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A woman is the most important investment you will make. How do you choose a good woman?

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be in a relationship for half a year. if you dont want to kill her she is the one

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>be indian
>get an arranged marriage

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>if you dont want to kill her she is the one

Based and Bundypilled

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Try 3 years, half a year is a timeframe a women can easily play through.

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What if I wanna kill her....but she's smoking hot?

...kill her later? Or just get a pre-nub

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I just bust in them all, and whoever gets pregnant is the winner.

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Dont stick your dick in crazy.

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I’m a normal white suburban guy and my first gf from ages 16-19 was an Indian girl and now they are the only ethnicity I want :( Americanized Indian girls are so cute

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It takes 2 years to know. Half a year is still the honeymoon phase.

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Try to get someone as close to pic related as possible

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make sure her father wasnt a piece of shit and that she wasnt sexually abused as a child. if she is either or both of those things she will eventually try to get you to kill yourself.

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Did this, sex ws great but no profit.

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Asians unironically were the only race with trad values and strict childhood raising from parents. But the japs and koreans bitches have gotten pozzed as fuck lately. I think Indians women are the only race with some trad values which you can have a pick from. Any other race its like finding one moonshot from all the shitcoins shilled here daily.

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That’s great, anon

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Traditional family, no tattoo, good in kitchen is a good start

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So a fatty with tits to her feet, got it

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Crazy bitches get pregnant fast, its better to get out before you waste 20years paying child support to some hoe.

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If after cooming inside her and you don't want her to instantly leave. Then she is the one.

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Tattoos anywhere in the body is the biggest fucking red flag holy shit.

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Took her 3 years but yes, the child support is crippling. The child now gives her the attention I used to. Crazy bitch.

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thats the trick, you dont only count your relationship time, it's better if you actually get to know the damn bitch for a few months before you declare it a "relationship"

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kdramas have poisoned my brain
I can never have a normal relationship

I just focus on making money

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You are just stupid with women, tales like yours are a common occurence. It gets extra spicey when you develop real feelings for the child, at that point she can use and abuse you.

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Virgin gf secured. Can’t wait till Covid is over so I can have a big ass wedding.

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When I feel like the time is right, I'll find a decent woman in the Philippines, Thailand (preferred), or Nigeria that's smart, slightly chubby, and that doesn't have too many family members dependent on my money.

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first and foremost:
behaviour and tendency to being a good mother (most important
then: intelligence, best confirmed by her understanding technical things

If those two points are good then you can go to the third mainpoint which is looks, looks and "beauty genes" are important but not as important as the first two points.

When all three points are good you can move on to more personal things, does she like the things I like? Does she make me try becoming a better self? etc.

But most important fact is absolutely, is she willing to get pregnant and be a good mother. And has her life until now indicated that.

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I wish you luck finding a smart women in those countries.

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t. about to dump my 4th asset because "I don't know if I ever want to be a mother anon"
"what is math anon?"

Yeah, that's a pump and dump for me.
Atleast she is a petite aryan qt but still.

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Got a gf through work at an office.
Vietnamese. Cooks for me every time I visit her place. No tats, nothing. Regular clothing.
Bit dull, but very lovely.

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You will know when you find her. Dating women feels like a chore, and then one day you start talking to one and... It doesn't feel that way. You want to keep talking to her, you want to do things for her, you want more of her attention. You don't just do things for her because you think she expects it, you do it for her because you want to do them. It's a very good feeling.

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do you think you can just say okay time wife up now and go to a shithole and grab yourself a quality woman? Fucking retard it takes 10 years to learn the game and atleast 5 to meet a woman that is good enough.

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dead man walking. women desperate to be mothers will end up being the worst parents.

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Everything else is easy except for the last requirement. You marry an Asian you marry the whole family.

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Until the honeymoon period runs out and sick of her shit. We’ve all been there mate.

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Agreed. I went out with a girl who had just turned 30 and told me she was having dreams of being pregnant. During our date she proceeded to fall face-first off a rock and eat shit. I told her she would be a terrible mother and stopped responding to her texts.

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Just want to say that I am 24 and have never had a gf or had sex
Is this bullish?

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Only when she is above 25.

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get a devout and educated catholic woman. sure, there is no coom until after marriage, but the loyalty is worth it.

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>No tattoo
>doesn't have sex on first date
>her friends are all females
it's probability, you can add more "criteria" to increase the likelihood of a successful marriage, but you would also decrease the number of potential spouses.
I think the three criteria i have listed would give you the largest possible pool with the highest success chance.

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another dead man walking. this boy will be cheated on and kill himself or fall into a depression and not know how to get himself out.

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how can i short you?

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I have no delusions about women but this thread tells a lot about incel psychology.

You don’t just ‘plan’ something and execute this with a woman autisitcally - this is the most repulsive thing for a woman ever lol.

Just improve yourself, have fun in a relationship and if it works out after a year or so - think about it.

OP mentality basically will lead you nowhere, especially that incel idiot who is going to Philippines to waifi a jungle monkey. Kys

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go to church and belive in it , everything else is short term investment which ends up badly

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Graveyard, you can't choose poorly.

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another huge red flag: all girls with the name emily are absolute psychopaths who only have evil in their hearts. it was the most common name and still is, meaning they always have to do something to stand out, unfortunately this drives them crazy at a very young age. doubly so if theyre german.

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You don't choose a good woman, you make a good woman. Women are extremely impressionable and no matter how blue haired feminist they start out, they will always follow a strong male figure in their life.

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Have sex incel

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>Just improve yourself, have fun in a relationship and if it works out after a year or so - think about it.
No, he really should think about it.. Getting married and having kids with someone is the single largest decision in your life. There is a good chance that you will only see your kids every other weekend, or that you will have to pay alimony/give your house to someone you despise.
The divorce rate is insane in the west, and if you remove boomers from the equation, the chance of divorce is more likely than not.

To just go with your feelings and if it feels right etc. is a sure way to end up in the wrong end of the statistic.

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Most women are actually embarrased to admit that. But it's true.

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I am german and I dont know any girl with the name Emily, its a uncommon name at least in my region. But many german girls are evil and crazy.

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Half year is nothing. She will changes after like 2-3 years. Try 10 years and being 28 years old. At this point I believe she is only with me to make my life miserable. Women are fucking evil.

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Get one that jerks you off without asking

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TYry not having feelings for your child. I take it you have yet to reproduce?

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No I’m not saying you shouldn’t be realistic and objective, you should def look at the body count, background etc.

I’m just laughing at incels who clearly never seen a vagina who think they can approach a woman and engage with it like it’s an inanimate object

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There are people who can unironically pull this off, your child is fucked anyways if it grows up with a single mom. Its better to move on and stop carring. But yes, I dont have childreen on my own yet.

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You need a BBC , that's it she wil never leave and wil live to serve your BBC ,if you don't have it than don't have children , this earth deserve more melanin

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>The guy that doesn't know what 'investment' means.

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After getting laid it only enhanced my incel logic.
They have the right idea, anon. Plan out and execute, or let it be and flourish. Your call

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You shouldn't even be talking about a relationship with a woman you haven't been dating for one year and marriage isn't on the table for another three years. Ant woman not willing to put in the time is just trying to divorce rape you.

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All women are terrible creatures by nature. The only way to get a good woman is to get a young virgin one and put the lease on early. She exists only for you, and this is what you must make clear. It’s only possible to mould women before they become indoctrinated by Jewish controlled education and media into the worthless whores most end up becoming. Once a women becomes a whore that’s all she is good for

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I'm on the second ride of this merry go round. I have 2 kids to one and another to another. I have a new one on the hook.
My kids will be ok when they come back to me as teens,

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Yeah until the honeymoon period is over.
I was like that in the begging of my relationship with my gf and 5 years later I just wanna blow my load inside her when I feel horny and not bother with her for the rest of the day

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Pick a damaged woman. Preferably with a child or children. These women are in survival mode and need a Fred to help pay bills.

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I'd stretch it to a year, that has been the golden time range for me, you see their true personality, probably had an argument style situation where one of you fucked up something etc and you can see how they will be.
Although It is not guaruanteed, I did have an American GF and I was with her two years and all was mostly ok, I basically got engaged to her, and as soon as she achieved the marriage hurdle, she turned into a complete bitch, there was no more motivation for her to be nice, she had everything she wanted from me and so that's only when her true colours came through. But there were warning signs, we did argue alot, but it was mostly tolerable, as soon as she got what she wanted, the arguments got to a level where it would have resulted in me beating her just to get her to stop if I didn't leave.

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this is fine for a little while until the woman is back on her feet and her life is going good, then she will realise how much better she can do and leave

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Won't your children inherit her crazy though?

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I'm torn bros, I was just talking with a girl I've known since high school and she seems incredibly based. Voted for Trump, fixed up her apartment all by herself, wants to move out of the city and buy land and guns. Only problem is she has a fucking kid. That seems like an automatic deal breaker but she seems so insanely based other than that. It sucks bros

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I have a father with the same attitude (*coming back 15 years later and everything will be fine)... it's not working. By that time your kids went through a lot of things and they learned to think for them self the hard way. When they are teens they already realized what miserable failure you are...

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I am not a miserable failure though. Their mother is. I will be there when they realise.

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Mormons get married within 6 months of beginning a relationship and have some of the lowest divorce rates in the country. Literally this site is just full of women haters that pick bad partners because of that.

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Ok. So what if germanEmily hurt your pp? Do we all have to be miserable now?

>> No.23797167

>Voted for Trump, fixed up her apartment all by herself, wants to move out of the city and buy land and guns
Sounds like you want to marry a man. If a woman is so into counter culture that is a red flag.

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Because mormons have a strict moral code, you dunce. Imagine using mormons as a census for the entire western world.

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>women can't have somewhat functional brains

>> No.23797288

Sad, but it sounds like she's not that based if she's a single mom and not a widow.

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She ismost likely a chameleon, dont fall for here.

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>anon i want to get pregnant with your babies
>actually no i don't because anon said so
we need to crack the whamen code. all of our evolution has led us to this moment.
Why would a woman desperate to me mums end up being the worst type of mum?
What do?

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yeah your parents probably got divorced and used you as a pawn
love exists, fag
you're all self loathing individuals who don't want to put in any work

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>A woman is the most risky investment you will make.
Fixed this for you

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>raising another man's child
Sorry, bro. Not worth it. Bless the men who do though. Must have lotta trust in their woman.

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no u

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because theyre out to prove something out of spite, not reproduce with someone they want more of in this world out of love. women who only react on hate will eventually turn on you no matter what. you are definitely going to suicide with this attitude.

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I am 26 years old and I never even kissed a girl

>> No.23798255

Probably a good idea to only look for virgins. Too bad most guys are below standard trash undeserving of reproduction.

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Not what I implied, nigger.
Watch Hydewars Woman Stories on Bitchute

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Welp. We did it lads. Whamens are undeserving of love. Only men are capable of society building. Whamens are meant to compliment you now serve you. Whamen worshippers are the reason why we are failing as a society.

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decent method i won't lie, but i would stretch the time to a year and a half. On top of that, women will switch up on you at any time, no matter how long you've been dating her/married to her if she finds a better mate than you. Hypergamy always wins out. So if you do find a good one that you can tolerate, then just make sure you don't let yourself go.

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this but unironically. all women need to be raped to become good people and need their clitorises violently removed with a pair of rusty scissors as soon as they become sexually active.

>> No.23798698

most ironic ID ever

>> No.23798711

4 more years more years for ripe arcane magicks

>> No.23798717

i guarantee ive had more sex than you

>> No.23798765

technical analysis
when the 30 day SMA goes above the 7 day SMA.

>> No.23798839

Sweden is a hell of a place to be huh?

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A wife is like a car. It depreciates in value as soon as you drive it off the lot or in this case get married. If it were different times marrying would probably be fine but given the current trajectory of society and social life getting married is a rigged way to lose money, sanity, and maybe your children when she eventually gets tired and bored of using you as here play thing. The "care for you part in perfect and ill health" no longer has value in todays society.

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very true. I tell my bitch we will never get married and she cries because she sees me as such high value. But in the end I know I could never get married in this day and age.

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Many women can keep it together until the kids she wants can get free daycare at public schools. Then she takes the kids and child support.

>> No.23799176

Ride the wave and keep her. If she leaves because of you not wanting to marry, you just dodged a bullet. Godspeed, anon.

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They are broken inside.
t. Rode a sexually abused bitch, nearly kms.

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Based but make it AT LEAST 2 years minimum

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>Mixing bloodlines

>> No.23799392

This thread makes me sad. It seems like no matter how many times I try to warn guys about women, there are always more simps lining up to have their hearts stomped on with pointy high-heels. Biology makes a fool of men.

Your most important investment is in yourself, build yourself up first and foremost and do not expose yourself for others to take advantage of. Women are huge risks for little gain, do not bet more than your heart or wallet can cash.

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my gf's dad was accused of touching her when she was a baby but there was no proof and case was thrown out. she doesn't think it was possible. she also sucked a 40 year olds dick when she was 15 after getting coerced into meeting him at his house. But apart from that she def has issues but she is not fully "broken" and from what I can tell she's good gf. But maybe you're right

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Not choosing a woman is the best decision you can make.

>> No.23799669

Does she cut?

>> No.23799674

look at this dingus, free speech so everyone is entitled to be a dingus I guess more foreign cuties for the rest of us

>> No.23799758

Retard alert and you sound like a girl.

>> No.23799788

Indians descend from the same tree as Europeans. it's not mixing just bringing it back to the same

>> No.23800050

>no never

>> No.23800523

Not too bad then. Hold on.

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but she's black not indian
she said so

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>sucked a 40 year olds dick when she was 15
Good for you if you can handle this information, but I would have to end it after finding that out. Fuck that shit, I would never stop thinking about her sucking some slimy 40 year old hog

>> No.23801251

Based anon knows what's up. After 3 years you see her true colors. If you want to speed this up you should move in as soon as possible but I would advise against that.

>> No.23801298

If she has ever eaten ass I would never date her

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You have to find a tradwife.
In order to do this you need to look in the major religions and go to church.
This is the redpill.

>> No.23801401

took me a good 2 months to get over it after her telling me, but now whenever it pops in my head i let the rage and anger fuel my motivation for success. What made me come to terms with it was accepting that none of it was her fault but her parents and this fuckin pedo man. I made a promise to her that I'd one day go find the man and castrate him (in minecraft), but I still need to figure out how to do it without fucking up my life forever (in minecraft).

>> No.23801428

just go to the telegram channel of the newest /biz/ scam, I'm sure there will be plenty.

>> No.23801491

If you still think like this then you haven’t digested the red pill. All women are whores. They’ve all sucked and fucked other dudes. Except for lolis (age 10-15) which are illegal and will be ruined by the time they become legal. If you find a perfectly compatible mate and you guys just have everything in common including personality, you are going to have to get over her past.

Sure they shouldn’t be whores and we as men shouldn’t have to put up with it. But since the Jews normalized promiscuity, there is nothing we can do by the time they’re 18 they’re damaged goods

>> No.23801555

This. Women like her can easily morph into what they think the man she's talking to wants. Single mothers are in survival mode.

>> No.23801581

>he's going to fall for the oldest trick in the book

>> No.23801597

I would dump that bitch, things like that never go away. She is maybe already cheating on you with some old boomer.

>> No.23801616

Single mothers are off limits 10 times out of 10. I don’t care if she’s a fucking AI goddess dropped down from an alien race. If she had a kid I wouldn’t even THINK about touching that bitch.

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>A woman is the most important investment you will make.

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File: 326 KB, 1100x450, SNEED.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


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That face looks like a cheap plastic mask holy shit. How much make-up did she apply? It actually could be 2D for all I can tell.

Aim for someone actually attractive, not LE FACE OF AMERICA 2050.

>> No.23801786

lmao that would be jokes, I highly doubt it, but desu if so then fuck it. Such a waste of energy to stress about if your girl is cheating or not. If your IQ is above 120 you'll be able to tell the signs anyway with or without proof. Not worth my time to try and control things outside of my control. If she cheats, I leave and find some other woman, life goes on. The key is to not get attached (men are pussies nowadays and try and recreate their mother/son relationship with their gfs, always leads to problems)

>> No.23801890

Are you much lot older than here? Otherwise I would dump that bitch asap, she is probably into older guys. I had the same problem at the beginning of the year, my ex started flirting behind my back with a guy that was 20 years older than us. I mean this unironically, fetishes like that dont go away, especially when she started it as a teen.
>The key is to not get attached (men are pussies nowadays and try and recreate their mother/son relationship with their gfs, always leads to problems)

>> No.23801974

You guys are pathetic lol.
All you need to do to keep a woman devoted to you is be a chad. Too bad there's so many manchildren out there these days.

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>tfw 41

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Understandable. However, there's a difference between knowing "this girl sucked a handful of dicks between the ages of 16-24" and instead "remember that time when this 15 year old angel was face fucked by an old man until he cummed inside her mouth?" Knowing the details is a big difference. Not knowing details = she prob sucked some dicks, but whatever, was it 4 was it 14 was it 40 who knows. Not saying your wrong, that's just how it changes things for me.

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> want to have a family but don't want to lose the freedom of being single

>> No.23802195

Enjoy having disgustingly ugly kids

>> No.23802201

If not a widow not worth it, sorry brah

>> No.23802232

What do?

>girl that is 7/10 but knows how to cook, makes good money, has her shit together, and has good personality
>dumb but hot trophy wife that’s a 10/10

>> No.23802250

Take the 7, 9s and 10s are spoiled and only good as pump and dumps.

>> No.23802294

Sure I get that but I think you guys are not understanding that she was assaulted, she did not go over to this pedo's house with the goal of sucking dick. That being sad she def has sucked dick before but I have vetted her and her friends and I came to the conclusion that her body count is around 10. Yes I understand your point anon and it's fucked with my head alot, but for the sake of my own mental wellbeing I'd rather not autistically obsess over her past and throw away an overall great woman. But again I am not simping for this chick, if she cheats, lies etc. I WILL kick her to the road and not feel an ounce of sorrow or grief because again attachment is the source of pain and also the source of pain about their past etc. Any non-autistic girl (tradgirls do exist but they are fucking weird not my thing) will have had a past, the only way to circumvent that dirty feeling a man has when thinking about their gfs past is to not be attached? Think about it, it's kind of TRP-tier pill to swallow but it's really changed the way I looked at it.

>> No.23802309

Kali yuga is turning. Learn to love women now or you will hate yourself in the future. You're so close but so far away, the reaction to an oversexualized relationship archtype pushed by society is not the complete dissalution of sex or relationships.

>> No.23802323

think of the long term gains, neither will be atractive once they're old.

>> No.23802449

>The key is to not get attached (men are pussies nowadays and try and recreate their mother/son relationship with their gfs, always leads to problems)
You should start to follow your own advice anon, the amount you wrote speaks against you.

>> No.23802557

hahah based

>> No.23802933

Find out the age of consent in your area, then seduce a girl right at it and mold her into your ideal wife. Works best if you take her virginity

>> No.23803075

My mom was desperate to have kids and aside from being overprotective, she was a good parent. It helps that my dad was also good too, they kept each other's negative tendencies in check pretty well.

>> No.23803107
File: 33 KB, 311x475, E880C754-A901-49E5-807A-A7C0B49197CD.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

absolutely based and divine masculine/feminine pilled

>> No.23803160

Why bless them? They’re cucks who enable them

>> No.23803403

You are just pussy whipped. You have millions of virgins at your fingertips yet you focus on what some kike told you was okay.

>> No.23803415

3y together, 3 months married. She is the one. We hold 4k link and 350K house/land. Going to make it so fucking big. I love you all

>> No.23803423



>> No.23803440

>investing in a depreciating asset that drains you of money

>> No.23803444

>shit out a kid
>not in kids life
>is a paypig for the evil mom
sorry are you claiming some sort of moral victory here for shitting out a kid that will end up just as fucked up as your average zoomer?
broken families is the reason the country is broken and you started a family just to break it
good job
at least you got laid right?

>> No.23803454

lmao based

>> No.23803495

Tats in the body are bad, got it.

>> No.23803661
File: 724 KB, 1280x720, upbots ordu.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Fuck that, I would rather be alone and get stock up on UBXT, who needs women when you have an amazing platform that helps you trade while you sleep

>> No.23803883
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Agreed, i think 2 years is about the right amount of time to know for sure. Almost impossible to fake being something your not longer than that.

>> No.23804054

>You have millions of virgins at your fingertips
Blatantly false retard

>> No.23804293

buy crypto
become very rich
gold digging bitches will love me and then hate me after they realize they ain't getting nothing from me
>we did argue alot, but it was mostly tolerable, as soon as she got what she wanted,
>as soon as she got what she wanted,
if true, she was mentally a child, very unattractive behavior
too many people are like that
i say smash em and them bash em

>> No.23804322


Lel this. Preciously few attractive + normal girls make it through ages 15-19 without losing the v. They get bombarded with horny men and are not equipped to resist.

>> No.23804346

Nigger, you should be paying for that shit, a Hydewars subscription is unironically liquid gold for your brain

>> No.23804541

Holy kek

>> No.23804562

was it because you got her pregnant? also a huge red flag. if the woman is pregnant during the wedding you might as well kill yourself now

>> No.23804564
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I'm currently being friendzoned by a woman I'm so in love with and it hurts really bad bros

>> No.23804573

#1 virginity
#2 youth
#3 beauty

>> No.23804574

You will never be white rodriguez

>> No.23804585

look for upper arm fat and BPD

If neither are found and your personalities mesh go for it ..

>> No.23804589

Faggot I'm not a fucking beaner

>> No.23804594

best post in thread

>> No.23804599

I’m afraid it’s time to abandon ship, anon. You’ll hurt even more the longer you hold on. Don’t be like me anon. Stay positive but be decisive.

>> No.23804635

Based Enjoy Life anon

>> No.23804641

now imagine what she DID NOT tell you

>> No.23804669
File: 41 KB, 542x602, 1601305999311.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Checked and also it's starting to feel like it. She said she wasn't in that place right now to be in a relationship when I confessed to her and 'maybe later' but it's been months already and it's starting to feel hopeless. I'm just so in love with her and feel like life isn't worth living without her.

>> No.23804695
File: 717 KB, 724x591, baltic_goose.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Obviously I select her from a batch of thousands of potential waifus generated by a custom trained AI, and then sent directly to my wallet as an NFT. I'm not some pleb.

>> No.23804808
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>> No.23805138

I lost it

>> No.23805313

Moved in with a girl pretty fast. She is smart, good looking, has good career but start to get overall emotional then start to attack when she felt hurt then start to be verbally abusive. Feels bad. Tried talking to her about it but she hides behind "you hurt me" and "I feel like I'm not being heard so I have to scream and say all kinds of shit". I for the most part stay calm, have my moments but after a months of this I'm losing it. How fucked am I?

>> No.23805433

I know it hurts but you just got to rip the band-aid off now. Don't do anything abrasive be polite and just walk-out of her life. If you ever feel like you couldn't live without someone you're bound to get hurt bad even if you do end up in a relationship.

>> No.23805445
File: 70 KB, 1024x903, 1585759961737.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>He moved in with a borderline

>> No.23805548
File: 21 KB, 599x365, 1579398191740.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

spoiler: you can't.

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