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Say the courts favors Trumps election fraud case and he wins the election. Wouldn't chainlink get fudded for helping put false information on the blockchain?

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Bump cause this may be important

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did chainlink record the AP’s call or no

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I think this is all the states it called. Also it's not really LINK's fault if the centers reporting votes gave the wrong amount of votes.

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I suppose as long as chainlink updates its recordings with the correct totals then we’ll be good. Shows the system can adapt to mistakes in source data

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Fuck it's true.. Sorry anon but if this happens I'm going to spend the next 4 years spreading FUD about this in threads, comments, and tweets. I'll be closely watching this news.

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Link is an oracle, not a fortune teller, that's two different things. Having said that, it's still finished since smart money already dumped their bags on late comers. 75% of biz bought sub $1, me included

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