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>chainlink tonight calls chainlinkgod a faggot

super hella friggin basederino

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op there is an incoming call for you, also kek blesses this thread

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Checked and pretty good episode.
Does twitter niggers selling their soul in order to pump their project really surprise anyone? Vain cunts.

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no and chainlinkgod has been a verifiable faggit long before this but this is a nice confirmation about him and that commie cunt adelyn trying to gaslight the fuck out of the biggest and oldest followers/supporters of link.

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that was great.

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>>23803800 (OP)
> kek blessed this thread

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love this show anon thanks

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How can one man be so based? Do we know who makes these videos? He even flashed a picture of Michael Aquino there for a moment. If you don't know who he is search him and be blown the fuck away.

Pokemon Red or Blue Kek

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tripfags never change, whether on biz or off

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the hero we need

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extremely based video Chainlink Tonight
good stuff
CLG is a faggot for calling literally just copying the AP's clownshow and posting it on the ETH chain and calling it "definitive truth"
do better

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unbased, chainlink should not be associated with magatards

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cocaine bump
fuck commies, kikes, niggers, and jannies

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Meme genius of link marines. Thank you anon.

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that said I fear CLT is slightly deluded. Chainlink has always been ((their)) coin
Sergey is a good person yes, this is obvious. And he's trying to build neutral tech. But we cannot pretend CL is not already entrenched in evil. Sergey I think for sure has an idea about this but he is trying to stay involved to make the tech as decentralised (neutral) as possible. Not sure about Ari, he has some shade surrounding him.

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fellow linkies know aquino?
being anon is both a blessing and a curse
we shall meet in the place where there is no darkness

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>didnt finish watching the episode

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its not, you faggot. watch the fucking video.

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rewatch the video, or are you too stupid to understand pokemon red vs blue?

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we were blessed to have a handful of deeply knowledgable occultists spoonfeed and meme us in 2018

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youd be surprised what fellow linkies know

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truth is the intersection of all things
definitive truth is the holy grail
the truth will set you free

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Ari is in the Cult of Demeter, which isn't shady at all.

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last I heard he was a Sabbatian Frankist. Or at least his family was.

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that's good news. Cult of Demeter is fine I agree. Pythagoreanism is too.
I'll read Tetraktys to see what he really thinks.

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this guy gets it, thank for the (you) have one for (you)rself

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based exid bro

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this is retarded bro, sorry

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I did some research about the Cult of Demeter when it was speculated Ari was involved with the group. A few things I found about them.

-Admittance wasn't reserved for aristocracy, slaves and the poor could enter, but your own merit determined how high you went if you were ready for their truths.
-You could not have committed murder(cold blooded killing, self defense was acceptable from my understanding)
-One of their temples that was destroyed by an opposing force (unclear who exactly) was rebuilt with the help of Marcus Aurelias
-Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, and Plutarch were involved
-They considered themselves seekers of truth
-They believed the soul was immortal
-Cherished free will but understood there is someone level of determinism that exists as well
-Individual responsibility and virtue as a mean of achieving happiness
-Drink Kykeon(d-lysergic acid amide) beverage
-Ate Amanita muscaria mushrooms
-The most reserved truths they told to the members in the highest echelon appear to be unknown today

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so stupid that I'm almost convinced you are glowing controlled opposition.

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>This is retarded bro, sorry
>Gives absolutely no input

Excellent assessment bro

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another interesting fact, one of the reasons Alcibiades was banished was because he was "distributing the cult's secret" at a party.
It is speculated by Terrance mcKenna that this secret was a specific concoction of drugs. Personally I think something that allowed you to see the afterlife (the myth of Er is no myth)

Alcibiades basically cost Athens the Peloponnesian war against Sparta, for those who don't know. Favorite pupil of Socrates. One of the main characters of Plato's symposium, which is Sergey's favourite book.

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its called kykeon and its a mixture of ergot, barley, wine, and herbs

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Fucking based. Who won doesn't matter to me, I just want definitive truth/ fairness.

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uh, is this stuff about him being Baron of Rachane a LARP title? Because otherwise I’m distantly related...

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it's like one of those things where you just make superficial connections that don't really make common sense
like television=tell a vision=proof of tv propaganda
yeah there is propaganda on tv like on all media of communication, but television derives from greek roots, to view from afar, and it was subverted to suit propaganda, not designed for it
the truth is complex and nuanced and these retarded theories cut it short for cheap thrills. The archetypal fear for neanderthal and uncanny valley may have something. but them being alive and living underground is retarded. Study some fucking history and apply common sense.
That or stop glowing.

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iirc McKenna says there is a missing ingredient we don't know

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it's a goddess cult that predates the minoans. the goddess is another way of saying the "collective unconscious". psychedelics were used to achieve altered states of consciousness to commune with "the goddess", which makes higher knowledge/wisdom or Gnosis available. this is why the goddess is associated with wisdom; it's the only way to achieve Gnosis.

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How can short LINK on PlotX?

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she was a specific goddess who oversaw the seasons and agriculture which was foundational to society at the time, she was also memed hard in the greek pantheon for the story of her daughter persephone and ares who stole demeters daughter and held her captive in the underworld, she became sorrowful and would not allow for the crops to grow, this is the story of winter and the death of fertility and productivity of earths bounty, when persephone was released by ares, demeter allowed for the spring to return the green and the bountiful yields of nature.

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cain and abel represents the archetypal conflict between farmer and nomadic herdsman civilizations. that should be obvious. And the farmers won and founded city states, we are descendants of farmers (ie Cain). Those first city-states made the biblical stories.

this was approx 10000 years ago, much after the Neanderthals were wiped out.
not neanderthal vs cromagnon.

that's only one of many glaring retarded things in your images that I will type out

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yep, definitely partly inspired by the much older stories of Innana in the underworld, incidentally Innana also has a story with a serpent and a tree, and stealing the knowledge of civilization (the Mes) from a father figure deity.

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It's not like you can just eat some shrooms, break through, and get a geometry lesson. It's not free information. This is why it turns into a cult. The price of this knowledge is paid in blood. It's why they sacrifice children.

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video unavailable...

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yea i remember thinking this when they announced the AP Everipedia oracle, not entirely bearish though: it's a big name using chainlink and LINK, it's a signed attestation of a report immortalized on Ethereum and EOS, if the result is overturned by the supreme court, then AP can be held accountable with immutable evidence

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So fucking based, as usual

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chainlink god absolutely btfo

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So Chainlink have been paying this twitterfag to shill?

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Great video, CLG is a faggot and always has been. This is just one example of his faggotry he’s been promoting, twitterfags need to go.

On a side note, it’s even more retarded Adelyn herself retweeted a shill post congratulating Biden on the victory. To all the CL devs who browse this board, get this retarded commie cunt under control, she’s retweeted blantant gaslighting retardation in the past but this whole AP fiasco has taken the cake. Your whole project is based off of aggregating data from multiple sources to find a definitive truth and this retarded slant eyed bitch who’s one of the most prominent devs on the team is RETWEETING the single biggest fuckup Chainlink has been apart of so far. Pic related is a horrible look for the brand to anybody with a brain who decides to look into the members of the project. Chainlink doesn’t pull data from one source and call it definitive, especially when the foul play that’s going on during the election is so obvious. I would actually consider letting Adelyn go, she’s detrimental to Chainlink.

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Explain for a brainlet

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checkerino lil basederino

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Checked and bumping this post.

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checked and based

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yeah id say...its happening.

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>hainlink doesn’t pull data from one source and call it definitive, especially when the foul play that’s going on during the election is so obvious.
Trump supporter ! Lol.

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>doesn’t understand how oracles work

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>Chainlink doesn’t pull data from one source and call it definitive
What source is it going to pull data from that doesn't have trump winning? There isn't any evidence of vote fraud/foul play or whatever just because you say there is...

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bullish dubs for LOKI

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Based and fuck Chainlinkgod pilled

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sell your link or shut up. or keep seething but man this board is over, i thought clt was onto something oh well

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watch the video, retard

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Does anyone know what song that sample is from the end of the intro? With the trumpets right before the curtains open? Makes my balls tingle.

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Checked and fucking based! Fuck ChainlinkGod and Fuck Commie Adelyn

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to play devil's advocate: adelyn is probably invaluable in interfacing with chinese players small medium and large, however she should stfu on twitter though about anything that is vaguely political, if fact she should only use social media under the name "adelyn zhou" if her posts strictly fit two criteria: 1) zero politics, 2) directly chainlink related

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golden chains

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hey Marines what was the website everyone used to post screenshots of that showed how much link was on exchanges?

>> No.23808101

better than rusted iron chains in a shit smeared ventless lightless dungeon

>> No.23808127

there are better abstractions but ethplorer has exchange wallets tagged, at least the ones that publicly state their exchange wallets, i think the only very large exchange that doesn't publish their wallets is coinbase

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Agreed. Sergey please. Get the Commie Chink in line or kick her ass off the team.

t. 6 figure Link OG.

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>implying sergey gives a fuck about 6 figures of link when he dumps 7 figures every week

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>The new number is for a pollster who suspects the election for Governor of New York was rigged. It was - by Samaritan, and his life is now in danger.

>suspects it was rigged
>it was
>by Samaritan
>and his life is now in danger

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Go fuck off to your uniswap shitscam threads you faggot nu/nolinker.

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Had high hopes for Link until tonight. Looks like it won't be hitting $13 after all

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>chainlink god absolutely btfo

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There are LINK threads where you can post your pathetic fud and there are threads where you shouldn't you piece of shit.

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Hey 42 did you watch LOST?

>> No.23808553

> tattoos
> cares about short term price action

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>it’s even more retarded Adelyn herself retweeted a shill post congratulating Biden on the victory.
she shilled for actblue when RGB died
let's see if she congratulates Trump when he becomes a two term president

>> No.23808591

>Your whole project is based off of aggregating data from multiple sources to find a definitive truth
>smart people
smart people instantly realize chainlink can not do this. Truth is not defined by standard deviation and chainlink's non existant reputation system will just be an arbitration by an authority

Chainlink god is retweeting exactly what chainlink does; give people a new way to lie through the sophistry of "blockchain"

Link is a ccp astroturfed, token not needed, pile of dog shit that has innovated absolutely nothing

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>Hey 42 did you watch LOST?
no, but I've heard good things
also 42 chegged

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are those words from terry davis' oracle?

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>-Drink Kykeon(d-lysergic acid amide) beverage
>-Ate Amanita muscaria mushrooms
>-The most reserved truths they told to the members in the highest echelon appear to be unknown today

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>are those words from terry davis' oracle?

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checked. it's a good show desu

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>it's a good show desu
it's my next one after I finish "Person of Interest"
link marines really need to understand how relevant that show is

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Chainlink Tonight is no different from Chainlink God, both promoted that piece of shit DMM for a price, both huge sellout
The Everipedia data is provided by AP, Chainlink cannot verify the source of data, the point has always been definitive truth from multiple data providers

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>however she should stfu on twitter though about anything that is vaguely political
she's entitled to her opinion, we all are, even if we disagree

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having an opinion doesn't mean you should share it

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>having an opinion doesn't mean you should share it
like I said earlier
>she shilled for actblue when RGB died
>let's see if she congratulates Trump when he becomes a two term president
also, she's a woman, they were never really good at politics

>> No.23808969

>the point has always been definitive truth from multiple data providers
how fucking dumb are you to think chainlink does this

>> No.23809001

you better learn how to read

>> No.23809008

No, its happening in your brain only.
Remember that. The race/family spirit is strong with you. As it is with the tribes of savannah or with the "vampire" jews lore you live. You are Slave.

The number of those who are to be saved is stated, we find it to be 144,000. Adding as before, 1+4+4+000=9—again the number of humanity, showing that practically it will be saved in its totality.

Meaning everything in this earth.

>> No.23809031

chainlink gets a value from multiple providers.
the word truth is not applicable anywhere in what chainlink does

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"Some faggots on a mongolian horse fishing competitive forum are tired of chainlink. Clearly they are bag holders and not just tired of the constant paid promotion that I was caught doing with literal indians to get this thing up. And it's not like I saw airdrops took off on 4chan and quietly plotted to create my own with my coworkers and came up with the first idea that popped into my head... I am a genius... arghhhhh"

"Another 700k master! Thank you, I will await September $10, October $10, November $10 and on and on. September$10 is right, 42 is right, every other namefag is right, I just have to keep waiting, just keep waiting, just keep waiting, just keep waiting, just keep waiting, just keep waiting, just keep waiting, just keep waiting..."

"Yeah and the fucking SEC is on my ass but they can kiss my ass"

"no master I will kiss your ass and make dumb founded accusations at all the partnerships that are possible because you came up with some vague notion of data inter-weaving with smart contracts despite the fact that real time blockchain data aggregation is either impossible, will leave room for error or a reputation based system will endorse corruption thus rendering the entire idea of decentralized oracles entirely moot."

"No you idiot! No company will ever conceive their own oracle for their real-time needs, they're going to use our massively inflated shittoken linked to a bloated ethereum blockchain protocol to try and float open public transactional volume that will allow for data corruption or worse yet, middlemen attacks because I said so. You're the dumbass NEET and your money belongs to me... meee..meee!!! arghhhh!"

"Another 700k Master!" By now, the dumps are covering your chest and slipping onto the cellophane beneath your back. The gassy farts have made you delirious with joy. "Name me one other token that has it's marketing done for it by NEETs"

"Arghhhhh! Another 700k!"

>> No.23809065

Fucking based. Fuck chainlinkgod he is a fucking gay faggot. Ever since i saw him shilling defi bullshit i realised how gay he actually was. He's basically a link maxi but only likes the side projects he picks.

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Yes. In fact Sergey has dropped out of the Chainlink team. Last known sighting of him was outside of a Planned Parenthood in New York City asking women waiting for abortions about the implications of their actions, as well as if they had entered into a smart contract agreement with their unborn fetus consenting to the abortion. He was escorted out by staff, but not before pulling two Big Macs out of his pockets and flinging them wildly, the contents of the sandwiches covering the clinic's walls and its patrons. Authorities were called immediately after the incident but Sergey had fled the scene.

And pic related. This is were Chainlink's conference was held at SIBOS

>> No.23809171

There is an absurd amount of ChainLink hate this evening. Is the same person spouting about it already doing a 200x?
Are these the same people who said not to buy at $3 either?

I understand that you could have far greater gains with some random uniswap shit coins, but ChainLink seems solid for another 5x or 10x in the next few years at least.

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>> No.23809377

i did it was fake and gay and now this thread is a 42 circlejerk about the mainstream tv show Lost. I am embarrassed to hold link alongside such children with parochial world views. children. old fags really are gone and i should be too.
ps kys

>> No.23809400

and if you doubted me then check those fucking dubs. fucking retarded faggots. you dont control any of this, you invest in a literal jew coin and complain like a hypocrite or like you deserve anything. youll all piss away your wealth. fucking retarded faggots.

>> No.23809414

screencapping my sequential dubs and self-checking because you candy ass roody poos dont even know what that means.

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>old fags really are gone and i should be too

>> No.23810490

Checked. Based video bro. Fuck twitter and fuck twitter linkies.

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idk if you faggots realize it but the whole shitshow of an election is just to get people accepting smart contracts for exactly this sort of thing. Everpedia is just a single source tard fest because they have always used a single source. The electoral college push data to AP. What's the nature of this relationship?
Why only trust AP for so long?
Why hasn't this been opened up to other participants?
Chainlink shouldn't be blamed for the failings of a shitty startup and, although they shouldn't be partisan as architects of a new system, it's pretty normal now for literal who's to share their biased political opinions.
TLDR the gold rush for data hasn't even started yet.

>> No.23811104

holy shit what the fuck is this? how did i not realize the way chainlink being utilized like this fro the election is absolutely bearish as hell what the fuck? definitive truth from a single source? literally right in front of my eyes but i thought it was bullish all along am i seriously retarded? i think all this wageslaving at a warehouse is lowering my iq

>> No.23811335

Doesn't the bible say that humanity is descended from Seth?
Plus how is Cain the farmer in the story?

>> No.23811622

>Doesn't the bible say that humanity is descended from Seth?
the (((bible))) is judenpresse is not to be trusted

>> No.23811959

This. Axe Adelyn. She should beg her CCP overlords for money.

>> No.23812161

>Chainlink community's first infight
How exciting.

>> No.23812798

imagine being this new

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>tfw you listen to /pol/ and support Trump
>tfw you listen to /biz/ and buy LINK
>tfw suddenly you are playing both sides of a fight between NWO and their enemies taking place in the shadows of our government

What the fuck are you people

>> No.23813276

What source do you trust about Cain and Abel then? I'd read the Qur'an but I don't think it gives more details as far as this particular story goes

>> No.23813286

Educate me, asshole.

>> No.23813548

the Old Testament, especially Genesis, is basically an amalgamate of older stories stemming mostly from ancient Sumeria

>Plus how is Cain the farmer in the story?
Not sure how this is even a question.
From Genesis 4:
>Now Abel kept flocks, and Cain worked the soil. 3 In the course of time Cain brought some of the fruits of the soil as an offering to the Lord. 4 And Abel also brought an offering—fat portions from some of the firstborn of his flock. The Lord looked with favor on Abel and his offering, 5 but on Cain and his offering he did not look with favor. So Cain was very angry, and his face was downcast.

>> No.23813629

this particular story is very similar to Innana and the dispute of the farmer and the shepherd by the way.
Innana of course represents both the favour of the city-state and the woman. Personally I think the transition to farming was encouraged by women who preferred a non-violent mode of existence, and they used their sex to compel men to transition.

There is some evidence for this, I recall saving an anthropological article that equated the dragon/serpent myth to this as well but cannot find it now.

>> No.23813809

never held link, but this

>> No.23814086

you have no proof of that other than what you pull out of your own ass. scholars of the pentateuch all say it was written to be understood literally. it isn't a book of metaphors

>> No.23814204


for reference

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>> No.23814844

a literal hero lmao

>> No.23814932

What does this mean though. Isn't PRQ the opposite of ChainLink? As in bringing On chain date off Chain rather than off chain?

>> No.23814983


>> No.23815048

I do have proof
If you literally go through my posts I mention tons of stories involving Inanna, a Sumerian Goddess, and their similarity to Genesis stories. You can find these stories online with a simple google and read the obvious similarities for yourself.
Or don't, I don't care what stupid niggers think.

>> No.23815120

lol the hebraist in my video debunked just that. these are written as epic poems vs a narrative story

>> No.23815242


>> No.23815266


>> No.23815297

yes my friend but if the narrative story shares 80% similarity with the epic poem which preceded it by thousands of years, what does that tell you about the historicity of that narrative story?
It just happened to just coincidentally happen just as some old poem said?

In fact Gilgamesh and Innana, as well as Dumuzid and Enkimdu, are all more credible as historical characters than Cain and Abel.

Especially since we find evidence of clothing dating back hundreds of thousands of years, so if not metaphorical, Genesis is supposed to have taken place before that? If you look at the distortions happening to the Sumerian stories, which date 10,000 years, how can you even believe that a 100,000 years old story was transmitted accurately?

>> No.23815300

So its the perfect partnership no? Together they can make the perfect blockchain solutions for companies. Chainlink handles blockchain data, Parsiq brings it off-chain to work with and integrate into the business off-chain

>> No.23815383

where do they get those datings?

>> No.23815419


>> No.23815422

>I would actually consider letting Adelyn go, she’s detrimental to Chainlink.

Woah there tiger. I agree with what you're saying, but not this one. She was being super hyped and didn't think through her actions for that tweet.

>> No.23815655
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based as could be

>> No.23815758

I may have been a bit rough with the Sumerian dating since it is more like 5000 years ago, but evidence of clothing has been found dating back hundreds of thousands of years. So if you chose to take the Eden story literally then why are there so few stories in between the discovery of shame and clothing, and Noah's flood, which happened only a few generations before the founding of the Biblical Erech by Nimrod (or Uruk is Mesopotamian literature)? That's hundreds of thousands of years after Adam and Eve if you take it in the literal sense.

In fact the whole Eden story strains the suspension of disbelief, God created Earth in a few days? How can that be anything but metaphor? Why no mention of the dinosaurs?

Isn't it far more likely that the creation story leading up to the flood is some vague metaphorical amalgamate, especially since other epic poems share metaphorical elements with it but not particulars?

>> No.23815867


>> No.23815873


>> No.23816032

Again where do they get the dating from the clothing? Carbon dating? You keep saying tens of thousands and hundred of thousands but where do you get that from, and btw i know where it comes from and its flawed

>God created Earth in a few days
yes that is what the text says.

>Why no mention of the dinosaurs?
shit, now that i think of it, they never mentioned specifically a lot of animals. its ironically over.

>Isn't it far more likely that the creation story leading up to the flood is some vague metaphorical amalgamate, especially since other epic poems share metaphorical elements with it but not particulars?
which is the source material?

>> No.23816225

Fair points. I know carbon dating isn't reliable.
I'll just say it challenges my suspension of disbelief. But I'm willing to have an open mind.

>> No.23816271

how many fellow GATEtards hold chainlink?
i can't be the only one...

>> No.23816314

We didn't shill for DMM. That episode was shitting on glows.

>> No.23816353

the bible has not been debunked in over thousands of years of recorded human history and that will not change. you can also have the earth and heaven created in 6 days and the earth still be older than 6000 years like some creationists say. gap theory is able to explain this while still keeping a literal understanding of the bible.

>> No.23816399

Hahaha I bet you believe "fossil fuels", literal fucking black oil from the ground, is dinosaur juice. Tell me.

>> No.23816443

no i actually don't

>> No.23816480


>> No.23816542
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>dance for me monkey

>> No.23816709

This is retarded do you faggots actually watch this shit here's a take CLG and CLT are both absolute niggers

>> No.23817077

I'm watching the docu you linked it's fairly interesting.

if you do take Genesis literally there is one thing I'd like your view on
how do you explain the similarities between humans and primates and how do you explain the bones found of hybrids in between primates and humans?
Why does Genesis not mention anything related to primates if God made man so obviously similar?

>> No.23818214

Why are almost all children books made by Jews anti-cat and pro-dog though?

>> No.23818365

What's the deal with Chainlinkgod?

>> No.23819466


>> No.23819768

Watch the video

>> No.23819958


>> No.23820118

lost my job temporarily because of the lock-down and me and my boss were under the assumption that I would still get paid by the government program. just learned that i actually won't get welfare by the government, and it means i probably need to sell my linkies. i feel absolutely sick but i'm thankful that my linkies probably saved my life

>> No.23820280

go into debt fuck them never sell

>> No.23820313

I probably would do it but I am in the middle of getting my girlfriend a visa and that would fuck up too much

>> No.23820826
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imagine being this mew

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