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Dems just put Dick Cheney back into the whitehouse.

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Is dick chaney a baddie?

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warcriminal who single handedly murdered more than 10 million mudslimes with his wars
ye im thinking he is based
the weak should fear the strong

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this has got to be a joke
he is a Republican vice President

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welcome to the swamp

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He was instrumental in the patriot act and complete dismantling of any freedom americans had left

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source is my cock btw guys

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Cmon man! You should know better than this. We are done with fake news bro

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Dick Cheney isn't in the Whitehouse, yet anyway, but buy defense stocks. We'll be bombing poor brown people again under Harris/Biden. Why do you think all of the neoconservatives supported them?
They're the war candidates.

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islam is based. women shouldn't have rights

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>this has got to be a joke
>he is a Republican vice President
Imagine thinking there is a difference.
Trump has been the only antiwar president in decades.
Time to start decimating middle eastern countries and creating more refugees again.

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Yay more dead us citizens in another pointless war for jizzrael but it’s okay cause the lefty fags would never fight it so just mags fags will be dying

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islamic cucks are the biggest fucking slave niggers
they cannot think free because big daddy allah will spite them
they have to fuck goats and pray 213123123 times
actual fucking slaves
their treatment of women is based tho

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unironically better than having trump in the white house

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Because you believe a tweet that is lying about dick cheney?

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you believe the media when they tell you there’s no fraud kek

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imminent north korea boog imcoming

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If muttshartica tries anything this time they'll get a face full of hypersonic missiles. Enjoy getting up on the podium to explain why a carrier group is on the seafloor and iranians have female american prisoners.

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So it is "yes I believe a tweet from some rando who is quoting cnn as doing something that it didn't do!" or "yes I believe that there is no indication of fraud because there isn't any!"
I guess I will stick to my side

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Democrat brains

>hate Trump because he says mean things on Twitter but avoids wars and pays attention to our actual number 1 threat, China
>try to elect a geriatric pedophile who presided over multiple wars and then brings on board the demon who orchestrated the failed invasion of Iraq that ruined our country and killed millions

Say hello to War with Iran if Biden gets elected

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the democrats are very smart.
It is the American people who are really stupid.

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I'd believe it.
Go for it Joe!

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>brings on board the demon who orchestrated the failed invasion of Iraq that ruined our country and killed millions
he also got rid of most of your constitution basically which is arguably more disgusting

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fantastic news, bernie bros are going to feel the burn of chinese and iranian missiles

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True. But 4 years of straight propaganda and brainwashing will do it to them. Sad that 99% of people don't dig on their own.

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True, neocons are subhuman

Mitt Romney makes me wish we could nuke Utah

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>26 posts
>not one single source
>everybody just believes it

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He's a robot psychopath of the worse kind

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how about NOC?

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his nickname is Darth Vader

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Oh to be young again. Cheney is the single most evil (gentile) alive.

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islam is shit

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brehs i think i was too young to know about this cheney fella someone drop the QRD
whats so bad about war?

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fucking retard put a cartridge of birdshot in his friend's head thinking it would kill them

dude is like a comedy villain although oil industry needs a villain rn