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I only have 1300 LINK, you guys gave me so much faith in it, but I feel bad watching project like RSR, DIA, BZRX, PNK, AAVE, YFI, move so violently, is a good idea to convert maybe 100 or 150 linkies to something with a higher growth potential ? What would you choose ?
Pic is about my other hold AKRO.

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bumpity bump

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Move 50% into PNK, then move it back into LINK after it does its inevitable 5x, since it will guaranteed 5x before LINK does.
>free money

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Anon move some of that into INJ, you don't want to miss out on this coming ride

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Best thing you want to do is grow that link stack.
Therefor, set aside 1000, never sell, I'm serious.
The other 300, 50/50 split. 50% fiat, 50% invest.
If this is your first time doing something like this diversifying your link, odds are you will lose lots fucking up. You don't want to lose 300 precious linkies for fucking up by accident. Any minute mistake can see swathes of your link stack get wiped. 50% in fiat solves this. It's a good beginner hedge.
The other 150link can be invested into one of these coins you've mentioned.