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>Oh boy! I finally bought some Bitcoin! Now I can finally...um...

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retain my wealth while ignoring fiat currency inflation

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stop waging for the jew

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enjoy a decrease in my USD-measured net worth!

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>I don't want to buy something unless it's a fun toy I can play with!

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...sell it for profit

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Just buy and hold buddy. Don't stop at Bitcoin, get yourself some silver/gold, more crypto, a multi unit house and some long far out call options if you can.

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Have the ability to frontrun an asset before institutional wealth.

Frontrunning an asset serving as the future store of value with a current MC that is negligible.

If you mean some Bitcoin as in plural, probably retire in a few years.

Hold the only non-inflationary asset ever conceived.

Transfer it easily whenever to whomever you want, forever. But I can't think of a single asset you'd want to trade it for. You trade everything else for it.

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...sell it at the bottom of the next dip

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Sell for profit and then day trade into the ground.

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>Just buy and hold buddy.

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>make a female to female transition surgery

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>buy low sell high

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touch boobies

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*Sips* Damn skippy pal, Don't even get me started on my daily compounding interest, and the rent from my tenants.

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save money
use rootstock to get free leverage
use rootstock to use an AMM
get a loan on it using liquid
or just trade it

wow, capitalism sucks amirite

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>Instagram, look, I've got digital money! It's so cool!

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>>Oh boy! I finally bought some stocks, bonds or precious metals! Now I can finally...um...

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>Oh boy! I finally bought some stonks! Now I can finally...um...

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>...Now I can finally...um...
Use it to buy LINK

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