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How likely is it that RSR flips bitcoin and becomes #1?

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50/50: it either happens or it doesn't.

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Should happen eoy

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About as likely as an RSR bagholder having sex

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I'm a bag holder but this is pure idiocy.

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kek true

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Flip bitcoin? Not even eth did it yet, nice joke.

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Maybe Tether, King BTC won't go down this bull run.

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This is some elaborate fud. Painting rsr holders absolutely retarded.

To answer your question i think rsr will be between 1 and 2 dollars on the peak of the next bullrun.

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Checked. Kek indeed. It is true

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zero chance. Should get to 0.50c next year though

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Most outlook sites have it hitting above 10c by 2025. x9 investment.

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overall consensus in this thread seems to be; no, never taking over BTCs no1 place
definitely goes up in value

I agree with this sentiment.

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blatant scam

read up before it's too late

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>the protocol is designed to commit suicide the moment it needs to reinforce itself even though they could just exclude that part of the (fake) design and have a working product
I'm sorry your parents were blood relatives.

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Poorfag Cope. Effortless FUD

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No way I'm fucking buying a 100,000,000,000 supply token. Scarcity is key.

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>Outlook sites
>9x in 5years
Ngmi, don't post this pepe please

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about as likely as Bezos not getting cut down a bit when SAFEX takes over and the senate tells Amazon to break up because it's a monopoly

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As likely as Trump becoming president - unlikely.
Lol jk yTrump will x8 by next week.

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unlikely, but RSR and SHFT will make you filthy fucking rich

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No you stupid fucking scam chaser. Use case is key.

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very likely

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Completely retarded and not at all even logical. Peak hopium.

But if it can get to like $5 that'd be a monumental success. And I wouldn't say that's all that unlikely.