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Oh no no no no
>chink trading opens in 2 hours
Wait until you hear about the
>biden wins, dump every shitcoin on earth to invest in alibaba
>btc 12k

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do you reckon it will pump, or drop more before the gooks wake up?

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>he thinks whales dont have eyes on the markets 24/7
.t retard

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Won't dump but it'll keep being extremely swingy
Nothing is trustworthy these days, it's so unsure

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>implying the chinese don't want biden

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yeah, even a second lockdown wouldn't surprise anyone

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pretty sure anon meant chinks love biden and will invest more in chink stock

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This. I could have easily cashed out my eth at 465, but I even told myself it could be 400 tomorrow or 500+. Its too wild at the moment.

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Biden will 100% do a federally mandated full lockdown or at the very least a lockdown in the style as seen currently in Europe. We'll see a massive economic downturn throughout winter and into early spring.

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sorry anon none cares about your clown show no more, we move on now

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Nobody voted for that retard and it’s clear as day he stole it. Can’t wait for the media to cover the Supreme Court verdict

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I disagree. The chinese market is a lot more likely to bring down BTC's price.

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