much FUD in one post.

>> No.23870097

Great fud guys, keep it up.

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what's happening bros

>> No.23870151

>Is it really private if the only way to buy is KYC exchanges?
I forgot you can't trade crypto IRL, selling my XMR now

>> No.23870174

No anon, clearly every monero transaction has a separate variable which tracks what kind of porn the transaction was used to pay for. duh

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Just to be clear.
All the dude did was correlating some node IPs with IPs that were found on some torrent sites.
It is literally unknown if the nodes maybe got the transactions from some connected light wallet or were just relaying transactions on the dandelion stem.
A nothing burger even without getting the potential use of TOR involved.

>> No.23870320

as >>23867919 said there are some exchanges you can use if you don't want anyone to know you're using Monero.
But what I was really getting at is that even if you use a KYC exchange to get your Monero, no one will be able to tell what you did with it afterwards, it's still private.
Monero is not illegal, merely owning it is not going to make the feds kick down your door.
I use it for legal purchases because it has low fees and I think it is a better currency than any other in the long term.

>> No.23870430

You're cool anon.

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sure thing lad

>> No.23870668


How does a local node know to what IPs to connect to sync to the chain?
Is there some kind of DNS or something of the sorts of a torrent tracker?

>> No.23870930


I've been out of the game for about 5 years.

What is the most absolutely retard proof way for me to store monero for the long haul? I don't want to think about it for another 10 years. Currently using the old client which is too bulky and I'm sure things have changed.

>> No.23870967


Generate a paper wallet I'd say

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Have fun cashing out your pedocoin

>> No.23871008

is https://moneroaddress.org/ legit? Paper wallet sounds good but I want to make sure I'm doing this in a way that keeps others out but lets me in when the time comes

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Corporations will buy our bags OTC.
Sounds outlandish?
Wait and see.

>> No.23871239

Last week a dude sent me 10$ XMR because I am broke as shit, so I took a risk and I bought my first one later on
everyone liked that
based XMR bros

>> No.23871329

of XMR?
holy shit that is based af
HODL on brother

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>> No.23872080

Holy fuck i remember that thread, how you doing anon?

>> No.23872134

am good!
thank you so much for asking
lurking /biz just to always get insights on finance, and still applying abroad
started DCA in BTC as well!
I found a job from a friend on discord that pays 200$ so that's awesome news
I won't despair ngl, but am really grateful for the anons here most are genuinely helpful, and down the road I will definitely start investing and NEVER KEEP ALL MY EGGS IN ONE BASKET lol

>> No.23872272

yes I remember you are the based lebanon anon...I mean the based lebAnon lol

>> No.23872400

based LebAnon indeed
thank you bro <3 nohomo

>> No.23872952

you might be a retard

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