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Chainlink just updated their website.

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we in business now motherfuckers

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My god, it is beautiful.

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Well, they just posted a direct URL to that community ecosystem website from their new site?

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with who? they removed all their "partnership" logos and just replaced them with more chainlink.
How can you do business with yourself only? there should be some customers/consumers of the product you are making apart from yourself, otherwise 'business' is just an euphemism for masturbation.

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kek, wtf is with the careers page. just sold

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with literal whos you fag

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Are you also mastrubating to the new LINK website?
I love their mentioning of AMPL. AMPL on the front page! oow yes. $1 EOY AMPL!

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Looks good on my end

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maybe they're hiring a new UI designer and this is their way of asking

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why are there no job openings anymore? its doomed, its over, stop denying, fuck emotions, sell

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>no swift
>literal who’s
>too embarrassed to brag about litera who pajeetships
You retards are getting SirGay’d so hard

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How about you Click that fucking link in their website and see for your self. Proper retard

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Pls hire me I can html

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Is there any better? I made a promise not to wash until staking. I seeded myself with psilocybin spores and now have growths all over me. They've burrowed into my blood. Into my brain. I'm in a constant state of extreme agony and glorious clairvoyance. The mycelium chews at my flesh and rewards with visions more real than the air you breathe. Chainlink has already reached $1000, it has always reached it. Time is just sinking round and round to that inevitable point and you are scrambling at the sides trying to climb out, but my mushrooms will have you in time.

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https://chainlinkecosystem.com/ecosystem/ nice FUD loser

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Sounds like Hell
You wouldn't also happen to be retarded, would you?

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Why choose Chainlink to aggregate data for a smart contract rather than building one’s own oracle?

Chainlink provides users with a simple to integrate andpre-built decentralized oracle solutionthat can be utilized today by any smart contract on any blockchain. A Chainlink integration allows developers to focus on their application’s core business logic without needing to allocate precious resources to rebuilding infrastructure. Rolling your own oracle is extremely difficult and probabilistic as the oracle problem is complicated, technical, nuanced, and requires constant monitoring, upkeep, funding, and resources to maintain properly.
The ability to easily integrate a project with Chainlink’s decentralized oracle network has enabled numerous teams to avoid the hassle of building their own oracle, allowing them to instead focus on innovating and building use cases. Additionally, as Chainlink users collectively fund oracle networks as a public good, the costs of using Chainlink are far lower than attempting to build and manage your own solution. For example, agrowing listof DeFi applications now use and collectively fund Chainlink price feeds. If you are interested in integrating with Chainlink, pleasereach out.

Not gonna lie, I would have worded all that differently, it could have been more professional imo, reads like they're trying to hawk their services too much

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maybe get a job with BAND, then. To the moon@!

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This is not an official website newfag

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Do I really need to hold your hand? Or are you that mentally challenged?

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it was a scam all along

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Sergey Betray. Dumped millions of tokens at ATH on stinkies and y'all making a thread about a website update... fucking sad bro.

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It lists google right on the front page...

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Not happy

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The real chain link is all the scammed we made along the way.

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looks clean and neat like ABBA

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Im literally fruiting right now

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How is going from a 4d tesseract to this 2d hexagon based?

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Where’s the diversity?

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>See some news
>"hey, I should make a thread on this"
>Checks catalog
>Sees thread on it already
>Makes duplicate thread anyways
Why are linkies like this?

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Strong buy signal

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How are people still not all in? Chainlink has btfo'ed any critics, doubters and other scam cryptoprojects in this space with something real and useful so many times now.