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I get it, poorfags should not spread their portofolio, so What is the one coin that can help a poorfag like me reach financial normalcy. I have struggled my whole life, but I am afraid my 1300 LINK wont get me far enough. I have have also 200,000 AKRO and 0.1 YFI and 3000 DMG. Didnt sell my UNI either.
Is that too spread out ? Are there better choices for potentially higher returns ?
I just want to sustain myself, buy a small house and start my business without having bills giving me anxiety every month

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Your information is wrong. Poorfags need to spread their ass as wide as possible for onlyfans. Only then will you find freedom.

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Sell the UNI and DMG for BTC. I'm amazed at the fact that you didn't sell the YFI at $40k.

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UNI just did 30% , "what if I was on BTC during that" is exactly why I cannot bring myself to purchase any amount of bitcoin. And I couldn't pass the opportunity to buy DMG at these prices, is YFI done forever ?

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>no house
>no car
>no gf
>no friends
>no job
>the country I live in is expensive as fuck
>10k LINK
I know your pain brother.

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1300 LINK should be enough to make it in a poorfag country. the Suicide stack is 1000 so you even have a small buffer.
however you should ditch the other shitcoins and invest into something like AVAX instead. If you manage to accumulate 2k AVAX you can run your own node.
the AVAX node is very low risk passive income. right now you make like 100 bucks a month with a node but in the future this could moon hard.

now you just need to hold the 10k LINK as long as you can, without a job it can be challenging not to sell too early to pay for daily stuff like food and rent.

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>10k LINK
Anon why don't you put some of that as collateral on places like AAVE, to borrow some usdc and ride the BTC waves or farming some passive income ?