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At what age are you planning on retiring?

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I retired at 16 from a generous inheritance.

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hopefully in 2 years when eth and link staking take off

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40 at the latest. If I miss that goal I'll wait until my parents have passed and off myself

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1 year from now.

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ASAP anon 4 years maximum
can’t take this waging anymore
I sell my soul for $30,000 a year

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at least she's honest

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Serious question, how do porn stars make money? It's 2020, who is paying money for porn?

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people who have unironically never had sexual contact in real life, ever

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8.5 years to go and could do it in half the time if things are going as well as they are now for me.

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>who's paying money for porn?
The same people who donate sizeable chunks of their monthly salaries to random streamer sluts or onlyfans whores

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There is a big market for niche porn. As for as normal porn, it’s just ads and stuff mostly

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ads for what? other porn? that's a circular argument

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She makes a good point

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the thing is - LOOK at her
her face is like...you can see how pathetic she is
I can look at her and just be not surprised she does porn, because she looks like someone who does porn

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Hopefully at 35 I can retire in a country with a low cost of living and be a bum until I die

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whenever biden rolls out his stupid tax plan

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As soon as possible

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The 1000 dicks stare?

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Can't retire if I never plan on working

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based neet

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I'd like to be done actual with actual "work" by 40 sooner if possible, after that a part time gig or something casual would be nice for a few years so I don't get too bored. Eventually I'd like to find a hobby that can take up enough time to replace working.

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i don't want to retire, i want to be able to create my own projects and ideas instead of some random idiot's useless projects and ideas

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>guys I can afford a $600, 1-week all-inclusive trip to Cuba! I'm rich!

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im 20
i just neet and have onlyfans and post my nudes on reddit and make about 300 usd every time i post, takes like 5 minutes a day,
i hold link

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>production companies pay women $1k for a video, a few hundred for make up and small production crew
>company puts 10 mins clips from the video on pornhub and xvideos
>gets ad revenue
>sell full video on website for the few thousand people who pay for porn
It might not make millions like in the old days but they make enough to get laid and make a profit off of it.

but only the top performers make 1k. the new ones make a few hundred

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Kinda want to keep this pension but if I make enough from investing then imma dip out when I'm 40 something.

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Only if you're prepared to prolapse your anus because it's being sucked out by a vacuum pump while a cow is shitting on you. Or something else, but as the other anon said, niche stuff.

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>at least she's honest
not entirely, she didn't drop out, she was expelled for filming pornography in the school library.

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not as bad as a glassy eyed 35 year old programmer

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>not as bad as a glassy eyed 35 year old programmer
Tell me your story anon, who is this 35 years old programmer that hurt you?

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Probably like 50.

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is that really Mikhaila Peterson

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40 if everything pans out and I get that pension combined with crypto gains.

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im currently a 25 programmer. a bit worn down by my profession already; iykyk.
occasionally ill see someone who looks like me 10 years down the line, without any big wins. slightly pouchy, hair receding, eyes as glassy as a fish due to eyestrain, lack of control in their life etc.
i like to use these people to remind myself not to be stuck waging at 35. there is a palpable difference between "i coded this because it was interesting/ had moneymaking potential" and "i coded this because i couldnt say no"

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with any luck i'll get a $80k/year wfh job within the next 2 years. i plan on moving back to my hometown (or any other small town) where i can buy a house on 1-2 acres for $150k. i should be able to pay it off, in full, in about 4 years of wageslaving. i'm a 31 year old boomer so i could be a NEET loser at age 37, although i'll probably keep working.

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Based frogposter

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So... it is a projection of your potential future self? Now tell me anon, where did he touch you?

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By reading your posts I can tell that you are either a faggot or a wageslave that is being offensive to try and come off as successful to other wagies. AKA you are a nigger trying to act white.

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Who is this faggot wageslave you're talking about, anon? Tell me, where did he touch you?

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He...... He...... he touched..... me.... he touched...me........
he touched me...... no no no NO!..... he touched me on..... on........ on your mother's tight asshole NIGGER

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Desk jobs are for faggot cucks

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So.. this faggot wageslave touched your asshole and he turns out to be also a nigger? Nice, nice, we're progressing. Now, tell me, what did you feel when he touched your asshole?

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Why degrade yourself?

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I’m never gonna retire and I’ll kill myself at 60

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Cope harder, wagie. Bed time soon.

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The nigger touched your mom's asshole with his bbc faggot.
Greentext this if you are a nigger faggot

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oh i'm never going to have to be a wage slave, i made it from crypto

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Neither Coca Cola or Pepsi are putting cash down to get their ads going before the money shot. It’s always more porn. It makes no sense. If I was any more paranoid I’d say porn is a govt psyop. The CIA probably deals white powder and white pussy.

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Maybe i didn't pick the right words. Ajem* Did you feel something... special when this negro touched your asshole?

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This is what your mom looks like on big black cock and when she gives her child vaccines.

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Hello, I'm with the Based department. We've been recruiting individuals of your caliber lately, please give us a call when you get the time.

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Check these dubs to confirm this goy is a straight up nigger

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>just think about it logically

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Probably when I can nab my pension at 54 at the earliest. My fault for not investing earlier. I’ve got a pension, 401k, and company stonk purchase. I finally have more cash flow every month to invest more into the market and try to figure out this crypto stuff.

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Ding ding ding

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Wowowow, wait... you never got vaccinated?

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Whenever I have enough money to not have to worry about money

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she should get executed via guillotine on live television

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She probably made that video seeking for validation from a society that makes her feel insecure. The bitch will herself in 5 years, but before that she will suck cock, many cocks, multiple times the cocks she did suck while she has a porn actress, because that's as close she will ever be to a meaningful relationship, not only with the opposite sex, but with other human being.

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Go back to your assembly line Ron.

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If my current salary and lifestyle don't change, I should be able to retire in 2030 when I'm 41. I'll have $2 million net worth by then.
It's gonna be very tough socially though. I keep getting shamed and harassed by my mother because I don't have a gf or wife.

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Yup, when I'm feeling great about myself I too post videos on social media so I can get the affirmation of strangers that I'm doing good in my life. Who wants to take bets her family disowned her and she can't have a regular marriage because no decent man would want to marry someone like this. She's got that 1000 cock stare too.

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who is this roastie?

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kendra sunderland aka librarygirl

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They turn tricks on the side. Porn star status gives them incredible market value. I fucked Jada Fire 8 years ago for $1200.

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oh, she's actually a great actress though, absolutely amazing at what she does
not a lot of girls have her body and face to make it quite as big as her
she's an exclusivity kind of actress, probably makes 5K minimum per shoot

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what was that like? jada has a great body but a potty mouth

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Throw some extra punctuation around CIA and you're on the right track.

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Define retire? Never working again or doing what you want for work?

I will work until the day I die because creating brings me joy and fulfillment I can never just sit on a beach or on the couch for longer than a month. I would off myself. But doing what I want to do for 20-30 hours a week, now that is fucking retirement.

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Did she smell good? I love black pussy but the smell of all the crispy black women I've eaten out is absolutely fucking vile.

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One of the keys is to stay in shape. If you do that, you will reduce your chance of being a wagie.

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why would staying in shape reduce the chance of being a wagie?

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There is a strong correlation between physical health and financial well-being. Richfags that eat fresh produce and exercise are almost a different species than wagefags that have to eat mcdicks and smoke to make it through their days. Exercise is good for your brain which is good for your wallet.

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It gave me and all the other dudes I know who work out more energy and ambition. We didn't settle as much as our out of shape friends. We felt like we can always get paid more or start our own business and 90% of my buddies did. Not 1 fat guy I know has started a company or gotten out of his contract or 9-5. Obviously, this is just ancedotal but I see a pattern.

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Go on vacation like any other middle class wage slave, brag about it on social media like a dumb fucking thot.

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sadly i dont have a car and havent worked out since they closed the gyms in my state. used to be buff but i actually look barely different after 6 months of no lifting

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40-45. I have an auto immune disease so I'm going to die early anyways. If I knew I had to wage slave in a cubicle until the day I died I would end it now and get it over with.

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She's so arrogant but fucks like a dead fish, obviously low iq so she'll waste it all on frivolous shit, her only asset is her big tits and they're already sagging, face was cute in her first library video but now already looks like soulless husk in an industry with new 18yo competitors every day, even if she makes bank with only fans and escorting now she'll be hitting a hard wall 5 years from now and realize she has no savings and demand is gone. She'll have to marry a cuck and resent him.

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She has been so disappointing since doing hardcore stuff

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I lift at home. Pushups, pull ups, dumbells for everything else. I haven't been to the gym in 6 years. I'm 190 and can do 70 push ups.

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holy shit you're right

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2017. got 5M

im done since then

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I'm retired. ... I invented dice when I was a kid

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Kendra Sunderland
she got thiccer tho as evidenced in the video

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Hopefully at 45, I will have $2.5 million and paid off my house. I think I may get there sooner though and probably want to work until $4 million. The growth gets crazy huge and easy by doing nothing, so I may want to stretch it for a better lifestyle.

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I will die on my feet shooting sometime before my back and knees give out, because we live in a society that looks like OPs post

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ok kewl gimme your onlyfans slut

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>3 years to go
hex.com im up big money this shit can drop to near zero and i'm still walking away with 4MM+ usd

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