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Market sentiment gauge: has anyone heard their friends, family, co-workers, normies mention bitcoin/crypto lately?

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No. Boomers own most of the wealth and they’re more interested in real estate or gold.

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Yes, my own mother is sending me articles on Bitcoin again from the fucking Guardian because I’m her little investment man
>It’s coming

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Really? I mean this thread is pretty important for all of us so I hope some more people share their experiences so far. I wonder how much time we have till it dumps.

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My friends still mockingly ask me "how are your bitcoins doing?" they literally don't look at charts or prices. They just assume it's not doing well because they haven't heard about it on buzzfeed yet. They're fucking retarded.

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Trustafarian hippy faggot who posted about tron during 2k17 bubble has started flexing his ren dark nodes. I just want to shit all over him with my six figures worth of link, but the truly wealthy stay silent amongst the idiots. But Unironically it’s a huge sell signal and I’m worried

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nope i actually checked in with them recently, no reply. they still think its a scam.

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I'm literally the only person who cares about crypto. Dead silence from everyone else.

People (clever, sophisticated people at that) actually still fall for the central bank meme. It's crazy guys. We're still so early.

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this, the people that are even remotely interested in crypto I know of still haven't bought or they only bought small increments of btc

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Search trends still relatively flat recently and a flea compared to 2017 which tells me this latest pump is all institutional

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Nope, however my schizo rants may have indirectly made my roommate shill it, albeit through mockery

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No everyone is talking about buying real estate as if any of them have the money for it only because it's a sellers market people are stupid.

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I've been shilling btc since 2013,
Only my brother, and some drug dealer I am only acquaintances with bought.
My friends amuse me "Oh I know it'll do atleast a 10x"
Then why the fuck is your bank account not empty?
One just told me hes thinking of putting it in, must have seen something on fb or joe rogan

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We're about to break ATH within a month or two, once that happens it's not going to be an explosion of normies but there will be a sizable amount of n00bs coming into the space who will eventually get rekt on or before the next blowoff top.

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which is good

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few people I know have just got robinhood accounts lol

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Had a couple college niggers a couple of weeks ago approach me about forex, and when i told them I deal with crypto one of them said yeah yeah I have some ethereum and completely butchered the pronunciation.
Can’t wait for normies to get dumped on once again

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normies still swooped up in the (((stonk))) market

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October was the first time I got my dad to open his Coinbase account since he prematurely took profits in 2017
It was also the first time my friends reached out to me and asked for help getting started — my best friend from college just dumped his first $1k in
The sentiment is growing under the surface but people are way too distracted and scared by everything in the realm of politics and “science”

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My boomer dad read an article that said it was going up so he thinks it will go up too.

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I'm from Argentina, so yes. Every day for almost a year now. Right now people don't have much money but when things get back to normal they will want to throw it somewhere like bitcoin.

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yes, several of my coworkers are now interested in it too. silicon valley tech company

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I have a Robinhood account with some play money on there (another 2.7k or so) and was thinking about putting that into bitcoin. This isn’t my savings, but rather just stocks that I’ve been holding on and selling for a bit. If I sell everything tomorrow I’ll have taken an 11% profit since I opened the account in August. I’m not wanting to take the money out of RH and then reinvest it because then from what I understand I’m liable to be taxed on it since I’ve made a profit. Not 100% sure on that.

I know it’s not ideal, but how bad is it really to invest in BTC in the short term on RH? The endgame is not to have any crypto in RH obviously, but that’s almost 3k I can reallocate to BTC and ride the potential rocket tomorrow, even if it’s not really a BTC I’m investing in. I also understand that having to trade crypto during normal market hours is likely going to be a nightmare.

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Early warning signs but nothing to be concerned about. they'll buy after it hits ATH. Don't forget niggers that it isn't a sell signal until everyone owns some or actually buys, and even then it's relegated to niggers and soiboys

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when you hear about it on on on on, you know, you remember, yeaaahhhh, when that one guy you heard talking about it that is then with or when you sell.

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Don't do it on RH, just bite the time bullet and set up a gemini account. I did my first crypto investing on RH when BTC was at 4K and it was the worst decision of my life. I tried selling and moving the FIAT into gemini to then go to binance to buy my linkies and by the time it did all that LINK was already over $1 and never went back down, effectively losing me 5k LINK while I couldn't do anything about it. Robinhood is fucking garbage for crypto and you WILL get fucked somehow for using it.

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kek pretty much this, it took me 2 years for me to convince my dad to put in 1000 dollars I even said I would cover him if he lost it.

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I mean, do you think its worth pulling out of my positions on RH for this? I know the pump is coming lads but I don't know the timing of it

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No. Everyone still thinks I'm crazy when I talk about bitcoin.

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No one knows the timing this anon was trying to teach best practice

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well if I remember right it took about a week for them to wait for the money to actually become "available" to transfer out of the account. Problem is during that week+ duration you'll be missing out on whatever pumping your positions will do so to mitigate that risk if I were you and had crypto positions I would wait until they pumped substantially and then try to move them. The trick behind RH is that the money is still there to be able to buy more so don't FOMO back into BTC if it pumps a bit. Just make sure when you sell off you do so at a price point you'd be satisfied with as if you were to actually sell it off.

I still remember how frustrating it was seeing LINK go from 40 cents to $1.20 while I was waiting on some kike to actually let me transfer my own money out of their system. Haven't touched RH since

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Just my dad, but he's one of those based boomer anti-government/anti-bank libertarians, and he's been investing in crypto longer than I have..

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I set up a Coinbase account for my 70 yr old mom about 10 days ago. She knew I was in crypto for awhile and I've told her of my success. I bought LINK at .35 roughly. She was insistent on BTC because she doesn't know any other but I got her in LINK around mid $10 and a little BTC under $15K. I'm going to convince her to do a 70/30 split. It wasn't tons of money. I told her no matter the price just wait at least 12 months. She understood and barely knows how to log in anyway. Lol Even with how well I was doing she didn't want to buy until she saw the Paypal news that pushed her.

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Kanye mentioned blockchain and BTC not that long ago on the JRE podcast

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>friends, family, co-workers, normies
Uhh s-sure t-thing a-anon uhm yea I have many friends and family memebrers and a j-job ha-ha who doesn't r-right and g-go out a lot yeah s-sure?

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Friend told me he bought $20k couple years ago up 30% over the weekend. Told me he was going to buy a tv :(

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Same, exact same. Based mums are based

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A black girl who just got hired where I work said she was selling Bitcoin during our shift so I took it as a buy signal

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The normies I know have no idea what's going on with crypto, they still think it's down

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Wait for Christmas dumb new fag

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They took focus on the real estate market.

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Hey mom I bought you 0.7 LINK for Christmas! You’re gonna be rich!

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My drug dealer friend who had bitcoin because he cashed out poker winnings and it went up from 12-15k. All he wanted to talk about the other night

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haven't heard a peep yet from those surrounding me without me bringing it up first

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Yes every normie is about to buy LINK so stink

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That’s not because of what OP is implying but because argie economy is a literal hellhole that buttfucks everything in it.
On the other hand, people hearing about bitcoin isn’t a 2017-like sell signal but the start of the bull run. This isn’t people talking about bitcoin because it peaked, they are talking about it because institutions (eg banks and media) are putting the subject out there. Different scenarios.

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everyone i know is still suspicious of crypto

we're still early after 12 years

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Most people I have talked to haven't even heard of shit like ETH or LINK. When I mentioned Bitcoin in passing to friends and family recently they laughed. BTC is still seen as a joke I think among the public

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OP, so far not yet. I am trying to control myself from saying anything crypto related. (Maybe they are trying to do the same thing too?)

For now we can wait until the media touches crypto then the fools will come. For now I will keep on buying STPT, IRIS, ZEN, BEAM, FIO and DOCK. My DOCK already +50%. I fucking love crypto.

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It's fine because I'm also kind of a crypto retard - I literally don't understand how the shit works, defi, all the shit. Things will happen and the normies that don't know anything will be poorer and pooer.

They know what a 'bitcoin' is, or at least heard of it. But in the same way you'd say to "google" something, you just mean 'search for it'. Crypto has a hundred different coins/tokens and they all do different shit apparently, and it's beyond my grasp. But I invested in ETH, Link and XRP and made great gains (except in XRP, clearly).

Someone explained crypto in the following way to me.
>imagine you have an image on your phone/computer/etc. That data/code is on your phone.
>imagine you send that photo to someone else. But now the data/code does not live on your phone anymore.

Most regular people don't understand anything about money, currency, finance, etc. Hell, I just found out what the hell the Federal Reserve was 5 years ago, and I'm in my mid-thirties. They keep the masses ignorant to what shit is about. They literally think Jeff Bezos has billions of dollars in his bank account. The concept of 'wealth' is beyond their grasp.
Random rant I know.

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>They literally think Jeff Bezos has billions of dollars in his bank account.
he's liquidated 10 billion USD of amazon stock this year, OTC of course, who knows if he was entering cash or just hedging in other markets, but your point stands that his net worth is not liquid

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Market volatility has always been the bane of crypto. This project BASE has changed that as an opportunity to leverage. Times have really become interesting if you ask me.

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my 60 year old uncle asked me about link at the last pump. but that might be because i told his son about it when it was around $1

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maybe I just know retards but I've been shilling crypto to my friends since the beginning of the year with very little success.

One of my friends has been working part time while on furlough getting government gibs so had £5000 sitting around, told him about crypto but he said, and I shit you not
> ill just stick it in a high interest account and get 1% on it
This was when btc was at $10k

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my 72 year old uncle is unironically talking about it again. He bought in 2015 and is still holding which makes me laugh every time I think about it

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top fucking kek. I have a friend just like this. I told him about link last december and he told me its "too risky". Come 2020 I am the one with a 2k link stack and he's the one holding bags in the stonk market

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>telling your normie friends about your crypto

kek, enjoy getting mugged

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Oh they sure will, anon!
Just wait for the greens.
Housewives been investing, seniors talking about it when it was ath.
It’s now the time to load the sacks with alts and wait.
I suggest checking FUSE out for starters

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Some of my bros mentioned Injective Protocol. Seems it's going on an uptrend.

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I used to do design work for a couple who own a big Franchise. They are pretty wealthy. They rang me two months ago to ask how to buy bitcoin because they thought it was a safer place to put their money than fiat or stocks. They're concerned about govs printing so much money.

I thought this was a good sign for bitcoin as a long term store of value - not for its pump value.

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>I’m her little investment man
Kek. Good boy. Have a Werther's Original.

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Nope, not unless they’re laughing at me for not holding stonks

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Boomer janitor at work who was invested in 2017 is looking to get back in, also friend who i gifted $25 of BTC is researching to get in since its like $35 now

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My sell signal is when twitch thots are wearing vitalik shirts, remember that biz, it’s coming

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No. Even my Telegram group isn't reacting even when I told them "the Bitcoin price increase has been incredible lately!"
They're all burned out in it. Only full HODLers are in right now

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Yeah this lmao. I'm just saying "I'm doing good"

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My wife told me her coworkers wife joined some sort of crypto course for housewifes. This was around the end of the summer defi rush. I thought this was a sell signal, but didnt do shit.

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Google search trends are at a 13 anon, there’s very very minor interest and that’s mostly from those who’ve been in crypto for years, example we were at 4k btc with this interest, so it’s not your average fomo pleb buying or even curious, yet . But these funds, banks and whales thatre accumulating are the ones who pushed cnn to shill bitcoin everyday n late 2017

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It's starting but I think we are still in the clear

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My best friend is unironically my sell meter. I gave him some crypto for his birthday and he saw link going from 4 dollars to 20 in a matter of weeks. The higher the price got the more eager he was to buy more link himself. At the peak he even wanted to sell his playstation to buy link. Of course i told him to wait till september. In september he wasnt interested in buying anymore though. Now i have to beg him to make himself a coinbase account to get free linkies but he isnt really interested anymore. When he comes and asks me to show him how to buy crypto i will know i have to sell.

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Yeah pretty much, I have a friend who always asks "are you a millionaire yet?" And as I approach millionaire status I have no desire to say anything to anyone because then they will just seethe after mocking me for getting into club penguin coin early.

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yep, I told all my friends to buy the BTC dip when it was 3k EOY 2018, told them 1 BTC is enough to be wealthy in 10 years. All of them made fun of me and called me a retard, so I assume none look at the price due to not wanting to acknowledge they are the retards and it is actually legit.

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Only my boss... But he has been asking since 2018 every so often. He usually asks about it once every few weeks...

Normie friends aren't really asking yet. Someone asked me about LINK at $20, i advised them not to buy at that point.

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Only stranger I know that is into crypto is my barber, he is really into it for a late 40s italian boomer and has been for a few years.

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My parents arent asking.

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if they are they talk about bitcoin, and even then its filled with doubt akin not a strong buy sentiment...
let alone mentioning alt-coins... they don't understand what alt-coins can do... none of my co-workers, family, friends own a single token.

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This. But one friend texted me completely shocked that bitcoin is worth 15k now.

>> No.23833976

overheard some retards talking about buttcoin when it was 10k € this summer

>> No.23834001

Strangely had my sister text me about link around $18. She’s been quiet since. I have a feeling the next run up will cause normie/retail fomo.

>> No.23834022

Rolling for TMR

>> No.23834206

My coach with no financial experience was telling me how he was gonna put 10k in once it hit a grand and how he’d sell once it hit 10k. So yeah of course that never Happened, this was unironically at the absolute bottom of the market in the low 3ks

>> No.23834225


gtfo faggot

>> No.23834237

Nope, haven't heard anything about crypto outside of /biz/ and YouTube.
If you were around in 2017 you'd know what to look out for so you can exit during peak euphoria. We're not even close.
Normies won't start noticing until bitcoin is ATLEAST over $20k and even then they'd look at it cautiously and be dismissive of it.

>> No.23834297

hah based

>> No.23834479

This. The FOMO won't even start till 30k

>> No.23834572

Not at all, my brother who used to trade btc doesn't even talk about it and all in on stocks now lmao rest are completely oblivious.
keep in mind thats russia so its different from the rest of the world

>> No.23834711

I'm from Germany the sentiment is the same here

>> No.23834736

>I’m her little investment man
Lol. Same here

>> No.23834785

jfc were in due for a correction

>> No.23834796

Nope. Over 1500 friends and maybe 1 is talking about it

>> No.23834801

My dad and gf both have 0.25 BTC and were thinking of stepping out. No idea if that is bullish or not

>> No.23835176

When you say correction, do you wanna sell? Did you sell your Bitcoin? Would you sell your Bitcoin if it dipped right now? Do you think most people share this sentiment? We're in accumulation phase. The true bullrun didn't even start yet

>> No.23835189

My dad, my grandma, and Forsen have all mentioned it.
We’re at the top for now

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>friend of mine who has like $300k in cash savings asked me about crypto in August.
>I was reluctant to give any advice
>friend buys $2k of BCH

>> No.23835536

If we hold 20k we will know about it

>> No.23835743

>I’m her little investment man
lol same here

>> No.23835786

My mum got interested in it randomly, so I got her to buy Btc, Eth & Link

>> No.23835865

my dad talked about his old $3 xrp crypto bags the other day
i laughed at him

>> No.23835878

I lurk a gaming discord and have been hearing ramblings of members thinking about investing.

>> No.23836265

friends who have a couple hundreds bucks in it brought it up the past couple weeks. they'll never go balls deep, though. t. 5+ btc chad.

>> No.23836332

lol... but it's cheaper than BTC so he can buy more, that's good, right?

>> No.23836857

Not hearing any chatter outside of crypto specific groupchats on WhatsApp, even those are pretty tame with the exception of Link when it ATH'd.

Lol, i had a friend do the same thing in 2013/14, thought he'd missed the boat on BTC so bought a bag of LTC. In fairness he could have been up a lot of money, except he left his coins on btc-e .. and we know how that turned out.

>> No.23836935

one.of.the.indonesians i.work with who cones from the backwater of java and has no internet and doesnt speak english asked me about crypto recently

>> No.23836969

last night i was standing in line at a gas station in trenton. heard two niggers behind me talking about chainlink.

>> No.23836993

my unironically 140+ IQ lawyer friend hasnt even downloaded coinbase and doesnt know anyone who has

>> No.23837088

i bet that course giver is laying some pipe in those desperate housewives

>> No.23837096

Yep, a couple have asked me about it

>> No.23837109

it hasn't even begun. needs to hit ath for hype train to start. till then btc will be considered a scam.

>> No.23837180

Hype train won't even start at ATH, has to hit double the ATH for the normies to even start paying attention lol

>> No.23837183

Just one friend during the 2017 bullrun when he talked about one of his fellow students who traded shitcoins and was also a lolbertarian.

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i wouldnt be so sure. media is already picking up steam. CNBC and bloomberg both ran segments on btc last week.

>> No.23837418

Haven't heard shit from anyone. In fact, most talks are still about the election covid and dating stuff

>> No.23837474

A few days ago dad ask me finally "what the heck is bitcoin" haha my Ethereum fan cousin asked that when the Tokamak Network will be released. He was a GEM hunter and I just learned it! So, I want to say that IT IS BULLISH!

>> No.23837497

local coin shop boomer said he asks everyone if they own any crypto and they all say no

>> No.23837518

I'm from Argentina and just a bunch of my nerd mates from uni have some coins and it's either dai or usdt. I tried to get my mom to buy some but she's a boomer and doesn't trust anything that isn't cash because banks have rugpulled the country several times. I put some money from time to time (50$-100$)but I had to cash out during lows because I was unemployed. I wish retards didn't vote Peron yet again. I'd be so comfy with my salary

>> No.23837532

My brother is talking more about it, but since he has his own 50k in & probably checks blockfolio a dozen times a day, this isn't a surprise.

The rest of family and friends haven't uttered the word "Bitcoin" for 2 years at least

>> No.23837542

>banks rugpull
>trusts cash

omfg why are boomers like this, this is literally my dad. latinos are braindead fucks

>> No.23837636

>except in XRP, clearly

you ain't alone m8, but at least you don't hold a bag of lition paper

>> No.23837738

none, its perfect. this tells me this is jsut the beginning and thats fucking nuts.

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lolis wearing a pedo shirt
truly post post modern times
it probably is fucking coming

>> No.23837981

>had to cash out during lows
thats rough, sorry bro. hope you make it someday

>> No.23838675

Family friend did ask me about Bitcoin at dinner with my parents etc maybe about 4 months ago.

Good dude too, helped me so much with my car over the years so I told him I'm more than happy to teach him bulk about crypto, how to do purchase and store safely and whenever is convenient for him. He hasn't contacted me about it or mentioned it since (but did help me again and save me at least $500 on troubleshooting and basically fixing my car once again for me )

>> No.23838789

Back in 2010 I mined 80usd of BTC. But the electric bill went up 110. My mom almost beat me. So I sold the coin to pay her back and left crypto. 4 years later I was super bitter about it. Refused to get into crypto due to regrets. Now in 2020 I've actually started buying. Not exactly normy. Im a business minded programmer but I see it as our generation's dot com boom or real estate boom equivalent.

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I did have a conversation about crypto with my brother but he was an early adopter (2014) so I would guage that as a sell signal.

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>> No.23838868

My dad asked me if he should buy Bitcoin cause he heard some guy say that he should own some as part of his portfolio

I told him to ignore that guy cause there’s a bubble going on and that other guy is probably holding bags

>> No.23838930

lol Samir

>> No.23838982

Google doesn't really like crypto, Try checking the trends for duck duck go or Yandex, anything but google.

>> No.23839224


>> No.23839557

Local normie radio playing 80s music reported on bitcoin price in todays morning news - it's over

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