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I have 780k net worth and thats the only reason i wanted Trump to win.

What are the ramifications to people like me that Biden has won.

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good thing biden is picking someone crypto friendly then

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Didn't you already post this shit yesterday. I believe the answer was to piss off.

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The main thing is the trump tax cuts will expire, since no one will be able to pass anything for the next 2 years. So if you're a passthru llc or sole proprietor, you're going to lose that 20% off.

Otherwise, nothing.

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most of my money is in stocks not crypto, which arent looking great with biden as president

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i'll post this a million times if i want you fucking faggot. what are you gonna do?

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Not much. I think the GA run off (I live in Georgia btw) will go red. So we'll have control of the senate and taxes likely won't go up. Orange man's tax cuts will expire in 2022 though.

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You fucking niggers posting that traitor here will pay.

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Come at me internet warrior, punch your screen really hard and I might feel it.

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piss off

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Bruh you're probably the same retard who inherited 780k who's been spamming the board all week, you didnt even earn that shit. You just sit here and spam the same goddamn threads over and over. Dude, get a hobby

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suck my fucking dick, im looking for genuine answers and you poorfag fucks need to derail every thread.

thats good to know

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imagine being a poorfag and seething at this guy.
him getting fucked by commie biden won't help you in any way.

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I'm black and I voted for Trump too. Only because my net worth is close to $500k. If Congress can manage to stay mostly Republican, I think I'll be Ok.

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You will be required to be fucked in the arse by fags and to pay for accelerated nigger proliferation. Otherwise nothing.

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>people like me
lmao are you serious? youre a normal person my nigga hahahha

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90% of it will be forcibly appropriated to pay reparations for slavery.

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