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how do i make money without being smart or working hard

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Ok sirs

What is Haircomb? You may be wondering, but this little gem is like no other.
It allows global comerce using a comb trades facility. This allows custodyless
and trustless trading of virtually anything for COMB, a feat achieved for the
first time on the bitcoin chain.
Did you enjoy learning more about haircombs in today's Wonder of the Day?

What's the price? 10 million sats? Haha, no, we're giving it away nearly for
free to early adopters. Only 330 sats per claim. Mining fees apply.

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Be a tranny and make an onlyfans

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kneepads and neetbux

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Become a dick holster

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nobody likes trannies its all about traps

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>take the free ducks and geese from the park and sell them at the chinese supermarket
>go to a sperm bank, lie about being smart and accomplished, get paid to donate sperm weekly
>go to a blood donation center that pays for platelets and donate once per week
you're welcome

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Buy Chainlink

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He cant donate sperm if he's a manlet.
Women will select the top % of male dna to continue on foward.

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Sorry pal but the answer to that can only be found by one who possesses an IQ of at least 110, and has been sufficiently primed to gauge and adjust to market / societal volatility.

It's not only about working hard, but having the right genes and upbringing.

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That's a very coombrained take.
They're the same, and people should stop fawning for both.

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Nah "traps" are twinkish boys that crossdress, decent (pre-op) trannies go the extra mile and stay crossdressing twinks except they take oestrogen to feminise themselves so they don't need to wear a stupid mask on their face and have softer skin and features, etc.

Either way you're a fag for liking them, but there is a difference.

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Be an incredibly studly looking chad and go prostitute yourself to rich old widows in Florida.

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I report every one of your posts, and theres a lot of them

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Seriously what is it with Indians and saying "sirs"? I have heard that and "my dears" so often online when I read indians talk.

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Remnant of British colonial sensibilities. It's hilarious, their high culture is literally a foreign import

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Inherit its the only way

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larp as a poor femboy on gofundme and beg for money to fund estrogen pills and programmer socks

now enjoy your new yacht

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>Only fans - whore yourself
>Free gibs/societal support

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And investments

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7% daily

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get lucky

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Why is it that I am just magnetic for black women?

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Become a hand model

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