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Wagie wagie on the stagie, dance for me or manager ragie!

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making them dance just so they can work their shitty job kek!

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We might throw in some extra slave hours for you to earn your goodgoy™ points

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Look how much fun they're having!

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>Company-sponsored dance contest
>The prize is the opportunity to work more hours
Holy fuck lol, you can't make this shit up

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>work tomorrow

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Another day of working at home doing absolutely nothing

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Whoa whoa whoa, not nothing.

You hop on a Zoom, disable your camera, and mute your mic.

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Kill boomers

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Yessaaaa masstaaahhh I want to work dem Sundays too!

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These make me incredibly happy. Does anyone have any more so I can laugh at rentcucks and wagie?

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Is this bullish for GME?

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this is just soul crushing

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Kek. I’m ordering a PS5 and I’m gunna make them dance when I go there.

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You're either a trustfund baby or a complete retarded neet unable to work if you think this is funny. The wagie meme is about making fun of people who try to make ends meet with honest work. You're blatantly wrong if you think they don't understand they are playing a sad role in a grotesque theatre. The wagies you laugh about are upright persons doing honest work, who didn't give up despite a not so good starting point in life.

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Dont worry. One day you'll be laughing. Clown world takes no prisoners.

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Next up; bidding and fighting for work.


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> My only purpose is to consume
> I must consume the new product
> The product will give me joy
> Pretending I am anything different than the wagie will make me not want to die

Yikes anon

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spotted the gamecuck employee holy shit

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there is always a choice cuck. if i wanted to dance for money id buy a g string

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Yeah okay wagie and or rentcuck. Why you mad? Don’t worry I had to be a little cog too years ago.

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Jesus Christ.

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Like a piiimp

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Lol, your reaction absolutely proved my points. You're ex wagies now neets. A neet is the lowest form of a human being. You are dependent from others tax payments. You're for sure not in a position to look down on wagies.
Btw i'm not a rentcuck but indeed i work for money at a company, just like most people do too. Depending on social welfare is not sth i'd be proud of.
>Inb4 you're all landlords and living from divis

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I laugh at minimum wagies

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>dehumanize yourself to compete for the privilege of working for us more

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>i laugh at minimum wagies
Probably some kind of insecure and nervous laughter. You're already afraid you'll need to join them when your mum puts you out of her basement.

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im a pilot with a 4 year degree, choosing humiliation ontop of slavery and then coping on /biz/ is not a proud existence

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Ffs you're a pilot, you're the last one in a position to laugh about wagies man, and i say this working in the automotive industry. You could join them rather sooner depending on what airline you're working at.

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how is game stop even still in business when ppl are just downloading their games now?

who the fuck is still playing consoles and buying games on CD? yikes

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i am

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im not here to laugh anon, im here to look on in anguish as i watch soulless corporations crush the life/soul out of the people that work for them. its not just game stop. and its not gonna stop

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I'm a deputy community manager, Rory doesn't give me weekends off

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Wait it's real?

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who cares, just treat it like a shitcoin. we bought GME at $6 and will keep riding it up

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the entire time i thought this was just some meme about the dystopian future....
are you telling me its already here?

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The same for me. I find it highly unsettling and disturbing what other people need to do to earn some money.
At the same time i have respect for these people. They have no choice, they know they humiliate themselves, but there are countries where you really have to make a living or you'll always be just one step above starving. Semi socialist neet paradises like germany won't count of course.

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How can you still be a wagie in this environment? please someone explain it to me. I worked for only a summer and it was worse than death. How do you cope? What do you tell yourself at night?

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how do wagies keep themselves from an heroing?
my god, it's like some commie made a skit about wage slavery but it's real

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i guess our difference in opinion is that there is a choice. you dont have to do this for them. being neet isn't a good thing but it is a form of protest. dragging on the system like so many do prevents it from working as intended. unlimited brrrrr catches up eventually. if fedcoin brings about UBI, then whats the point of working?

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we REALLY need to stop giving them free ideas like this...

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Shouldn’t you be cleaning the HUGE shit I left in the bathroom

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Also I bought link. Now I’m rich. Stay poor! Wouldn’t want to be ya!

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Check em nigger faggots

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It can be tragic and funny at the same time.
sometimes you just have to laugh at clownworld, if you take it seriously you will lose your mind eventually.

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You’re not even safe at white collar jobs, this one’s at PWC.

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Doesn’t even get a chair in her cage

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We make fun of them because these people have accepted their role in the Herd. They happily scrape by and save nothing while producing nothing. All their jobs could be automated, but their non-essential functions are more ceremonial than anything else.

Most of these people do more damage to the company they work for than anything positive. We all know plenty of these people. They waste their money and lives.

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honestly its fucking hell
if i wasnt working as a graphic designer i would have probably suicided or became a criminal

the memory when i tried to work as a security guard for a month, or a bartender/waiter for a day....it gives me shivers.

being qa/programmer/designer is comfy enough, you can be stacked with work but you will survive.

if you have to work in a store and deal with angry customers all day you might as well become a shooter.

Seriously, i remember looking at the clock all the time and time going super slow. its HELL.
being in a job where you get bad attitude and have to deal with boomers and angry retards is fucking hell.

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This is hilariously pathetic to be sure but I do genuinely feel bad for these people. Sure, there are lazy people with no drive whatsoever that are working there, but a lot of these people don't have any other place to work in their shitty town. I grew up in a small town and it was walmart, the bank or work at a tire factory, which I've heard is pure hell.

My point is, this is funny but I dont think its worth making fun of thr people working these jobs. They are at least earning an honest days pay while being humiliated. Its the neets and twitch whores that need to be shamed and then gassed.

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