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Will it Flip BTC?

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it literally can't

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Here's the pink cryptocurrency pill: haircomb is completely in the blockchain. Natasha Otomoski went randomly. Electronic Cash As Bitcoin Was The First Step. haircombers are starting to make more powerful hair follicles, making hair pears, making lactose stacks cheaper and more efficient. The hair needs to be shaped to do these things. Once fully mature, people will be able to slowly shave their hair.
Natasha stumbled into working on it after filling her corner in the bedroom in 2019 and began working with super fuzzer on the e-shoot script hash bitcoin script to offer maps for playing OP_RETURN. She adds extra teeth, touches hair, making hand appearances and calculations more efficient. New owners need more doctors and those who need them.
A quantum computer was created to capture and prevent Bitcoin's work (they have their own competition). They did the needful to stop or cheapen Natasha's hair stumps. They started removing critical SegWit and P2SH code and started fragging the block. The Shor's algorithm was the last nail in the coffin, which destroyed the ECDSA on the Bitcoin beacon (Bitcoin uses ECDSA to secure transactions). This is why Haircomb has been invented, and it is for this reason that Natasha intends to make the most of the hair bracelet, release the original code and lock the HairCom protocol.
Back to Com Supply Natasha has created a new breakthrough (designed for her hair) that will make all the haircombers make it.

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Did i told you about the crypto anus pill?

Here's the crypto anus pill: there is a dirty little slut in the Bitcoin blockchain. Natasha Otomoski is unironically tonguing my anus. Bitcoin as electronic cash was just the first lick of my anus, the haircombers start taking more explorative dives, wider sphincters, cheaper and more efficient catgirl buttplugs. These things the haircomber needs to survive. Once distended fully, the haircombers jaws would be able to slowly slurp literally all of Africa's rich cum.
Natasha stumbled into my bedsheets after she washed gallons of pajeet shill cum out her hair in her bedroom in 2019 and started working on my anus, running simulations of the EDGE_CUM statement's I'd whimper to her as witness of the superiority of my stinky linkies. She would 'evolve' my anus by using occasional teeth, making the opening sensitive and more efficient to pleasure. The haircomb needs more and more teeth in order to have shorter and shorter teeth.
Quantum feltching was created to take and stop Bitcoin (as they have their own competing whores licking my anus). They did the needful to stop or slow down Natasha's sweet slurping of my asshole. They started by unzipping my pants and removing critical undergarments and gently lifting up my ballsack to access my anus. Shor's tongue was the final nail in the coffin, which destroyed obscure whores in the tonguing racket (Bitcoin uses 5/10 whores to securely lick my anus). THIS is why my anus was invented, and this is why Natasha is so intent to make deep ventures into it with her tongue, release my love seed, and lock down before I prenup.
Back to my anus - Natasha has developed a breakthrough new tonguing technique (designed for her brother's anus actually), and is claiming MY ANUS in secret for the sole purpose of practicing the technique, then use it on her brother to kick start the adoption of many african children whose anuses she can tongue.

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no, but its going to flip bsv.
and that is going to be fucking funny

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>Will it Flip BTC?
No one is actually this retarded are they

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Bullish for ETH. More bullish for Kleros.

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do you understand that the underlying BTC can still be spent anytime and WBTC is just a shitty erc20 token?

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New favorite biz meme inherited from the pajeet homeland of bitcointalk

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wBSV is the real BSV

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doesn't it lock it into some multisig account or something?

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